Dance Moms Recap 2/9/16: Season 6 Episode 6 “Abby’s New Favorites”

Dance Moms Recap 2/9/16: Season 6 Episode 6 "Abby's New Favorites"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday, February 9, season 6 episode 6 called, “Abby’s New Favorites,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Abby Lee Miller’s back, but she’s only focusing on the minis; and a new mini auditions for the team.

On the last episode after resigning the previous week, Abby locked the team out of her studio. Elsewhere, Debbie Allen invited the ALDC to work with her; guest choreographer Nakul prepared a Bollywood routine for the minis; Kalani and Nia were pushed to their breaking point with a duet, and Peyton and her mom struggled with two dances. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Abby’s back, but she’s only focusing on the minis; and a new mini auditions for the team. Later, the moms complain when Brynn is chosen for the lead role in the junior team’s only routine; and Brynn’s future at the ALDC depends on a win with Maddie set to return next week.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 6 episode 6– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms starts at ALDC with the moms annoyed at Abby for not showing up. Abby s there and compliments them all. Holly asks if she’s back for good or is still resigned. Jessa asks if she still wants to do the competition team. Abby says no and says she’s only there because of the attorneys.

Holly says they can go to Debbie Allen’s. Abby says she was on vacation. She says it doesn’t make a difference when she shows up. Holly asks the other moms what to do since Abby has checked out. Abby wants to know why the girls aren’t warming up, and Jessa goes to get them.

Abby sys the minis are on the pyramid. Abby says Maddie is still in New York. Abby says she saw the people that beat them and says they’re nobodies. She says the group routine was a hot mess. Jessa is annoyed since they won.

Jill throws Ashlee under the bus and Ashlee says she wants to win. Abby says go home if you don’t want to win. She has Peyton at the bottom and says to wash out her mom’s mouth with soap. Next is Ari and says she didn’t pick up the choreography.

Next is Alexus and says nature is not on her side with flexibility and technique. Alysa is next. Then she has JoJo and says she knows she likes learning new things. Brynn is next and says her legs are great and her leaps but she doesn’t attack the style of dance.

Next is Kendall, and she says the third place duet is an issue. Then she has Nia and Kalani at the next to the top and says they could have been stronger and says Kalani was a little more African than Nia and Holly says don’t go there.

Holly goes off and says they don’t come from the continent of Africa and she’s lost her mind. Abby says she’s not being offensive but wants Nia to be the best she can be. Holly is angry and says Abby is really impulsive and doesn’t take ownership of what she says.

Abby has Mackenzie at the top. They are at Devotion to Dance this weekend and says the minis will do a routine. Abby says she’s bringing in another mini to make the fifth. She says she has to decide soon if the new mini team is what she wants to do.

Then the older girls are happy to hear they are doing lyrical. Abby says Brynn is taking the lead since Maddie isn’t there. Abby says if they group doesn’t win, it’s her fault. Jill says Ashlee says it’s never Brynn’s fault. Brynn is worried if they don’t win, she’ll send her home.

Alysa gets a mini solo. Mary is so happy for the chance to prove she can be a good team member. Rehearsal starts and Holly is happy that Abby is there but she doesn’t like that she picks and chooses when to show up.

Abby tells Brynn she had plans for her before then her mom took her away. Abby has them doing a routine called Better Off Now. Ashlee says Kendall has lost her passion. Jill is annoyed. Ashlee says Kendall didn’t care last week and she and Jill bicker.

Melissa tries to intervene, and Jill says f-k you. Jessa says Ashlee is off on the wrong foot with the other moms and is going to end up alone on an island. Jill says she is sickening for what she will do to make her fat ass look good.

She gets up to walk off and Jill points to her butt. Abby says none of the little ones are old enough to take the initiative to leave. That’s why she put the junior elite team in charge of them. Sari, Areana’s mom, says they need the fifth girl because with four you can see all the mistakes.

Kendyl shows up with her mom Lynn, and she’s late for rehearsal. Lynn comes in with Kendyl and Abby is annoyed and chews her out for not being on time. Abby kicks her out and says her secretary can call her since she showed up two hours late.

Jessa says she loves LA, and it’s beautiful. Ashlee says she wants Brynn under the same group protection and wants the same respect. Holly says they don’t talk about each other’s girls, and Holly says she can’t disrupt the whole experience and says it’s a delicate balance.

Ashlee is crying. She says Brynn was brought to replace Maddie and that’s why people are angry. Jessa says try not to come in like a tornado. Holly wonders if Ashlee can improve her behavior but thinks she’s hard headed.

Lynn is back the next day with Kendyl and Abby tells her to get lost. Tiffanie says they have been there three weeks, and Abby is crazy since they need the fifth girl. Abby is working with Alysa in her solo rehearsal.

Jessa asks the moms if they think Abby will let them stay if they win. Jessa says this is a lot of pressure, and Tiffanie agrees. Lynn comes in to ask Abby again, and she kicks her out. Abby says get out and she’ll know when she tells her.

Abby screams at her to get out if she wants her daughter in the group routine. Lynn goes over to cry and Sari talks to her and says she needs to just regroup. Lynn says she can’t put her daughter in a situation that’s stressful. Sari says they’ll fight for her.

She says it’s been really hard for the last three weeks on all of them. The other mini moms comfort her. Lynn hopes Abby will admit she needs a fifth on the mini team. Melissa tells her to get used to it and says it happens all the time.

Lynn says she won’t do things outside of her comfort zone, and Melissa says – we’ll see. Lynn is there the next day again and says she’s just going to see what happens and try to make it work. Sari says it’s their time to be showcased.

Lynn tells the other moms that they don’t have to do things the way the other moms did on the junior team. Melissa gets sassy with them, and Lynn says she doesn’t have to do it like the do. Melissa says if she can’t handle how this works, she doesn’t need to be there.

She says Abby runs the show, and this new mom can’t think that she runs it. Melissa says if Lynn doesn’t stand up, she won’t last long. Holly says they can’t come in and change things. Holly is annoyed and says Lynn has no place to judge them and her character.

Holly is annoyed. Abby lets Kendyl come into the group routine and says Lynn is lucky she needs the fifth kid. Lynn has spent two days there trying to get her in and is thrilled that her daughter is finally in the room. Abby says it’s the last day to perfect the routines.

Abby next works on the solos as Jessa asks if Abby asked her to stay with Maddie back. Ashlee says if the group loses, they’ll blame Brynn but Jill says they won’t but Abby will. Abby tells all the girls that when they dance at the competition, they must be on their best behavior and their moms must too.

Holly is annoyed at this terrible pep talk. The teams show up to the competition and see that no one is there, and Jill says it’s crickets. She says people used to show up screaming with signs. She says with Abby not showing up, they don’t get the reaction.

The moms see that Abby is not there, and Jessa says her negative press is affecting everything. Abby finally does show, and Holly says she seems like she just doesn’t care. Jill says she’s like Lynn, who doesn’t care. Abby says she did care and yelled.

Lynn says she stepped back and was more respectful. Abby says that’s why her daughter is dancing. Melissa is annoyed with this woman and says how dare she. Holly asks Abby if she feels like she knows the minis.

Abby says she knows what they need to work on but doesn’t know their work ethic yet and how they will do under pressure. Abby says she’s facing a big decision about the team but doesn’t need moms that will fight and cause problems at the studio.

Abby calls over Alysa and gives her notes and tells her don’t blow it. Mary is nervous for her. Now it’s solo time, and Kendall tells her not to look at Abby while she dances because she does crazy stuff with her hands. She says stare down the judges.

Alysa does her solo. Melissa says that makes her smile, and Abby says it’s a pretty good job, but she doesn’t know if it was good enough to win. The other moms say she’s cute, but Jessa says it’s babyish, and then Lynn brings up Mackenzie in pigtails doing babyish things.

That erupts a mom vs. mom showdown. Lynn insists she’s not attacking her. Ashlee says they are being selective and says Lynn clearly made a mistake talking about Mackenzie. Lynn says they keep coming at her, and Holly says she’s not wasting air on her.

Holly says she lost her identity and Melissa says ka-ching. Lynn says she needs a chance to learn and Melissa says that won’t happen then says she knows more than she knows guaranteed and is trying to help her like she helped the other moms.

Lynn says Melissa thinks she owns the place. Kerri calls Lynn a waste of space and says going against Melissa is stupid since her daughter has had the most success. The girls now get dressed for their routine and Lynn tells Kendyl to make herself big so that Abby will notice.

Abby tells Brynn to show the other moms they are wrong then talks to both teams. She says Brynn may stay when Maddie returns – she says today will help decide. She tells the minis she wants to have fun and the judges to be entertained.

She sends them out. Abby says she has many decisions to make at the end of the competition, but the group dances will decide it for her. She says the minis and Brynn will be decided by how they do. The mini routine is up first.

Tiffanie isn’t sure that this is winning material since the dance is weird. Abby says it was not the caliber she expects when it’s done. She says the kids are cute but Kendyl dropped her prop and wonders if the judges noticed.

Now it’s the junior team’s group number. Brynn is nervous taking the lead and says she has to win like Maddie does so Abby doesn’t send her home. Jill says Brynn is a fine dancer, but she misses Maddie and says she’s a huge edition, and there’s a hole when she’s not there.

Now it’s awards time. Alysa takes second place in the mini solo category. Abby is irritated. Kerri is worried the team will lose the first time that Abby sees them and says the new mom’s kid dropped her prop. The minis take first place.

Abby says they won because they’re cute but cute doesn’t last forever. She says this was a big week for Brynn, and she has to prove she’s a winner. The junior elite team wins first. Jill says the group dance was amazing, but they could do more.

Then Jill asks the mini moms what they think. Jessa says it wasn’t good. Then Kerri says their girls taught the littler girls. Abby says the minis dance was entertaining, and people laughed, so you know. Abby then says frankly it was sloppy.

Abby says she doesn’t want them back tomorrow but maybe later. The moms ask if Abby is coming back next week. Abby says she can’t promise if she’ll be back next week but has decided to keep Brynn around for now. Holly says Abby isn’t doing her job as a leader.

She says there are other people that would gladly lead the team. Holly says the junior elite team made Abby a household name and says if those girls aren’t there, she will lose all of that.