Dance Moms Recap 4/26/16: Season 6 Episode 17 “Mini Madness”

Dance Moms Recap 4/26/16: Season 6 Episode 17 "Mini Madness"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday April 26 season 6 episode 17 called, “Mini Madness,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the moms become upset with Abby for assigning Brynn a dance inspired by Maddie’s old routine.

On the last episode it’s hip-hop week, but not everyone was invited. Later, Abby gave solos to Brynn and JoJo, but Mackenzie pushed back when she’s assigned to perform a safe acrobatic routine instead of a hip-hop dance; and Abby fleed the studio at a crucial moment. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “the moms become upset with Abby for assigning Brynn a dance inspired by Maddie’s old routine. Later, the mini team returns, leading both dance teams to vie for Abby’s attention.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s season 6 episode 17– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms starts at ALDC LA and the minis are back. Abby says some of the moms cracked so not all of them are back. Abby says the remaining moms are absolutely nuts. Abby says she invited a new kid this week and hopes the moms will behave this week.

Elliana is there with her mom Yolanda who is elated that Abby invited them to come but knows there’s a lot of pressure on her young daughter. The other new moms ask if she can stick it out. Yolanda says they’re committed. The OG moms show up next.

Melissa isn’t happy to see the minis back since they’re a big distraction. They greet the mini moms then Ashlee warns Yolanda no one will be nice to her. Abby calls them in for pyramid. Abby has high hopes for Elliana and hopes she can be the fifth on the mini team.

Abby introduces Elliana who says she’s excited to be there. Abby says the group won last week and it was outstanding. On pyramid, the bottom is Kalani and she says she didn’t stand out in group. Next is Nia with no explanation then JoJo for coming in 5th place with her solo.

Brynn is 4th since that’s where she placed. Next is Kendall for a good job in group. Next is Maddie who featured in group and it won. Mackenzie is at the top for winning her solo number. This week they are doing Sheer Talent in Fresno and says they are taking the bus and the girls cheer.

Abby says the minis will do a group number Just Like Mama Said but says listen to her and not the mamas. Sari says she knows that Abby is tired of the mini moms so they need to show her they want to be her team. The junior elite team will do The Atlantic for their group.

Abby says it’s about the ocean. There are two solos. Maddie gets a musical theatre called The Entertainer. Melissa isn’t pleased since it could be Maddie’s last solo. Next is Broken Dancer about homeless children and gives it to Brynn since Maddie already did a homeless number.

Abby says this piece will send a message. She says she wants the moms to not pick at Brynn and Jessa says JoJo can act circles around Brynn but doesn’t get enough dance time from Abby. Jessa yells and Abby says it’s time to carry on the legacy.

Abby says she doesn’t know why she’s talking to her. Ashlee pulls Brynn out and says she’s done with Jessalynn. Ashlee says Jessa is mad that Abby never lets JoJo compete against Maddie because she knows she can’t win. Ashlee says she won’t let them stand in Brynn’s way.

Abby starts the junior group rehearsal. Abby says it’s beautiful. Sari asks Melissa if she’s leaving and what Jill will do without her sidekick. Holly says Abby is not taking it well. Abby takes a selfie with the minis and Jill wonders what that’s about.

Abby posted it on social media and Tiffanie says this is huge for the mini team. Melissa reads it and says it’s more of an ad for the studio. Jessa says it’s probably a flyer type thing for a class and then Melissa piles on and the mini moms ask why she’s doing this.

Melissa says Abby doesn’t give two craps for the minis and she knows how Abby operates. The OG moms lunch and talk about Ashlee and Brynn. Melissa mocks Brynn’s fourth place for last week. Jessa says Brynn has no personality on stage and says you can’t make something from nothing.

Melissa thinks it’s going to be tough and says Brynn will never be Maddie. Holly says next week when the girls have their last competition with Mackenzie and Maddie, it will be hard on all the girls. Abby is working with the minis and yelling at them. She’s in her hair rollers as usual.

Abby says the OG moms get jealous when she works with the minis. The OG moms tell the mini moms that they’re getting the same group number they have every time. Jessa goes through the choreography and says it’s all the same moves.

Sari says the junior moms are jealous. Abby now works with Maddie on her solo The Entertainer. Abby pushes the minis into the corner and says watch. Melissa says musical theater is pretty simple so she’s not thrilled about the solo with its simple choreography.

She says Brynn can only do ballet. Ashlee thinks Maddie’s solo is too young for her and the music is boring. She thinks Brynn will shine against this. Holly says Abby is distracted with the minis and that’s not fair to Maddie. Holly talks to the moms.

The mini moms tell Holly she’s being dismissive. Kerri is aggravated at Holly and says those moms are old news and need to go away. There’s a major mini moms vs OG moms cat fight brewing with Ashlee feeding side drama.

Now Abby talks to Maddie about passing the torch to Brynn then starts Brynn’s solo rehearsal. Ashlee doesn’t want the moms to think she’s nervous about going up against Maddie but because the number is close to Maddie’s prior homeless solo.

Abby gives her lots of notes. The moms all talk about Abby posting the mini photo. The OG moms ask the mini moms to scoot down and Jill gets pushy and says it’s our studio. They move and Jill says they can breathe. Jessa says it’s taking out the trash.

Kerri is irritated but says she won’t blow up and make a big scene. Holly says Abby hasn’t even put the minis on the team. The mini moms talk about how unsupportive the OG moms are. One says the OG moms have botox and hair extensions and are awful.

Lynn calls them old moves and Melissa calls her bitch. Lynn says the minis are so good together and they’re going to make it work. The coach bus pulls up and Jill says she used to love the old bus trips with the original team.

We see a flashback to Abby sleeping on The bus and the girls putting a gummi worm in her mouth. Jill says Abby has screwed up their final two weeks. Abby goes to talk to the bus driver and says take good care of her girls and says get there on time.

Abby gets on the bus and tells the moms and girls that she’s not traveling with them and says no screaming and says kids stay in your seat. She says she’ll meet them later. Elliana says she’s excited to meet the girls on the junior elite team.

She’s upset her phone died and she can’t take pics. Abby says tomorrow is a long day and says if you don’t live up to expectations, three strikes and you’re out.

Jill complains about how much time Abby gave the minis this week after they make it to the show. The OG moms come in wearing Dance Moms shirts and all sorts of crazy stuff. The junior moms didn’t invite Ashlee to play along or the mini moms.

Abby sends the minis and the mini moms into the audience and says to watch the other good schools compete. Jessa asks Abby what she thinks about the minis and Abby says the girls are great but the moms are trash and then says it again.

Jessa thinks the mini moms have no clue what Abby is really like. Jessa says Brynn looked like JoJo last week and now Maddie this week. Ashlee says the moms are bringing Brynn down with their negative attitude.

Melissa says Maddie can do anything but Brynn has no emotion to play a dark role. Maddie’s solo is up first. It’s a much simpler routine than she usually does but it’s well executed. She gets lots of cheers.

Brynn says there is a lot of pressure on her and she wants to prove the other moms wrong and show she can do this. Brynn’s solo starts. To be fair, she does not have the nuance that Maddie does and her makeup makes it look like she’s smiling a bit.

Melissa says Brynn is nowhere close. After, Abby tells Maddie that she was great and says for Brynn it will take time. Abby says grown adult women are trying to fluster her and says they rip and critique other’s children. Kira says Ashlee does that too.

Kira starts screaming at Ashlee about her talking shit about the other moms. Abby says she’s telling the kids there is a glass enclosed room and the kids didn’t hear the moms at the other studio and says they need to block out the moms’ talk.

Abby tells the girls to get ready for group. Abby calls the groups over for last minute notes. Abby tells the minis they are representing her and need to do well and also be respectful backstage and show her what they can do.

The minis are up first and they are really good especially for such little kids. The get lots of cheers when they’re done. Abby says it was amazing and says Ellianna is really good. Holly says Abby started a rivalry between the mini and junior moms so the elite team really needs to win.

Now it’s the junior group number and it’s very different – kind of laid back but pretty. Abby says she thought it was stellar and says Maddie did well and she thought it was great but who knows what the judges thought.

Awards are up first and solos start it out. Brynn takes third place and Melissa says Ashlee must be mortified and says dressing like Maddie doesn’t help and says Brynn smiled a little when it was sad. Now it’s teen solos. Maddie takes fourth place.

Ashlee is stunned and says Brynn got third and that proves they are on the same level. Now it’s group awards and the minis take first place in their mini division. Elliana hopes this means she will be on the team. Now it’s time for the junior teams. The junior elite team takes third place. Sari is happy that the minis did a lot better.

Jessa calls the mini moms annoying and says they only lost because Abby spent more time with their girls. Jessa tells the mini moms that Abby called them trash. They ask Abby if that’s true and she says yes. Melissa tells them to grow up and says Abby’s been insulting her for years but her kids are stars.

The mini moms ask Melissa why she’s leaving and she says her girls have paying jobs and she needs to go. Abby says the mini moms were close to being officially with her and now she’s not sure if she’ll have them back.