Watch: Demi Lovato Meets Fall Out Boy in Spoof Video

Watch: Demi Lovato Meets Fall Out Boy in Spoof Video

Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato nailed it when they came together to spoof an ’N Sync classic hit, It’s Gonna Me for the Irresistible version. Fans of N’ Sync will be delighted to see cameo appearances by Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick. We even get a little Ken and Barbie action in the mix.

To top off the authenticity of this fully entertaining music video, they got the original director, Wayne Isham who led the helm for It’s Gonna Be Me to direct Irresistible. Well played guys!

Can you believe that it’s been 16 years since the original hit the scene? Yikes. That just gave me a flash of time flying by and um, my age….. moving on….

Fall Out Boy gave us a little insight into their vision for this Irresistible video on their site,

“I know you don’t have a vhs tape (probably, though there is something about all the screenshots and memes made from our videos that feels pretty close to a modern version of that vhs tape ;) ) to record this. but i hope this video hits you in the same way- that you know we wanted to create something special for everyone that has ever loved an offbrand dollar bin toy, or has felt like one…believe it or not we still believe in the magic of making these things- thank you for being a part of that with us.”

The band’s sixth album, American Beauty/American Psycho was released just one year ago in January of 2015. Irresistible is now the fourth single from the hit album.

Fall Out Boy will be hitting the road on their latest tour starting on February 25th in San Juan, Puerto Rico and wrapping it up on May 27 in San Francisco, CA. Tickets are on sale now and selling out everywhere so get yours while you can!

If you loved the Irresistible video and are a true FOB fan, then you’re in for a treat. The guys are giving away the bobbleheads from the music video. Just Shazam the song for a chance to win!