Designated Survivor Recap 11/9/16: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Interrogation”

Designated Survivor Recap 11/9/16: Season 1 Episode 6 "Hero Complex"

Tonight on ABC their new conspiracy thriller Designated Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 9, 2016, episode and we have your Designated Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Designated Survivor episode 6, Agent Wells (Maggie Q) makes a shocking discovery while investigating the Capitol bombing.

Did you watch last week’s Designated Survivor where realizing his attempts at diplomacy with Algeria have failed, President Kirkman made the difficult decision of sending Navy SEALs on a mission that would define his presidency?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Designated Survivor recap, right here.

On tonight’s Designated Survivor as per the ABC synopsis, “When shots ring out at The White House during a Governors Summit, President Kirkman’s plans at electing a new Congress are thrown into turmoil, while Agent Hannah Wells continues investigating the Capitol bombing and makes one of her most shocking discoveries yet.”

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#DesignatedSurvivor begins with Majid Nassar in cuffs with a bag on his head being taken into a detention facility. He’s put into a cell and the news report that he’s being held in an undisclosed facility. Aaron tells the President that Nassar isn’t talking but says the raid is a win.

Aaron and Emily fill Kirkman in on what to expect at the event of governors. Alex shows up and he compliments her. He’s meeting all 50 of the state governors at a dinner. Seth talks to reporters at the event and Lisa Jordan, a new correspondent catches Seth’s eyes.

The reporters ask Seth about cabinet nominations but then POTUS shows up and that ends the talk. Aaron and Emily greet MacLeish and his wife Beth. Beth steps away and Emily and Aaron talk to him about being Vice President. He says he would be honored.

Kirkman shakes hands all around the room. Governor Nichols of Arizona says it’s a great chance to get to know him and she brings up Royce then says it’s disconcerting and calls him a colleague. Kirkman says Royce didn’t give him much choice.

Aaron notices Seth eyeing Lisa

Aaron encourages him to go after her. Kirkman takes the stage and greets the governors and talks about the terrorist act and pulling the country back together. He says they all want to rebuild the Capitol and their country and says he can’t do it alone.

Kirkman says he’s a registered independent and they all laugh. He says he has a unique opportunity to affect positive change and bridge the divide. He talks about much-needed common ground. Shots ring out and everyone panics.

Someone is firing onto the outside of the White House. They grab Kirkman and get him to safety. Ritter shows back up and asks what happened. They tell him it was a lone shooter and he’s in the park and POTUS is safe.

Ritter gets a shot at the guy but then is himself shot. He sees a helicopter from above. Later, Kirkman paces and frets about Ritter. Seth says Ritter was hit twice and the vest stopped one bullet. He’s heading into surgery. Alex goes to check on the kids.

Atwood gets Nassar

Turns out it was a Chechen national that fired on the house and the guy posted on social media about his allegiance to Nassar. Kurkman says Al-Sakar attacked again and asks what’s next. The security council argues over how to get answers out of Nassar.

Kirkman tells FBI’s Atwood he can have a crack at the guy. Emily asks him to start vetting MacLeish as a VP candidate. Atwood says it will take some time and she says it’s a priority. Emily takes a call and runs to Kirkman. Ritter is out of surgery and doing well.

Alex asks her husband if the shooter was aiming for her. He says he was trying to hit anyone that he could. Emily tells them Governor Rivera won’t let Syrian refugees land in Miami. Atwood tells Hannah about the White House and MacLeish.

She says he has to stall. Atwood says they have to deal with Nassar. Hannah says Nassar didn’t do the bombing and Atwood tells her to get him to admit it. Alex and Kirkman meet with Governor Rivera about the refugees. He asks why he’s not letting them in.

Governors go at it again

Rivera says the attack on the White House changed things. Alex says those people aren’t extremists and says they have been vetted several times. Rivera asks if Kirkman is going to have him arrested then says his people are protesting so the answer is no.

Aaron says Rivera is under pressure and to give him time. Kirkman says find another place to land the plane. Alex goes to call ICE to find out more. Kirkman greets the room full of governors and says he’s grateful they’re back today after last night.

Nichols interrupts him and says they don’t know what he stands for. Mennuti stands and says he knows the president from way back and says he’s a fine man but most don’t know him like he does. Mennuti asks him to let them know him.

Nichols says they need questions answered and then he’ll get his Senate appointees. Kirkman says he’s not on trial here but the governor says he is now.

Kirkman agrees to interrogation

Aaron and Emily tell Kirkman not to do this but he says he has to get the governors on board. He says he’ll answer whatever they want to ask. Aaron says it’s a bad idea but Kirkman won’t be dissuaded. Seth holds a press conference and he’s asked about Nassar.

Lisa asks Seth about Kirkman losing the governor’s support. He says he won’t comment on rumors. Lisa approaches him after the conference and asks if they had a moment last night. He says yes but she’s press.

Alex has her assistant help her with the search for where to place the refugees. Aaron pulls her aside and she says there are 300 refugees being denied basic rights. Aaron says this is very political. Atwood takes Hannah in on the down low to see Nassar. He says she has one shot.

Kirkman goes to face the governors. He takes a seat. Nassar is left with Atwood and Hannah. Atwood says the sooner he answers questions, the sooner they will be done. Hannah tells him to look at her and asks if he knows his rights.

Nassar insists he did the deed

She says those rights only apply in the US and says Pakistan wants him and says it’s his last shot. Nassar says six years ago US Maverick missiles killed his wife and daughters. He says he never even found their remains.

He says she can’t break him. Kirkman addresses the governors and says he knows they have questions. Nicholas asks if he’s impulsive. She then asks about his HUD overhaul. He says the department was stagnant and he needed leaders not civil servants.

Then they ask him about firing General Cochrane. Kirkman says he advanced a military operation without his permission. Kirkman responds to questions about Royce saying he’s seditious. Nichols says maybe he doesn’t like people who don’t agree with him.

Atwood says they know all about Nassar. Hannah says Al-Sakar brought down the temple of democracy then says Al-Sakar was a small leech and took credit for bombings they didn’t do. Hannah says he doesn’t have the skills to pull off the Capitol attack.

Kirkman shocks the room

Nassar describes the makeup of the bomb. Hannah says she was fed that info too. Nassar says Al-Sakar did this. Mennuti stands to defend Kirkman and reminds them that they caught the mastermind Nassar. Rivera says Kirkman has no real experience.

Nichols says he’s the president simply because he was the designated survivor. She says the former president didn’t even want him in his administration. Nichols asks why he should be the president. Kirkman says he can’t. He stands and says they may be right.

He says maybe he should not be president then walks out. The room is in shock. Chaos breaks out. Aaron tells Kirkman to fight back. Kirkman says he was designated survivor because the president didn’t want him at the address.

Aaron says he wasn’t impressed with him at first and barely knew his name but now he believes in him. He tells him he’s the only chance the country has. Alex comes in and POTUS thanks Aaron. Alex says one of the refugees just went into labor. She says work on Rivera.

Nassar confesses

Hannah tells Nassar he pulled off the unimaginable and says one bomb didn’t go off and a Congressman survived. She says whoever blew up the Capitol wanted MacLeish to live then she asks why he’s taking credit for something he didn’t do.

Alex works on Rivera about the pregnant woman in labor. He agrees to let in the wife and husband off and says then send the plane back. Rivera says his people are frightened. Rivera says quit while you’re ahead and she backs down.

Hannah says the attackers wanted to stay anonymous so they gave him info to take credit. They let him know they know about his other family in Dubai including his mom and another son. Hannah says his family is going to Pakistan too and it won’t be pleasant.

Nassar snaps. He says the man told him he wanted the same thing – death to America. He says he doesn’t know his name. Hannah threatens his family again. He says Catalan. Nassar says if you tell anyone, he’ll kill you too.

Kirkman pitches himself for the job

Kirkman tells the governors he has wrestled with the question of why he should be president. Kirkman says he can effect change and promote unity. He says he can’t do it alone and can’t fight with them anymore. He says he can step down.

Kirkman says it’s their moment to choose and to decide what side of history they want to be on when the dust settles. The governors talk amongst themselves. Nichols and Rivera approach him. They tell him his words were thoughtful.

Nichols says show is what you’re going to do. She asks about the refugees in Florida and says the threat to our country for unchecked immigration is great. Nichols asks to stop all immigration. Nichols says our security is worth the sacrifice.

Rivera says enough of them believe this to stand in the way of his Congress. They tell him to choose immigration or Congress.

Alex doesn’t like the deal he made

Kirkman talks to Rivera and Nichols in the oval. Nichols says not permanently, just until things settle. Rivera says their people are scared and the plane represents a larger issue. Nichols talks about the illegal problem that has been a concern since the attack.

Kirkman asks if the rest of the governors will get behind him if he turns the plane back. Nichols tells him the majority will. Atwood and Hannah are back at the FBI talking. They run a search on Catalan. They find nothing. Atwood tries another spelling. Nothing.

Atwood wonders if Nassar lied. Hannah says maybe Catalan is above Atwood’s clearance level. Emily talks to Aaron who’s embroiled in a report. He says he was researching MacLeish and says things look good. Alex tells Kirkman she found a place for the plane in Missouri.

Kirkman says it’s too late. The plane is heading to Toronto. He tells her he had to make a deal and says he had to give them something to get Congress. Kirkman says Canada is fine for them. She chastises him on principles.

Alex vs POTUS

Kirkman says he has no obligation to the country. She says she’s not angry at the President but is disappointed in her husband. She walks out. Kirkman sits in the Oval when Emily and Aaron come in and says he looked at MacLeish since the FBI said it would be delated.

Aaron encourages him to move forward with the VP nomination. Kirkman says he’d like to get to know him personally not just as a file. Emily asks if he’s okay and Kirkman says it’s fine. Kirkman calls Ritter at the hospital. He asks how he’s feeling and Ritter says lucky.

Kirkman thanks him for going above and beyond. Ritter says he just did his job and says it’s an honor. He says he’s going to watch his team crush Tom’s. Seth approaches Lisa and says he never has time off ever. She asks for a comment on Leo Kirkman not being the President’s son.

Atwood gets a call as he and Hannah approach the detention facility. They run inside. The news talks about the governor’s summit and Senate appointees being submitted. Alex tells her husband you always have to disappoint someone. He tells her about their dinner guests.

Atwood and Hannah run into the facility. A soldier says he found him like this when he brought him dinner. They see vomit on him. It looks like he might be poisoned.