Elementary Recap 1/28/16: Season 4 Episode 10 “Alma Matters”

Elementary Recap 1/28/16: Season 4 Episode 10 "Alma Matters"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday January 28, season 4 episode 10 called, “Alma Matters,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes’ (Jonny Lee Miller) relationship with his father suffers a setback when he discovers Morland (John Noble) has been keeping a secret that threatens their safety.

On the last episode, Holmes and Watson hunted for a computer hacker responsible for three murders, including the death of a Russian billionaire who was visiting New York City. Meanwhile, Joan received a solo dinner invitation from Sherlock’s father. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes’ relationship with his father suffers a setback when he discovers Morland has been keeping a secret that threatens their safety. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Watson investigate two murders linked to a college and its illegal recruitment practices.”

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#Elementary starts with Morland whistling and then spots Sherlock lurking in his house. He asks his father why he didn’t tell him that he was the victim of an assassination attempt. He asks how he knew and Sherlock says Joan figured it out from his eating habits.

Morland says he and Sabine were very close. Sherlock says since the killer is at large, there could be another attempt on his life. Sherlock says that’s why he’s banking his blood and says his father put him and Joan at risk. Morland admits someone tried to kill him.

He says he’s no longer in danger at the moment. He says he’s banking his blood as a precaution in case he has complications from the initial wounds. He says the assassin has been dealt with and it’s over. Sherlock says he’s lying and he’ll investigate it.

Some guys are in an apartment looting it. One fusses at the lookout for not looking out. The guy notices something in an apartment across the street. He sees a guy get shot. The other robbers ask if he saw something and he says he saw everything.

Sherlock comes home bleeding and says he had another failed attempt to get info on his father’s would be murder. He says he talked to a mercenary and she’s surprised a woman did it to him. She cleans him up and says not all of it is blood.

She asks if he was fighting or having sex and he says it could have been both. Joan says he missed a call from one of the counselors at Hemdale. She says he wanted them to contact them about a friend of hers with info on a murder.

They go see the woman and she shows them info on Dennis Hicks that was killed in his home and they assume it was by robbers. She says Fairbridge University is being investigated. She says illegal recruiting is on the list.

She says Dennis was one of their recruiters and was going to testify so they killed him. She says the halfway house is owned by Fairbridge. She says she thought selling was a good idea but they let the devil in the door.

She says they aggressively recruit their residents. She says they are being lied to and they promise degrees they don’t offer and job placement they don’t do. She says they get money from student loans and the guys are unemployable and buried in debt.

She says she has a list of cases she presented to the Department of Education. She says a good man was murdered and the police think she’s crazy. Joan and Sherlock look at the info. Sherlock says the crime scene is two weeks old and doesn’t know what they can do.

He says Morland pays Lukas Muller for help and he may know about the shooting. Sherlock says Muller hasn’t returned his call but a contact told him Muller is in NYC. Sherlock goes to see him while Joan goes to talk to a cop at the 116.

He takes her to the crime scene and says a few things were stolen. She mentions Lily Cooper and he says there were five break-ins that night. He says Dennis was just unlucky. She says this murder wasn’t connected.

She shows him that all the other families victimized were Russian. She says the night was the Eve of the Epiphany at the local Russian Orthodox church. She points out a crime scene across the street and says they didn’t steal as much as at other places.

They wonder if the thieves heard the gunshots and took off before the cops came. Sherlock lurks at a hotel waiting on Muller. He follows him into the elevator. Muller tells him to leave him alone. Sherlock tells him he disabled the cameras.

Muller gets out of the elevator and Sherlock asks about the attempt on his dad’s life. He tells Sherlock that he and his father can both go to hell. Marcus and the guy from the 116 brings in a guy and says Roland gave them all up.

He’s got the look out in interrogation. Marcus says the only reason he’s being offered a deal is because he witnessed the killing across the street. The guy asks if Roland will do more time. He describes a shaved head Hispanic with tattoos that was the shooter.

Joan tells Sherlock about the witness. He say he’s at Lily’s office at the halfway house then says she’s been strangled to death. Marcus says she had a lock box under her desk that had been broken into.

Joan says the DOE files were gone and thinks this is about Fairbridge University. Marcus says they have a sketch of the shooter. Joan says Wilson Trager is the CEO of Fairbridge. Trager is played by Tate Donovan – he must be the killer since he’s a famous cameo.

Joan and Marcus go talk to Trager and says Lily was also killed. His people says that Trager has an important meeting and can’t stay. He leaves them with Josh and Bill and takes off without answering any questions.

They ask to keep the sketch of the shooter. Joan says both victims were cooperating with the DOE on an investigation. The two guys ask if they were going to accuse Trager of murder. They tell them that Trager was not involved.

They tell them they can have full access to Trager’s date book, computer and secretary. Sherlock goes to see his dad and tells him Muller is in NYC. He says he’s confused by his reaction to him. He says Muller treated him like a threat.

Sherlock says he never mentioned his near death and why he didn’t ask him for help. Sherlock says Morland must think he’s the one who tried to kill him. He asks if he intended to harm him. Morlan admits he suspected him at one point but now has moved beyond that.

Sherlock says Muller obviously still suspects him. Sherlock says he thought he knew the content of his character and doesn’t know he’s not a killer, there is no foundation to build on. He says he is done with him to keep himself and Joan safe.

Sherlock says here’s how you can be certain I didn’t try to kill you – you’re alive… Morland looks unsettled as Sherlock strides out. Sherlock is dumping the honey they got for Morland down the sink and says his father told him he’s no longer a suspect in his shooting.

Sherlock says the culprit is still at large and says they are done with his father. Joan says she’s sorry. He says he’s used to not talking to his father. She says Trager didn’t see them and blew out and left them with two lawyers who gave them access to a bunch of stuff.

She says there’s nothing in his personal info so far. Gregson says Lily’s staff identified the shooter as Victor Nieves who used to live at the halfway house. They go see his wife and she says it’s been a couple of days since he was around.

Marcus spots wet boots and says they know. She whispers please and says he’s a good man. She says don’t hurt him. Marcus says they don’t want to but he’s in trouble and they have to find him. Marcus asks where he’s gone.

She shakes her head no. Marcus talks to Mayra his daughter. She’s drawing a picture of Castle Kingdom and says she fell at the park. Marcus asks when she was at the park. He calls Gregson and says his daughter gave Victor an alibi for Lily’s murder.

Gregson says Victor just showed up and turned himself in. He confessed to both murders. Sherlock sits down with Victor and shows him a photo of him with Lily looking friendly. Victor says he killed her and already admitted to it. Sherlock says they know he didn’t do it since he was with his daughter.

Sherlock says he doesn’t like to cut deals or offer plea bargains and call it a dilution of justice. He says they know he killed Dennis and Sherlock says Lily thought he deserved help and was a good person.

Sherlock says now he has to offer him a deal to nail Trager. Victor asks Wilson who. Sherlock says he had done well since he got out of prison including taking out a student loan to go to Fairbridge. He says he owes $75k.

He says Dennis recruited him to go to Fairbridge and that’s why he killed her. Sherlock asks what Trager paid him and tells him he’s protecting the person who killed Lily. Victor says that person probably had no choice either. Sherlock steps out.

Sherlock says he thinks these are people who shared the same circumstances so they were encouraged to kill. Sherlock says he knows the identity of Lily’s killer. Sherlock says Trager has access to a list of his students with criminal records and ripe for manipulation.

Marcus says they looked back for other incidents tied to Trager. There was a fire in a city inspector’s office that ended another investigation. Then there was a co-op he wanted and the voting committee had a hit and run victim among them.

Joan says they can identify people who defaulted on their loans. Marcus says they need a wheel man for the hit and run and an arsonist. Sherlock says he’s going to hit this head on and goes to Trager’s office using his private entrance.

He introduces himself to Trager and says he wanted to look him in the eye. Trager offers him a drunk. He tells Sherlock – lay it on me. Sherlock calls him a psychopath with no real human connection. Trager says he’s been called that before.

Sherlock then says he’s a double destroyer of lives – one when he gets them into horrible debt and then again when he uses the debt to leverage them to do terrible things. Trager says he heard someone confessed to the killings.

Sherlock says the guy’s name is Victor Nieves and he’ll hear his name at his trial. Trager asks why he would hurt Lily Cooper and Sherlock says she was working with the DOE too. Trager says the meeting he just ended was with the DOE and he cut a deal.

He says this amounts to nothing. He says he’s known for days the investigation was going away. He tells Sherlock he knows the way out. At home, Joan says Fairbridge is no longer cooperating but the DOE is helping.

Sherlock says one of Trager’s diplomas is fake and he’s a hunter so he has no empathy for humans or animals. Sherlock goes to answer the door and finds Morland there. He lets him in. His dad says it was true that he should not have suspected him.

Morland says a Paris cabbie identified him as being within blocks the night of the attack. Sherlock says he never would have allowed a witness to identify him. Morland says he decided the man must have been bribed and the cabbie has now disappeared.

He says he told his people to move off investigating him. He says Muller never believed he had stopped investigating him and says Muller threatened to tell him. He says his previous contact Jasper was murdered and he let Muller think he did it.

Sherlock says he’s skeptical. Morland says he realized how terrible it was that he ever suspected him and when he heard about his relapse he wanted to make things right between them. Morland says since Sherlock wants him gone, he’s going.

Joan has a large stack of photos that she’s considering for the Trager case. Sherlock says the files that Lily had may have contained many of the same faces. He goes to the laptop and pulls up plaid. Sherlock says it’s tartan and may help them.

Trager is at a board meeting when the Powerpoint switches to a mug shot. Sherlock says that’s his part of the presentation and says it’s Claudette Bailey and says she did 31 months for fraud then Trager sent her to set fire to a city inspector’s office.

Sherlock shows him Joseph DeLuca and says he had him run over a member of his co-op board. He says his staff deserves to know who they are working for. He shows him Boyd Erlich and says he had him strangle Lily Cooper.

Joan says they figured out it was a collections agent – that’s related to his wife Bradley McMaine. Joan says that he picked the people to coerce based on his instructions. Sherlock says this was about Lily noticing that Victor’s loan was being paid again.

Joan says Lily called McMaine about the resumption of payments. Sherlock says Bradley was willing to testify in exchange for a deal. Marcus arrests Trager. Joan asks Sherlock if he wants takeout. A woman walks out and Joan asks if that’s the mercenary.

Sherlock says he has to go somewhere and says eat without me. He goes to his dad’s place and says he’s not there to stop him from moving back to London and hands him a file folder. He says he dug into Jasper de Clerq’s murder.

Sherlock says his death had to do with him and says he was spying on you and looking for an opportune moment. De Clerq was working for the person who tried to kill him. Sherlock says the false lead is important and says he’ll find who tried to kill him.