Empire Recap – Anika Baby Trouble: Season 2 Episode 15 “More Than Kin”

Empire Recap - Anika Baby Trouble: Season 2 Episode 15 "More Than Kin"

Tonight on FOX Empire airs with an all new Wednesday April 27, season 2 episode 15 called, “More Than Kin.” we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Lucious (Terrence Howard) throws a fund-raiser with help from Andre (Trai Byers) in an effort to show the board that they should reinstate him as Empire’s CEO.

On the last episode, manipulation and sabotage were heavily employed by Lucious as he worked to regain his CEO position at Empire; at the same time, his new music video was unveiled. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Lucious throws a fund-raiser with help from Andre in an effort to show the board that they should reinstate him as Empire’s CEO. Meanwhile, Hakeem decides if he’s interested in being a father to his child with Anika.”

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#Empire starts with Hakeem with two girls- he’s at the club surrounded by strippers and partying. Laura texts him worried about where he is but he ignores his phone. Some of his crew talk about Laura blowing up his phone.

Chicken cuts the music and tells him about Laura calling. Hakeem says he doesn’t care and turns the music back up. He’s throwing money all over strippers and is drunk. Cookie is working a crowd at a press event for the ACAs.

They talk about Jamal looking strong til Lucious cut that video. Jamal says this is not a competition between them and Cookie says it’s media lies and pulls him away. Harper calls them the Manson family and Cookie says don’t listen to that bitch.

Cookie tells Jamal to stop moping and he says Lucious is so damned thirsty. Cookie says Empire has a lot riding on this and says they need to get Lucious back on the board. She tells him to help with that and he says don’t get caught up with him.

Harper asks Lucious about him admitting to childhood abuse. He says the people with real courage are those who suffered. Cookie pulls Lucious away from Harper and he says get his in check since Harper has a hot blog. Cookie says he needs to stop trying to ruin the truce.

Jamal and Lucious begin to bicker and then Cookie says we’ll take your questions now. One reporter asks about this being a boxing match like Balboa Creed. Lucious says there are others up for the award then cracks a joke on Jamal wo gives it back hard.

Thirsty asks to talk to Lucious but he says he can talk in front of Skeletor, meaning Cookie. Thirsty says some board members are looking to bring in someone new. Lucious talks tough but Cookie says no more dead cats and lesbians.

Lucious says if the board sees the family united, it could work. Thirsty asks what are the odds of that. Lucious checks out Harper and Cookie snaps in his face then asks if he’s trying to save Empire or catch an STD.

Andre comes in and tells her that the board wants to bring in Brigham Lang. Cookie says no way and Andre asks if she wants him to talk to his brothers. She says Jamal thinks she’s hot for Lucious again and Andre asks is she then says no problem.

Andre agrees to do it and Cookie says they need to show the board what they get when the Lyons run the Empire. Andre suggests throwing in a bipolar fundraiser and make him the spokesperson. Cookie asks if he wants to go public and he says it’s time.

Cookie says it’s brilliant and would make Lucious even more of a hero and will love it. Cookie says she’ll get Lucious on board. Hakeem lays around with Chicken and Marcel drinking and partying. Laura shows up pissed off.

Hakeem asks why she’s there and she says he left on his stupid app and now a million trolls are blowing her up. She says he should have come to her and not this thirst trap. She says she doesn’t care if he’s CEO and says that’s not what it’s about.

Then he says Anika is pregnant and that’s the last straw. Laura walks out. Jamal give Hakeem coffee and Andre is there. Hakeem says Laura slapped him and says he was doing everything right. Hakeem says Andre doesn’t know what it’s like.

Andre says let’s baby the baby and pamper Hakeem now. Hakeem says he sucks at everything right now and Jamal says he really does. They tease him about being DMX and Bill Gates as a CEO. Jamal asks about the bipolar event and they talk about Lucious and Cookie.

Hakeem says that’s like King Kong and Godzilla. Andre says Jamal should take the ACA from Lucious and says his dad would have called him a cissy and he would have gone crying to Carol but that’s not who he is anymore. Jamal toughens up.

Jamal talks to Becky as they come to the event. Michael is there and explains he works for the caterer but can leave. Jamal says it’s cool. Becky chats up Michael but Jamal shuts it down. Michael says he saw the angry press event with him and his dad.

Michael asks if he wants to talk more and Jamal sighs then says he wants to. Michael and Jamal go sit and talk at the place they met. Jamal says he misses playing on a small stage and says that band is about the music and not the politics.

The singer asks Jamal to come sit in but he says he wants to watch. Jamal digs the sound and finally agrees to take the stage and he sings with them. Michael watches with interest. Anika comes to see Hakeem and he says he got his place babyproofed and shows her a huge teddy bear.

Anika sighs and asks what he’s doing. He says he wanted to show her he’s in. Anika asks about Laura and he says she’ll love the baby too. He says they need to get straight. Anika says she may not want him involved. Hakeem says he knows all the wrong moves in raising a family.

Anika says his father threatened to kill her the moment the baby is born. Lucious and Harper are sharing a meal when Cookie shows up and says it smells fishy. Lucious says it’s lobster and Harper asks to meet him later. He says he’ll send a car.

She leaves and Cookie says he’s nasty. Hakeem is there and asks why he threatened to kill Anika. Lucious lies and Hakeem says she wants to take the baby and run. Cookie says Thirsty’s shady ass can get that baby. Hakeem says if Anika leaves, he’ll go too.

He walks out on his parents and Lucious laughs and says he’s upset. Cookie says either he gets Hakeem to show up to the event or he can get used to working with whitey. She says let me take care of Boo Boo Kitty and you take care of that scallop.

Lucious says he ever should have gone public. Andre rehearses his bipolar speech for Rhonda. She gives him some notes and he thanks her. He says if this works, he’s ready to be his dad’s number two and close to the throne. They kiss.

She asks about the other board members and he says they’ll be there. He says it’s all in position. Rhonda kisses him. Cookie goes to see Anika and finds her door open. She sees Anika on a stretcher and asks if she’s okay. The EMTs tell her to step aside. Cookie says she’s riding along and that’s her son’s baby.

Cookie rides with Anika who is in pain and distress. Anika freaks out and Cookie says relax for the baby. Cookie says trust me and forget everything else. She says listen to my voice and says breathe with me. She does. They give her oxygen and Cookie gets her calm.

Cookie says she and the baby will be just fine. Anika thanks her. She says Hakeem will kill her if something happens to his baby and Anika says you mean your grandchild. Lucious kisses Harper at the club and he shows her a painting.

Harper suggests he donate it and art should be shared. He says he shares his music. She thanks him for shutting down the club for them and he shoves her onto the sofa and then flips her over and gets rough with her. He says this is a place for demons tonight.

She slaps him hard and he likes it. They choke each other and she straddles him. She unbuttons his pants and he says you’re blowing my mind. He gets a call from Cookie and curses. He says sorry and Harper says Cookie rules him.

He says it’s a family emergency and he’ll make it up to her. Harper says why doesn’t she do her profile on Cookie instead since she’s the manipulative bitch who has him wrapped around her finger. Lucious says don’t ever say anything bad about her again and shoves her down.

Hakeem talks to Laura who says she has to think about this. He says if she doesn’t step up for his child, he’s less of his man. His phone chimes and he ignores it. She asks where this leaves them and he says she will be his wife and Anika will be the mother of his child. Laura says they have different ideas of what family means.

She leaves her ring and goes and his phone chirps again. He sees Cookie is blowing up his phone. Hakeem shows at the hospital and asks about Anika. Her mother is there and Hakeem says he came as soon as he heard. Hakeem says he didn’t know and just found out she was pregnant.

Cookie tells Anika’s mom to give him a chance. Hakeem says he’ll take care of Anika and the baby and her mom gives him the room number. Hakeem teases Anika about the grandmas and Cookie says shut your mouth.

Anika’s mom says Lucius isn’t welcome there. Hakeem asks what he did and Cookie says what hasn’t he done. Lucius comes in and finds Hakeem in the waiting room. Lucious says he’s calling off the dogs and knows that’s his grandchild.

Lucious says he can talk to Laura with Hakeem if he wants when he tells him about the split. Hakeem tells Lucious he can’t come into Anika’s room. He says he’ll make sure Anika has the best care possible. Cookie calls him a snake charmer.

She says she smells cheap perfume on him. Lucious says nothing happened between him and Harper and Cookie says he needs a blue pill. Lucious says he doesn’t like Harper because she doesn’t have any hood in her.

She says he had a woman like that and didn’t keep her. Cookie offers him a deal to scoop Harper and he agrees. Lucious talks about putting a human face on mental illness and works the board members. Lucious says he and his mom picked all of Jamal’s album songs.

Jamal is there and says he came there to support him and Andre and calls him out. He says he’s out of here and walks out. Harper comes over and curses Lucious for the scoop. He says he didn’t even know about it but likes to share his stories.

Harper walks off and approaches Andre and says she has something that might interest him. She hands him an envelope and shows him pics of the group home and says a couple collects money to take care of 10 mentally ill adults.

She says that one is your grandmother Leah Walker then says he can keep the pics. Rhonda comes up as she walks off and Andre says he has to go and leaves also. Laura shows up to see Hakeem and Anika. She says her dad called her.

She says her dad told her he’s becoming a man he respects. She asks about Anika who is sleeping. He says she’s doing better and can go home tomorrow. Hakeem says he’s been carrying the ring since she took it off and offers it back to her.

She lets him slip it on her finger. Laura kisses him. They look at Anika sleeping. Jamal spots Freda and hugs her. He pulls her to the front of the line with him. Lucious takes the stage with Cookie and talks about Empire being a family brand.

Harper watches them and then asks where his sons are. She says it doesn’t sound like much of a family. Cookie talks over her and says Hakeem, Lucious and Jamal are performing at the ACAs. Jamal is at the little club and takes the stage to loads of cheers.

Becky is there cheering. The news covers Jamal’s club performance. The board members congratulate Cookie and Lucious on the evening. They tell Cookie and Lucious the board wants them as co-CEOs. Cookie says that’s something they have to discuss.

Lucious says there is nothing to discuss and says it’s a fantastic idea. Cookie is stunned. He hugs her and says he wouldn’t have it any other way. He congratulates her and says he’s got her back. But he looks furious where she can’t see.