Empire Spring Premiere Recap 3/30/16: Season 2 Episode 11 “Death Will Have His Day”

Empire Spring Premiere Recap 3/30/16: Season 2 Episode 11 “Death Will Have His Day"

Tonight on FOX Empire airs with an all new Wednesday March 30, season 2 episode 11 called, “Death Will Have His Day,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Lucious (Terrence Howard) announces he will stop at nothing to be at the top of his company again, but he’ll have to make his way past Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) first.

On the last episode, Lucious made a reckless play for the streaming service that he believed would put him on the map as the most powerful man in music, but in the end this move cost him big time; and Cookie decided to stage a concert at the prison where she was locked away from her family for 17 years. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Lucious announces he will stop at nothing to be at the top of his company again, but he’ll have to make his way past Cookie first. Meanwhile, Rhonda, Andre and the rest of the Lyon family struggle to come to terms with a horrific tragedy that will change their lives forever.”

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#Empire starts with Rhonda at the bottom of the staircase and someone walking out the door that she can’t see clearly. Her head is bleeding. Andre tells Lucious they need to go before the cops show. Thirsty says the emergency vote was unlawful and can show Mimi and Camilla were acting illegally.

Andre says they can check the charter in the morning and they push back. Lucious says he won’t go and Andre goes to find the charter. Rhonda comes to but is in bad shape. She looks around and whispers help. No one is there to hear her.

Hakeem finds Cookie in his place. She says hey and he’s startled. She asks him why would he do this to his family? He says he did it to Lucious. She says boy, you gave our business to a half lesbian bitch and threw away their legacy.

She says he’ll take his vote back and he says no. She says take your vote back and he says no. She says take it back and beats him with a broom and then something else she grabs. Jamal is performing his nominated song at the ceremony.

He thanks the crowd and says it’s been a crazy day. He says he wasn’t going to come but his mom told him to get his ass there. He says he knows they’re talking about him and his dad being nominated against his each other but says he supports his dad 1000% and dedicates the song to him.

Rhonda crawls across the floor and grabs her phone but it’s broken. She cries. There’s blood all over her legs too. She says God no please save the baby and says she doesn’t care what happens to her. Jamal sings on as she lies there.

She throws her phone and it cracks the front door glass – that triggers her security system. The cops beat at the door of Lucious office and Thirsty hides their guns. He says his client is the CEO and can be there. Camilla calls him pathetic and says he’s the former CEO.

The cops tell Lucious he’s trespassing and Becky comes in and says Rhonda is at the hospital and the baby might not make it – that gets him out of the chair. Lucious meets Cookie and Jamal outside her room and he says they have to pull it together before Andre gets there.

Hakeem shows up and Cookie says nobody wants to see his ass and tells him to get out of there. Andre shows up and Lucious says he’s sorry and says there was an accident. Cookie says Rhonda survived but the baby didn’t make it. She says they can try again but he starts crying.

Cookie holds him and Hakeem stands apart from them crying. Andre throws a fit and they hold him. Cookie says please stop, they’ll come take you away. Later, Andre sits by Rhonda’s bed and she thinks she slipped and doesn’t know what happened.

He says don’t blame yourself. He kisses her hand. She says she was lying there and prayed to God to save the baby and not her. She says moonlight came in through the window and she thought he answered. Andre says God saved you. Rhonda says there is no God.

She says if there was a God, the baby would still be there. She cries and says again there is no God. He holds her hand. Cookie goes to Lucious’ place and calls out to him. He doesn’t answer. She finds him in bed and asks if he’s okay.

She lays down with him and cuddles up close. He hugs her back. Cookie wakes in the morning alone in his bed. Lucious is in his dressing room loading a gun. He says he’s going to take his company back. He says he doesn’t know how their son turned out to be so rotten.

She says maybe the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Lucious says if Hakeem tries to be CEO, it won’t turn out good for him. She says don’t say that. She says she’s going to take Camilla out from the inside. He asks who she will and she says give me two days before you do something you’ll regret.

She says put that damned thing away and walks out. Camilla tells Hakeem she’s sorry about Andre’s baby and he asks how long she was planning to take Lucious out and she says as soon as he banished her. She asks him to get rid of his Mexican GF and says she can make him CEO.

She says the board wants Jago Locke. Cookie shows up and says she has a deal. She says she will let them acquire her company since Hakeem belongs to her. She says $20 million and says Camilla can’t have Hakeem. Camilla says she will crush her and Cookie asks if he wants to be CEO.

She says she can push Jago out of the way and Camilla says this company won’t be run like gangsters anymore. Cookie asks if Hakeem is going to pick that skank over his family. He says at least she won’t beat me with a purse.

Camilla says not unless he wants her to. Cookie makes a mess then walks out. Lucious meets Thirsty at Laviticus. He wants Thirsty’s thugs to meet with the board members and intimidate them. Thirsty says they can intimidate Jago into backing off.

They ask Lucious who will handle Hakeem. He picks up his gun and says he’ll take care of Fredo. Thirsty says let’s get to work and hands out photos of the board members to the thugs. Anika comes to see Rhonda to act like she’s comforting her.

Anika says things happen for a reason. Rhonda cries and says she feels guilty and like she let Andre down. Rhonda says she’s upset they lost the heir to the empire and Anika says there will be another. Of course, since Anika was knocked up by Hakeem.

Hakeem talks to Jamal about taking the CEO seat at Empire. Hakeem says Lucious deserves all that and worse. Jamal says he hated running Empire and says it took him away from his music and was stressful. Hakeem says Camilla told him to ditch Laura but he wants to keep her.

Jamal says we can’t have it all and Hakeem agrees and pour another drink. Jamal asks Hakeem if he’s willing to give up Empire for a girl, how much did you want it anyway. Hakeem is on the edge of tears. Laura is at group rehearsal.

Hakeem kicks open the door and says cut the damned music. He tells Laura she’s lazy and is behind the other girls. She asks why he’s acting like this. Hakeem says she doesn’t work hard enough. Laura and Hakeem argue and the two other girls tell them they’re tired of the telenovela.

He calls her a stupid virgin ass and Laura says OMG, I was so stupid. Jamal meets with Jameson who asks why he’s screwing around with Skye when he’s gay. Jamal says he’s not and Jameson reminds him in other countries around the world being gay is enough to get you killed.

Lucious plays his piano. One of the board members keys his locks at the golf club and his car blows up. Another finds her cat strung up dead. Another is roughed up and beaten by two thugs. Jamal tells Cookie will burn Hakeem down if he takes over at CEO.

Cookie lectures Jamal and says music first and says he needs to win the ASA against his dad so he’s on the road to being legendary. He says Jameson is pulling back his support because of Skye. Cookie says pick a team and asks if he’s a confused bisexual now. He says sexuality is fluid and she scoffs.

Cookie says he just wants to be freaky deaky with everyone. He says sex with two women in his life doesn’t define him. He says he’s still a gay man looking for a hot man to love. Cookie says don’t piss a guy like Jameson off and says thinks about it like a campaign – she says get your gay back.

Camilla says the CEO candidates have withdrawn their nominations due to personal reasons. Jago says if any of his thugs are here, they can go to hell with this company. He walks out. Camilla asks for nominations. Hakeem says me and says he’s not scared of bitch ass Lucious.

He hops on the table and says he’s got the swag to run this. He says he will take this to the future not the past like Lucious. He gets applause. Jamal takes the stage at an ASA event and says he wrote a new song. He sings about he wants to love everybody and has both a woman and a man grinding on him.

He says he wants to love and don’t tell me how to love and sings about freedom to get with who you want. He dances up on a hot woman then a guy dances up on him. Jameson and the crowd dig it.

At the hospital, Jamal sits in the waiting room with Andre when Cookie brings coffee. She asks Andre is Rhonda is happy to be going home and he says she’s scared they can’t have kids anymore. Cookie says she had a miscarriage before the three of them came along.

She says it was a little girl and she thought it was the end of the world then she had three beautiful boys. They talk about Hakeem pulling off the CEO move. Andre asks why she tried to sell her label and she says it was a move to get her on the inside. Jamal says he has an idea.

Andre carries Rhonda into the house and jokingly calls her clumsy. He says don’t beat yourself up and says they’ll get through this. She says she loves him and he says the same. He offers to carry her upstairs. She doesn’t want to sleep up there ever and he agrees.

She asks for vodka and he offers water. Rhonda looks at the stairs she fell down and grabs her crutch. She hobbles to the stairs and looks up at them and says she can do this. She takes one step and then another. She loses her balance and has to lie down on the stairs.

She sits back up and has a flashback of her fall. She looks horrified. Camilla feeds Hakeem as he sits in the CEO chair. Cookie calls her Yoko and Jamal congratulates him and says that throne brings out the darkness in you. Hakeem threatens to release Jamal’s album when he wants.

Jamal says Dynasty will release the album and Andre is there too and says there were no written stipulations. Camilla threatens to sue and Jamal says they can leak it online. Hakeem says Lyon Dynasty can come under them and Camilla says no.

Andre, Cookie and Jamal pitch a deal and Cookie says she wants to be head of A&R. Camilla says don’t do it – they will dethrone you. She says it’s the biggest mistake he can make. Hakeem says maybe but he wants them to be a real family but without the mistakes Lucious made.

Hakeem says deal and Camilla storms out. Cookie smirks. Cookie tells Lucious he can use her label offices as long as he likes and he says he digs the vibe. She says focus on music and leave the dirty work to Cookie. He says she’s the boss and she slaps his ass and says don’t forget it. He smiles.

Andre is packing up stuff in the nursery sadly. He looks at the bassinet and a stuffed dinosaur then breaks down. He kneels and looks at it and whispers to an imaginary baby then breaks down sobbing and cries into a pillow. He begs God for strength.

Laura rehearses a song and Cookie listens to her record. Hakeem thinks about her as he watches footage of the session. He’s upset at breaking things off. Laura finds Hakeem at her house and says he’s sorry for being an ass. He says he broke up with her to get the empire back but he just wants her.

She says she doesn’t understand. He kisses her. They go inside and kiss in her room. She asks him to promise her they’ll really be together and he promises so she lets him take her to bed. He says they shouldn’t do this but she says please. They get busy and she says she loves him. He says him too.

Lucious meets Hakeem later at a railroad underpass. He asks if he has any idea where he’s standing then says that’s the spot where his best friend lost his life. He says he introduces him to his mom and risked his life for him except one night when he shot him in the face.

Lucious says he’s talking about Uncle Bucky. Lucious says that’s how much Empire means to him and says he will stop at nothing to take it back. He calls Hakeem his baby boy and says he has something for him. He hands him a gun and says decide how far you’re willing to go to have the Empire.

He says you want to be king, kill your father and sit on his throne. Lucious shoot me or next time I see you, I will take your life. Hakeem puts the gun to his head. Lucious says do it, it’s okay. He turns his back and says this will make it easier since you like to stab people in the back.

Hakeem asks if this is what he wants. Lucious says pull the damned trigger. Hakeem says I aint’ got to do what you want and throws down the gun. He walks off as Lucious says watch your back baby boy, I keep my promise.