Fear The Walking Dead Recap 4/17/16: Season 2 Episode 2 “We All Fall Down”


The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday April 17, Season 2 episode 2 called “We All Fall Down” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the group seeks shelter with a survivalist family; and Madison (Kim Dickens) tries to uncover the family’s true motives.

On the last episode of Fear The Walking Dead, in the second-season premiere, the families fled a burning Los Angeles on Strand’s yacht, as Strand remained mysterious. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “the group seeks shelter with a survivalist family; and Madison tries to uncover the family’s true motives. Meanwhile, Salazar works to discover Strand’s intentions.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 2 episode 2 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 2 episode 2.

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#FearTWD #FearTheWalkingDead starts with two infected washing up on the beach. Two kids come down to the shore with buckets in hand as it staggers out of the water. The creatures run into a chain link fence and the kids run off. More infected join the others at the fence pushing against it to get to the kids.

Madison rants at Nick and says he almost got Travis killed and he says he was just trying to help. Travis tells them he read the log that Nick got and shows it to the others. He says San Diego burned. Daniel says it takes a 50 cal machine gun to sink the boat and Strand says the vessel with the gun is following.

Strand says this is why you don’t talk to strangers. He says they have to hide and says they can stick to the coast and lose them on radar. He points out a cove and Travis points to a wildlife refuge with a ranger station that might have supplies and a short wave radio. The others like that idea and Strand agrees.

Travis goes looking for Chris and finds him on the back deck of the boat and says they’re making land soon to throw off the boat chasing them and says it will be safer. Chris asks how he knows and Travis goes quiet. Madison points out a light in a house in the cove.

They get off the boat and Strand says he’s going to stay and Daniel and Ofelia offer to stay with him. No doubt Daniel wants to make sure he doesn’t leave them. The others head up to the house that had a light. Travis says they’re probably scared – he would be.

They approach the house cautiously. Travis calls out and says they’re not infected. He says they just need information and are not a threat. He says they need help. They wait then a kid comes out. His dad calls out to Harry who runs back into the house. The man steps out and says Harry’s excited to see people.

Madison says they were on the water and saw their light. Travis introduces himself and the man says his name is George. Travis says it’s no safer on sea and George asks why he thinks it’s safe there. Travis says they need to get their bearings and then they will go. He says nothing to fear from them.

George offers Travis a beer and they talk books for a minute. Travis says he can’t imagine time to read now but George says now there’s nothing but time and offers a book for Travis to take with him. He says they seem like LA people and Travis says they left when they bombed it.

George says they’re napalming up and down the coast all the way up into Canada and says San Diego burned and the border is shut down. Travis asks what’s left and George says not a left. He says the interior is bad too into California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and says he talked to all of the ranger stations.

George says at least the western half of the country is gone. Madison talks to the woman who says she used to work in the school system too. They talk about working with kids while worrying about your own. She asks if Madison ever worked with younger kids.

Seth, the older son, comes in and he’s a teenager. He’s got a rifle slung over his back. He asks his mom how she is and she insists she’s fine. Seth asks for his dad then says he’ll be back in a bit and heads outside with a flashlight. Madison asks for more wine.

Daniel comes to check on Ofelia who asks her dad if they’ll stay. He says no and she says if they have no place to go, why not stay here. He says they have to be invited and she says that seems polite. Daniel asks if she took her antibiotics. Ofelia says she understands this world better now.

Daniel says this is not a world she was supposed to know. Ofelia says it helps her understand him and says it’s cruel. Nick plays video games with the one kid while the little girl dances around in front of Alicia singing ring around the rosie. She asks about poseys and Alicia tells her about the virus from the song.

Harry wants to show Nick his room and Chris declines to go. Nick encourages him to be more talkative. Alicia sits downstairs. Nick checks out the cool room with the loft bed and he shows him dolls that represent campers, neighbors and Uncle Kyle. There are red spots on their head.

Harry says it’s what has to happen now when people get sick. Nick says that won’t happen to him and Harry says he takes power pills so his family can stay together and not get sick. Nick checks out the action figures as the guy talks. Daniel goes to check on Strand who’s watching the radar.

Strand wonders what’s taking the others so long to get back and says he doesn’t like sitting here in a $10 million boat. Daniel remarks that he said “a boat” not his boat. Strand asks where’s the trust and says he wouldn’t leave them behind. Daniel says he knows he didn’t plan on bringing so many along.

Strand says they have water and Daniel’s a hell of a fisherman so they’ll be fine. George tells Travis that they’re infected and the world couldn’t sustain itself so it made the virus to correct the course. Travis says nature always wins and Travis agrees. George says his people get this then asks isn’t he Maori.

George says he’s an amateur anthropologist and is a student of his culture. Travis tells him they’ll dock for tonight but will be gone by the morning. George says they’re lucky to have found friends rather than hell coming off the boat. They go to leave and Travis tells Madison about George blaming nature.

She says Melissa was grilling her about her job like it was an interview. Travis says they never go to the mainland. Nick shuffles along behind them. Madison says she thinks that Melissa turned the light on intentionally and may be scared to say something. They’re all back on the boat now.

Nick tells Alicia the nice thing about the apocalypse is no airplanes or noise. He says the kids have seen more than their share and says what they’re living in now will never be normal for them and says it’s not fair. She says at least their prepared and he says this is not the Rapture but she’s not sure.

They look at the stars together. Nick says something is off there and Alicia says it’s off everywhere. Chris is up on a lighthouse and sees Seth leaving with an ax. He asks where he’s going and he says he has chores that he calls maintenance. Chris follows. Seth says the bodies come from the mainland and the current drops them here. He uses the pickax to stab the infected in the head.

Chris follows. Seth says the bodies come from the mainland and the current drops them here. He uses the pickax to stab the infected in the head. He tells Chris that gunfire brings more and that more come every day so it’s a pain in the ass. He offers Chris a turn with the ax. Travis wakes Nick and asks if he’s

He offers Chris a turn with the ax. Travis wakes Nick and asks if he’s seen Chris. He hasn’t. Nick offers to help him look but Travis says no. Nick says he can help since he knows at-risk youth. He reminds him he is an at-risk youth.

Seth tells Chris how to kill the infected from the front and back. He says he’s been preparing for this for a long time thanks to his dad. Chris takes one out and Seth says good job. Travis sees them and sees Chris killing the infected off. Seth says he comes back three times a day.

Chris asks if they can climb and he says he hasn’t seen it yet and says they’re pretty clumsy. Chris sees one more he wants to get and Seth says bring the ax back later. He crosses Travis’ path and says he’s a natural. Travis doesn’t like this. Chris bangs the fence to lure the infected over and takes it out. He says done.

Chris bangs the fence to lure the infected over and takes it out. He says done. Travis talks to George about how this is a sick chore and George says this is how we manage now for as long as we can and says that’s how it is.

He tells Travis to come take a ride with him. He follows George as he’s setting up more fence and maintaining it. He points out a resort town full of infected. He says there’s a couple hundred there and if they come for them, it could be a problem.

Travis asks why they stay. George says it’s a matter of acceptance and survival. George says the map is the truth and says it’s not right or wrong, good or bad, it just is. Travis thinks George has given up.

He says he’s not, he’s just mending the fence. Travis stares at the little resort. Alicia is out for a walk on the shore with her iPod on. She goes up by the house and looks around. She comes to more of the ranger station and looks at a sign then looks at a list of bird watching activities and names on the list.

She draws the little symbol that she had tattooed on her arm. Nick goes up to the house and looks around. He goes to the bathroom and rifles the medicine chest. He then goes into the study and looks around.

He spots a little globe and opens it and finds pills inside. Willa walks in and he asks where everyone is. She says come draw with me and won’t take no for an answer. Strand hears a ping on the radar and says their pursuer is gone and they’ll sail with the tide.

Madison goes back up and finds Melissa at her garden. She helps her and they chat some more. Melissa asks if Madison got the info she needed and she says they know where not to go now.

Madison says they’re leaving soon and then asks Melissa if she turned the light on for them to see it. Melissa says it was a mistake. She asks if she was signaling them. Melissa says she saw her from the pier last night with the binoculars.

Melissa says it gave her hope that Willa and Harry might have a chance. Melissa admits she turned on the light. She says they’re just biding time til it’s over and Madison asks her to come with them.

Melissa says she has MS and no one needs that weight. Then she says George thinks it’s better to die with family and Seth agrees. Melissa wants her to take the two little ones. Melissa goes back and tells Travis what Melissa said.

Travis says George wants to keep his family safe and says they’re all at risk. He says he can’t take the man’s kids because Melissa said so. Madison says it’s not taking them, it’s saving them. She says they can’t keep leaving people behind.

Travis says he’ll talk to George. Daniel looks through the upper cabin while Strand is elsewhere. He finds a locked box and picks the lock. Inside are maps and a case with a machine gun. He checks it out and checks the magazine.

The maps are of Baja, Mexico and we see Strand making a satellite call to someone. He asks what’s the latest they can push it and is told sundown and that he’ll be there. He ends the call and looks at a picture in his hand.

Nick comes back to the boat and looks around strangely. He tells them he thinks that George is going to Jonestown his family. He says he found strong pills that are not recreational. Madison and Travis are back at the house with Nick and Melissa says the kids will be right down.

She hands them two little suitcases. She says she told the kids they’re going on a boat ride and Madison promises to keep them safe. She gives Madison a little stuffed animal for Harry. Then she explains that Willa’s hair tangles.

George comes in and asks what’s going on and what is this. Melissa tries to explain. He asks why. She says she loves him and their family and has to give the kids a chance. Harry comes down and she asks what’s wrong. He says something’s wrong with Willa.

George and Melissa run upstairs and find Willa collapsed on the floor. Harry says she took her pill. Willa’s eyes open and their blue and glassy. Madison tries to stop her. Willa bites her and George tells Travis to take Harry away from this.

They run to the dock and get on the boat. Nick takes the kid. Harry says he wants his family and asks what happened to Willa. They go on board and Strand asks what they’ve done and says kids are dead weight.

Madison says no debate, move the goddamn boat. Seth comes on board with his rifle and tells Harry to come on. Travis says there’s no home anymore and Seth says it’s still their home. He says his dad told him to take Harry and says his dad changed his mind.

Madison tells Seth to come with them but Seth says he can shoot at least one of them even though Daniel has a gun on him. He calls to his brother. Harry goes to Seth and he tells Madison she caused this.

Seth and Harry leave the boat and Travis puts the gate back in place. Ofelia says oh my god as they see Melissa on the dock – she’s turned. Ofelia asks her dad to do something and he says the kid has a rifle.

He turns his back on the scene and sighs. Seth tells Harry to wave goodbye to the nice people. Madison waves to distract him while Seth takes aim at his mother. The others watch and wave then the shot cracks.

Only Daniel isn’t looking. Nick walks away to the other side of the boat when it’s done. Harry and Seth look down at their dad mom.