Fear The Walking Dead Spring Finale Recap 5/22/16: Season 2 Episode 7 “Shiva”

Fear The Walking Dead Spring Finale Recap 5/22/16: Season 2 Episode 7 "Shiva"

Fear The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday May 22, Season 2 Spring Finale called “Shiva” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the family faces their greatest test yet.

On the last episode of Fear The Walking Dead, conflict erupted in a final push to Strand’s destination; and Chris made a decision that shook the family. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “the family faces their greatest test yet. Meanwhile, Nick, Madison, Travis and others go to great lengths to keep each other close.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 2 episode 7 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 2 Spring Finale. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers.

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#FearTheWalkingDead starts in the jungle with rain coming down and a kid starting at bodies floating in the river. It’s Daniel as a kid and he’s told to take the gun. Daniel wakes and Ofelia asks if he hears the noise. He tells her to get her shoes on.

He drags her along and she says she can’t keep up then says she doesn’t feel good. He looks at her and sees sores on her. She peels off her skin. He wakes – it was a dream within a dream. There is shouting across the house. Everyone runs and finds Celia arguing with Strand.

She says Tom died believing his lies. She says his soul is empty and slaps him. Madison stops her and Celia asks who is she and why she’s there. Madison says she’s his friend. Celia calls her a fool. Nick tells Celia he’s sorry. Daniel finds Ofelia at the shrine.

He hugs her and says thank God. Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris but she says he was standing over her bed with a knife. He says Chris won’t hurt you. Strand says he’s going to bury Tom and Celia says he wanted what he promised.

Strand says he’s not your son. Nick tries to calm her down and says they need time. Celia says Strand is letting Nick do his begging. She pulls her arm out of Nick’s hand and says now Thomas can get everything you have to offer – an empty hole and dirt.

He tells them they have to be gone within a day – by sundown. Madison sits by Strand. Travis is running around looking for Chris. He calls out for him and Chris sees him but walks away. Travis pursues. Daniel sees the residents taking pigs to feed to the zombies.

Daniel sharpens a credit card to a fine point like a weapon. It’s daylight and Travis is still looking for Chris. He comes upon a dead infected with a knife through its head. He takes the knife for himself. The guy has a holster and the gun is gone. Chris has the gun.

He heads down to a small dirt road. Madison tells Nick and Alicia to pack what supplies they can without being noticed. Alicia says she’s not going but Madison says these people are not friendly, Celia is dangerous and they have to go.

Nick says he can talk to her but Madison orders him to stay away from her. Alicia asks what if Travis doesn’t come back and her mom snaps then walks away. Travis sees blood on a little house and a body near a swing set. He has to sit because his leg hurts.

He hears a noise from a little house and goes to see what it is. It’s a man who threatens him and Travis says he’s looking for his son. He says his feet are hurting and can’t stand. He sees a photo of a boy. The guy offers him some water. Travis thanks him.

Travis pulls off his shoes and socks – his feet are bloody from all the walking. Nick went to the boat and got Luis. He did his zombie guts camouflage trick. Madison is stunned. He brought Luis back gagged as an offering to Celia.

Celia look at Luis and says that’s my son changed, but not dead. She tells the men to put Luis with the others and take care of him. Celia tells Nick many don’t understand us. She touches his face and says he’s not afraid and asks why.

Nick says he doesn’t know. Celia tells him he belongs there with her. He asks about his family and she says she knows he wants to do the right thing but they’re not like him. He says they’re not bad. She asks what his family sees when they look at her son. He says a monster but they can learn.

He says his family won’t hurt anyone then says please. Celia asks if he will take responsibility for their action and she says all can stay but Strand because he never belonged. Celia says this is not an apocalypse but the beginning of the end of death and a way to life eternal.

Strand digs a grave and Daniel begs him not to bury Tom there because the place is unholy and infected. Daniel says Tom won’t rest there and will come back for him. Strand goes back to digging. Daniel says they return but they’re not the same and you’re not either.

He says they hate you for it. Strand asks what’s wrong with Daniel who asks again that he not put Tom in the ground. Daniel walks away. Nick goes to wash off the gore and his mom brings him clothes. He says Travis will be back soon. Madison says he’s different since they left LA. She says what is this fascination with the dead. He says they’re not dead.

She says when he was swarmed at the beach then he went ashore at the border and now he risks his life to bring that thing back. Nick says she’s talking like he’s using again and he can’t talk to her when she’s like this. Nick says she wanted her son back and she should get that.

Nick says he brought him back and now they get to stay. Nick says he would do the same for her and offers to bring Travis back. He says he came face to face with one on the beach and wasn’t scared but knew he wouldn’t die. He says he moved among them invisibly.

Nick says he won’t die. Ofelia lights a candle at the shrine and Daniel runs up and tells her to come with him. He says her mother is waiting at the gate outside. Ofelia tries to talk sense to him. He says this place is evil. He rants and the guards come and pull her away.

Daniel slices one with his sharp credit card and the men have to subdue him. Madison goes and finds Strand still digging. She says she knows what he meant to him and then asks him to talk to Nick. Strand says Nick is looking for something to cling to like Celia.

He says Celia has her hooks in him and says this is not how he imagined them parting. She asks where he’ll go. He says to the boat if it’s still there. He asks if Madison wants to go but she says she can’t leave without Travis. He says stay, take care of your own.

Madison says she wishes she could do something for him. Strand calls her sentimental and says they were just in a useful arrangement, they’re not friends. She walks away. The man gives Travis some better shoes and says take them and go away.

Travis asks about the photo of the boy and the man says it’s Ramon. Travis tells him he’s looking for his son. The man tells him Chris went East. Travis asks why he has a book in his house written in English when he doesn’t speak English. The man says go.

The man tells Travis that he said he’d hurt my boy if I don’t make you leave. Travis pushes into the other room and finds Chris holding Ramon with the gun. He points the gun at his dad and says why won’t you just let me go.

Celia talks to the workers and says they worked for the Abigails for 40 years and Thomas was her son even though he was not borne of her body. She says today we bury my son and says today we are new and our sings are forgotten.

Everyone tosses dirt on his grave as they pass by. Strand stands quiet. Alicia asks Madison how they can let them throw Strand out alone. Celia tells Strand it’s time for him to leave but he says he’s not done. She calls guards and he holds up the shovel.

She tells him to hurry because it’s a long way in the dark. Ofelia asks Celia where her father is and says she wants to see him. Celia says he almost took a man’s eye out and is a danger to all of them. She asks how long he’s been unwell and says she wants to help him.

Celia gives Madison the stank eye as she walks by. Chris runs out of the house and Travis chases then tackles him. Chris grabs the knife and tries to stab him. Celia goes to talk to Daniel and he says she shouldn’t fear those creatures.

Daniel is hearing the voice of his dead wife. She tells him that he spoke the names of people he killed when he slept. Celia encourages him to confess his sins and ask forgiveness. She asks if he can feel that he’s dying. He says he has nothing to say to her.

Celia promises to take care of him and says there’s a place for him there. Nick came covered in guts and finds Travis and says he came to bring him back. He says Madison needs him but Travis says so does Chris. Travis tells Nick that he needs his father.

Nick says to tell Madison that he never saw them and says Chris can’t come back now. He says that means he can’t come back either. Nick hands him the knife he’s carrying and walks away.

Madison tells Celia she’s making a mistake with Strand. She says he killed her son so there is nothing else to say. Madison asks what about her son and Celia says Nick is a remarkable fearless soul and the only reason they get to stay is she sees the light inside Nick.

Celia says if she wants to stay, she has to see the others that have moved on as still living. Madison asks what if she can’t and Celia says then they have to go. Madison says she wants to understand and needs to. Celia tells her to follow her.

Daniel talks to his dead wife who he’s now seeing and hearing. He says he won’t let Celia touch Ofelia. His wife mocks him and says he’s tired to a chair with only his madness to keep him company. His wife asks if he loves her and then says he didn’t bury her.

She says she waited but he never came. He says he looked but couldn’t find her. She says she’s still waiting. She says she carried his sins for him and he says that’s how it is. She asks what about the secret sin that haunts him now.

We see young Daniel again looking at the bodies in the river. She says it’s the first secret. The man tells Daniel to take the gun and we see young Daniel do it. He aims the gun at a man in the river who is not dead. He fires. Daniel tells his wife it was his first victim.

He says they made me but she says the first victim was him. Celia takes Madison to the holding pen where the undead are feeding on pigs. Celia asks if your child was hungry, wouldn’t you feed him. Madison backs slowly away from her. Celia says what wouldn’t you do for your children.

Madison says nothing and closes the gate with Celia on the inside. She locks the door. Celia stares at her. Madison backs away and leaves Celia in there. Celia looks sad but faces the infected anyway. A guard comes to untie Daniel’s arm so he can eat.

Daniel takes the opportunity to attack the guard and get out of his ropes. His wife says you know what you have to do so act quickly. She says set me free. Strand is walked to the gate to be exiled. He goes to the other side and says he’ll get a cab from here.

Alicia raises her hand in a goodbye wave. They shut the gate. Travis and Chris walk on together. Daniel goes to the pen of infected with a can of gasoline and a lighter. He splashes the gas all around. He sees people he killed instead of walkers.

His wife is there and holds out her arms for a hug. He says I found you then lights the gas and the trail ignites and burns the infected. Daniel is standing amid the flames and it looks like he’s burning too. Strand gets into a truck to go.

Nick sees the house burning and goes running. Madison tries to find Daniel amid the flames. Alicia holds Ofelia back and says he’s gone. Strand tells them to get in the truck with him and they have to go now. He says they can find Nick and Travis later.

Alicia screams at Madison to come on but she sees Nick coming. He’s covered in blood. Alicia yells at him to get in the trick. Nick says he couldn’t’ find Travis. He asks where’s Celia and who did this. He says Celia was right about them and knew what they are.

She tells him to get in the truck. Alicia yells to warn them about the infected. Nick says we destroy everything. Nick won’t come and Strand shoves Madison into the truck. Nick runs to the swarm of undead infected. Madison looks as they drive by and her son walks among them.