Grimm Recap 1/29/15: Season 5 Episode 7 Winter Premiere “Eve of Destruction”

Grimm Recap 1/29/15: Season 5 Episode 7 Winter Premiere "Eve of Destruction"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday January 29, season 5 winter premiere called “Eve of Destruction,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, the surprise return of “Juliette” sends Nick (David Giuntoli) on a quest for the truth; Trubel has information that could be valuable.

On the last episode, Monroe might be in danger when Wesen business owners were targeted in a string of attacks being investigated by Nick and Hank. Meanwhile, Truble caught Nick and Adalind up on her recent activities; and Capt. Renard became involved in local politics when he endorsed a candidate. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the surprise return of “Juliette” sends Nick on a quest for the truth; Trubel has information that could be valuable; Monroe and Rosalee turn to the Wesen Council for answers as the uprising escalates.”

Don’t forget to come back here tonight at 9 PM EST for our recap. In the meantime, hit up the comments section below and let us know what you’re most looking forward to in tonight’s season 5 episode 7.

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#Grimm starts with them freaking out over seeing Juliette. Nick tells the others her hair is different but it’s her. The others tell him she’s dead but he says it’s her. He says he knows it was. Monroe says she died in his arms and he says he did.

They wonder if whomever took her body brought her back. Monroe says whoever she is, she saved their lives. Nick says he’s got to go talk to Trubel. Rosalee calls in a panic and Monroe says they’re all  okay.

She says she’s with Xavier and says it’s a trap. Sean says to meet them because they need to talk to him and she says where. Monroe says spice shop. She punches him and says don’t move. They take off. Nick comes home and Trubel has a knife in her hand.

She calms down and puts it away. Nick says he just saw Juliette. She’s stunned. He says she knew and Trubel insists she didn’t know for sure. She says she was alive when Chavez too ker but thought they would kill her trying to break her.

Adalind hears and freaks out. She says Chavez wanted to use Juliette as a weapon. He asks where they took her. We see a flashback of them putting Juliette in a trunk and Trubel says they sent her away and she heard rumors of them making a hexenbiest into a warrior.

Adalind says Meisner might know and Trubel says use Chavez’s phone. Monroe comes in and hits Xavier and says tell us the truth or we leave you with Monroe. Renard grabs him and he says Dallas wanted him to join them.

He says they’re crazy and are taking over. He says any Wesen that don’t join will be killed and calls it a revolution. He says there is no stopping them. Meisner takes the call and Nick says he wants to see Juliette but he says the woman he knows doesn’t exist anymore.

Nick insists and Meisner says give him time then ends the call. Xavier says they didn’t kill him because he knows Monroe. He says they showed him a picture of Monroe and asked about the Grimm because he’s friends with him.

He tells Monroe they were going to kill him and begs them to help him. He says they will kill him. He woges and they are all grossed out. They tell him to calm down and he does then says sorry. Monroe wants to let them kill Xavier.

Sean says they’ll put him into protection. He tells Monroe he’s sorry as they take him away. He tells Xavier to save it. Rosalee says they’ll come break down their door. They decide to call the Wesen Council.

They put Xavier into a holding cell while they set up protective custody. Wu says Billie Trump’s body wasn’t found. They put out an APB. Nick calls Hank and says Juliette is alive but it’s complicated.

Nick tells Trubel to stay with Adalind and their baby and he takes off. An armed team surrounds a house and moves in bashing the door open. It’s Billie’s house. There are maps and things on the walls. Wu kicks in a door and finds bomb making materials.

Wu looks at a photo and shows Renard. He says what would her parents say if they knew what she was up to? They put surveillance on the place just in case. A man comes to the warehouse and looks at all the dead Wesen lying around.

He goes inside and steps over more bodies. He stops at one and checks it. He hears a noise and goes in deeper. Billie is there and tells Lucien she wasn’t like anything she’d seen before and says a hexenbiest killed them all and she failed.

Lucien says it’s just one battle and the army is growing. He says they will honor their dead and find the bitch who did this. He pulls her into an embrace. Monroe paces and Rosalee tells him to stop. She makes the call to the Council.

She says she needs to speak with the council and says it’s an emergency. She is told they will consider her request. Monroe says he left something out. He tells her they were ambushed by 20 people then someone saved them.

He says it was Juliette. He says she’s alive and her hair is blonde. He says it happened even though they know it’s impossible. Rosalee is stunned and asks how. He says Nick is trying to figure it out. They wonder what this means.

At a Wesen Council meeting at The Hague, the message is relayed and the main guy tells his flunkie to find out what it’s about. Monroe says Juliette killed them all. Rosalee’s phone rings and she takes the call. Alexander asks what she has to report.

She tells him about the Wesen on Wesen crime and says they tried to kill Nick and Monroe and are leaving behind four marks. He says it’s called Black Claw. She says they were told they kill Wesen who won’t join. He says the council knows and it’s being addressed.

He tells her he’ll get back to her. Rosalee and Monroe wonder what Black Claw means. Nick comes back and Trubel says Kelly is asleep but Adalind is still up. He thanks her. Trubel says she can leave if he wants but he says no.

Nick says he doesn’t blame her for what happened with Juliette and he says he saw her die and now what. He says now she saved his life. Trubel says it must be weird for him. Nick says he wants answers and Monroe calls him.

They tell him the council knows and the group is called Black Claw. She asks about Juliette and he says it was her. Nick asks Trubel about Black Claw and she says they’re all over and she had two cases with them. She says they’re not afraid of dying for the cause.

Adalind is walking Kelly around and lays him in the bed when Nick comes in. She says she can’t sleep knowing Juliette is alive. Nick says he won’t let her hurt him but Adalind says she’s a weapon now and might come after their son.

Nick says Juliette being back changes nothing about the way he feels about her or Kelly. She asks if he’s sure. They look at their cooing son. The council looks at video of unrest and they all thinks it’s Black Claw.

The leader of the council says they need to implement a response and says they are at war and there can be no mercy. They all vote in favor except for one who woges and he guns down the council after saying “Occultatum Libera.”

Nick wakes and checks the security feed. He tells Adalind that Trubel just left. She speeds away on her bike. Trubel goes to a tunnel where Meisner is there. She confronts him about Juliette and they fight. He says don’t make it worse, you’re still hurt.

She asks what they did to Juliette and he says – what we had to.

Adalind asks Nick if he’s heard from Trubel – he hasn’t. Adalind says she wishes she could help and that having the baby was her choice. She worries he thinks the baby should be Juliette’s not hers. Nick says he had a chance for normal life with Juliette.

He says when Adalind unmade him a Grimm, they had a chance at normal life then and didn’t make it. She says she would take back everything she did to him and he says except for Kelly. Nick and Adalind kiss. She says that wasn’t a good thing to do.

He says it’s complicated now. She says she thought about it a lot and he says he has too. She says if they start anything it should be about them. The garage door opens – Trubel is back. He lets her inside and asks where she’s been.

She says she saw Meisner. She says he’ll get to see Juliette today and says he’ll meet them in a public place. Adalind asks if it’s a good idea and he says he has to do it. Hank calls and says they found Billie Trump’s parents. He tells Hank he gets to see Juliette today.

Trubel tells Nick she’ll stay then says she’s tired and hungry. He gives Adalind a look then leaves. The Black Claw puts their people on a pyre while Lucien eulogizes.

He says they gave their lives to end centuries of fear and humiliation. He says the days of hiding in the shadows are done and the nights of vengeance have come. Billie wants Xavier to pay and Lucien promises it will happen.

He whispers something to Jed after he lights the pyre. Jed nods then looks back at the pyre with Lucien. Hank and Nick go to Billie’s parent’s house. It’s a nice place. Gavin, her dad, is working on his car. Her mom comes out and asks if Billie is all right.

Nick says there’s a warrant out for her arrest. Gavin says they haven’t seen her for two or weeks and they ask if she knows Dallas. They show them the Black Claw mark and both woge. Gavin says they have nothing more to say to him.

They tell him they have never been more proud of Billie who is living her life with conviction. They tell them – get out of our yard Grimm. They go. Xavier lies on a bunk in the holding cell. A guy is put into the cell next to him – looks like Jed.

Rosalee gets a call from Alexander who tells her they’re all dead – he says the whole council is dead. She’s stunned. He says one of the council members was Black Claw and says no help is coming. He’s packing then the lock is shot off his door. He flees.

Monroe is stunned to hear the council is gone. Jed rants about being wrongly jailed and Xavier finally sits up. He acts like he’s going to hang himself and Xavier comes over. Jed grabs him and beats him against the cell bars to kill him.

Hank and Nick tell Sean that Billie’s parents are apparently proud of Billie’s Black Claw work. The guard is freaking because he saw Jed woge. He shoots him and Jed’s last act is to wipe the blood from his chest and make the Black Claw mark on the wall.

Sean says they must have known Xavier was in custody. Sean says they have to keep everything with the Black Claw out of the precinct. Monroe calls and Rosalee says come here now. Meisner thinks about Adalind’s labor and helping her deliver her child.

He thinks about her thanking him and kissing his cheek before she left. One of his men tells him they found out where “he” will be and they head out. Rosalee and Monroe tell them that the Wesen Council was wiped out and Xavier may know more.

They tell him that a coyotal got in and woged to scare the guard and killed him. Meisner sends a text to meet Juliette at the restaurant. It’s at the same place where Meisner said “he” was going. They wonder if this is a set up. Nick says he has to bury Juliette one way or another.

They don’t want him to go but he does. Nick goes inside the crowded restaurant. Juliette sits alone at a table. Nick stares at her. She stares back, emotionless. Nick walks towards her and says he thought she was dead. He sits.

Juliette looks at him and says nothing at first then says her name isn’t Juliette. She says they call her Eve because she’s starting over. He asks if it’s that easy and she says it wasn’t easy. Nick says knowing she set him up isn’t easy.

He says she set up his mother too. He says don’t you remember. Eve says she remembers everything and says she would have killed him. He says the night is young. She looks away and he asks what they did to her. She says – what they had to.

He asks if it was Chavez. She remembers waking in a cell and Meisner telling her she’s dead but it doesn’t have to stay that way. She tried to choke him and he says he will teach her to focus the rage if she survives.

Eve tells Nick they saved her and she saved him. He asks why and she says they need you. He asks for what. A bunch of people stand up and leave the restaurant. She puts on her jacket and walks away. She pulls up her hood. She woges and then snarls.

A bunch of people go down holding their heads in pain.  They woge then go down. Nick runs at two who pull guns. He stabs one and then fights another. Nick throws one out a window. It woges then dies. The restaurant is chaos.

Nick runs out and flashes his badge. He says a man was attacked and says the weapons are on the floor. He says people are inside and need to be cleared. He says he met a CI. His phone rings and Meisner says it went well.

He says the dead man is one of the Black Claw organizers and it was their one shot. He says it was a test and he’ll be in touch then says – sorry about the mess. Nick goes home later and Trubel asks if he saw Juliette. He says no, he met Eve.

Adalind asks who is Eve and he says he has no idea. Meisner asks Juliette if it went well and she says what’s next. He says get some rest, you’ll need it. She walks down the hall and shuts herself into her cell after pulling off her blond wig and letting her hair down.