Grimm Recap 4/22/16: Season 5 Episode 18 “Good to the Bone”

Grimm Recap 4/22/16: Season 5 Episode 18 "Good to the Bone"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday April 22, season 5 episode 18 called “Good to the Bone,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, an investigation into a Wesen with a terrifying appetite begins with the discovery of a man found dead with all of the bones in his body seemingly liquefied and removed.

On the last episode, when the severed head of a young man was found under a bridge, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) found themselves on the case of Japanese Wesen acting on an ancient tradition of revenge. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “when a man is found dead with all of the bones in his body seemingly liquefied and removed, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) find themselves in the middle of a gruesome family arrangement. Meanwhile, Wu (Reggie Lee) deals with a crisis of his own and Hank reunites with his old flame.”

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#Grimm starts with a guy leaving a bar driving drunk waving all over the road. He jokes about drinking and driving but he has to get home. He speeds down the road and there’s a crash. His bloody body is in the dirt and his truck is on a tree.

Nick comes home and finds Adalind working. She says Kelly is asleep but she thinks he’s teething. He asks about work and she says it’s good to be back. He asks how Kelly likes work and she says the clients like him and Nick says maybe he should try it.

Adalind says he would love a little detective dad time. She says she misses seeing Nick and he says they’ve been busy lately. She says this relationship isn’t easy the way they started and says they can work on trust. Nick is clearly upset about the secret she’s keeping.

Of course, Adalind has no idea he knows. She kisses him and says this can’t stop here and takes him to bed. The drunk wakes and rolls over and staggers to his feet. He looks around. A man nearby in a car sniffs and smells blood.

The drunk staggers to an underpass and one guy wants to call the cops. The other says no and the injured man begs for help. He passes out and a man kicks him and then tosses his wallet outside and drags the body away.

Hank is at the store when he runs into Zuri. They swap greetings and he asks why she’s on this side of town. She says she has PT with a patient her then asks about his ankle. He asks about her brother and she says he’s well.

Zuri says she thought about them and is sorry the way things ended and wants to make it up to him. He says it’s okay but she pushes. She says she really thought about it and asks him to dinner. He says he’ll call but she says he won’t and presses him.

He says tomorrow night and she gives him her address then offers to cook. He smiles and goes. The drunk is dragged into the road and the man dragging him says he’s sorry for what he has to do. The drunk asks what he has to do.

He gets into his van and drives over the man who screams. Then he backs up over him as the guy screams. His bones crunch and he gurgles a spray of blood and says help. The guy woges and thrusts his long tongue down into his throat and slurps up the tenderized goo inside him.

The Wesen bird guy pulls up at his camper and gets out of the van. He goes inside and there is an older couple there. He woges and creeps up on them and we hear slurps and groans. Wu’s alarm goes off at six and he goes to brush his teeth then coughs.

He cant’s top coughing and is choking. He pulls what looks like a chunk of fur and flesh out of his throat and throws it in the sink. Hank tells Nick about Zuri asking him out. They wonder where Renard is and Hank shows him a Renard for Mayor flyer that was on his car.

They worry about Black Claw and Wesen taking over Portland. Hank takes a call and says they have a body. Rosalee waits on a customer and he leaves and Eve is there which shocks her. Eve says Adalind has her powers back and Rosalee says she knows.

Eve asks how long she has them and she says four weeks or so. Eve wants to know if Nick knows and Rosalee admits she told him but Adalind doesn’t know that Nick knows. She asks if Rosalee was in the tunnel and she says yes.

Eve says Adalind is out of practice or she would have known about them too. Rosalee tells Eve she would have threatened Adalind like that – Eve leaves – and Rosalie whispers that it seems like a Juliette threat. Wu says there is not a bone left in the victim’s body.

He looks like a meat sack and Nick agrees he got boned. There’s no wallet, keys or phone on him and fingerprints are hard to pull since there are no finger bones. Nick finds more flat bodies in California. There are three this year.

Wu says he finally got a print and Kevin Salesky has a DUI record. He says his car was found 30 minutes ago across the river near a cemetery. His body was found a long way away. Nick wonders if Kevin wrecked his own car. Wu’s hand starts to shift and grow. It gets hairy.

He collapses and Nick and Hank run over. He says he was just dizzy. They ask when he last ate and he thinks about the fur ball and says he ate something last night. Wu has a flashback to being in the woods. His hand is okay now.

Hank and Nick head out to check the car. Beat cops tell them the car was stripped by scavengers and another guy named Pinky that Hank knows is there and saw him. Hank tells Pinky to wake up and says he looks awful.

Pinky says he knows he does and Hank says get out of the car. Pinky rants about Scotty Pippin and then they ask about the driver. He says the guy went through a windshield and says the guy was drunk and was near the trashcans last he saw him.

He says he ran off and then asks if he gets a reward. Hank says no. They hear a cell phone ringing and tell Pinky to get out of there. They find the wallet and phone. The credit cards and cash are still in the wallet. They go see the ME who says she’s never seen this.

She says the skeleton is gone and says there’s chitinase in the body that’s usually found in bats. She says it was that and booze. They ask about the mouth crust and she says it’s liquefied bone. She says she can’t put most of this in her report.

Pinky argues with some other druggies when a gunshot is heard and the other tweakers run off. He coughs up some blood and the same Wesen sniffs and comes over to him. The guy says he apologizes and says he wouldn’t do this if he didn’t have to.

He says he doesn’t expect him to understand and drags Pinky away. He takes him to a warehouse and runs over him back and forth like he did Kevin but you can tell he hates doing it. The Wesen guy gets out at the RV again like he did the night before.

He goes inside, Woges and the old couple is there. They call him Charlie and asks if he brought them something. His mom says he’s a good boy and what would they do without him. The dad says they’d starve. Charlie woges and they do too.

He sticks his tongue down his mom’s throat. It’s like he’d feeding them like baby birds. Hank is at Zuri’s place for dinner. She welcomes him into her house and he hands her a bottle of wine. She thanks him. She made salmon and he is nervous.

He says he never thought this would happen and she asks if he still works with the Grimm. She asks if Nick knows he’s there and he says yes. She asks how he’s dealing with all of it and he says she didn’t judge. He asks why she changed her mind.

She says he knows what she is and accepts it and says she blew an opportunity. They toast and drink. She asks him to stir the sauce while she sets the table. Adalind whispers to Nick to wake up. She says she has to tell him something.

She says Renard called her and asked to meet her about Diana. She says he told her Diana was with the resistance and she thinks he’ll use Diana to get to her and says she should have told him sooner. He says they think Renard is working for Black Claw.

Adalind says she’s scared and Nick says they can’t let Renard know they know. They lie awake. Nick asks Hank about his date and if he slept with her. Renard is at the office and Nick tells him what Renard told Adalind about Diana.

Wu calls and says they have another flat one. Hank sees it’s Pinky and that he was gut shot first. Nick says they need to figure out what they’re dealing with. They go see Rosalee and Monroe and says they are like vultures and they only stalk the mortally wounded.

They roam in packs and Monroe says they don’t hang around an area for more than three kills. Rosalee says they have to break the bones and Hank says they’re run over. Historically they would throw them off cliffs to squish the bones.

Monroe says the guy didn’t kill anyone. Hank says they screw up bodies. Nick says they’re attracted to the smell of blood but Rosalee says the smell of imminent death. Nick says they need someone alive but dying. Rosalee says there’s a perfume of death they can use.

They want Monroe to volunteer and he says he’s done this before. Rosalee says he just has to lay there and enjoy the smell. She says it’s no worse than stinky cheese. They agree to do it tonight. Adalind is at home with Kelly when Renard calls.

He says he needs to see her alone tonight without Kelly. He says tell Nick that it’s for work and she asks if it’s about Diana. He texts an address. Eve gets an alert that two bodies were found and then a report about Diana Schade Renard with a photo of a kid that looks eight or nine.

Rosalee makes the death perfume. Monroe starts to come in and is horrified by the smell. The guys come in and he warms them but they go into the room anyway and come out gagging. He says Rosalee is almost done.

She comes out and says it’s potent. Wu says he’s never smelled anything like that. She hands them a bottle and says spray it on his clothes at the last minute and gives Monroe some ear plugs. He just wants it over with.

Rosalee says take off your clothes before you come in the house and go straight to the shower. The guys leave and Adalind calls Rosalee for emergency babysitting while she goes to work. Adalind says she can bring Kelly to her.

Rosalee agrees and Adalind sees the address is a parking garage. The guys head to the park and Monroe puts in the earplugs and says clear back. They step back and he takes a breath and sprays himself. He’s sickened.

Nick says time to go and they hide while Monroe lies down. Charlie sniffs and sighs. He gets out of his van. Adalind shows up with Kelly and thanks her. Rosalee is excited and Adalind says it should just be a couple of hours.

Rosalee takes her son and says no rush. She asks how things are at work and Adalind says she likes being out of the loft for a little bit each day. Rosalee says she would bring a baby to work if she had one and then asks how it is with her and Nick.

Adalind says she keeps trying to tell Nick but freezes up. Rosalee says she can’t keep it from her and she says she knows. Adaind heads out and says she’ll be back as soon as she can. Rosalee coos at the baby. Monroe lies there and Charlie gets closer.

Wu sees a dog in the garbage and it growls at him. Wu woges and goes after it. That leaves Monroe partially unprotected. Charlie sniffs and gets closer. Wu is off and running after the dog. He trips and hits his head. Charlie stops sniffs and heads off away from Monroe.

Hank wonders where he’s going. He and Nick come out and wonder why he didn’t take the bait. They can’t find Wu and we see Charlie dragging an unconscious Wu away. Nick looks for Wu and finds his badge. He calls out for Hank.

Charlie talks about how he can’t keep feeding them and says what about my life. He says he hates them and wishes they would both die. He cries and says they don’t see what they’re doing to me. He apologizes to Wu and says he doesn’t want to do this and has nothing against him.

Charlie says it’s just who we are. He says you can never get away from that. He goes to get in the van and says you can’t go home again. He says he doesn’t want to go home again. He cranks the van. Nick says the guy has Wu and they run.

Charlie revs the van and rants. Nik and Hank get there before he can run Wu over. He hops out the back and runs. They close in and he stops. He woges and turns. Nick says he knows what he is and the guy shrugs and runs out in front of a passing car.

Charlie says his parents are always so hungry and says tell them I tried. Monroe walks up and the guy says he smells. Wu is loaded into an ambulance and Hank says he found a trailer registration. They wonder what to do for Monroe and call him a cab.

Adalind meets Renard at the garage. He says he’s sorry it has to be this way. She says what way and then someone tranquilizers her. She calls him a bastard. He picks her up and says I know. He loads her into a waiting car.

Hank and Nick find the trailer and knock on the door. Charlie’s mom answers the door and when they identify themselves as cops she says oh no. They take them to the morgue and his parents identify his body as they cry.

Nick says he’s sorry for their loss. They ask for a moment alone with their son and they step out. The mother says they can’t let it go to waste. His father says you first and says leave some for me. Hank and Nick realize what they’re doing and they wonder if they should stop them.

Hank says no way. Adalind wakes and is furious. Renard tells her to wait and then shows her Diana is there. She recognizes her immediately. Diana runs to her and calls her mommy. They hug. Diana says she missed her and Adalind says she did too.