Hawaii Five-0 Recap 12/9/16: Season 7 Episode 10 “Ka Luhi”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 12/9/16: Season 7 Episode 10 "Ka Luhi"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 air with an all-new Friday, December 9, 2016, episode and we have your Hawaii Five-0 recap below.  On tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 10 as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 investigates the 10-year-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and realizes he may have witnessed her murder.”

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Danny’s sister Bridget had recently come out to Hawaii. She was apparently in town to visit with her family and soak a little sun however she was a bit on the flirty side for a married woman and McGarrett happened to think she was cute. But fortunately, he had only said that to get a reaction out of Danny and his plan worked. Danny was concerned that there was something wrong with his sister’s marriage. So he had actually taken McGarrett to stay back with Bridget when their unit was alerted by HPD about a body out in the woods.

The body had been that of an unidentified teenage girl and it had been found thank to a young man named Reese. Reese has been having blackouts for a few months so he started seeing a therapist and therapist had hypnotized him to see where he went. However, Reese remembered seeing someone burying a grave in the woods and he hadn’t been sure if someone had killed the girl or if it had been him. So Reese was considered to be a suspect until the body could be checked out by their experts and it was only afterward that Reese was ruled out as the killer.

The body as it turns out had been that of Maggie Reed and she had been murdered ten years ago back when Reese was only eight. So he couldn’t possibly be the killer though Five-0 wondered if he could remember anything about that night in question in case he saw the actual killer’s face. Yet, Reese swore he told the police everything that he had remembered. He said that he used to sneak out of the house when he was younger because he wanted to get away when his parents were arguing and so he couldn’t even pinpoint the time or give the guys anything to work.

All Reese had seen was that someone was digging a grave right next to a dead body and that they had a flashlight as well as a raincoat. Though while Reese couldn’t be of much help, the guys thought they could find something if they took a second look at Maggie’s file and talk to the detective that worked the case. So they found out that Maggie had been dating this popular jock and she had dumped him not long before she went missing, but the detective from back then had said that there was nothing he could pin on the ex-boyfriend and that all he had was his gut.

He said someone like Travis would have been humiliated in front of all his friends after Maggie dumped him and his suspicions matched up what little evidence that Five-0 had. Five-0 had found a cd in Maggie’s jacket pocket with the words “please forgive me” and “meet me at our secret spot on it”. So they all theorized that Travis had convinced Maggie to meet with him because she had lied to her parents after all about where she was going and that Travis had killed her because if he couldn’t have her then no one else could. But Travis did eventually come clean about one thing.

Travis had said that he had made the CD and that he had waited all night for Maggie to show, but she never did. So Travis’s story even if it might have changed didn’t leave a lot for the others to work with seeing as there was no way they could say Travis was in the woods that night when he already admitted he was on the secluded part of the beach. However, they tried therapy again and they had Reese sit down for another hypnosis. The guys had wanted to see if the therapist could get more out of Reese than they were getting. And the therapist didn’t get much.

She had walked Reese down the same road and had asked him what he had seen. Yet, not much had changed. Reese had remembered seeing Maggie with blood all over her and so the only thing that was new was the fact he recalled the ice cream truck that probably drove by. Reese had apparently repeated the phrase “Always Fresh, Always Cold” which was the slogan for Mr. Icy back then and so they had looked up Mr. Icy to see if he did have a route nearby. So the guys were doing their best to find out what really happened to Maggie when out of nowhere Travis confessed to her murder.

Travis had walked right into the station and he had said that he killed Maggie that. Though McGarrett didn’t buy it and he had checked every route possible to see if Travis could have killed Maggie, cleaned himself up, and he be at a certain bar later in a short window. So McGarrett and Danny had looked at their evidence and they had found out that Reese must have seen the advertising for Mr. Icy instead of hearing the music. Danny had gone to the nearby rode and he found out that in 1996 there was a sign that said “Always Fresh, Always Cold”.

But a younger Reese could have only seen that sign if he was in a car that night and that meant he was someone’s passenger. So they checked his parents’ records and they found out his father had filed an insurance claim on the car the day after Maggie went missing however the older man had said that he had hit a boar when he actually hit something around 120 pounds so they had to find concrete evidence to prove Reese’s father was a killer and asked Reese to sit down for another therapy session. Reese though had no problem with sitting down with Dr. Linda again while his parents did have a problem.

Neither of Reese’s parents had wanted to go through seeing a murder again and so they tried to bring up their son’s mental condition. However, McGarrett told them that their son was experiencing memory loss because he had been traumatized by Maggie’s murder. So they all stood back as Reese was asked about the car and that’s when Reese remembered. He remembered seeing his mother kill and bury Maggie. His mother had apparently taken him for a drive that night when she had too much to drink so she didn’t see Maggie in the road yet she did bash in Maggie’s head after hitting the teenager because she didn’t want to give her husband the means to take Reese away from her.

So the only reason Travis confessed was because he felt guilty for asking Maggie to leave her house that night.