Heroes Reborn 2015 Recap 1/7/16: Season 1 Episode 11 Winter Premiere “Send in the Clones”

Heroes Reborn 2015 Recap 1/7/16: Season 1 Episode 11 Winter Premiere "Send in the Clones"

Tonight on NBC their new show Heroes Reborn returns with an all new Thursday January 6, season 1 winter premiere  called, “Send in the Clones” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Luke (Zachary Levi) and Malina  (Danika Yarosh) unite to rescue Tommy (Robbie Kay) and save mankind in the wake of Noah’s (Jack Coleman) vanishing.

On the last episode, the destinies of Noah and Luke at last crossed as Malina released her true power. Meanwhile, Tommy may need to team with his enemy; Carlos faced his violent past; and Ren searched for Miko. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “Luke and Malina unite to rescue Tommy and save mankind in the wake of Noah’s vanishing. Meanwhile, at the mysterious Sunstone Manor, a battle rages to free prisoners under Matt Parkman’s control; Tommy and Miko team up against Erica.”

Tonight’s episode of Heroes Reborn is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. Definitely tune into this amazing series! Hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new season.

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#HeroesReborn Chapter Eleven of Heroes Reborn, Send in the Clones.starts in Bedford, Missouri with weather reports that are outrageous. Malina is with Luke and they wonder how Noah could have disappeared.

Malina says she can’t go back but thinks Erica may have taken him since she also took Tommy. Luke says he’s all in and will help her. They go into a store as Malina says they have two days until it happens.

Malina asks why he needs a gun when he can shoot fire and he says it’s for fighting at night since the sun powers him. He offers her a gun and she says she has 24 hour power. She chooses a shirt and they hear an announcement about survival gear being sold out.

Luke says these people have no idea what’s happening. Harris prime shows Quentin a video from Missouri and the weather event. They look at a map and figure out where to intercept Malina. Phoebe says she can’t wait to kill that bitch but Quentin doesn’t like that.

He says she’s younger than Phoebe – but Phoebe doesn’t care. He says it bothers him and Harris and Phoebe asks if there’s a problem. He says no. Harris clone drives them. Miko grabbed Tommy and they land in a greenhouse.

She tells him it’s her mission to free him and he recognizes her from 9th Wonders – he shows her them in the greenhouse. He says the comics tell the future and she’s connected. He says she must play a part in saving the world.

She starts to flicker and tells him she’s not real. He grabs her and poofs them away. Erica has Miko’s father brought to her at gunpoint. He says he needs more time to finish the Eternal Fortress. She says his spawn freed Hiro and ended up here.

She says she had Tommy on a tenuous leash and Katana Girl is in the way again. He says constructs are single-minded. Erica threatens him and says he’s only alive to fix the problem he created.

Erica grabs him roughly and tells him to do his job or she’ll kill his daughter while he watches then kill him next. At Sunstone, Matt makes some mind controlling announcements. Carlos and Farah are with Rene and Taylor and are trying to figure out how to get out.

Farah tells them that Erica is trying to stop Malina and her brother Tommy from saving the world. Rene says they need to find Parkman. They split up to find Carlos’ family and Micah while stopping Parkman.

Farah and Carlos take off together. They see a truther dead on the floor then three Harrises come in with guns drawn. Farah goes invisible and they take them out. Parkman starts talking over the loud speaker again. They shoot a lock and move on.

They shoot up the equipment that was playing the trance-inducing chant. Carlos then kicks in a door and grabs his superhero gear. Parkman is on the phone when he gets hit by Rene’s power pulse. He asks where Micah is and Parkman stares.

Rene amps up his power and Parkman says stop and he’ll tell him. Rene says Parkman used to be a good guy. He says his family walked out and Taylor says too bad. Parkman talks about the insanity of hearing everyone’s petty and cruel thoughts every day.

He says here everyone is happy and appreciate him. He says he’s saving humanity and Taylor says he sounds like Erica. Parkman says doing this earned him the golden ticket but Taylor says her mother lied and no EVO gets to go.

She tells Parkman her mother used her BF just like she’s using him. Rene tells Parkman to join them and fight this. Parkman shoots Rene in the head and grazes him which shuts off his powers. He tells Rene to go home. He walks out and Parkman takes her hostage.

Tommy and Katana Girl look at the comic to see what’s next. They realize they need to go to Sunstone Manor. She tells Tommy she’s dying and he must send her there to complete her final mission. She hands him her hair ribbon to show Erica he got rid of her.

Then she says tell Ren that she loves him. Erica and her guards come out. He says she said something in Japanese then disappeared. When she touches the scarf, there’s a digital spark and it disappears.

He tells her to tell him how he can save everyone from the HELE and she says take us back to Odessa. Katana Girl appears in a field near Sunstone Manor. She sees a group of people walking towards the building and notices her leg is pixelating. She walks on.

Inside, the door is beaten down by Carlos in his super suit and they tell the EVOs they aren’t there to hurt them and have shut down the director. They ask for help and the priest tells them where Micah is and asks how they can help.

Carlos says there’s an army outside they need to fight. Parkman drags Taylor outside and asks why she hates her mother. He looks into her head and sees the EVOs in the pod. He sees something about a baby and looks into her mind again.

Taylor is pregnant and realizes Erica doesn’t know. He says either his family goes to the future or Erica never gets to meet her grandchild. He commands Taylor to be a good girl but then two Harrises are there and demand he hands her over.

Parkman uses his power to make them shoot themselves and they poof into dust. Carlos goes looking for Jose and then he walks through a wall to get to Carlos. They embrace. We see a scar on the back of his neck.

He says he knows where the isolation unit is and Farah says she’ll organize the defense while they get Micah. Phoebe and Quentin sit in a car while Harris wears the EVO seeking glasses and spots the car Malina and Luke are in. They pull out and block the road.

They approach their car. Malina says those are Erica’s people and they need to go. They get out and Harris pulls his gun. They run into the cornfield. He tells Malina to give them cover and she uses her powers to push them back.

The wind begins to rage around the Harrises, Phoebe and Quentin. Phoebe tries to muster her darkness to fight it. The dark tendrils come out of her hands and try to fight Malina’s wind barrier. It works. Luke sees that his powers are failing too.

Malina tells him the girl is a power blocker and that’s what happened. Luke tells her to run and he says – you can’t block a Glock and shows his gun. Tommy brings Erica back to Odessa and there are dark clouds overhead. Lightning uncoils.

Tommy says these people don’t know what’s coming and she says they can’t risk mass panic. She says they tracked down the best and brightest and lured them there with a promise of new jobs. She says she couldn’t tell them she mapped their genomes.

She says the deception will result in a healthy population in the future. Tommy asks to see his mom. Carlos kicks down the door and they go into the chamber where Micah is plugged up. Carlos punches the glass cage he’s in.

Malina runs through the corn field. She looks behind her then ahead at the barn. Then she goes back for Luke. Phoebe walks through the corn and tells Quentin to stop distracting her. She tells him to shut up and she churns more darkness. She grabs Malina and Luke hears her gasp.

Harris steps out and tells them to make it quick. Luke nears. He knocked Phoebe out and then shoots a Harris. That flares his power. Quentin says Luke is a killer and he’s on the wrong side. He asks where Noah is and Luke says he’s gone.

He asks why Quentin is worried about him and threatens to roast him. Quentin takes aim at Malina and then throws down the gun. Malina shunts Phoebe to block her powers. Phoebe comes to with a angry gasp.

Tommy’s mom and Emily are there and tell him there was an electrical storm and fire and they were the only ones evacuated. Tommy thanks Erica for saving them. Emily says she brought them there and Erica says Tommy wanted them.

Anne tells Erica she’s grateful but has a lot of questions. Erica says she will send Tommy back in a minute with all the answers they need. Anne tells Tommy that he can’t run from his true destiny. He says it’s okay and kisses Emily on the cheek then follows Erica.

Erica asks Tommy if he trusts her and then says she’s trusting him with the future of the human race and wants to show him how he’ll save it. Malina asks Phoebe where is her brother. She doesn’t answer. Luke tells her he saw how she murdered thousands of innocents at the Summit.

He says his son was one of them. Phoebe says shoot me and Quentin says Erica is the real problem. Malina says he’s right. Luke asks where her brother is and Phoebe tells Quentin to shut up. Luke says he’s out of patient and then Q says he went to the future with Erica.

He says he went to the future with Erica and is in Odessa now helping move people to the future. Luke threatens to waste Phoebe and Malina says he has enough regrets and doesn’t need more. He stops and Malina says they’ll bring them along.

Malina says they can figure out what to do with them later. A spare Harris is creeping through the corn towards the barn where they’re talking. Erica takes Tommy downstairs and Richard tells him to sit in the chair then says it will amplify his power and will send people to the future.

He says everyone wearing one of these watch-like devices will be sent to the future. Harris calls and tells Erica that Parkman has Erica and went rogue. Then he tells her Katana Girl is there. Erica says Tommy is playing both sides. She tells him to take care of the girl.

She says Tommy is her problem. Carlos beats on the glass which is tough to try and free Micah but then a Harris comes. The priest saves him but then one of the henchmen shoots and kills him. Carlos is outraged. He tells Jose to stay back where he’s hidden.

He looks over at Micah and Carlos screams and punches the glass out. He unhooks Micah from the machine. He tells Micah it’s time to go and he says he needs a computer. Farah comes in and says they’re ready to go. Carlos moves the priest’s body so Jose won’t see it.

Farah says there’s a Japanese girl battling the clones. Harris comes and tells the clones that this battle is his. He has an axe. Katana Girl tells him she’s been looking forward to it but he says she’s not all there as her leg pixelates. The other clones back off as she and Harris prime square off.

She comes at him and leaps over his head. She kicks him three times hard and he goes down. She vaults and kicks him again. He grabs up his ax as she grabs her katana. They clash with arms and she slashes him in the gut.

She hits him twice more and he kicks her down. He hits her in the face and then knocks her back with a backhand. She goes down and crawls to her katana. He says he’s going to kill her, the real her and then her father. He says game over and she stabs the katana through her body and into him.

Then she decapitates him and all the Harrises poof away – even the one that was about to come at Malina. Carlos comes out with the others and asks who she is. She says she was Katana Girl. She pixelates and disappears.

Micah says he hid truths and evidence for Erica and it’s a lot to undo. He says two solar flares are coming tomorrow which will wipe out humanity. He says if word gets out, there will be mass panic and no world left to save.

Carlos asks if Malina can stop it and Micah touches the laptop and he says he’s connected to every media outlet in the world. Micah broadcasts and says he’s Hero Truther. He says Erica drove a wedge between EVOs and non-EVOs.

He shows a a green screen video of Erica forcing Mohinder to make the video – she tells him to make it scarier so the world is terrified of every EVO. He tries again and then they see it’s not Mohinder but a shapeshifter made to look like him.

Tommy sees this and is stunned. Micah says they are meant to share the world and now they have to stand together to fight and save the planet. Luke’s wife Joanne is brought to Erica and uncuffed. She asks why she has her there.

Erica says they’ve been tracking her for a while and show her the news story about the fire that killed so many. Joanne says she changed the headlines and asks if she caused June 13. Erica says those are lies and she knows what EVOs are capable of.

She tells Joanne she’s a mother too and knows the pain EVOs have brought to the world. Joanne sits and Erica says she’s accomplished so much and then offers her an opportunity to make a real difference. She shows her a pic of Malina and says that’s her next target and tells her she has a protector.

She sees Luke is with her and Erica says that might make her more interested. We see Parkman and Taylor in one car, Micah and the gang in another, Malina and Luke in a third. They are heading for Odessa from different routes. The sun flares hot and a chunk breaks off.