Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 6/20/16: Season 5 Episode 11 “Mystery Solved”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 6/20/16: Season 5 Episode 11 "Mystery Solved"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs with an all new Monday, June 20, season 5 episode 11 called “Mystery Solved” and we have your weekly Love & Hip Hop recap below. On tonight’s episode, Scrappy faces his sentence while his loved ones ponder their future.

On the last episode, Deb’s panel discussion had a surprising outcome; D. Smith helped Ariane find her voice; Scrappy spent his final night of freedom with his family. Did you watch the last episode? Did you miss it, we’ve got a detailed Love & Hip Hop recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Scrappy faces his sentence while his loved ones ponder their future; Mimi and Stevie go on a road trip in hopes of uncovering the truth; and Joseline makes a confession. Later, D. Smith confronts Scrappy about his insensitive post on social media.”

It sounds like the 5th season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be packed full of can’t miss drama that you won’t want miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live Love & Hip Hop recap tonight at 8PM! What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the season 5 episode 11 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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On this weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Scrapp heads into the courtroom to await sentencing on his drug trafficking charges. He says “While i’m away I just want people to know that I am a God fearing man.” Tearra is sad that he is going away from his son. She says “King spent last night with his dad. He’s too young to understand what’s happening, but when he is old enough I will tell him that Daddy made some poor choices and had to go away.” Tommie says “I’m sad. Scrapp is going away. I will drink too much today and probably tomorrow as well. I know Scrapp will want me when he comes out. The question is will I still be here?” When Scrapp stands up to face the judge he sentences him to 20 years with 5 years to be done in confinement and the rest to be served on probation provided he pays a 100,000 fine. He asks “Do you agree to those terms?” Scrapp says “Yes.” The judge remands him to the custody of the sheriff and as he is being led from the courtroom KK calls out “I love you Will.” Everyone is devastated when they hear the sentence but stays strong as Scrapp is led away.

Stevie J says “Scrapp started his bid yesterday. His situation is a constant reminder to cherish everything.” Mimi tells Stevie “Close up your robe.” Stevie tells her “This is our house.” Mimi says “You are getting way to comfortable here.” Mimi lets him know “I have been doing some investigating and I found out that Promise B Mae is in North Carolina, so we are taking a road trip.” Stevie is not happy and says “I can’t believe that Mimi would believe anything that comes from this jealous chick or from Joseline. I am not into taking a road trip, but out of respect for Mimi I will do it.”

Momma Dee meets up with Betty Idol with the idea of matchmaking between Scrappy and Betty. Betty is excited to meet Momma Dee. The two ladies start talking and Betty tells her “I wanted to work with Scrappy, but he told me he couldn’t work with me because of an altercation I had with Tammy and the fact that she is friends with Bambi.” Momma Dee tells her “Bambi has been banished from the palace.” Betty says “Scrappy posted a video on his Instagram where he went on a rant about transgender people.” She shows Momma Dee the video and Momma Dee is clearly angry and upset. She says “I don’t know what is wrong with my son. Don’t worry. I’ll deal with him.”

Mimi and Stevie are on their way to North Carolina to confront the alleged mother of Stevie’s other two children. On the way Stevie is trying to butter Mimi up. He tells her “I can’t believe that we are doing this. You have to believe me.” He also says “Joseline has been extremely disloyal by hooking up with Dawn and then she goes around spreading these lies about me. It’s loyalty before royalty and Joseline has violated that.” When they arrive at the girls house Mimi asks her about whether or not she has a kid with Stevie and she tells them she does. Mimi tells her “There is only one way to solve this.” She pulls out a DNA test.

When Stevie and Mimi ask about the baby the girl admits that there is no baby. Mimi says “Why would you do that?” She tells her “I did it to get his attention.” Mimi is seriously upset. She says “Why would Joseline come to me crying if this wasn’t true? Stevie is cleared on this one, but we still have one to go.” Promise brings up Mimi’s sex tape. Mimi gets really angry and says “You want to bring up sex tapes? You are trying to assassinate this man’s character.” Stevie tells her “You have lied and said things that could have destroyed my life. I would appreciate it if you didn’t contact me anymore.” Promise says “That’s fine.”

Momma Dee goes to confront Scrappy about his video on social media. She tells him “I did not raise you to bully people who are different.” Scrappy is upset that he is being confronted by his mom. Momma Dee tells him “You know I have gay and transgender friends and that video is offensive to them.” Scrappy says “I will not apologize for how I feel. Those are your friends.” Momma Dee tells him “You need to talk to Betty and explain that you aren’t mean or spiteful.”

Joseline meets up with Dawn. She tells Dawn “I went to Mimi and told her that Stevie has babies in the streets, but it isn’t true.” She says “How do you hurt a man? You get into his pocket. Mimi will be mad and she may end up putting him on child support. By the time I’m done with him he’ll be working for me.” Dawn laughs and tells Joseline about a party happening at Rick Ross’ house. Joseline is excited. She says “Now that my contract is up with Stevie I can do what I want.”

Betty Idol and D.Smith go to Scrappy’s new song premiere. Betty says “When I got Scrappy’s invitation I wasn’t surprised. Momma Dee made it very clear that she wanted us to collaborate on more than just music, but I am not on dealing with a hater.” Betty introduces Scrappy to B. Smith. Scrappy is shocked. He asks B “What’s up?” B confronts Scrappy about his video. She tells him “That video came across as homophobic.” Scrappy says “I am not homophobic, but if you are a man then you should let it be known.” B tells him “There are men who know and sleep with Trans girls anyway.” Scrappy says “That’s not right and I’m going to do a video about that as well.” B says “We should do that together.” Scrappy says “No we aren’t going to do that,” Eventually they come to an understanding.

Rasheeda meets up with Mimi to talk to her. She asks Mimi “I heard at a gathering for Scrapp that Stevie said that he was moving in.” Mimi tells her ‘No. Stevie is just crashing.” She goes on to tell Rasheeda about the road trip to North Carolina to deal with the baby rumor. She tells her “When we got back to Atlanta I did some checking and everything that Joseline told me was a lie.” Rasheeda tells her “You know Stevie and Joseline have a pattern and you feed into it.” Rasheeda then goes on to show Mimi a picture of Joseline at Rick Ross’ party. Mimi says “Stevie is going to lose it when he sees this picture. I haven’t seen him since we got back, but if he sees this it is all going to break loose.”

Stevie is getting ready to do a radio show. He is doing a press tour with his new partner Miss Jackson. The deejay asks him about the situation between him and Joseline. Stevie says “We haven’t spoken.” The deejay then asks him about the picture of Joseline and Rick Ross. Stevie says “I’m not worried about it. No wife of mine would ever cross that line.” The deejay then asks the million dollar question: “Were you and Joseline ever married?” Stevie finally admits the truth and says “No.”