Love & Hip Hop Recap 12/5/16: Season 7 Episode 3 “Chest Pains”

Love & Hip Hop Recap 12/5/16: Season 7 Episode 3 "Chest Pains"

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop premieres with an all-new Monday, December 5, 2016, season 7 episode 3 and we have your Love & Hip Hop recap below for you.  On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop season 7 episode 3 as per the VH1 synopsis, “DJ Drewski wants to put Bianca Bonnie on a track, but his girlfriend disapproves of his plan. Later, Snoop and J question their future together; and Yandy Smith-Harris tries to keep the peace within her family, but rumors about Samantha Wallace lead to trouble.”

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On this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop New York Julez is working in the studio in the house. After Kimbella’s raid on the studio, he is trying to keep the peace. Kimbella comes to check up on him. She says “I do have my insecurities because of things that have happened in the past.” Jules tells her “You know I love you. I tell you I love you all the time.” Kimbella says “This is how you want girls up on you all the time.” Jules laughs and says “I don’t want any women on me at all. I love you.”

Drewski and his girlfriend Sky are planning a party for their joint venture. While they are working his phone rings. Sky asks “Who is that?” Drewski looks at his phone and says “It’s Bianca.” Sky says “Ok answer it.” Drewski answers the phone on speaker and Bianca tells him about a song that she is working on. Drewski tells her “That is a song that Sky inspired called My One and Only.” Sky is not happy to hear this phone call. When Drewski hangs up Sky tells him “You need to check Lil B or I will.” Drewski tells her “When I am working that has nothing to do with you.” Sky tells him “I don’t feel respected at all.”

Yandy is still upset about the meeting with Samantha. She meets with her mother to try to figure out what to do about it. Yandy tells her mom “Samantha acts like I am trying to be little Mendecees mom. I know that i did not push him out of me, but he has lost his dad, his brother, sister and now me.” Her mom tells Yandy “I have heard from a reliable source that Samanthha leaves little Mendecees with his grandmother a lot.” Yandy is very upset when she hears this. She says “You mean that he was taken from my stable home and he is spending the majority of his time with his grandmother? I need to talk to Pam.”

Mariah Lynn is back in town and she is hooked up with Sky. They meet up to have drinks and Sky tells her about the incident between Drewski and Bianca. Sky tells her “He wants to put her on his new track, but I think that you would be better suited for the track.” Mariah is a little nervous about getting in the middle of the mess between Drewski and Sky. She says “How do you think Drewski will feel about this?” Sky says “He’ll be ok with it once I pose it to him right.”

Snoop meets up with Julez to talk to him about her situation with J. Snoop tells him “As soon as I turned the key in the lock she was on me. She had her bags packed and was ready to leave.” Jules asks Snoop “Is this artist worth your relationship?” Snoop says “No. She is not. I want you to listen to her music.” Jules is a bit reluctant because he doesn’t want to cause anymore trouble with Kimbella. He tells Snoop “I’ll listen to her music, but that’s all.”

Yandy meets up with Kim to discuss the situation with Samantha. The meeting gets off on a bad foot immediately. Kim tells Yandy “You have disrespected my daughter repeatedly.” Yandy asks “How have I disrespected your daughter? I heard from Kim that little Mendecees was spending more time at your house than he was with his own mother and that he was unhappy.” Kim immediately gets angry and says “That’s bull. Wherever Little Mendecees is he is well cared for.” The two women get into a heated exchange and Kim storms off.

Mariah Lynn meets up with Cardi B to talk. Mariah tells her about meeting with Sky and the whole deal with the record. Cardi tells Mariah “Bianca used to talk to Drewski on the low low.” Mariah tells Cardi “Sky invited me to a launch party. I think we should go and find out who the homewrecker is.” Cardi is excited about the idea. She says “Maybe we should invite Bianca and scope out the whole situation because you know I am always down to instigate.”

Judy has called a family meeting to gather everyone together. Samantha, Kim and one of Mendecees other sons moms all meet up. They all seem to think that Yandy is at fault for the chaos that is happening. inside the family. Pam says “I am going to meet up with Judy and talk to her about what is going on.” Samantha says “If you are going to meet up with Judy then I need you to stand up for me and not back down to her.”

Drewski meets up with Bianca to talk about putting her on his record Make It Official. He tells her “You are getting me in trouble with my girl.” Bianca tells him “You are getting yourself in trouble with your girl.” The two listen to the track and agree to work together. Bianca kisses Drewski on the cheek leaving her lip imprints on his face. He says “How am I going to explain this to my girl?”

J meets up with Kimbella to talk to her about the situation with Snoop. She tells Kimbella “I am so overwhelmed and on top of that i am away from my family.” Kimbella tells her “You have to build yourself outside of this relationship and Snoop will either go with it or she won’t. You are from Chicago and I know you can do this.”

Sky and Drewski’s launch party for their strip fitness products is happening. Cardi and Mariah are among the first to show up and Bianca is with them. Sky is not happy when she spots Bianca at her party and when she goes over to mingle with them she confronts her about calling Drewski. Mariah asks Sky “Why are you so sure that your man is not hitting her up?” Sky asks her “How do you know? Were you there?” Mariah says “No. I wasn’t there, but I don’t think she would lie.” The confrontation gets heated and Drewski has to come over and break it up. It is quickly revealed that Sky wanted to give Mariah Lynn the record that Drewski had promised to Bianca. Mariah says “Sky and I are cool, but Bianca and I are real friends. Please don’t make me have to slap someone.”

Samantha, Erika, Kim and Judy all meet up to try and get to the bottom of the whole situation regarding little Mendecees. Pam says “I called this meeting to get to the bottom of what is being said about whether or not Samantha is taking care of her son.” Judy says “I don’t care to comment on what Yandy said or didn’t say. I care about my grandkids all being able to see each other. Ya’ll keeping the kids away from Yandy is not fair.” Samantha immediately goes on the defensive and says “Yandy came into this situation knowing that Mendecees had a son. She needs to play her role as the stepmother.” The argument intensifies and all of the women are shouting to be heard over each other. Suddenly Kim groans and everything stops as everyone realizes that she is in serious distress. Erika says “I can’t believe that Kim is having a heart attack over some foolishness that didn’t need to happen.” Judy says “This is why we need to stick together because life can be over in an instant.”