Love & Hip Hop Recap – “Love & War”: Season 6 Episode 9

Love & Hip Hop Recap - "Love & War": Season 6 Episode 9

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop continues with an all new Monday February 8, season 6 episode 9 “Love & War” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when Cisco Rosado and Rich Dollar come face-to-face, the fate of the creep squad hangs in the balance

Love & Hip Hop is an American reality television series on VH1. The series debuted on March 14, 2011, and chronicles the lives of several women in New York who are involved with hip hop music. The show has produced six successful spin-offs called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, The Gossip Game, This Is Hot 97, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and K. Michelle: My Life. VH1 has renewed the show for a 6th season.

On the last episode, Peter admitted something to Amina; Yandy gave Bianca an ultimatum; Cardi talked marriage; the future of the Creep Squad was in jeopardy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “when Cisco and Rich come face-to-face, the fate of the creep squad hangs in the balance; Remy Ma gets new help in planning the wedding; Yorma finds another of Self’s indiscretions.”

It sounds like the 6th season premiere of Love & Hip Hop will be packed full of can’t miss drama that you won’t want miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop tonight at 8PM! Are you enjoying Love & Hip Hop? What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the season 6 episode 9 of Love & Hip Hop? Sound off in the comment and let us know!

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On this weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop Mariah walks out on CiscRicho and Rich and Cisco have an altercation about Mariah Lynn. Cisco tells Rich that he wanted to teach him a lesson about loyalty after the incident with Diamond. Rich tells Cisco that “he can’t make him some type of way about a woman that he doesn’t care about.”The two men get into a heated argument which ends when they come to blows and have to be separated.

Outside the club Cisco gets into a confrontation with Mariah about cisco saying that the only reason he even started talking to her was to get back at Rich and he tells her that she has no loyalty. Mariah tells him that she never did anything with Rich and that she had been all about him. Cisco also tells her that his phone didn’t ring and that since she decided to call Rich and lean on him. Mariah tells him that she doesn’t need him or anyone else. She then tells him that they are done.

Remy’s wedding is coming up and she asks Yandy to help her plan it. They meet up at the dress shop to pick out wedding dresses and Yandy goes a little crazy with picking out the dress. Remy also tells Yandy about her feelings toward her mother and that Papoose wants her to make peace with her and invite her to the wedding. Yandy agrees with Papoose and tells Remy that she has to get over her anger at her mother and move forward.

Yorma’s sister shows Yorma a picture of Self and Rose. Yorma is upset but she doesn’t want to confront him. Her sister tells her that she identified the girl and that she works at Beauty Bar. Yorma tells her sister that she “doesn’t trust Self, but she doesn’t want to go to someone’s job and start trouble.”

After talking to Papoose Remy decides to make amends with her mom and tell her about the hurt she feels at the fact that she wasn’t there for her while she was in prison. Remy and her mother sit down and talk and her mother tells her that she simply wanted the invitation to the wedding to come from her. Remy breaks down and forgives her mom and personally invites her to the wedding.

Yorma and her sister go to Beauty Bar and confront Rose about her relationship with Self. Yorma asks Rose “Who she is to Self?” Rose tells her that she and Self have been seeing each other and they will continue to see each other. Yorma lets Rose know that she is Self’s girlfriend and Rose tells her that she didn’t know about her. Rose tells Yorma that “If she wants Self she’ll have him and Yorma will no longer be his girlfriend.” This makes Yorma very angry and the two women get into a physical altercation in the restaurant.

Remy decides that she wants to change the venue for her and Papoose’s wedding and tells him that instead of the castle he has already booked she wants to have the wedding at an ice skating rink. When Papoose asks her why she tells him it is “because, as beautiful as the castle is, the grass won’t be green and it would ruin the whole effect.” While Papoose is upset about the sudden change in venue he wants Remy to have everything she ever dreamed of for her wedding so he tells her that it’s fine if they change the venue.

After the confrontation with Rose at Beauty Bar Yorma goes to Self’s work and decides to confront him outside rather than going upstairs to his place. She calls him on the phone and tells him to meet her outside. He is very confused and asks her what she wants. When he comes downstairs Yorma confronts him about the situation with Rose. Self doesn’t acknowledge any wrongdoing and Yorma shows him the picture of Rose and Self. Yorma is angry and she calls Self a liar. She tells him that she went to Beauty Bar. Yorma asks him if anything is going on with the two of them. Self admits that Rose kissed him. Yorma tells him that “She is not a doormat for him to walk over repeatedly and that she was done and the relationship is over.” Self says that’s fine and walks away.

Rich and Peter meet up and Peter tells Rich about Tara’s pregnancy and the fact that Amina terminated her pregnancy. Rich tells Peter that he is always messing up. Peter asks what is going on between him and Cisco. Rich tells him about the incident between him and Cisco at the bar. Peter is upset when he hears this and decides that he is going to make things right between Rich and Cisco. Peter tells Rich that they need to sit down and talk about it.

Remy is continuing to plan her wedding and decides that since she made amends with her family she should do the same with Rah, Remy tells Rah that she is physically sick over the planning of the wedding. Remy tells Rasheeda that she still needs help with the wedding and Rasheeda tells her that she will still help her with her wedding. Remy tells her that her dress will take six months to make and Rasheeda tells her that they will find a dress. Rah calls her the “petty queen.” Remy tells her that she is not petty. She also tells her that she has enlisted Yandy to help out. This does not make Rah happy. She asks Remy if “she found a new friend.”

Yandy shows up and surprises Rah. Rah is not happy but Remy tells them that “this is her wedding.” She gives them each a list of things to do. Rasheeda begins to act petty and tells her that she needs to give her lots of information to help get things done. Yandy tells Remy that “Your wedding is my wedding to and I will do what I can to make the day special.”

Peter gets Rich and Cisco together to try and work out their differences. Cisco is not really into having anything to do with the meeting and says that he hopes Rich is ready for round two.” Peter wants to put the Creep Squad back together because he needs his friends support. Rich feels hurt that Cisco took things so personally when he was “just trying to warn his friend about Mariah and her activities.”

Cisco feels angry and hurt and like Rich still has not sufficiently apologized for the situation with Diamond. Rich tells Cisco that he is a “way better friend to him than Cisco is to him.” Rich tells Cisco that he was just trying to warn him about Mariah, but that he shoved him before he had a chance. Rich apologizes to Cisco for Diamond and Cisco apologizes for the incident with Mariah. The two men make up.

Bianca comes into the studio with a new, more nellow attitude which impresses Yandy. She brings in some dancers to help her performance at Gwinnin Fest.

After the breakup with Yorma Self decides to take a break from the ladies. Cardi B confronts Self about the fact that he doesn’t take her music seriously, Self says that he will take Cardi’s music when she gets serious and starts working in the studio.” He tells her that she needs to get some tracks together and put them on a flash drive for him to listen to. Cardi tells him that “until he listens to her music she is not doing him anymore favors.”