Major Crimes Recap 7/25/16: Season 5 Episode 6 “Tourist Trap”

Major Crimes Recap 7/25/16: Season 5 Episode 6 "Tourist Trap"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday, July 25, season 5 Episode 6 called “Tourist Trap,” and we’ve got your Major Crimes recap down below! On tonight’s episode, two British tourists get attacked during a Venice Beach robbery.

On the last episode, body parts were found burned in a barbecue pit at a Los Angeles park, and Det. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Major Crimes recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “Two British tourists get attacked during a Venice Beach robbery. An English journalist exploits their tragedy, in turn jeopardizing Los Angeles’ big-bucks tourist industry. Also: Rusty’s biological mother tries to make amends with him over her pregnancy.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live Major Crimes recap of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 5 episode 6.

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Tonight’s episode of “Major Crimes” begins with a corpse found in a parking lot in Venice Beach. The corpse, Mr. Branson, was found on the ground dead with his fiancée next to him alive, but with a concussion. The couple are British tourists, making the attacks an international incident.

At the scene, Sykes, Flynn, Provenza, Tao and Buzz investigate. Kendall reports that the victim was shot twice in the chest and once in the head but no casings were found, indicating a revolver as the murder weapon. Sanchez speaks to the valet who witnessed the crime: the shooter was wearing a ski mask when he attempted to grab the woman’s purse and after the husband tried to fight him off, shot Mr. Branson dead before fleeing. The investigators find Mrs. Branson’s wallet on the sidewalk, still containing her wallet and credit cards. Sanchez then notices the woman’s purse floating in a nearby body of water and Provenza requests a dive team to see if the murder weapon is also in the water.

At the morgue, the team discusses the possibility of a serial killer on the loose in Venice Beach, as this is the twelfth tourist to be murdered there. The team is worried about the international bad press: their worry heightens when the mortician informs them that the victim has a scar from a port device, possibly because he is a cancer survivor. Flynn and Raydor interview Mrs. Branson who, after confirming that her husband had recently beat cancer, tells them that he was a fine art dealer. Meanwhile, the dive team recovers a ski mask and revolver from the canal. In the lab, the expert compares the bullets from the gun to the ones that were pulled from the victim’s body, confirming that the revolver was the murder weapon.

Rusty’s mother Sharon attempts to call him but Rusty refuses to speak to her, still upset that she won’t give her baby up for adoption. A reporter named Peter questions Raydor’s about the competence of her investigation since this is the twelfth tourist to be killed in Venice Beach. The owner of the gun, Ms. Harris, shows up to the station but it is immediately clear that she is not the killer due to her old age. She tells the team that she kept the weapon in her nightstand and the only person who knew where it was is her grandson Jesse whom she also suspects of stealing money from her purse.

Sykes keeps an eye on Jesse down on the Venice Beach strip and witness him selling drugs. Sykes arrests Jesse and Raydor then questions him about the revolver. He confesses that while he was dealing, he was approached by a British tourist who purchased the revolver from him for personal protection. The team begins to suspect that the murder was not a robbery gone wrong, but instead a planned hit.

Tao shows the others video footage of Jesse selling his grandmother’s revolver to the British tourist. Rusty continues to struggle with whether or not to speak to his biological mother. The reporter comes back to the station and tells the team that Branson had a business partner, Finch, who may be a suspect. Raydor, Flynn and Provenza interview Finch who says he initiated a buy-out of the business, but Mrs. Branson refused the sale. Tao identifies the gun buyer as Marcus Kemp who is about to fly back to England.

Rusty approaches Peter for advice on his vlog and finally accepts one of his mother’s calls. Raydor asks Peter to compile information about Marcus Kemp for the team. Provenza and Flynn question Marcus, who says he bought the gun because he was robbed his first day in the U.S. He later sold the gun to a guy in Venice. The detectives tell Marcus that they have DNA evidence and have requested a sample of his from England. Peter returns with a lead. Provenza asks Mrs. Branson about Kemp: she represented him in a prior case and the Provenza bluffs, telling her that Kemp confessed she had hired him to murder her husband. She admits that destroyed some evidence that lead to him being incarcerated and was being blackmailed by him for money because of it. Once she stopped making payments, he stopped harassing her.

Sharon tells Rusty that she is going to give her child up for adoption. The team talks to Marcus again who tells them that Mrs. Branson hired him to kill her husband because, once he recovered from cancer, he said he wanted to file for divorce. The team gives Peter an exclusive interview out of gratitude for his help with the case.