Mariah’s World Premiere Recap 12/4/16: Season 1 Episode 1 “For Love of the Tour”

Mariah's World Premiere Recap 12/4/16: Season 1 Episode 1

Tonight on Bravo and E! their new reality show Mariah’s World premieres with an all-new Sunday, December 4, 2016, episode and we have your Mariah’s World recap below! On tonight’s Mariah’s World Season 1 premiere episode as per the Bravo and E! synopsis, “Pop superstar Mariah Carey offers a glimpse into her private life in this series, which begins with plans being made for her upcoming nuptials to billionaire James Packer. At the same time, she’s launching her first world tour in a decade, and entrusting a new tough manager named Stella with making sure it goes smoothly.”

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Tonight on the series premiere of Mariah’s World we are given an insight into the personal and professional life of Mariah Carey.

The series begins with Bianca Storm, who is Mariah Carey’s alter-ego/ arch nemesis. She says she can’t describe Maria Carey because she has done well enough on her own. Best-selling female artist of all time – 18 #1 Singles, the most for any solo artist in history – Billboard’s Artist of the Decade!! – 220 Million Records Sold – Longest Running #1 Song in History.

Bianca Storm goes on to say the world doesn’t know how awful Mariah really is. There are flashbacks to moments of Mariah acting like a total Diva, wanting to be pushed down the hall on a chair will wheels. Bianca says she doesn’t want to watch to watch the docu-series and throws her wine glass on the floor

We begins in Capri Italy, on a yacht. Mariah is coming down the stairs and literally slips on her dress, catching herself and saying its a good thing she wasn’t wearing any heels. She puts her hand in front of the camera and says she is going to “splash”. She admits that she never wanted to do a documentary, since there is rarely any privacy in the entertainment industry, but says if its every going to get done, she may as well do it now because she doesn’t know when she would be able to do it again, and ultimately it will be something she will treasure.

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She swings off the boat in a full gown, while her children Moroccan and Monroe Cannon watching. Mariah takes us on a tour of her yacht, showing that her fiancee, James Packer had a yacht right by hers. They stay on separate yachts because he is always busy and she is a night person. She says they have great moments together, but its not easy for them to spend a lot of time together. She says they are busy planning their upcoming wedding she has had her fitting.

She wants to show something to James tomorrow, and although their wedding won’t be huge, she says it will still be an event. Mariah introduces us to her nephew Shawn “Shawny” McDonald. She is close to her nephew, but he hates how she dresses so revealing.

Mariah reveals that she started making music demos when she was only 12 years old. She moved to Manhattan on her own as a teenager. Shawn says he is proud of “Mimi” because she came up from nothing, sleeping on mattresses on the floor and being a horrible waitress. Her demo tape ended up at Sony and they signed her right away. Mariah has been singing for more than half her life, she writes and performs her own songs.

Music always came first, until she had her babies, twins: Moroccan and Monroe, who she calls “Roc” and “Roe” with ex-husband, Nick Cannon. Mariah openly admits its difficult juggling a career and kids, but it is definitely rewarding. She wants her kids to know that she is there for them no matter what.

As Mariah is preparing for the evening, she has four people attempting to put her shows on, she tells fans that Oprah had always told her to never let people know she cannot put on her own shoes anymore. She goes on to tell us about Stella Bulochnikov, her manager. Brett Ratner introduced them and they have been inseparable since. Stella takes her kids with her, and they are a touring family; Stella says the feelings are mutual, they are like sisters and this is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Mariah has a hard time walking in the shoes, but she gets on the boat and is off to Los Angeles, where she is doing announcing radio tour dates. She is excited for the upcoming tour because she hasn’t toured in Europe in 10 years. The fans are the reason for the tour, but she promises it will be huge production and its all for the fans. Stella’s job is to make sure Mariah makes money, she is the one busy making sure she can conquer this world tour.

They arrive at Mariah’s house, where they meet with Molly, a potential new personal assistant for Stella. Molly is determined to be the best assistant, but Stella says it is a harsh job and then tells her the very first rule she has is her assistant cannot date for the first year. Stella isn’t sure on Molly, but she is willing to give her a shot.

Stella is sitting with Mariah telling her the locations and dates, Mariah cuts her off and says she doesn’t care about any of that; her mentality is, “I’m on tour. Here I am!” She just wants to make sure everything is nice, and the bus is not going to be dog poop. Stella calls Ireland, and tells Shawn to call her back. Stella frets that they have two huge events coming up, the world tour and the upcoming wedding. She isn’t sure how they are going to pull it all off within 2 weeks.

Mariah is rehearsing with her musical director Big Jim Wright. She has nothing but good things to say about him, and that he is very easy to work with. They are working on their set list for the tour. He says he is honored to be part of this great legendary singer’s tour. They begin to fool around, singing silly made-up songs.

Mariah is next seen trying on her wedding gown, and tells everyone the groom is not to see her ensemble until the wedding day. Monroe is also in her gown, matching her mommy’s. Everyone says she looks stunning in the gown that was made for her.

That night she is in choreography rehearsal with Anthony, her creative director. He says that he simply has to wait for the diva to show up, no matter when he was originally scheduled. He is stressed that they are about to go on world tour 2 weeks after they ended their Las Vegas residency.

He admits they are already drowning before they even start, and Mariah says she is nervous if it can actually be done. Can she revive her reputation? Anthony and Mariah butt heads when he changes things without talking to her, and he expects her to just change it in next rehearsal. He tells her that she needs to work on it, but she says she is busy the next day. She says he needs to respect her like she respects him.

When Mariah shows up for the dance rehearsal, all the dancers are told to put deodorant on, so they don’t stink when she gets there. Anthony talks to Mariah about doing a lift during performance, but she tells him that the last time she did a lift was 2 years ago where she fell during the making of the video and dislocated her shoulder, an injury she is still recovering from. She thinks the lift is a bad idea, and doesn’t want to risk it.

There are 8 men at dance rehearsal, and Anthony tells her only 6 guys are coming. Mariah says it’s a Magic Mike moment, and she needs to let 2 of them go. Mariah watches them dance and leaves the room with Anthony. Stella says she knows who are leaving, but Mariah doesn’t want to cut them. Stella says its not personal, and its all about money. She is the ‘slasher’ and is willing to cut the 2 guys instead of Mariah having to do it.

Later, Mariah is getting her make-up being put on by Kristofer Buckle. Kris says when he was younger he was ridiculed for playing with make-up and bullied, but now he is celebrated for doing all these things now. Mariah lets it slip that Danielle may not be going on tour, Kris is shocked. He tells us that Danielle is a great hairdresser and one minute she was coming and the next minute she isn’t. Kris says it has a lot to do with Stella coming in and cutting what and who needed to be removed. Mariah says that she needed someone like Stella to have her back and stop screwing her over.

Stella sits Mariah down and says she doesn’t know how she is going to pull off a wedding in 2 1/2 weeks, as well as plan the tour. Mariah tells her that the two of them can pull things off most people could never do, Stella is concerned that she can’t do it; and advises Mariah to put her professional life first and postpone the wedding. Mariah isn’t sure what to do.

In Mariah’s Home Studio, she is sitting with her Engineer Brian Garten, listening to mixes and making her edits. She says she is unlike other artists, she likes to make her own edits for her toours.

Meanwhile, at Molly’s apartment Fred, her boyfriend comes in. Molly tells him she got the job, and that its for Mariah Carey. He is excited for her and hugs her but she tells him that Stella told her she cannot have a boyfriend, that Fred cannot exist and the second rule is she is not allowed to cry. Fred says that he is her shoulder to cry on, so how will she survive without him? She says that she thinks her and Mariah will become best friends.

Stella asks Mariah if they are postponing the wedding. Mariah says that she doesn’t want to disappoint James, but Stella says that he will do what is best for her; Mariah agrees that she will do the tour and then they can plan the wedding. She is dreading the call to him, but makes the call.

After the call she tells Stella that James said Mariah needs to just tell him the plans. She is visibly upset, so she tells Stella to talk about the tour to make her feel better. Stella is glad that Mariah is postponing the wedding because she has been busy working on the pre-nup and it hasn’t been the most romantic stuff she has read. She believes Mariah needs to stick to her professional commitments before planning any personal ones.

Mariah says she is going in for rehearsal, Stella tells her she loves her and is very proud of her for making such a difficult decision. She is still upset that she disappointed James, but goes to rehearsal anyways. Inside, she puts on sunglasses, and explains she wears them because of the fluorescent lighting. She is stressed about standing on a table in high heels, and they practice lifting her up, but she still isn’t sure about doing it. Dance rehearsal goes all night long. Stella says she is a machine when it comes to working.

Two days until opening night of the tour, Mariah travels to Glasgow, Scotland. Tech rehearsal is happening, when they come to check out wardrobe. Anthony again butt heads with Jose Mariscal Munoz the head wardrobe designer. They are arguing over not opening pants all the way, if you can’t open them all the way, they can’t dance. Jose doesn’t like dealing with Anthony because he is too intense. He admits that its show business and you can’t take it personally but Jose does.

It is two hours past rehearsal time and Anthony and the dancers are at the stadium but no one has heard from Mariah nor Stella. They are told everyone is running into overtime, so it will be more money. Mariah says all the kids are going to the venue because they want to play.

Mariah stays back with Stella and tells her she is very stressed about the whole thing. Mariah says they don’t have costumes, they are 3 hours late. We learn the reason they are late is because Mariah’s nanny packed her passport in the suitcase, and she didn’t know that they collected the passports on the plane, so it took them hours to clear her; cutting into Mariah’s precious rehearsal time. Stella is furious.

Molly, the new assistant is carrying a suitcase upstairs to Mariah’s suite. She asks the housekeeper Maria if they have an Apple TV, she says they do. Molly says that Mariah needs it to fall asleep, but no one knows how to hook things up. Molly is already crying. Maria says its not her fault, and tries to comfort her offering her food.

Mariah tells Stella how much this sucks that its the night before the tour starts and not a month before, she hasn’t even rehearsed with the band. Stella says they will just have to work a bit harder. Mariah tells her that vocal rest is important, and that no matter what happens, it will be Mariah’s fault, no one else’s. Mariah says if they were doing one show it would be okay, but she isn’t sure how they are going to pull off 27 shows!

“This is lunacy!”
~ Mariah Carey


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