Mariah’s World Recap 12/11/16: Season 1 Episode 2 “Bone of Contention”

Mariah’s World Recap 12/11/16: Season 1 Episode 2 "Bone of Contention"

Tonight on Bravo and E! their new reality show Mariah’s World premieres with an all-new Sunday, December 11, 2016, episode and we have your Mariah’s World recap below! On tonight’s Mariah’s World Season 1 episode 2 episode as per the Bravo and E! synopsis, “A grueling tour schedule presents obstacles for Mariah Carey, who does her best to establish a comfortable home base in London for the twins. Meanwhile, two of Mariah’s closest friends pull her into the middle of a heated disagreement.”

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Mariah’s World starts tonight at the Glasgow dress rehearsal. Mariah walks in to the stadium and sees roosters on the screen and she is concerned, saying she needs to see the content; but before she can approach the stage her twins, Moroccan “Roc” and Monroe “Roe” tell her they want to stay back because they are shy.

Mariah says this tour is going to be fun because Stella is bringing her two kids and Mary Ann (back up singer) brought her son, Jayden too. Mary Ann suggest that they put the kids in the nursery so they can play rather than run around the stadium. Dancer/Choreographer Tanaka comes in to see Mariah, congrats her on the engagement and her children. They share a drink and he is excited to be back on tour with her.

Molly, the new assistant, is having a hard time with the Apple TV situation. She is unable to connect the TV to the internet. She calls Stella and says she is trying something and Stella tells Molly she can’t just be standing there doing nothing, she needs to get it done. Molly tells her that she needs to do anything she can to get it done before they get there, even if it means she has to go out and buy a new TV. Stella hangs up mad.

Mariah after her dress rehearsal admits that she never went on tour a lot for the first part of her career, because the person who was in her life was very controlling, and didn’t want her on tour, he wanted her to be producing records. He was older and had a lot of power, he wanted to keep her sequestered. She never believed she would ever get out of there.

She then got the courage to get out of there and move on with her life, and that is where the song “Butterfly” came from, it is a very healing song for her. Mariah says she has a love affair with music, and if there is anything bad happening in her life, she turns to music.

Back at the stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, Stella is on the phone upset at their social media team. They haven’t posted anything about the tour, not even the dates; she tells them it is unacceptable. She tells them she is mad at them, that it is their fault, they have a concert in Glasgow and there hasn’t been anything posted in over a week and a half. She tells them to do their job and if they screw it up, she fires them.

Jose, the wardrobe designer admits that ever since Stella started working with Mariah, everyone has left or has been fired, saying it’s been difficult for him. Anthony, creative director, says that ever since Stella has arrived everyone is scared of losing their job. Everyone is walking on egg shells around Stella.

Mariah says that she is a mommy first, so she has chosen to base out of London so the kids have a stable place and if she needs to go, the kids can stay in a place familiar to them. They have their own things from home there.

Mary Ann shares how before Mariah had a husband, or she had a husband, they both talked about having children, and here they are now, single mothers, sharing time together. Mariah says neither one of them should be talking right now as they need to rest their voices but they end up talking to the kids which ends up in yelling at the kids.

Kristofer, the makeup artist meets with Molly, the new tour assistant. Molly admits that the first few days with Stella have not been positive. Kristofer tells her the best way to deal with Stella is to act like you’re going into a lion’s cage, you don’t come in angry and frazzled.

Kristofer doesn’t think too highly of Molly, saying he sees something behind her eyes that makes him nervous and believes she may be psychotic. Kristofer tells her to stop being weird.

Mariah tells a story while Kristofer is doing her makeup. When she was 19, she was at the record company doing her first photoshoot, a lady looking at the pictures says, “This is your good side, only let people photograph you from your good side.” Since then, Mariah has felt like that. Kristofer says that she had a bad photographer, Mariah says she probably had a bad makeup artist too.

Mariah’s fiance James pops in to see her. She says he is super busy and was please he took the time to see her. Meanwhile, Jose tells the dancer they have 5 minutes when one of them tells him Anthony is not there. Rome, the tour manager is in a meeting with Anthony who tells him he can tell Stella if he has to sit on the bus with a baby, he is resigning that night.

Anthony goes on to explain 5 minutes before they go on stage, they all receive a memo that they all need to share a bus with Mary Ann and her son. Stella is making budget cuts but Anthony doesn’t understand that the dancers are the ones who get punished. He said the dancers enjoy their off time and would like to have fun; they all have an issue with it, and if it isn’t rectified then issue them tickets and they can go home.

Fans begin to fill up the stadium. Stella says this first show needs to be sensational as all the dancers and singers pray together before the show starts. Mariah is a nervous wreck and still isn’t sure about the lift, but prepares to go on stage anyways.

Fans are cheering, Anthony says the only concern he has is the lift since Mariah “MC” is shaky on it still, and anything can go wrong. Her entrance is flawless and fans are raving. Stella says Mariah is on fire and fans are going bananas. The first concert of the tour is done, and now the drama is about to start with Anthony and Mariah.

Anthony comes to see Mariah after the concert and Stella, Kristofer and him are praising her work and reading what is being said on social media. Anthony tells her that if she needs him he will be there, but he is not going to be put on a bus with a baby. Stella interrupts and says its a budget issue; Anthony says its a situation he absolutely will no deal with.

He says he didn’t want to do this on camera, and Mariah asks him if he is having a diva fit. He continues to say that being put on the bus with kids is utterly disrespectful. Anthony blames it on Stella, that she should have thought of all this before the tour even started. He says its not fair that they would have to keep it down because a 5-year-old is sleeping.

Stella says that Anthony is an employee and is to do what he is told. Mariah says that had she planned the tour buses, she would have put the dancers on their own bus because of the debauchery they get into.

While MC is on the private plane she gets a call from Mary Ann who tells her that Anthony refused to get on the bus. Mary Ann says that she is disappointed and hurt by Anthony’s actions. She feels that Anthony should have approached her directly.

Mariah says that Anthony doesn’t know what he is dealing with, Mary Ann is from Brooklyn and is a Leo, there is no telling how far this is going to go. Mary Ann tells Mariah that no one messes with her kid.

Back in London, Stella keeps reading the reviews on social media about her opening show. Mariah is happy that they got off to a great start and hopes it will continue. Mariah says when she has a day off from her crazy schedule, she needs to spend it with her kids, so they tour to the London Bridge, where Mariah and the kids get out to take pictures. They are told there that it’s not rain, it is liquid sunshine!

Mariah says her favorite thing is to spend time with the kids, and although the tour is amazing she wants the kids to have a great time too. She says she is putting in a great effort to have a good relationship with her children because of her own childhood, having divorced parents, being bi-racial and not having a good relationship with her siblings. She promises to always be there for them.

The dancers are happy that Anthony put his foot down as a leader and got the dancers their own bus for the tour. Tanaka says it has nothing to do with Mary Ann or her son, they just need to be able to be comfortable in their travelling homes to be able to perform their best.

As they are travelling, Kristofer and Molly continue to talk on the bus. Molly says that Stella called her, and she literally hopped out of bed and went to Stella. She is ashamed that it is St. Patrick’s Day and she is Irish, but she is not wearing a single thing that is green. Mariah arrives at First Civic Arena and is wearing a green ensemble but notices she is the only one wearing green.

Mary Ann goes to see Mariah and talks to her and Stella about Anthony. Mariah says she is dealing with two very strong personalities. Mary Ann informs Mariah that she has always liked Anthony and treated him with respect but now she is done and she will not pretend that it is even okay. Mariah is upset as Mary Ann leaves, but she continues with Stella. She is angry and hurt.

Mary Ann says at first she was hurt, but now she is angry. She asks what is wrong with him, and she is going to give him some medicine. When Mary Ann stomps off, Stella says the irony is the person with the lowest maintenance on the tour is Mariah, and they all act like they are the stars and everyone else needs to get it together.

For her second show, Mariah is a little late, and the energy is bad. She is upset that she had to hear the arguing just before the show, but hopes they can pull it together. Anthony says he usually clicks with Mariah, but tonight they aren’t clicking. He admits that it is their job to make her look perfect. She sounded amazing and the performance worked, but Anthony still feels they were “off”.

Stella tells Molly about a super fan that comes all the time and shows her a picture and tells her that she wants someone to find him and grab him for a surprise meet and greet, and if so, grab him by force.

Stella tells them Molly is on her way, they tell her to take two pictures of him to verify if its him; one picture from the front and of his profile, so they don’t have any security breeches. Molly thinks that the second photo is to be of his profile picture on like Facebook.

Backstage, Anthony and Mariah talk in the hall way. Anthony says the dancers need one more rehearsal before London, she agrees. He says to give him two hours. Mariah tells him not to be saucy because he is in the hot seat.

Mariah says that she isn’t mad, but the issue with Mary Ann is causing tension between him and Mariah. He knows that Mary Ann is Mariah’s friend, but she needs him. Mariah tells him that he needs to solve it with Mary Ann without her.

Stella tells Mariah and Anthony they need to get out of the venue before they have to pay overtime for the venue. Mariah waves goodbye and Stella says she is sorry for interrupting but that conversation wasn’t worth the 5 thousand pounds. Mariah vents that she doesn’t need all the drama and wants to know when she became everyone’s Mommy?

Mariah talks to Stella about it. Stella knows that they both feel disrespected, but Mariah says that Anthony didn’t understand the depths of it because he doesn’t have any kids. Stella says Mariah is the first person she has met that has the same philosophy about being working moms on the road, that they feel guilty for leaving their kids, but they are doing it for them.

Mariah comes home to see her kids’ artwork all over the table at the front door. She says that of course, when there are all these people waiting for you to go on stage, it is the priority but she never wants her kids to feel like she doesn’t put them first. Monroe is heard in the background saying she wants to see her Mommy, and Mariah cuts the camera.

At Mariah’s hotel, she is in the elevator and shares a story about wearing sunglasses in an elevator, something she learned from Christie Brinkley. Mariah is getting her pedicure fixed and she asks Anthony how he is going to make up with Mary Ann. Anthony says he has to take care of his guys. Mariah cuts him off and says this is making it bad for the show and this is all messed up.

Mariah says she cannot be the mediator and tells Anthony he has an ego, he denies it at first, but after she looks at him, he says he does. During a photo session, Anthony comes to see Mary Ann and tells her they need to talk. He tells her she is his sister and she tells him to stop. He tries to hug her and she tells him to get away or she will hit him.

Anthony says he is trying everything to make it right, but he isn’t going to beg for her to accept his apology. After Mariah sees that Mary Ann is going to hit him, she says she is too tired tonight and this is not going to work. She orders Anthony to stay far away from Mary Ann, saying she has known her for a very long time and he needs to stay away!

The End!

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