Mariah’s World Recap 12/18/16: Season 1 Episode 3 “Crossing Borders”

Mariah’s World Recap 12/18/16: Season 1 Episode 3 "Crossing Borders"

Tonight on Bravo and E! their new reality show Mariah’s World premieres with an all-new Sunday, December 18, 2016, episode and we have your Mariah’s World recap below! On tonight’s Mariah’s World Season 1 episode 3 episode as per the Bravo and E! synopsis, “A time zone change causes Mariah to be an hour late for a concert in Luxembourg, which also causes some unhappiness among her fans. Meanwhile, Stella is forced to bring the fiery hairstylist Danielle back into the fold; and has to protect Mariah’s reputation after former employees leak information to the press.”

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Mariah’s World starts tonight in London, England. Mary Ann is still discussing the situation with Anthony. Mariah says she is trying to bring the two together but Mary Ann is rough and tough and Anthony has his own ego. Mariah tells Mary Ann that this is not good for production, she says that Anthony is trying to apologize but his approach didn’t say that.

Mary Ann says she isn’t fake nor try to bend for anyone, she is there to work and provide for her family. She is very angry with him but her job and responsibility is to support Mariah Carey (MC) on stage. Mariah says to just keep it professional and she is going to stay out of it. MC says she doesn’t want things to get stressy between her and Mary Ann. They exchange “I love yous” and MC leaves.

Stella tells Mariah about her agents who are trying to stop her from making her wedding into a circus, literally. Stella calls Chris and Mariah says she wants these animals at her wedding, the animals that are going extinct, so they can be put on a pedestal and with more press, so they can get more donated money. Mariah tells him she wants to be involved and can he help.

Stella tells him that regardless of what they just said in their email, they need to make this work. Chris asks if they are pulling his leg, and they all begin to laugh, Mariah tells him she can’t believe they thought she was like that; and that is sick!

While MC is on stage, Anthony notices that there is a huge lump on the back of Mariah’s head. He goes to talk to Jose about it, both agree that Larry isn’t cutting it as the new hair stylist. They need to get Danielle back. Kristofer says that Mariah is very particular about her hair but admits that the odds are stacked against Larry and he’s not sure how this is going to play out.

Mariah is unaware of what is happening back stage as she wishes her pianist Big Jim a happy birthday. The crew explains that Mariah doesn’t have birthdays, only anniversaries but she is forever 12; and her “anniversary” is coming up soon.

Tanaka says he knows the real authentic Mariah Carey. He says she is extremely thoughtful and caring, but this tour has been so crazy they haven’t had any time to catch up. Stella comes to visit Mariah, who asks about her hair. Stella admits that her hair looks better than on the show. MC says she is the one who did her own hair. She tells Stella she will cut to the chase, she wants Danielle back as her hair stylist. Stella says that she will have to figure it out, but she would prefer Mariah to do her own hair than for her to deal with the Danielle drama.

Danielle acts like she is a mob woman. She says sometimes she wishes she could just shave the back of someone’s head when they piss her odd. Stella says that Danielle wanted too much money and she couldn’t make a deal with her agent. Stella says she likes Mariah’s hair the way it is, but Mariah tells her she is too exhausted, Stella nods with understanding. She is just concerned with Danielle and her drama.

Mariah and her crew get on the plane, when Anthony pulls out his phone and tells Mariah he has a text message he needs to read from one of her former employees. Mariah doesn’t read it, but he tells her that its about how her ship is going to sink soon. Stella says it is only haters that got fired for not doing their job correctly. She came in and tells it like it is, and people didn’t like what they had to hear.

Mariah says she isn’t up for suing anybody, she loves everybody; Stella on the other hand, says she would sue in a heartbeat. Stella says she is very protective of Mariah. She doesn’t care what these former employees are saying, but Mariah is kind and she loves her.

On the bus, Kristofer talks to Stella about Larry’s leaving. He wasn’t rude or mean, but Danielle is back and Stella says she liked messing with her earlier. Danielle said she was in Luxembourg and Stella replied that they were in Denmark, Danielle freaked out. Stella laughs because then Danielle said that wasn’t funny, she had been there for hours and someone had lost her bag.

The dance crew is making fun of Tanaka and how women are stumbling over him. He admits that he is single but once he is in a relationship he is fiercely loyal. They then discuss planning Mariah’s birthday party and how they need to plan it.

Mariah is in the car complaining about all the drama people are sending her, a former employee is meeting with the press. Stella complains that there is no journalistic integrity any more; she hates the sexism that if it were a man doing her job he would be called a beast, so why is she called a bitch?

Stella is upset that her name is all over the tabloids. She is told that all of them are being sent a cease and desist letter and reminded of their confidentiality agreements and they will be sued if they breach it. Stella says she wants to go ahead with that and do it to teach them all a lesson. Molly is on the phone, doing everything she can to please her. Danielle called her and told her to order stuff. She is stressed that it is all go, she skips meals and doesn’t stop to even sleep.

On the plane Kristofer tells Mariah and Stella about how his dad thought he was having an affair with Mariah. They are on their way to Luxembourg for a one-night performance. Mariah wants to stay based out of London so she can have her kids with her.

During the flight they are discussing being late. Yoni tells Stella that they are late and he thinks Luxembourg is an hour ahead of London. Kristofer gasps saying that Mariah was to be on stage 15 minutes ago. Stella is starting to freak out, telling him this can’t be true.

Mariah’s jet finally lands, and Stella is angry. Their tour manager who booked the flight failed to tell them that there is a time change when they land. Mariah is upset that she is being fined, and they still have 20 minutes to drive to get to the venue.

Anthony says they are officially an hour behind and the crowd is angry. Mariah announces that she is there, and will be on stage soon. Danielle is on her first day back on the tour, and she had only 5 minutes to get her hair done. Mariah says her fans expect her to be a little late because it is divaish, but she hates it.

Mariah walks on stage and the fans are booing her. She hopes they will forgive her. Fans are screaming, “Shame on you!” Stella is in denial that people are booing her. Mariah understands the anger and hopes they can forgive her so she doesn’t have to spend the whole night trying to make them happy. She admits to her fans she didn’t know there was a time difference; within minutes fans are cheering again. Mariah says her fans get her through the tough times and it is her job to give them a good experience.

Stella’s daughters come to see Tanaka to talk to him about Mariah’s anniversary; they suggest he jump out of a cake for her. He asks what kind of cake, she says chocolate, he agrees. They tell Kristofer about it, who says he hopes they bake him into it.

Kristofer and Danielle get to their hotel room and find out there is only one bed booked for them. Danielle says she is okay with sharing a room, but not a bed, it’s unacceptable. Danielle calls front desk who tells them they cannot do it. When they are told to move, Kristofer uses a fake accent and tells them he can’t afford even water in this place. Danielle says she loves spending time with Kris, they make each other laugh.

Mariah calls her friend Brett to wish him a happy birthday. As Mariah is talking on the phone, Stella keeps giving Danielle the finger. Stella says if she wasn’t holding the phone she would give her two fingers. Danielle says that Stella is always yelling and has an attitude problem. Danielle confronts Stella, saying that isn’t cute. Stella says she was being cute and Danielle is out of line from the time she got there.

Danielle tells the cameras that Stella may act like she is Russian mob, but she is Italian mafia, and in history, the Italians are much stronger than the Russians. Just saying!! Stella continues berating Danielle who laughs it off. Mariah asks, “What did I just walk into?” and laughs.

Back at Mariah’s hotel suite, Stella tells Kristofer about how dare Danielle say to her that she will give her a cease and desist letter. Kris says he doesn’t understand why she is being so sensitive. Mariah is stressed about their on-going drama. Stella talks to Mariah about it, saying that Danielle has always been like that, that these are new people and a new energy… Stella says she wants to be there, Mariah responds with, “Larry was new.”

Mariah says both the women are strong and this fight was for no reason and pointless. Mariah is frustrated that she needs to make everyone happy. On the bus back, Mariah says these fans are the ones who bring her up, when the people she thought were her real friends are bringing her down. Stories in the press, nonsense and people who should have grown up behavior. She needs these people to be better people.

Stella says its her job to represent her, and she needs to watch out for her. Stella tells her she is there to do what is right for her, and she will tell people to do their job properly. She will do whatever it takes to make Mariah happy, confident and successful; everything else is not important.

Once back in London, Danielle meets with Mariah. She makes it clear that Stella is the problem. Danielle is very professional and trustworthy, but it is Stella’s attitude that is making people go to the press. She says people need to get over it, but the tension has only been around since Stella got there, which is brand new for the crew.

It isn’t the Stella Show all the time. Mariah says she feels bad because Stella is always dealing with the yelling from other people. She offers to join Stella and Danielle in a conversation because she believes they can work it out. Mariah asks Danielle point blank if she will continue with the tour. Stella tries to backtrack, saying she doesn’t want woman on woman fighting, but she is glad that Mariah brought them to talk.

Mariah confirms that everything is good and she is glad that they resolved this. Danielle pulls out a comb and fixes Mariah’s hair and Stella says Larry would have never done that! They all laugh as Mariah says she can’t believe she just said that. End of episode