Nashville Recap – Paparazzi Problems: Season 4 Episode 19 “After You’ve Gone”

Nashville Recap - Paparazzi Problems: Season 4 Episode 19 "After You've Gone"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday May 11, season 4 episode 19 called, “After You’ve Gone.” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) has a reunion with Noah West, (Derek Hough) her former costar, and gets to meet Kesha.

On the last episode Regaining Maddie’s trust proved harder than expected for Rayna and Deacon, especially when a supposed ally hindered their efforts. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Juliette has a reunion with Noah West, her former costar, and gets to meet Kesha. Meanwhile, Rayna tries once again to safeguard Maddie from the hazards young artists face; Scarlett dislikes Gunnar’s growing rapport with Autumn; and Will endures a loss.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Rayna on stage singing. Deacon is living away from her and doing community service. Cash is managing a photo shoot for Maddie. Daphne gets a text but won’t tell Tandy who it is. Cash tells Maddie that Warner Brothers is in.

Cash tells her that Rayna always made her sing like and with her sister but says she’s ready for a solo career. Juliette complains to Emily about Avery choosing Layla. Emily says it’s just been a week and to give it time. The Exes manager asks Scarlett why they’re not talking.

Gunner complains to Scarlett about the Rolling Stone article and says it makes him look like a backup singer. She says sorry and he walks away irritated. Luke’s label is being picketed and Ken says he stirred up a hornet’s nest. Will calls Luke and says Cynthia Davis has been calling him.

Will says he already had to repaint his truck once and Avery comes in with Cadence and Will goes to grab her up and coo at her. Will gets a call from an 806 area code – that’s home. It’s his Aunt Betty. Glenn talks to Layla about her schedule. She asks about the album research.

Glenn says it’s soft just 30k if they’re lucky but they’re getting good reviews. He says they have to rebuild her brand after the reality show things. Deacon tells Rayna to tell him what to do and she says she doesn’t know what to do without Maddie.

Deacon says sorry and Rayna says they can talk tomorrow and ends the call. Tandy hands her some wine. Bucky calls and says Lennox Hill is looking at Maddie and she asks him to get the jet ready. She tells Tandy she has to go back to Nashville.

Glenn is with Juliette going over her schedule and she says who knew an Oscar nomination would be such a pain in the ass. He gets at text and says Maddie is going up for auction tomorrow. J is stunned and Bucky says someone is giving her really bad advice.

Autumn tells Gunnar she saw the article and says she thought he was in the band and says watch your back with Scarlett. Gunnar says it’s not like that but Autumn drives the wedge in and then she asks him to work with him on a song. She says he’s not married to Scarlett. He agrees.

Scarlett watches them while she talks to Deacon about his Rayna problem. He complains about his community service and she asks if he said sorry to Frankie. He blames Frankie and Scarlett says he doesn’t sound sorry. He says Frankie attacked him and she says he attacked back.

She says he needs to be sorry not just say he is. She says she loves him and he responds in kind then ends the call. Avery plays a gig at a little bar and Layla shows up. Some fans notice her but she gets closer to the stage to focus on Avery and smile at him.

She applauds loudly when he’s done and then they go outside. Layla tells him he’s amazing and he says it was nice to be up there again. He kisses her passionately and someone snaps photos of them. Layla says don’t worry about it.

Rayna goes to see the label head of Tupelo Creek. She says she wants him to sign Maddie so Lennox Creek doesn’t end up with her. She tells Doug that Maddie would be better off with him. Maddie meets with Juliette who tells her she has a family that loved her and she didn’t when she was emancipated.

Juliette encourages her to go back to them but Maddie says she doesn’t want to. J says she wants to help her in that case and says she can loan her a lucky charm. Will goes home. He heads into the house and Looks at a photo he was torn out of and then his dad is there.

His dad tells him they stopped being his son so they burned every photo of him. Will asks why he didn’t tell him that his mother died and his father says it’s his fault and she died of a broken heart after he left. Will says he didn’t leave, he kicked him out.

Will says he came to pay his respects. His dad says stay the night but you cannot go to the service tomorrow. He says his mother deserves peace. Their manager tells Gunnar and Scarlett that they’re swapping the photo then says a headphone company wants to use Scarlett.

He says they only use female artists. Gunnar says do it but Scarlett isn’t sure. Juliette screams for Emily when she sees tabloid photos of Avery and Layla and a fat looking photo of her. She tells Emily to get her a hot date for tomorrow night.

Avery is unhappy about the photos and says he doesn’t like being called Juliette’s baby daddy. Avery says he wants privacy and Layla asks why he’s freaking and if he’s embarrassed to be with her. She rages and says he doesn’t want to be seen with her and walks out.

Will sits in his mom’s chair the next morning and picks up her Bible. He leafs through it and finds a photo of the two of them she had tucked in there so his dad didn’t destroy it. Tandy tells Daphne they can play hooky today together and go get mani pedis.

Daphne isn’t happy her mom is gone. Tandy calls Rayna and says she can’t interfere and there’s a restraining order. Rayna is stalking outside the sound check place in Nashville. Glenn shows up for Maddie and Cash isn’t happy to see him.

Cash says that’s why they have Ty there and Glenn explains that managers and lawyers are two different things and Ty agrees. He says his insight is free and he’s just there to help. Clearly Cash thinks she can be her manager.

Deacon comes to see Frankie and says he should not have said things about Cash. Deacon sits and Frankie says he always crosses lines. Frankie says it’s his bar before all his fancy upgrades. Frankie says he’s buying him out and he better sign the paper or he’s going to sue him for everything he’s got.

He tells Deacon the sign is coming down and says get out before I call the cops. Autumn and Gunnar work on a song and he’s crabby. She calls him Marcia and says have a Snickers. He tells her about the headphone commercial. Autumn says it sounds like it’s only good for Scarlett.

Autumn says he can be upset whether it’s Scarlett’s fault or not. She says The Exes are his creation and he needs to take credit for it. He thanks her. What a master manipulator. Will shows up to his mom’s funeral. He walks down to the front and whispers break out.

His Aunt Betty is at the podium. Betty greets Will with a small smile. Will stands to go speak about his mother and Betty holds his dad back from getting up. Will says he’s Charlene’s son and says I love you mom. He starts crying and goes back to his pew to cry.

Avery goes to Layla’s and says he’s sorry for overreacting. He says the problem is there were pictures at all and says being part of a celebrity couple is a circus. Layla says she gets that and says he’s J’s baby daddy and she’s the girl who said dumb stuff on reality TV.

Avery says he doesn’t want them to assign them a cute nickname but she says that’s the only high spot to being in a celeb couple. Kesha runs over to greet Juliette and says she’s there with Noah West. He hugs her and checks her out appreciatively.

Kesha and Noah have to step away and Juliette rolls her eyes at her handsome dumb date. Tandy tells Daphne about two sisters and says one of them got left behind after she argued with her parents. Tandy says one wanted to be free.

Tandy says Rayna wanted to sing and she decided to be the good daughter who would never cry where her dad could see her. Daphne says her mom is sad all the time and all she cares about is Maddie. Tandy says Rayna loves her but Daphne says she’s not there.

Cash introduces Maddie and says see for yourselves. She introduces her as Maddie James. Cash approaches Rayna then asks how far is 100 feet and tells her she’s not legally her daughter. Rayna asks if it was her idea to have Maddie use her last name.

She tells Cash she’s got her eye on her. Cash says leave before I call the cops and she goes. Noah approaches Juliette at the bar and asks her to dance. She says Kesha might not like that but he says they’re just friends. He says she did him a favor by coming at the last minute.

Juliette says at least he has a friend and she had to take a stranger her publicist set her up with. J says people want to date the celebrity not the person and he asks her to dance again. He pulls her onto the dance floor. Ken tells Luke that he’s suffering over this Will thing.

Ken says Will it taking him down and he needs to cut him loose. Luke says it’s time to cut someone loose and fires Ken after he tells him he’s on the right side of history and calls Ken a bigot. Will is outside and his dad says sorry for not calling him.

He thanks him for not making a scene at the funeral. Will tells his dad he has no idea of what respect is. Will says he is what he made him and is his son. Will says you never knew what mom wanted and never asked. Will says mom loved him and shows him the photo she hid in her Bible.

He says if his mother died of a broken heart it’s because he threw away her son. Will storms off. Autumn is on stage and talks about being stuck on a lyric. Scarlett asks to talk to Gunnar and then Autumn calls him onstage to sing their new song. Scarlett is stunned.

He says it’s just one song. Scarlett says you better go keep the boss happy and Autumn gets the crowd chanting. Will is leaving when a guy calls him a homo. His dad is there and threatens the guy who says sorry Bill.

Bill hands him back the photo and tells his son he’s glad he came. Ty tells Maddie that Tupelo Creek has interest and he thinks it’s a good option and Glenn endorses it too. Cash says Doug might be close with Rayna still and Cash says they need to leave Nashville.

She encourages Maddie to go with Lennox Hill and move to New York. Cash say she needs a clean break but Glenn says Maddie has been through a lot and shouldn’t leave her support system. Maddie looks unsure.

Deacon is at an AA meeting and says we always say it gets better but says it doesn’t and he lost it all. He says it’s a lie. Deacon walks out but the leader asks him not to go. He won’t stop. Juliette dances with Noah and mentions that her date left.

Noah says he paid him $100 to leave. J says this has been a better night than she thought it would. Noah says it’s been a rough year for her and he tried to call but her number was changed. She says sorry. Juliette says he was great to her on the movie set.

Noah says he had an ulterior motive and says he had a big crush on her and still does. J says she has a room upstairs and he says he’d like to see it. Rayna comes home and Tandy is waiting to hear what happened. Rayna says she signed with Lennox Hill and is moving to New York.

Rayna says Maddie is doing what she did. Tandy says there’s lot of road ahead and they’ll find their way back to each other. Rayna admits she and Tandy did that. Rayna is near tears. Scarlett tells Noel she’ll do the headphone commercial.

Avery says he has to go but Layla tries to get him to stay. She takes a call from Glenn who says he looked into the photos and says there was an anonymous tip telling the guy to hang out in an alley. He says he’s getting interview requests and people are interested.

Layla is pleased and Glenn says it’s almost like we planned it. She doesn’t comment and ends the call. Layla smiles at herself in the mirror. Juliette tells Noah they made headlines. She says they can publish a denial but he says they can go with it and say hell yes.

Noah says he’d like to see where it goes but she looks cautious. Juliette says she’s surprised and he kisses her sweetly. Avery sees the story too. He looks uncertain. Daphne finds Rayna making her pancakes. She tells Daphne that it’s been tough and she’s been strong.

Rayna says she doesn’t have to be and can cry, scream or break things. Daphne says she hates seeing her sad but Rayna says they’ll get through this. Daphne asks about Deacon. Rayna says they have to find their footing without Maddie and Daphne says she hates her sister.

Rayna says you’re mad but don’t hate her. She says you can still love someone while you’re mad at them. Daphne hugs her mom and says she loves her. Rayna looks sadly at a family photo. Deacon sits at his house alone and looking at a bottle in a paper bag.

He starts to crack the seal on the bottle but then his phone rings. It’s Rayna. He looks at the phone and takes the call while he sets the bottle down.