Nashville Season Recap 5/18/16: Season 4 Episode 20 “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”

Nashville Season Recap 5/18/16: Season 4 Episode 20 "It's Sure Gonna Hurt"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday May 18, season 4 episode 20 called, “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt.” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Elton John performs with Gunnar. (Sam Palladio) Meanwhile, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) does some soul-searching.

On the last episode Juliette had a reunion with Noah West, her former costar, and got to meet Kesha. Meanwhile, Rayna tried once again to safeguard Maddie from the hazards young artists face; Scarlett disliked Gunnar’s growing rapport with Autumn; and Will endured a loss. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Elton John performs with Gunnar. Meanwhile, Scarlett does some soul-searching; Rayna and Deacon reflect on their relationship; and Luke goes on a talk show to speak about a cause close to his heart, but then his focus shifts to a family emergency.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with The View and an appearance by Luke Wheeler. Whoopie talks about his feud with Cynthia Davis. He says he made a plea to have Will Lexington’s song played and Cynthia accused him of shaming people. Luke says the conversation should be about his music.

Luke says any discrimination is just wrong. Raven says she’s confused and asks where’s Will. He says Will just lost his mom and they ask why he cares more than Will. Luke says Will cares. Dr Vores meets with Rayna and Deacon for counseling.

Noah and Juliette make out on her plane and her driver says the plan is unloaded. J thanks him for being what she needed the past few days. She gets up to go and Noah asks why doesn’t she come with him to New York. Juliette says she misses her daughter and says have fun.

Scarlett and Gunnar get their schedule from their manager and he asks if they’re not talking again. He goes to check them out. Autumn interrupts and says she needs a break then asks if they have plans. Scarlett says she’s shooting a commercial.

Autumn says she was going to meet her friend Elton John and was going to invite them along. Gunnar says he has nothing going on and takes off with her. Scarlett tells their manager it’s time to get going. Will takes a call from his dad and Avery is surprised.

He says his dad has called him twice recently. Will says it’s a start. He gets a call from Luke who says he’s checking in on him. Will says it’s been rough but things are looking up with his dad. He asks if he saw him on The View. Luke says he needs Will to show up with him. He agrees.

Luke says we have an interview later today and Will agrees to show but he’s not happy. Noah shows up to Juliette’s door and says he doesn’t want to see her just on the red carpet and hotel rooms. She says her life is complicated and he says that’s fine and he wants to get to know her.

Juliette says why not and lets him in. Deacon is bickering with Rayna in counseling and says he wanted to have a conversation with Frankie and Rayna says it was stupid and he didn’t tell her because he knew it was stupid and says this cycle repeats itself.

Deacon says he’d like to be the guy who doesn’t make the same mistake and Rayna says it’s not just twice, it’s a lifetime. Noah is making them some healthy food and talks about nutrition. Juliette does not look enthused.

Layla stops by with a gift for Avery – it’s a tie to match her dress and she’s flustered but he says he’s happy to wear it. He says he got her something sort of. He says Cadence is with her mom tonight so he’s hers all night.

Gunnar fanboys on the plane talking to Autumn about Elton John. Autumn asks why he hasn’t tried a solo career. Gunnar says he’s happy to sing with Scarlett and Autumn says nothing lasts forever. Rayna says she wants a healthier past and says Teddy is the anti-Deacon.

The doctor says she let in and shut Deacon out when she wanted despite the walls she put up around her. Rayna says she and Deacon are magic on stage. She says there is something inevitable about their relationship and they’re tied.

Avery goes to drop Cadence off at Juliette’s and he says she’s teething and cranky. He asks if she’s cooking. She says Noah is there and cooking. Avery says that’s fast and asks if it’s okay for him to be around Cadence. Juliette says Cadence spends time with Layla too and invites him inside.

Noah greets Avery and he says he’s making some marinara and offers some to Avery who says no thanks. Avery takes off and Juliette introduces Cadence to Noah and her daughter laughs. Luke tells Will he fired Kenneth over this issue.

Will says sorry but Luke says he never liked him much anyway. Luke is told there’s an emergency call from Fort Benning and takes the call. He says Colt was in an accident and tells Will he has to do the radio show on his own and he takes off.

Scarlett is at the photo shoot for her headphone ad and meets the head of promotion for the company. He says her theme is Joy. Jackie Hudson, the photographer, comes to give her a pep talk. Deacon tells the therapist about all the shame he lives with and says he’s the guy who lets Rayna down.

The doc asks who is Rayna to him and Deacon says she’s everything. He says without her, music means nothing and says he’s had to wrap his mind around trying to live without her too many times and can’t face it again.

The doc asks what if he had to. Deacon looks tearful and sighs. Will is at the radio show and the guy recounts his musical highs and lows. Will says it’s made him a stronger artist. Then the guy asks about a being a gay country artist coming out.

He asks Will about the impact to the gay community. Will says he can only speak to his experience and the music. Glenn meets Layla at her album premiere and Avery is there at the Bluebird to meet her. They walk the red carpet together.

He says he’s worried about Cadence and tells her Noah West was at Juliette’s house. He says he doesn’t want her distracted while taking care of the baby. He says tonight will be perfect and smiles at her. Luke is at the hospital and finds Colt there.

He’s knocked out on pain meds. His grandpa is there and says he got jumped by a couple of other recruits because of all of Luke’s gay stuff. Colt’s grandpa blames Luke then walks out. The therapist brings Deacon and Rayna back in together.

He talks about Deacon’s sense of guilt and Rayna’s issues with men that are unreliable like her dad and Deacon. He says Deacon sees Rayna as an unattainable ideal. He says Deacon needs to move past the built and Rayna towards forgiveness.

The doctor says they have a lot of mythology built around their bond. He says they love each other but needs to ask what they’re both getting out of the relationship.

Scarlett dances and poses. Jackie says Scarlett just looks scared and she clears the room and kicks people out. Jackie says now you can stop hiding. Alicia introduces Gunnar to Elton John. Elton says Autumn gave him some of his tracks and says he’s a fan.

Elton asks which of his new songs he likes and he says Blue Wonderful and says you have to sing with me tonight. Deacon and Rayna drive home and she says Daphne is spending the night with a friend. Bucky introduces the Highway 65 launch of Layla’s album.

Avery texts to check on Cadence as Layla and Avery take the stage to perform. Avery is distracted and checks his phone while playing. Avery sees a call from Juliette and wants to get it but he has to perform. Juliette rocks an upset Cadence and Noah takes the crying baby.

He offers her a wooden spoon and says his niece loved the wooden spoon because the cold hurt her gums. J says he’s full of surprises. Sarge gets on to Luke and says he always hurts Colt and asks why he starts this crusade.

Sarge says it’s not going well and Luke says his son was getting his head kicked in while he was fighting for Will. Luke says he was just trying to do the right thing and is angry at Sarge. Will is greeted by a guy in front of his house. He says he is speaking for other people.

Will asks what he means. The guy says he had a hard time coming to terms with who he was and says Will speaking his truth gave him confidence to speak his truth. The guy says he made him feel like he’s not alone. Will says he’s glad it helped. The guy takes off.

Rayna and Deacon get home and he says he’s done. He says he’s done being the screw-up in her life and needs to relieve them both. Rayna says don’t just decide that after today and says they’re trying to work through it. Rayna says this will take more than one day.

Deacon says what can get fixed and says he can’t undo what he did and this is their happily ever after. Rayna asks if he’s going to leave again and he asks if it’s what she wants. Deacon says think about it babe.

Layla asks where’s Avery and he’s in the back making a call. Juliette says Noah got Cadence calmed down and it’s good now. They end the call but Avery is agitated. Scarlett talks to Jackie about being a writer of poetry. Jackie says she can tell she feels things deeply.

She mentions a duet she wrote about her uncle and the love of his life. Scarlett admits there’s a lot of her in it too. Jackie says let’s shoot. Gunnar is freaking out before he takes the stage with Elton John. He says he’s going to vomit but Autumn encourages him.

She calls him rock star and he takes the stage with his idol. Colt wakes up finally and is surprised to find his dad there. Sarge says he can have Luke thrown out. Colt tells them to stop it and says he wants his dad there. Luke says he’s sorry and Colt says it’s not his fault.

Colt says he threw the first punch defending him and says he wanted to. Colt says he’s proud of Luke. Cynthia Davis goes off on Will on her show and talks about Luke’s homosexual agenda. She calls him morally depraved and says they should disappear.

Jackie tells Scarlett to be in the moment. She takes photos while she plays the duet for her. Scarlett thinks about Gunnar and their first kiss. She thinks about working with him and him holding her after her mom died and their recent tumble in bed.

Scarlett looks so sad. Jackie keeps shooting. Jackie says it’s perfect. Scarlett says it hurts too much. Jackie ask what she’s scared of. So looks like “joy” is not part of that shoot. Rayna tells Deacon she wants Maddie back and he says he does too.

Rayna cries. Autumn tells Gunnar that Elton called him a natural. She says he can do anything he wants all on his own. Gunnar says it was a dream come true and thanks her. Autumn says she likes doing things for people she likes and she likes him a lot.

Noah and Juliette watch Tommy Boy and he calls it a mess while she calls it the best buddy comedy of all time. J says maybe we should go to bed. Glenn tells Layla that everyone is raving about the album and tells Layla to go celebrate.

Avery says he wants to check on Cadence at Juliette’s and she says why are we celebrating and says Rayna didn’t make it to the launch and says Rayna blew her off, then let Autumn give her tour spot away. She says her label doesn’t care about her.

Layla says Rayna ruined her night and Avery says I’m going to take you out and we’re going to turn this around. She asks about Cadence and he says she’s fine. Layla says he’s the best boyfriend. The Exes’ manager finds Scarlett crying on the steps.

She says Gunnar is right, she’s afraid of the truth. She says she’s in love with Gunnar. Gunnar is making out with Autumn and they’re undressing. Juliette tells Noah he’s a great guy and says he’s great with her daughter and passionate but she’s not sure they have the same interests.

She says they don’t have the connection she needs to feel right now. He says the fantasy is better than the reality. She says we tried. Noah says he probably should leave and gets dressed and goes. Colt and his dad joke around and Will calls Luke to check on him.

Will says word spread and Cynthia Davis is on the rampage again. Will says he decided to go on her show and take her on face to face. Luke says he’ll make the call and book the time. Will says he’ll take it from here. Luke says go get her son.

Rayna lies in bed beside Deacon and they are both miserable. She puts her hand on his back and he touches her hand after hesitating.