NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 11/27/16: Season 8 Episode 10 “Sirens”

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 11/27/16: Season 8 Episode 10 "Sirens"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all new Sunday, November 27, 2016, season 8 episode 10 called, “Sirens” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles episode, as per the CBS synopsis, “a new lead in the ongoing mole investigation is uncovered after two men disguised as sheriff’s deputies are killed in front of Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) home by an unknown female assailant.”

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Ep 10 ‘Sirens’ Recap

NCIS: Los Angeles begins tonight with a police officer chasing a young woman down the street, he raises his gun as a police car arrives on scene and the young woman turns around and shoots both the officers, before stealing the car. This all happens in front of G. Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) house.

As the officers are taken away by the coroners, Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) makes sure Callen is okay but Callen is upset that the Sheriff’s office had to pay the price. Sam asks Callen if his Dad is okay and he tells him Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) has brought him to a secure location.

Sam offers his condolences to the Deputy from LAPD, and he informs them both that the two men killed were not police officers. Sam offers NCIS’ help into finding out who these guys were and what they were doing. Once the Deputy leaves, Sam tells Callen that since they weren’t sheriffs maybe they were there to kill him, so now the question is who was the one who killed them?

Eric Beale (Barrett Foa) informs them that it appears the shooter was a female; Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) tells them a dog-walker just saw the stolen sheriff’s car a couple blocks from them, and Sam and Callen tell her they are going to check it out.

Hetty is in her office reviewing papers when Nell confirms that the men killed on Callen’s street last night were not law enforcement officers, but they are trying to find out who they are, as well as who the shooter was. Nell then sits down and asks Hetty for another chance to question Carl Brown. Nell says she is not going to give up until she gets some answers, and she has a plan.

Sam continues to question Callen if he knows for sure his father is somewhere far away and this isn’t his handiwork. Sam lectures Callen about keeping secrets, because if he doesn’t tell his loved ones what is going on, he is exactly the same as his father. They arrive at the site of the stolen police car, and it is burnt to a crisp. Sam observes there are no cameras around and tells Callen to stay close to him.

Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) is amazed by the story Callen is telling him. Deeks says its obvious they are looking for an angry ex-girlfriend. Callen and Deeks keep joking about it. Eric Beale comes down and shows the team that both of the fake sheriffs has a photo of the same woman on their phone. No one recognizes her, but Beale says it sure seems like she is the shooter. They have a video showing her coming to his front door, but again, Callen is unsure why.

Deeks stays with Beale, who offers Deeks to go home to Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah). Deeks refuses to leave because both their moms are visiting them, and its too many moms for him. Meanwhile, at Deeks and Kensi’s home, Kensi is going crazy with the moms. One is brushing her hair and picking outfits for her, while the other is cutting up her food like a child.

Kensi tells them to stop, and they keep bugging her. Kensi gives both the moms something to do, and pushes them both out of the house. Seconds after they leave, someone knocks at her door. It ends up being Kensi’s friend from rehab, and he is carrying a case of beer, saying he didn’t think she was the flowery type. She invites him in.

Nell visits Carl again, trying to interrogate him. She sits down and starts telling him a story in her life about a tough guy she hung out with and he ended up and jail, she went to college. Carl asks her if she is saying crime doesn’t pay. She says she was young and thought she could help and save him, but couldn’t. She said she never saw him again after he went to jail, Carl taunts her and says that maybe he is in there with him and how ironic that would be.

She said he wasn’t in there because he was like Carl, who felt he was better than everyone else until one day all the inmates took turns stomping on his head, until they crushed his skull. Carl says that maybe he wasn’t that tough after all, Nell tells him that her boyfriend was a lot tougher than Carl, and one day Carl will not be in solitary, and there will be a price on his head.

Deeks sneaks up on Beale who is humming, Deeks cuts him off from singing. An alarm goes off and Beale gets up and starts shaking all his limps telling Deeks its a reminder for him to stand up and move so his feet don’t fall asleep. Meanwhile at the prison, Nell tells Carl this is her last visit.

She continues to inform him that inmates see him having many visits with an agent and it look like he is a rat. “Snitches get stitches and turn into bitches”. She tells him there is 50K on his head, and she said the next time she comes he will talk, if they haven’t cut out his tongue.

Carl starts to give Nell information on Natalie, they met at a dive bar and the next day they went to the Santa Monica Pier. Beale follows his social media trail. Natalie turned Brown, leaked the info and poisoned Grainger, so that would be a few months ago. Deeks moves Nell’s chair, and Beale isn’t happy. Together they find the bar Natalie and Carl met at.

Beale tells Deeks they have to wait while the computers look for Natalie and Carl in social media pictures. Beale tells him welcome to OPS. Deeks starts babbling about getting better technology in OPS, when the computer beeps and Deeks asks Beale if this time it is pilates? Beale tells him the dead fake sheriffs are Dexter Frazier and Perry Verona.

Deeks takes the intel and leaves, but not before fixing Nell’s chair. Beale says he is calling Callen and Sam. Beale is glad to be rid of Deeks, calls Sam and tells him the fake sheriffs worked for a solar roofing company, and to meet Deeks there. As they are getting into their car, Sam tells Callen it looks like he is going to have to move too, now that his address has been compromised. Callen agrees, but sounds a bit disappointed even though he admits he never settles on one place to live.

Callen, Sam and Deeks enter the place where the solar roofing company is supposed to be, but are greeted by a very young, scrawny security officer who leads them up to the stairs to the office. Once they inform him that they are federal agents, he says the cameras have been down for months, and they don’t have photo ID set up yet.

The security guy tells them he wants to become law enforcement, and he would be perfect for undercover. Sam can’t help but smirk, Callen tells the guy he should speak to Deeks since he is LAPD and has done a lot of undercover work. They open the doors to the office, and there is paperwork all over the place, they show the guard pictures of the dead sheriffs and he says both of them were working there yesterday.

Deeks, Sam and Callen return to the office, and Deeks cell phone keeps ringing, both Callen and Sam start laughing and tell him to answer it; it’s Vinny the security guard! Sam gave him the number saying Deeks could be a good mentor. Deeks asks him where he even got his business card from, Sam tells him from his desk, the whole box is empty and Deeks asks them if that is why he has been getting prank calls?

Beale comes back with more information, that both roofers were former military. Afterwards they both became truck drivers in Iraq, hired by private contractors. Deeks says they are right back where they started. They don’t know who these guys work for and why they were killed. Sam tells Beale that the there were 6 people working for the roofing company, so there are still two men and two women out there. Beale says he is on it.

Hetty is watching her team from upstairs. Beale sees her and she tells him, “the wolves are at the doors, I can feel it! I am not sure it is safe to trust anyone anymore!” Beale looks at her sadly.

Kensi walks with her rehab partner, and he tells her that he is being sent back to his unit, the medical board has cleared him for duty status. He says the guys will make fun of his one leg, but he will be happy to be back with them. He entices her to take a ride in his “redneck” truck.

Beale is back to singing in the OPS room and discovers something. Nell is still talking to Carl Brown who is asking to go back to his cell. Nell says maybe he should straighten up his back a bit. Her phone vibrates and Carl tells her there is no cellphones allowed. Nell shows him the photo and asks if that is Natalie Grant. Just by the way he looks back at her, she knows it is.

Beale rushes down to let the team know that the shooter at Callen’s is Natalie Grant, also known as Amber Wilcox, a massage therapist in Texas. Callen gets up and says what if she wasn’t trying to kill Callen, and maybe she was coming to him for help. He explains that they have removed Carl Brown’s handler and put him in isolation in prison, so has no where to turn to, and needs to turn to the people she was originally trying to kill.

After tossing around ideas, Beale says maybe she is hiding at Carl’s house, the one he inherited years earlier. Hetty comes down and tells the team she is coming with them because her career depends on it. Deeks is left with her, but she insists on driving and she beats Callen and Sam to their destination.

Deeks asks if she was the one who taught Nell to drive, and she said she gave her some defensive driving lessons. Hetty tells him he should get a haircut; Deeks tells her next time he will wear a helmet, possibly a parachute and definitely a diaper.

Sam drops a camera inside the house, and they know that Natalie is in the house. Callen and Sam go rushing in calling her name. Deeks tells Hetty to stay close, but when he turns around she is gone. She is in the kitchen and when she tells Natalie its over, Natalie runs straight at her and Sam clotheslines her.

They question her, and when Natalie demands things, Hetty tells the guys let’s go, admitting that Natalie is more valuable as bait than for information. Natalie says they can’t leave her there, she will talk but they need to get her out of there. They take her to the boat shed. Deeks wants to ride with Callen and Sam, but Hetty tells her to get into the car. Nell informs Carl that they have Natalie, and she was leaving. Carl asks her if the story was true about that guy, she doesn’t tell him.

As Sam and Callen are driving to the boat shed, two vehicles pin them in and start shooting at them. Natalie tries to run and they end up shooting her in the leg. The two vehicles vanish, but Natalie is injured pretty bad. Sam calls for an ambulance while Callen asks her who she works for, and where she met them. She said her name got leaked about a hit on someone, she was on her way to Callen’s house for help when they showed up.

Sam checks her gunshot wound, and as Natalie says they probably worked for the same person she did, she gives them the name Ray and where she meets him. Natalie dies as Callen relays the information to Beale. The team find a woman in a photo, Grainger walks in and says her name is Heather, and she tried to pick him up a few months ago in a bar.

Hetty tells them she wants to send them all home, but she cannot guarantee that will be safe. Callen tells her they will handle it. Deeks says he is going home to Kensi. Callen asks Grainger if he really wants to wait til morning, he says, “What do you think?”

Deeks comes home and finds a note from Kensi saying that dinner is in the fridge and she made it all by herself. Hetty walks in on Kensi doing shooting practice, Kensi tells her that she is taking the NCIS special agent fitness test so she can prove she is ready to come back. Hetty tells her that she doesn’t think she is ready to come back.

Hetty tells her to prove it by shooting with her left hand. Kensi jokes about it, but is unable to hit the target, and tells Hetty she just needs a little more practice. Hetty tells her to take her time. Grainger goes to the bar, orders a drink and the bartender says he reminds him of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, like a badass, but also a little sad.

Deeks says he isn’t wrong, that Bogart didn’t get the girl in the end either. Grainger says “Cheers!” and sips his drink. Sam promises they will get her; her and everyone else behind this. They are going to find the head of this snake and chop it off!