Once Upon a Time Recap – Once a Beast, Always a Beast: Season 5 Episode 17 “Her Handsome Hero”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Once a Beast, Always a Beast: Season 5 Episode 17 "Her Handsome Hero"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday April 10, season 5 episode 17 called, “Her Handsome Hero” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Gaston’s (Wes Brown) passion for revenge is ignited by Hades, (Greg Germann) who wants him to go after Rumplestiltskin. (Robert Carlyle)

On the last episode, Belle and Zelena arrived in the Underworld, where Belle received some life-changing news. Meanwhile, Snow and David tried to send a message to their son; and in a flashback, Hades seek a potential ally in Zelena when he visited her in Oz. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Belle turns to Rumplestiltskin with hope of finding a way to protect their child from Hades. However, they disagree over whether to use dark magic, as Belle forbids Rumplestiltskin from using his powers for evil.

Meanwhile, Hades secretly meets with Gaston in the Underworld and encourages him to seek revenge on Rumplestiltskin. As the heroes try to find a way to defeat Hades, Emma has a terrifying nightmare that she realizes is beginning to come true. And in flashbacks, Belle and Gaston meet for the first time, but their blossoming romance comes to a halt on the eve of the Ogre wars.”

Tonight’s season 5 episode 17 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime starts with Belle back in the Enchanted Forest and her father telling her a new suitor has come to call on her – it’s Gaston! She says she’s not interested but her father says they need protection he can offer.

Gaston is there and comes into the room. Her dad introduces them and Gaston kisses her hand. He’s more handsome and gallant than she expected and she agrees to take a walk with him. Now, in the underworld, Belle goes to see Gold at his shop.

She tells him she needs his help because she can’t lose her child. She says she knows he’ll fight for their child but says no dark magic. She says Merlin told her that someone could wield the dark dagger without being utterly dark.

Gold says darkness is part of the deal but she demands he do things her way. Emma tries to magic the names off of the headstones and Hook tells her to stop because a storm is brewing. They run to take shelter as a twister touches down. They hide behind a tomb.

The storm subsides and Snow says something is out there. She’s knocked off her feet. Emma wakes from a bad dream and tells Hook it was nothing. They’re keeping watch on the roof and he tells her he can watch and she should sleep but she’s not willing to rest.

Emma spots the signal and they take off to meet the others at the library. Emma hugs her mom and then Regina says come help. There’s a protection spell on the elevator down to Hades’ lair and Regina is hoping to break the magic so they can use it.

Regina and Emma use their magic to light up the runes on the door. Emma wonders what if she can burn the names off the headstones and says it came to her in a dream. Hook says he never questions her dreams and says he’ll come along. Snow wants to go as well and Emma says no.

Regina promises to meet them there after talking to Zelena. She says Zelena might be the only person who knows if Hades has a weakness. Hades watches Zelena walk down the street and he looks a bit sad. Then he notices something in the rubble.

It’s a flower. He plucks it and walks away after looking around suspiciously. Hades finds Gaston in the underworld pet shelter and Gaston asks why he’s there. Hades says Belle is visiting town along with the Beast who stole her and murdered him.

Hades says he can get his shot at revenge. Gaston asks why he cares. Hades says he’s seen flowers growing all over town. He says nothing should grow here – things only decay. Hades says it’s hope caused by the new arrivals and hope has taken root.

He says if the souls have hope they will move on. He lights up in blue flames and tells Gaston he must punish Rumple and the other interlopers. He asks how he can defeat the dark one and Hades magics him some powerful arrows and tells him to go kill the greatest beast of them all.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Gaston flirts with Belle and says he’s not the man she’s heard about in gossip. He says he has a friend who spreads tall tales to embarrass him. Gaston hears a noise and pulls out his bow and tells her to stay there while he investigates a loud noise.

Instead of remaining behind, Belle goes after him. She finds him looking down into a hunting pit. He says war is closer than they thought and says that’s an ogre. Belle says there’s never been an ogre near the castle. Belle says the ogre is young and could have wandered too far from home.

Gaston wants to take the beast to her father but she says no because he’ll be tortured and he’s just a child. Belle asks him to trust her and let her find out what the ogre was up to without the creature being harmed. Gaston agrees.

Now, Belle and Gold flip through books looking for light magic spells to help them. He says those are not strong enough. He says you can’t turn darkness to light no matter what Merlin said. She says this was a mistake and walks out of the shop.

Gold goes after her and an arrow zooms past her towards Gold. Belle sees Gaston and shoots another arrow at Gold who catches it in his hand. He remarks on the arrows that Hades gave him. Belle tries to talk him down but Gaston says no.

He shoots again and Gold magics them away in a puff of smoke. Belle is furious to hear that Gold killed Gaston when they were engaged and kept it from her all these years. Gold says one scratch from the arrow will leave him trapped in the underworld river forever and he can’t protect their child.

Gold says Hades sent Gaston because he knew she wouldn’t let him hurt Gaston. Belle says she won’t let Gold hurt him. She says they’ll help Gaston move on and that will get him away from them and says Hook told her people moving on will weaken Hades.

At the cemetery, things go just like in Emma’s dream. They take shelter and then Emma says a monster came. They hear a growl and Snow says she’ll take a look but Emma says no. Snow stops and says what do we do and Emma says we run. They take off.

Regina finds Zelena at the diner and sits down with her. She asks Regina about her daughter and Regina says she’s safely hidden away with Robin in the woods. Zelena says Hades will never give up looking for her. Regina says let’s act like sister for once.

She asks what happened between her and Hades. Zelena says he feel in love with her and Regina is stunned. Zelena says the idea that anyone can love me is ridiculous. Regina asks if she loves Hades and says he’s keeping them all there and needs to know his weakness.

Zelena says that’s all she wanted but Regina insists she’s concerned about her. Zelena says as far as she knows, their love is his only weakness. Emma, Hook and Snow take shelter in an underground crypt from the monster. Snow wants to take a shot at it but Emma says no.

She tells her mother that she died in her dream. Belle searches the pet shelter for information on Gaston while Rumple says this is no good. Belle asks him to magic open Gaston’s locker and he asks isn’t that dark. Belle says it’s not murder and Gold says it’s all about perspective but opens it.

Belle thanks him then searches it. She finds a battered old book and says she’s Gaston’s unfinished business. She says she’s going to wait for Gaston and tells Rumple to go and let her handle it. He does. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle showed Gaston a book about magical items.

She says this should tell them what the ogre was after. Gaston says she has a lot of fire and remarks that she was raised well. Belle says her mother told her to love books and says this is the book her mother first gave her and it’s called “Her Handsome Hero.”

He thinks it’s a romance novel but she says it’s about what makes a man a true hero and offers it to him as a gift. He says since it’s her favorite book, he’ll read it through twice and calls her a woman of substance. He moves to kiss her but then she spots an entry about the Mirror of Souls.

She says that it shows if someone has evil intentions. She wants to get it to check and see if the ogre is up to no good. She says she’ll go get the object an hour’s ride away while Gaston watches the ogre. She says she’ll see him soon and they each go their separate ways.

Belle hears a shelter dog barking and calls out thinking it’s Gaston. It’s Hades. She asks what he wants and he says the baby in her belly then says he’s there to help. He says he can make her a deal. She says she married a man who makes deals and knows what that means.

Hades reminds her that her father told her not to judge people unless you know their whole story. He says he knows she wants to help Gaston move on. Hades says he wants Gaston and Rumple to stay in conflict. He gets close and touches her belly. He says he knows she wants it most in the world.

Hades says this is the easiest deal in the world. He says let Rumple face Gaston and if one of them ends up in the river of souls, he’ll take the mark off her baby. Belle says no. Hades says love makes you do crazy things and says with her child on the line, she’s capable of anything.

Hades says let me know if you change your mind and walks out. Regina shows up to her underworld vault and finds Emma, Snow and Hook hiding there. Emma tells her about the dream of Snow dying in her dream. Regina says maybe the dream is about Emma working out issues.

Emma says she has no issues. They all stare but Hook agrees with Regina and asks what’s up. Emma says she feels like she failed everyone since they’re all still trapped. She says she was dumb to bring everyone down there and should have done it alone.

She says now she’s frightened someone will die and she can’t forgive herself. Snow says they all wanted to come and knew it would be hard. Snow says love is worth it and says let’s face the monster together. Gaston creeps into Gold’s underworld shop with an arrow at the ready.

He fires the arrow and the person at the table falls over. It’s not Rumple, though. Belle is there and asks if he’d really kill Rumple. It’s a mannequin she set up. He says all he cares about is seeing Gold dead and she shows him the book she found in his locker.

Belle says she wants to help him move on and asks if she’s his unfinished business. He says he tried to throw the book out 1000 times and it always comes back and says it’s part of his punishment. He says it reminds him why he died – because she made him weak.

He rants and says he should have gone after Rumple with an army but tried to do what was right. He says the book is wrong about compassion being the trait of a hero. Gaston asks why she defends Rumple and doesn’t want him dead.

She says he’s her husband and Gaston is stunned. He says good old Belle always did have a soft spot for a monster. Back in the EF, she shows her dad the mirror and says the eyes don’t lie. She says Gaston is guarding the ogre but they find him on the ground.

He comes to and says the ogre had escaped and ambushed him. Belle says she’s sorry and he says he concern for him made it worth it. Her father says he’ll hunt down the ogre but Gaston asks to lead the hunting party since it harmed him. Her father agrees.

Belle says she wants to come along with the mirror and says perhaps the ogre was defending himself. Her father tells Belle to go home and Gaston tells her it will be fine. They ride away. Now, Belle talks to Gold and tells him about the deal that Hades offered. She says he can’t hurt Gaston.

She tells him the details of the deal and says she turned down Hades’ offer. Gold says he wants to be the good man for her but then magics away as he says he can’t be that man today. She knows he’s going after Gaston.

Back in the EF, Gaston and the men chase down the ogre, but Belle is not far behind them. She didn’t go home like she was told. Gaston sees the ogre tracks stopped and tells the men to draw weapons. They spot it high up in a tree and Gaston shoots it, knocking it down.

He does to shoot it again and Belle says no. She has the mirror and says she can’t let this happen without seeing the truth. Belle notices the ogre has lash marks on him and sees that Gaston’s eyes are glowing in the mirror fragment.

She says he tortured the ogre while she was gone. She tells him he’s the monster, not the ogre. She says if you want to shoot it, shoot me first. The ogre nods to her gratefully then runs off. Gaston says that decision may come back to haunt them.

Now, Gaston is trapped by Gold’s magic at the waterfront. He tells Gaston he gets to spend eternity trapped in the waters. Gaston says Rumple will always be a beast. Belle shows up and says stop. She says let me tell you one thing before you do this.

Belle says she has always known who he really is and that’s why she loves him. She kisses him and then grabs the dagger from his pocket and commands him not to hurt Gaston. But then Gaston grabs for his arrows and Belle knocks him into the water to save Rumple.

Gaston is swarmed by the lost souls as she watches in horror. Back in the EF, Belle talks to her father about the ogres and why they’re making war. She suggests his treatment of the ogres is the problem. He says no matter what they need the army from Gaston’s territory.

Her dad says Gaston still wants her. Then Gaston shows up and asks if she heard the good news that their kingdoms will unite and she’ll rule with him over a greater kingdom. He kneels and asks for her to be his queen. She hesitates then accepts.

Now, Belle is horrified that she knocked him into the water and Gold hugs her and thanks her for saving him and their child. Hades shows up and says not so fast. He says the baby is still his since she was the one who threw Gaston in the river, not Gold.

Hades says that was a fun surprise and Belle calls him a monster. Hades says she’s the one who doomed her ex to eternal torment. She asks why Hades pushed her to his. He says he has his reason. He kneels by a flower and watches it wilt. He plucks it and calls it beautiful.

He puffs away with magic and Gold holds Belle close. Zelena is served a tureen at the diner and she sees a flower and a card with her name on it. It’s the wilted blossom Hades plucked. She smiles at the sight. Snow and the others chase the monster.

Snow says the dream was a vision and they see a wolf. Snow says the vision was about finding her. She tosses a red cloak over the wolf and we see it transforms to Red. Snow shakes her and tries to wake her but she’s unconscious.