Project Runway Finale Recap – Winner Announced: Season 15 Episode 14

Project Runway Finale Recap - Winner Announced: Season 15 Episode 14

Tonight on Lifetime their Emmy Award nominated series Project Runway airs with an all-new Thursday, December 22, 2016, episode and we have your Project Runway recap below!  On tonight’s Project Runway season 15 episode 13 “Finale Part 2,” as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Conclusion. New York Fashion Week arrives in the Season 15 finale. Here, the designers scramble to put the final touches on their collections, and the winner is then revealed. Guest judge: Zendaya.

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Part 2 of the Season 15 Project Runway finale kicks off on Lifetime tonight with the final four designers: Rik Villa, Roberi Parra, Erin Robertson, and Laurence Basse. The remaining contestants are rushing around to complete their final collections before New York Fashion Week.

Of course, the Season 15 finale was shot weeks ago during NYFW, so to keep the element of surprise in check and not have the winner leaked, a few other contestants from Season 15 were brought in to show some of their designs too so that the audience at NYFW didn’t find out who the final four were.

Last week, Rik, Erin, Roberi, and Laurence gave Heidi Klum and the Project Runway judges a sneak peek of their final collections for Fashion Week, and they each received some pretty tough criticism. Tonight’s episode kicks off with the final four running around and making last minute adjustments and changes to their collections.

Time is winding down, the designers get their models fitted and pick out their hair and make-up for their big New York Fashion Week presentation. As usual, Heidi Klum and the Project Runway judges take their seats next to the runway, this week they are joined by celebrity guest judge Zendaya.

Laurence and Rik show their collections first, there seems to be a common theme, and the collections start out rather subtle with Laurence and Rik and then appear to get funkier and funkier with Erin Robertson as the grand finale.

The lights dim and Roberi takes the stage, he introduces himself and his collection – the models strut the runway. It looks like Roberi stuck with a lot of his initial designs, despite some of the mixed feedback from judges.

Erin Robertson’s collection is up next – her family is in the audience to cheer her on. She teases the audience, “There’s only one way and it’s Project Funway.” Fun is certainly an understatement, her models are all rocking funky sunglasses to match their off the wall outfits.

The final four designers seem to be receiving some positive feedback from the audience at New York Fashion Week.

After NYFW, the final four have to face the music and get judges one last time by Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Zak Posen.

Rik is up first. Nina raves about the first dress in his collection, she says when the model walked out, it sucked the breath out of her. Nina was skeptical about Rik using denim, but she was pleasantly surprised by how the overall collection came out. Zac agrees, but he thinks that Rik should have bedazzled the denim a little more.

Now, it’s time to hear what the judges thought of Roberi’s interesting designs. Heidi was a big fan of the cloudy bottoms and the interesting choice of tops he chose. However, she points out that his last dress was rather somber compared to the rest of his more upbeat collection. Zac adds that Roberi has an interesting “feminine yet cerebral look” to his dressed. Even Zendaya liked Roberi’s collection, she notes that each dress felt like walking through a daydream.

Erin’s collection was certainly the wackiest of all of the other designers. Zac thinks that Erin has some improvements to make, but overall he was impressed and knows that she has a bright future ahead of her. Heidi Klum adds that Erin’s designs “make her think” and it is really fun to watch them come down the runway. Nina points out that her first look was not her favorite, it felt like a “Genie Out Of A Bottle.”

Zendaya raves about Laurence’s collection and how she played with the leather. She adds that the jumper in the collection was something that she would 100% wear. Zac agrees that Laurence’s collection was certainly the most wearable of all of the other designers, but he thought that it was lacking a little “runway pizazz.” Heidi wishes that Laurence’s designs at NYFW were a little more “out there.

Before the judges decide who will be the winner of Season 15, they give each of the designers a chance to say some final words and explain why they think they should be crowned this season’s winner.

Heidi and the judges dismiss the designers so that they can discuss who they will crown as the winner. Laurence has been a frontrunner all season, but the judges were a little disappointed were the NYFW presentation.

On the other hand, they were totally surprised by Rik’s collection – they weren’t expecting him to pull off something so amazing. Nina points out that Rik is always a bit of a chameleon though – they have no idea who he really is as a designer.

The judges have always been fans of Erin’s clothes. But, they aren’t always the most wearable pieces. Her lead dress at NYFW was covered in a banana print.

Roberi was the underdog going in to Fashion Week, but Heidi and the judges were amazed by his collection. Nina agrees that Roberi’s designs actually have an incredible point of view, unlike some of the other dedesigners.

After what seems like deliberating forever, Heidi and the judges finally decide the winner and call the final four back to the runway.

Heidi Klum announces the Laurence, Rik, and Roberi out.

Erin Robertson is the Season 15 winner of Project Runway!