Rob Kardashian Plastic Surgery Makeover For Blac Chyna Wedding?

Rob Kardashian Plastic Surgery Makeover For Blac Chyna Wedding?

Rob Kardashian needs a plastic surgery makeover before his wedding to Blac Chyna. Probably because Rob, who has allegedly lost an incredible 50 pounds already, hasn’t been able to lose the last 50 pounds he needs to in order to get to his goal weight and look as fit and trim as he once did.

An insider recently told OK! magazine that Chyna sent Rob to her plastic surgeon. Allegedly the doctor suggested Rob proceeded immediately with non-invasive liposuction to his belly, chest, neck, arms, back and buttocks.

These procedures come with a pretty hefty price tag, Reportedly the cost of liposuction in the chin area runs about $6,000 and an estimated $25,000 for liposuction in the abs area. And that’s just the cost of two of the many procedures Rob may be considering.

The source says Rob Kardashian wants to get back to the way he used to look and feel when he marries Blac Chyna. Though Rob has been eating healthy and exercising, he’s still drinking and smoking. “Rob isn’t clean and sober by any means,” the source claims.

Apparently Rob hasn’t separated himself completely from the crowd he hangs out with and all those bad things that got Rob into trouble with his weight and his health are still “readily available” according to the insider.

And then there is the matter of Rob’s sympathy cravings which started when Blac Chyna got pregnant. Reportedly Rob has stopped for fast food before heading to yoga class.

Rather than give up the greasy calorie-loaded burgers and fries it sounds as if Rob would rather resort to expensive and painful liposuction. What happens after Rob goes through all these non-invasive procedures and continues to drink and eat fattening unhealthy foods? Will the liposuction even help?

If Rob Kardashian really wants to be a handsome, trim, fit and healthy groom when he weds Blac Chyna it sounds as if he needs to make even more changes to his diet and amp up the exercise routine. Rob also needs to give up the alcohol and pot completely. Liposuction can only do so much – the rest is up to Rob.

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