Scorpion Recap – Heartless Company and Heart Transplant: Season 2 Episode 19 “Ticker”

Scorpion Recap - Heartless Company and Heart Transplant: Season 2 Episode 19 "Ticker"

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday March 14, season 2 episode 19 called, “Ticker” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, After Los Angeles’ blood supply gets hacked and is deemed unusable.

On the last episode, Sylvester competed on “The Price is Right.” Later, the team had to infiltrate a high-end car-smuggling operation that’s preparing to ship bioweapons to South America. Did you watch the last episode last season? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis, “after Los Angeles’ blood supply gets hacked and is deemed unusable, the team must find the perpetrator in order to save the life of a young girl in need of a heart transplant.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Scorpion’s second season. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below for your enjoyment and sound off your comments and tell us how much you are enjoying this second season of Scorpion.

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#TeamScorpion starts with Paige and Ralph have Sly, Happy and Toby choking brain-freezing slushies then solving a theorem. They all get to work and Toby takes it. Sly says it’s too cold and then Happy finds he used Nut Butter to insulate his mouth. Sly takes his medal away.

Sly is upset that he’s been turned down by a bunch of game shows after he killed it at The Price is Right. Ralph asks Walter if he wants to join their Olympics. Walter opposes it on principle. The other geniuses mock him and he agrees to join in.

Walter throws and misses. Happy throws and nails it perfectly. Their point about his wimpy arm holds and he storms out to buy a new microscope. Walter is in his car and calls Know it All. That’s Toby who has his phone set to Ego Maniac when Walter calls.

Walter asks him to turn off his Bunsen burner. Walter’s car is struck and he’s sitting in the ER. He wants to leave but the nurse says no. A doctor creeps over and asks about his symptoms. Then the guy admits he’s not a doctor and says he just likes to wear the coat.

Walter asks if he’s a lawyer and the guy hands over a card and says he’s been careful not to violate any rules of the bar. Bernice the nurse runs him off and the guy says that’s not cool. He takes off and Walter puts the ice back on his head.

A girl and her mom come in for her heart transplant. The girl sits by Walter while her mom signs forms. Walter asks her about the heart transplant. He says she’s humorous when she says her heart is better than his head bump.

The girl says she got it just in time. She shows him an anatomy book where she’s reading about her heart condition. She says she is around so many doctors that she wants to be one. She says she missed a lot of school and it’s hard to make friends.

Walter says he knows how it feels for one organ to stop you from making friends. The girl starts coughing and her mom takes her for water. The team shows up fussing over Walter and they want him to have diagnostic tests.

Walter says his life expectancy is 90 years so it’s a third over. Cabe offers to swap him. He says he won’t stop his research again to play games with them. A guy comes in with what they think is a seizure and Toby says if he has a fever it’s Nibori virus.

The other doctor says get out of the way and Toby says run the tests or you’ll kill him. Toby says he went to Harvard and the doctor caves on it then asks Toby to wait around. Walter is annoyed they’re all still sitting there.

The doc comes out and tells Toby it is Nibori virus then asks how he knew. Toby says he remembers everything he ever read and says he’s a genius. The doc says humble but Paige says no, it’s a genius team except for her and Cabe.

He says they have a case here – he asks how the guy ended up with Nibori since he came in for routine surgery and has not been to Asia. They ask if he got a blood transfusion and he says yes but the blood is screened.

They ask to see the computers and look for the issue. Cabe says Dr Mohan got a disturbing email about more Nibori virus cases after transfusions. He says the blood facility also does research on Nibori and it seems like the supplies got mixed up.

Walter says that Cabe needs to get Homeland to shut this down. They wonder how many people will die from the blood cut off. Mohan freaks out and says the hospital got an email and Toby says let me guess, this is intentional. Toby says bloody hell.

Cabe and the team start working the problem. Cabe says the FBI is on it and so are they for Homeland. Walter can’t trace the email. Sly is freaking and the girl, Olivia, who is supposed to get the heart is told she can’t get the transplant. Her mom says she has days.

Walter comes over and says he’s O negative and they can take his blood. The doctor says her blood type is rare and can’t take O neg. The donated blood they need was the only type within 500 miles. Walter says do the surgery with the blood since she’ll die anyway.

The doctor says she will lose her license if she does the surgery. The doctor says they have just four and a half hours to solve this before the heart goes bad. Walter says they can do this and will. He tells Olivia they’re going to save her.

Cabe says the blood was mixed up at the screening lab or distribution center. The team splits up to work it. Toby and Happy are at the screening lab. Toby says their computers are not compromised and their security is solid.

Toby says it’s not an inside job since he saw honesty markers. He says he hopes Cabe and Sly found nothing. Sly says the email went at a slow rate like a dial up modem. Sly says old school tech is harder to track. He looks at a place in Santa Clarita – looks like stolen service.

At the blood depository, Walter and Paige talk to the facility manager. He says they had a system upgrade last week and Walter says that’s likely when they were compromised. Sly and Cabe find the place where the email was sent – from a camper.

Sly says the news report has released that the Nibori virus is on the rise. Sly points out track marks by the shed. Sly says they need help to see what they need. Walter looks at when the upgrade was done and the system shut down and the evidence was removed two days later.

Walter looks for a ghost trace on the company router. Paige asks who knew about the system shut down. The guy says clinics, labs and universities. Walter finds a bug was put into the labeling software. Walter says if they figure it out they can unscramble the codes.

Walter says the bug changed each bar code number by a specific amount. The guy says it’s a nightmare. Walter says it’s worse since they don’t know the algorithm and can’t solve it in time to save Olivia. Paige says maybe they need to learn more about the bad guy.

Sly shows Cabe that there is a bullet hole in the wall and a pinhole camera and says it turned a piece of tin in the shed into photo paper. Sly says the car was parked in front of it and they just need to develop it. The team is ready to process it.

Happy mixes up a batch to develop it and they check it and Cabe is stunned. They have a license plate and run it. Todd Wilcox owns the car. The team runs the guy’s background and he’s CEO of a pharmaceutical group that developed a Nibori vaccine.

The virus was almost eradicated in Asia before he got it done and he knew the blood bank was getting shut down. Happy says it’s capitalism, not terrorism. Paige says arrest him and make him tell us the algorithm. Cabe says he’ll lawyer up and won’t talk.

Toby says they need to dig into the guy and find out what digits have deep meaning to the guy. Walter gets a call from the heart transplant doctor who tells him that Olivia is dying. She says the blood is about to be taken away in an hour to be tested and that’s going to be it for the kid.

Sly and the team hasn’t found anything and Walter says they need to hack his brain. Toby says they need to trick the guy. Wilcox just called a press conference to discuss his vaccine so they head there. Paige and Happy go to the press conference.

They take up positions as Wilcox takes the stage. Toby says he’s tense judging by his posture. Toby says he’s going to profile the heck out of this guy. The guy talks about the tragedy and how the vaccine can help. He says he’s donating 1000 free vaccines.

Happy raises her hand and asks about how the disease spreads. That makes him comfortable. Toby says make him talk about money. Paige asks if the vaccine is affordable. He says he’s seen the effects of price gouging. He mentions three decades.

Toby says he was a teen and they look at him being in trouble at age 15 for shoplifting. Toby says scared kids crave comfort. Wilcox says the vaccine works. He mentions mothers and fathers. His father’s factory sold when he was 15 and they lost their home to foreclosure.

Walter gets a call from the doctor who says the heart is failing faster than they thought and she needs safe blood by 3 pm. Wilcox thanks them for coming and Toby says not yet. Sly finds something major and Walter says start the surgery.

Sly says when they lost their house, it was over 117586 dollars the home was foreclosed over. They try that one since it’s a number that ruined his life. The bar codes reverse and Toby calls the blood bank. Walter calls the facility and says there’s blood that can save Olivia.

Sly asks can’t they stop the blood truck. Cabe says the Federal government won’t stop this for the life of one girl and Walter says they have to hijack the truck. The truck left the hospital eight minutes ago. Happy figures out the route and Sly has a schematic for the truck.

Sly and the team grab an RV that’s the right height. They are right behind the blood truck. Olivia is put under anesthesia for her transplant. It’s 2:13 pm. Walter is ready and goes up to the roof. Happy has a ladder for Walter.

They’re both on the roof and then Toby joins them. They approach the truck from behind. They get the ladder between the two vehicles. Walter goes across the ladder. It’s insane. He’s on the truck. Paige says get the blood and get out.

The driver is oblivious. Walter is in the truck looking for the right blood. He finds it and the cabinet is locked. Sly hacks it and the locks pop. Walter gets the blood and they have just a small window of time. Toby says grab all the blood they need.

The driver notices that the RV is too close and speeds up. Walter is on the roof. The driver speeds up and the RV falls behind. The ladder falls onto the road and is crushed. They tell Walter to jump but he says catch the blood. The other mock his throwing arm.

Happy says he sucks at sports. He does the math and tosses a bag. Happy catches one. Toby says they need two. He misses with the next and has one left. He tosses and it falls into the roof and Sly catches it. Now it’s Walter’s turn.

He jumps and is barely hanging on. They pull him up. Now it’s a race for the hospital. Olivia is in surgery and her BP is dropping. Walter shows up with two bags of blood and they grab them and continue the surgery.

The team waits with Olivia’s mom. The doctor says the surgery is done but the next 12 hours are critical to see if her body accepts the heart. Walter and the team wait with her and Paige has Ralph meet them there. Happy and Toby cuddle up and Ralph sleeps with his head on Paige’s lap.

Sly puts his jacket on him and Paige encourages her mom. The sun rises and the doctor comes out with good news. Dr Bennet says Olivia is going to be fine. They cheer. Her mom tells Walter she’ll want to see him. Walter follows.

Olivia is waking up when her mom comes in and Walter joins her. She tells Olivia she’s so brave. Olivia gestures Walter over and he sits on the edge of her bed. She says he saved her but he says it was the surgeon.

She says the doctor asked her to start without the blood and she said yes because she knew he would save her. Walter says they’re the same because they know what it’s like for genetics to make you different. Walter says when she’s healed, keep up the studying.

Olivia says she’s also going to have some fun and break in her new heart. The news shows Wilcox’s arrest and the end to the crisis. Sly says he got another rejection letter from a game show. A commercial from Heywood Jahelpme Morris, the shady lawyers comes on.

Walter says he knows that guy and gives Sly his card. He says the guy is different and he should give him a chance. They’re tired but Toby wants to finish the Olympics. Walter heads upstairs and Ralph starts the scorekeeping.

Walter comes down and says he’s going for the gold. Paige cheers and Walter puts on the helmet to bowl himself at the bowling pins on a wheeled board.