Second Chance Recap 1/13/16: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “A Suitable Donor”

Second Chance Recap 1/13/16: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere "A Suitable Donor”

Tonight on FOX Second Chance airs with an all new Wednesday January 13, season 1 premiere called, “A Suitable Donor,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode in the premiere of this drama, a disgraced former cop gets a chance at redemption after he’s resurrected by a billionaire and his bioengineer twin sister, but it’s an opportunity that may not be worth the risk.

Second Chance is a thrilling new action-drama about a man brought back to life by two scientists playing god in the quest to save one of their own lives. Seventy-five-year-old JIMMY PRITCHARD (guest star Philip Baker Hall, “Modern Family,” “Magnolia”) is a shell of his former self. Pritchard was forced to resign as L.A. County Sheriff, charged with corruption and estranged from his family, he is thrown to his death after trying to stop a robbery at the home of FBI Agent DUVAL PRITCHARD (Tim DeKay, “White Collar”), one of his two children.

But death is surprisingly short for Jimmy, who is brought back to life by billionaire tech-genius twins MARY GOODWIN (Dilshad Vadsaria, “Revenge”) and her brother, OTTO (Adhir Kalyan, “Rules of Engagement”), founders of a social networking empire. Resurrected as a younger, better version of himself, with physical abilities of which he never dreamed, a re-animated Pritchard (Rob Kazinsky, “True Blood”) is given a second chance at life.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Rob Kazinsky (“True Blood”) stars as a disgraced, 75-year-old ex-sheriff, who dies at the hands of corrupt cops. He is brought back to life – by a pair of young tech scientists who are founders of a social networking empire – and given a second chance as a 35-year-old with unpredictable near-superhuman abilities.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 9:00 pm when Second Chance airs on Fox. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#SecondChance begins with Jimmy asking what would you do with a second chance? He says they can be a real monster. Three months earlier, in Seattle, Duval pounds on a door. He goes inside and says the neighbors are complaining about the music.

He’s at his dad’s place. He takes the cigarette from Jimmy and turns off his music. He asks Jimmy if he’s going to get dressed. He looks at a case file and asks if it’s his – a bank robbery case. The toilet flushes and a young girl, Bettina, comes out.

She’s a hooker – Jimmy says don’t be rude when Duval asks questions. She opens the door and Duval’s daughter Gracie is there. Duval asks her to pour out the bourbon. Jimmy asks where his records are and then Gracie says they’re going on a college tour.

Duval says he should be working on the case. Gracie whispers that she poured some of the bourbon into a glass and left it for him. She tells him he’s still the sheriff. Duval and Gracie leave. Jimmy gets his bourbon.

At Lookinglass, Otto zooms in on his scooter and asks his twin sister Mary why she’s making an anxious face. She says the board wants to know what he’s been up to – he asks her not to tell them and she agrees. He says it works with the fish and he wants human trials.

She says it’s not time for that yet but he says she’s too sick. He says they brought the fish back from the dead. Jimmy goes to Duval’s house since he knows he’s out of town. He takes some booze and goes looking for his records.

He sees a newspaper clipping of himself getting an award when he was sheriff. He hears a noise and goes to investigate but grabs a knife first. A man in surgical gloves is reading a case file. Jimmy threatens him and another guy knocks him down.

Jimmy tells the guy – go to hell. The guy calls him sheriff and takes him out of the house. They take him to a bridge and tell him he was depressed. They leave a bottle of liquor there and Jimmy says his son will catch them. They tell him no he won’t and throw him over.

As he falls, Jimmy sees a flash of his life. Cops find his body and the news reports that he killed himself. His body is taken to the morgue. Then we see a video about Otto and Mary and the secret twin language they completed.

Otto developed the algorithm for Lookinglass and she turned it into a multi-billion dollar company. She’s being interviewed by Piers Morgan who grills her about Otto and asks if he’s burned out. He says Otto has become distant and has been absent.

Otto watches and rants. He talks to his AI Arthur who tells him Mary will be gone for one more day. He tells Arthur to procure a body. We see Jimmy’s morgue record is tampered with. They bring his body to the lab. Mary comes in angry and tells Arthur to turn it off.

Otto tells her not to do it. Otto tells her it’s who they’ve been waiting for. He tells her she doesn’t have to die and says his genetic variation is one in 10 million. He says it works with him and he’s there to save them. He begs her not to leave him alone.

Jimmy’s daughter Helen rants drunkenly at his memorial about how the cops didn’t send anyone to the funeral. One of Jimmy’s killers is at the memorial and Duval talks to him about the bank robbery case. He tells Duval that can wait til tomorrow.

Mary gets a call from her oncologist. She talks to her assistant after that about stock prices and Ted Talks. Alexa pulls a face and asks what the doctor said. Mary says chemo isn’t working and Alexa asks if they need to let the board know.

Mary says Otto isn’t ready. Alexa says Otto will have to get ready soon. It’s day 84 of Jimmy’s experiment under Otto’s watchful eye. Mary wonders if they’re doing wrong and Otto says their parents would understand.

They start phase two and we see electricity crackling through Jimmy’s now younger body in the tank he’s suspended in. Jimmy’s memories spark and his eyes open. He looks at them and Mary says – we brought him back. Arthur says – phase two complete.

Jimmy wakes in bed and finds Mary sitting nearby. He reaches for the table and she tells him no cigarettes. She introduces herself and says don’t be afraid. He says he’s not then asks if he owes her money for sex. She says no.

He asks why she’s in his apartment and she says very good. She asks his name and he says he’s had it for 75 years and says Jimmy Pritchard. Otto watches on video feed. He says he feels fine and doesn’t need a nurse. He grabs up a plate of food she left for him.

He eats and says usually his teeth bother him. He looks at his hands then his gut. She asks the last thing he remembers and he asks why his hands look like this. Mary says she’s there to help him. He says his hand is not his hand.

He says his voice sounds funny then asks if there was an accident. She says it will be okay then asks what he remembers. He says he was at his son’s house and then a bridge. He asks why the mirror is gone and she says they need to do this slowly.

He says he knows her and says she’s a rich computer twin. He asks why she’s there and she says they need to stop now. He grabs her and slams her against the wall. She pushes a button and he says he died then he collapses.

Otto wonders why the sedative didn’t work. Arthur says he needed much more of it and Otto says he’s stronger than they expected. Otto says keep him sedated but Arthur says they used it all. Jimmy wakes and realizes it’s not his apartment, but a mock up.

He breaks the doorknob then punches through the door. He goes outside and finds a metal door which he begins to pummel. Mary is on the other side of it. Jimmy yells – let me out. The metal is dented. Arthur says he broke through the back wall and is in the house.

Jimmy looks around and sees they are in the middle of nowhere in a house. He looks out the window and touches the glass. A news story about him pops up. Mary says they’re giving him another chance. He says this is me and not me.

Mary says it’s the best version of him and she says he has another chance then asks doesn’t he want it. He sees a new story about suicide and he asks if that’s what people think. Mary says he may not remember. He says he caught some burglars at his son’s house and they threw him off.

He says they were looking for something at his son’s house and says he was just an old man so they tossed him like a bag of dirt. He tells them his son is in trouble and he bursts through the window and jumps down and runs off.

He gets disoriented in the woods. He can hear everything – insects buzzing and birds are loud. He sees a hummingbird flap its wings and sees a dog on a leash. It barks and he runs faster. Some joggers come up – with their dogs – two hot chicks.

They flirt and ask him where he works out and ask if he’s a trainer and taking new clients. He says not right now but he smiles and laughs when they jog off. He looks down on Seattle and smiles widely at the scene below.

Mary tells Arthur that Jimmy will try and solve the crime of what happened at his son. Arthur says he thinks instead Jimmy will go after women, alcohol and music. Arthur is right. Jimmy is at a club and runs into the hooker Bettina.

He tells her he’s a friend of Jimmy’s. She says she didn’t see him at his funeral. He’s surprised she was there. He asks how it was and if it was really sad. She says no – there was hardly any weeping. He asks if it was a big turnout and she says he can buy her a drink.

He says he has no money and she says that ends their time together. He repeats that he’s a friend of Jimmy’s and she says then he should understand. He sees a guy across the room doing something illicit with cash. Jimmy tells her to hang on.

Jimmy follows the guy who bought drugs into the bathroom, takes his cash and his clothes. The naked guy asks what kind of cop he is and he says he’s the sheriff. At Bettina’s place, Jimmy wants to use her computer.

She asks if that’s all he wants to do – her computer. She says she’s going to take a shower while he gets his cyber freak on. Mary tracks him on the screen and says they’ve been looking for him using Lookinglass. She asks if he’s going to have sex with that woman.

She says he’s super potent and needs to use protection. He says he’s looking for info on the break in and she says there’s no record of it then says he can’t tell his family who he is. She shows him a pic of the funeral and he sees his killer among the pall bearers – John Strayburn.

He says that’s his son’s partner. Mary says he needs to get back. He shuts the computer when Bettina comes in. She drops her towel and he picks her up then asks if she has protection and says there’s a chance he might be super potent.

Next day, he goes to the soccer field where Gracie has soccer practice and he’s surprised to see Duval is the coach. Duval says parents need to wait over there. Jimmy says he knows his dad and they need to talk. Duval says he must owe him money.

He tells him to wait until soccer practice is over because it’s more important. Gracie runs up to talk to her dad then asks if she knows Jimmy. He says no. Jimmy’s vision quakes around and he staggers to the bleacher and sits.

Helen is there and she calls Duval super dad. His vision quivers. She asks if he’s okay and he says no. Mary is there and says his body is rejecting the process. She says come with me before it’s too late. Mary puts him back in the tank at the lab.

She says she’s going to help him help his son. She shows him some info that implicates Strayburn in the robberies. She says show this to Duval. When he wakes, the file is at his bedside. He finds Mary outside on the deck.

He asks why she did this to him really. He sees she has a shunt in her arm. She says she has incurable cancer and chemo isn’t working. She says Otto is using what he did with him to cure her. She says they’re using his white blood cells to treat her.

Jimmy says they brought him back to save her. He sighs and says he’s 75 and says cancer isn’t pretty and says other people don’t do this. She says Otto can’t be room without her. We see Otto lying in a white room listening. He’s stressing.

Mary explains that her twin will be lost without her. She says go save your son then come back to us. She takes him to the garage and gives him keys to a classic car. She says be back in 12 hours to go in the tank again. She hands him a phone with a timer sent.

He takes off thrilled with the car. He goes to Duval’s house and waits outside. He gives him the file on Strayburn. He says read this. Duval gets snippy with him but reads the file. He says he doesn’t believe it. Jimmy says check it out then tells Duval that his father didn’t trust Strayburn.

He says use the file, close your case, make your career. He asks how he knows his dad and Jimmy says he did some work for him and says his dad was amazed at how well he turned out since he was a terrible father himself.

He invites Jimmy in but he says put this under an anonymous tip. Duval says his partner is more family than his dad. He says his dad was planting evidence instead of coming home at night and says he was selfish to the end like when he walked off the bridge.

Jimmy asks if he’s relieved he’s gone then whispers to himself that he’s gone for good. Arthur tells Mary that Jimmy left his son and went to a bar. We see him singing karaoke with Bettina standing on the bar. Duval checks out the data in the file while Strayburn laughs at a nearby desk.

Duval takes the file to his boss and says he’s dirty. Mary sees the clock on Jimmy count down to six hours and change. Jimmy parties on. Jimmy asks Bettina what if it’s not just his son’s partner then asks what if it goes deeper.

Duval’s boss calls in Strayburn and says make this go away. Duval calls Helen and wonders if the guy Jimmy could be their brother since he seems to know a lot about their dad. They know he wasn’t faithful to their mom.

Strayburn is at Duval’s window with a gun out and pointed at him through the glass. Duval ends the call abruptly. Jimmy asks Mary to help him find his son and she says he has to come back within an hour. Duval is disgusted with Strayburn who asks where he got this file.

Duval says go to hell and he says that’s what his dad said. Mary locates Duval and tells Jimmy he’s up ahead. He spots a car and then he says he’s not there after checking it. He drives off and he tells Mary that he was never there for his son before.

He says maybe he came back to save them both. Jimmy drives to the bridge where he was killed. Sure enough, Duval is being dragged to the edge. Jimmy attacks them. Duval pulls a gun and tells Jimmy to stop. He says he needs him to bring the rest of them down.

Jimmy hits Strayburn hard to knock him out. Duval says put your hands up. Jimmy says no. He asks what’s his connection to his father. He says he did work for him. Duval asks what if they took a blood test. Jimmy’s vision fritzes and he says not right now, I have to go.

He drives back to the house but he’s weaving and struggling. He drives across the yellow line and tops the car. Mary tries to get him but there’s nine seconds on the clock. He sees headlights. It’s a large drone. She tells him it’s a UAV rescue.

Mary tells him to open the door. He does. The drone gets him. Helen watches news about upper level FBI agents arrested for a string of robberies. Duval testifies that he took down his partner and the conspirator on the bridge and says no one else was there.

Jimmy floats in the tank as Mary watches. Otto lies in his room then tells Arthur to zoom in on Mary. He does and says what face is she making. Arthur says he thinks it’s longing. Duval checks footage and pulls up the license plate on Jimmy’s car.

Gracie watches an old video of her granddad when he was sheriff. Jimmy wakes in bed and Mary asks if he knows who he is. He says he’s Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard.