Supernatural Recap 2/3/16 Season 11 Episode 12 “Don’t You Forget About Me”

Supernatural Recap 2/3/16 Season 11 Episode 12 "Don't You Forget About Me"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday February 3, season 11 episode 12 called “Don’t You Forget About Me,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Claire believes recent murders in town are supernatural and asks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to investigate.

On the last episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigated a case where people were suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious song. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Claire believes recent murders in town are supernatural and asks Sam and Dean to investigate. However, Sheriff Mills tells the guys that Claire has been getting into trouble lately and has been attacking normal people and accusing them of being monsters.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 12 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below for your enjoyment!

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#Supernatural starts in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with a couple drinking in a truck, parking, and listening to music. They wonder why no one else is at the makeout point. They start kissing, and something creeps up on the truck.

The truck door opens, and the guy is pulled out. Claire puts a sword to his neck. The girl asks what she’s doing, and Claire asks what is he? At the bunker, Dean asks Sam if he found a case. He says no. Sam says he found a picture of a weasel riding a woodpecker.

He says he thinks Amara has gone to ground, and Dean says he hasn’t heard from Cass. Dean excitedly unpacks a giant burger called The Elvis. It’s a hamburger with donuts instead of buns. Sam says he hopes Dean enjoys it and shoves it aside.

Dean gets a call and says they’re on the way. At the local high school, the school day ends, and Jody watches the kids talk about prom king and king. Alex and Henry are told they’re a shoo in.

Alex gets in the truck with Jody, who says she’s killing it. Alex says shut up and then she spots some pills in Alex’s purse – is it birth control? They spot Baby parked at the house and wonder why Sam and Dean have come calling. Jody says she didn’t call.

Claire says Alex spends two hours in the bathroom in the morning when Sam compliments her appearance. Claire says she called about the monsters that Jody refuses to admit are monsters. Jody says she could use backup but says this is a false alarm.

Jody offers to put them up for dinner and cooks then they all dig in. Claire picks at her food while Dean eats like a vacuum. Sam eats a lot too and says he likes that the chicken is not a nugget. Claire says three people are missing from Brayden Point.

Jody says it’s a makeout spot. Claire says something is out there. She says there are reports of strange animals. Jody yells at Alex when she tries to sip her wine. Dean asks Claire what else and she says she’s working on it.

Alex says Claire caught a werewolf that was a German shepherd with rabies. Then Jody mentions the vampire that was really a chick doing cosplay. Jody says if she weren’t the sheriff, Claire would be in jail for all her recent assaults.

Alex says let’s talk about real life and not hunting, so Claire busts her out for planning a sex weekend with Henry. Sam and Dean try to leave the table, and Jody says stay. Alex plays dumb, and Jody says she saw her birth control pills in her backpack.

Jody says if you can’t talk about it, you shouldn’t be doing it. Dean says what? Jody says she won’t tell Alex she’s too young for sex but says BC pills are useless against STDs and the guy you’re with needs to suit up. She says bring your own condoms.

Alex is humiliated and says she’s trying to be prepared, but nothing has happened yet. Dean smiles and drinks wine. Sam tries to look away. Jody goes to get more mashed potatoes but kills her glass of wine first.

Dean says this is fun, and Alex laughs. Later, Dean helps wash up and tells Jody nice ambush. He says he thought this was monsters, not teenage sex. Jody says the last guy Claire thought was a monster is pressing charges after she held a sword to her throat.

He says he thought Alex would be the one struggling to adjust, and Jody says she thought so too. Dean says they can talk to Claire and try to settle her down. Jody says Claire has been skipping her college classes and has no friends.

Jody says she reads lore and looks for cases – Dean says it sounds creepy, but that’s what they do too. She says she’s worried, and Dean says he’ll have Sam talk to her since he’s better with words. Sam goes to talk to Claire.

She wants to talk to the families of the people who disappeared and Sam talks to her about the hunter life consuming you and you see monsters at every corner. He says he’s concerned she’s seeing monsters that’re not there and asks if she’s escaping something.

He asks about her home life with Jody and Alex and says he wants to understand. She says Alex says she hates her, and she feels like she’s late to the Jody and Alex show. He says they’ve been through a lot. Claire says maybe she should head out on her own to hunt.

Sam says he knows the need to hunt but the monsters are there forever. He says a chance at a family and school won’t always be there. The math teacher walks through the parking lot when the lights all go out. He’s attacked by his car.

Alex and Henry walk up to the school the next day and Alex is looking for Mr. P. He’s strung upside down from the flagpole. Students surround it and are taking pics. Alex is horrified. Sam, Dean, and Jody show up.

Jody says Stephen Phelps was a math teacher, and his neck was snapped, and he was duct taped to the flag pole. Jody says they found something. She says he was a good teacher and helped Alex a lot. Claire says demons, ghosts and then Jody says it’s a crime scene.

Dean pulls her aside. Dean says she’s right but can’t ask for details in front of other cops. He says Jody did her a solid, and she needs not to make things hard on her. He says Jody has busted her ass to give her a life. Claire says she didn’t ask her to.

Dean says that’s exactly the point. Alex says they canceled school, and she and Henry are going to hang out. Dean glares at the guy. Claire says he got the message. She walks away and Dean is annoyed.

Henry asks how Alex knows the FBI, and she says Claire does. Sam talks to the principal with Jody, and she says they need to catch the bastard and string him up. Dean walks the halls of the school with a meter.

Garrett says he raises the flag in the morning and found him there like a bug on a stick. He tells Jody, Sam, and Dean he thought it was a dummy at first. He says he saw him around. Sam asks if he’s seen anything weird lately.

Sam asks about smells and sounds. Garrett says the place always stinks and says kids are slobs. Jody says he doesn’t seem upset, and he explains he didn’t know him. Sam asks where he was last night, and the guy asks if it’s confidential then says he was passed out at a bar.

Sam and Dean walk the halls some more and Dean says he checked every room and nothing is up except two teachers making out. Sam says the custodian is squirrelly. Alex and Henry are out for a walk, and she says Phelps tried to recruit her for the math team.

Henry says she’s smart enough to do that and then says he can’t believe they have a psychopath in town. Alex says there are awful things out there. She says she wasn’t always like this and says she can’t believe how normal she seems.

Henry asks about her past, and she says she’s done some bad things. We see a flashback to her being locked up. She says she hurt people. We see her lure a guy to be eaten by vampires. Henry says everyone does stuff that’s bad.

He talks about bullying a kid in middle school, but she seems distant. Henry says he doesn’t care about whatever she did. He kisses her and holds her. Jody and Dean come back and tell Sam and Claire the fiber on the teacher was asbestos.

Jody says Garrett the janitor has a good alibi and Sam says his Social Security number is fake, and he came to town not too long ago. Claire says he came when the attacks started. Jody tells Claire they have an appointment with her college registrar.

Claire is annoyed but Dean glares her down, and she huffs off. Jody and Claire go to the truck, and Claire complains about the outfit. Jody is attacked in the garage by a vampire. He grabs up Claire and holds her by her neck. He gets her knife away and punches her.

Jody comes at him, but he knocks her back and looks like he broke her leg. Am and Dean get a call from Jody in a panic. They hear her screaming. Dean and Sam head to the house and go looking for them. Dean spots Claire’s knife on the ground.

He finds her phone and curses. Sam comes back and says no one is in the house. Sam says it was waiting for them. Dean takes a call on Jody’s phone and takes a message. Dean says the custodian is a trucker that’s been missing for three years in Nebraska.

Dean says his family was drained of blood, and they think he’s part of the old vampire nest Alex was with. Dean goes to find Alex and Sam goes hunting other leads. Dean calls her, and she says she’s at 50s. Dean says the custodian is a vamp.

He says don’t move, I’ll be there in five. Alex tells Henry to get away but he grabs her – he’s a vamp too. Dean pulls up at the burger joint and looks around for Alex. He calls her and finds her phone on the ground and curses.

He calls Sam, who is at the janitor’s lair. He tells Sam that Alex is gone, and Sam says he thinks they’re in a room that was closed off that used to have the school pool in it and says there’s asbestos there. Dean says he’s on the way.

Jody tells Claire she was right then asks why they’re there. Henry comes in dragging Alex, who demands to know what this is. Garrett says her whole life is there. Garrett says his nest died a couple of years ago then asks if Alex has figured out who he is.

She says she doesn’t know him, and he says she took his life three years ago in Nebraska. He says a sleazebag tried to take her home outside a bar, and he chased him off. He says he gave her some money and offered her a ride home. Alex says she remembers.

He asks if she remembers how she didn’t say a word when he gave her a ride home. We see a flashback of him being attacked in his car while she walked away. He screamed and screamed. Garrett says a whole starving pack drank him alive and turned him.

Jody screams at him that she had no choice. Garrett says he went home to tell his wife what happened, but he was starving and gutted his wife and son. Jody is stunned. Alex tells him she’s so sorry and says they made her.

He says he tried to help her and was a good man, and she could have left him alone. He says what kept him going was the hunt for her to make her pay. He says he knew he would find her. Henry says Rich has been tracking her for months.

Garrett (aka Rich) says he wanted her to be happy and says he turned the most popular kid in school Henry. Garrett says he took her favorite teacher then her family and would feed them all to his nest.

Henry calls her a freak and an angry loner. Claire calls him a sociopath and says he’ll burn in hell. Alex spits in his face, and he hits her. He goes at her and Rich stops him and says not that one. He says Henry was the one who ran Phelps up the flag pole.

Rich says Henry is young and will learn. Jody says the FBI are hunters and are coming for them. Alex says they killed her old nest and will come for him. Rich says shut up. Sam creeps into the place.

Rich tells Alex she will watch everyone she loves dies. He has Claire, who says Alex hates her. Alex says she can help him and says she kept a nest alive for eight years and says he can feed on her when there’s no hunt.

Rich says he may take her up on it and clamps down on Claire, who screams. Sam gets closer. Jody warns him as Rich comes at him with a hammer. Henry knocks Sam down into the empty pool. Henry comes down to finish him off.

Claire looks around for a weapon as Rich comes at Alex. Claire stabs him with a pipe then Dean is there and hacks off his head. Dean asks if Claire drank any blood. She says no. Sam and Henry grapple then Sam tells Alex he’s all hers.

He says he should have tapped out when he had the chance. Alex punches him, and Claire lops off his head. Alex gives her a satisfied nod. Jody is on crutches and finds that Alex and Claire cooked breakfast for her.

Jody says to stop looking at her like she’s Tiny Tim. Alex tells Claire and Jody she’s sorry he hurt them. Jody says they’re in three pieces and are fine. Claire says it’s not her fault, and Jody says she was ready to sacrifice herself for them, and that’s goodness.

Jody says family gives you so much to lose, and they smile at Claire. Later, Claire tells Dean that she knows what she have and says Jody was ready to take a bullet for her. She swears not to hunt like a dumbass and says Jody is going to teach her how to investigate.

Sam comes out with leftovers from Jody – he’s got ribs. Sam goes to talk to Alex. He asks if she’ll be all right. She says she’s got school on Monday and Claire asks if she’s going to pretend like she wasn’t almost slaughtered.

Sam tells Alex other vamps may come for her, and she says she’ll be ready. Claire says she doesn’t have to leave to protect them. Alex says she can’t be around the things they’re fighting and hunting.

Jody tells Dean as long as everyone wears a condom, it’s fine, and he says he wants that on a bumper sticker. The guys take off with their leftovers and leave the three women there – the little family now closer.