Supernatural Recap 3/23/16 Season 11 Episode 16 “Safe House”

Supernatural Recap 3/23/16 Season 11 Episode 16 "Safe House"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday March 23, season 11 episode 16 called “Safe House,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a dangerous creature is accidentally released into an old house where it attacks a mother and her child, leaving them both in a coma.

On the last episode, Dean (Jensen Ackles) saw an obituary notice for a wrestler he and Sam (Jared Padalecki) used to watch when they were kids. Deciding they needed a break from tracking the Darkness, the brothers decided to attend the funeral to pay their respects. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “a dangerous creature is accidentally released into an old house, attacking a mother and her child, leaving them both in a coma. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) learn that Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) and Rufus (guest star Steven Williams) once tracked the same entity so the Winchesters look to the past to come up with a plan to catch the monster before any one dies.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 16 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below for your enjoyment!

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#Supernatural starts with a flashback of Rufus Turner and Bobby burying a body. They were partners for years. Now, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a mom is working on the fixer upper she bought that is more work than she bargained for.

She’s pulling down wallpaper and ends her call with Maya then gets back on the ladder. She pulls off paper and we see red. She broke some sort of rune seal. She hears Kat scream and her young daughter says something bad is in the house.

She says it’s cold in her room and her mom notices and says here’s a blanket and the furnace will be fixed tomorrow. She asks for water and her mom goes to get it. The girls snuggles down in her blanket but something is in her room and slams the door.

She hides under the bed. The door knob rattles and the hinges creak as the door opens. She’s dragged out by a creepy white monster hand with long nails. Sam tells Dean he’s got nothing on Amara or Cass. They are at a diner and Dean is frustrated.

Sam shows him that Naoki Himura said her daughter was attacked and is now in a coma. There’s a handprint on her. Sam says it’s a couple of hours away and says they need to hunt – they can’t sit around and wait. Sam says they need a win but Dean is pessimistic.

They head to the hospital. Naoki says her wife Maya is in London but on the way back. She asks why the FBI are interested in her daughter. She says no one believes there’s an attack. Dean says they believe. She says Kat woke up screaming.

She says she thought it was a bad dream but she heard footsteps and says she heard something bad. Sam asks about cold spots and flickering lights. She says the lights went out in Kat’s room and it’s cold. They ask to look at her house. She tells them where to find the spare key.

They take off and she goes back to sit beside he daughter. There’s still a bruised looking handprint on the child’s leg. A neighbor asks if she can help them. They flash badges. She asks why the FBI keeps coming back to that house.

She says the agents that came years ago didn’t tell her anything and were rude to him. Sam asks if they were older men. She says yes. We see back a handful of years ago, Bobby was snoring in his car in front of that house. Rufus pulls up and slaps the car and he pulls a gun on him.

Bobby asks why the hell he’s there and Rufus says it’s a case. Bobby is annoyed he wants to go ghost hunting when there’s an apocalypse. Rufus says a win would be nice. Bobby says he’s not backup and Rufus says it’s Shabbat.

Rufus says less talking , more hunting. The same nosy neighbor asks why they are there and Rufus says it’s officially none of her damned business. Now, Sam and Dean head into the house. They turn on EMF meters and start walking around.

Sam gets a reading and Dean’s getting lots of action in her room. Sam and Dean get too many hits to help. They wonder what Bobby and Rufus found here back in the day. Dean says he’s got some of Bobby’s old journals in the trunk.

We see Bobby and Rufus talking to the woman who owned the house and she says her son Will cried out but he was unconscious when they got there. Bobby asks about cold spots and flickering lights. She says both and says the lights were out and her son’s room was cold.

She says there’s a strange mark on his ankle that looks like a hand print. Rufus asks about affordable motels in the area and Bobby glares. Sam says the hotel manager told them two FBI agents stayed here years ago so he got the same room.

Then, Bobby says he got a realty report on the house. Rufus asks who died in the house. Now, Sam says a dude choked on a chicken bone and then a guy shot his wife – two deaths in the house. Dean shows him the journal Bobby wrote but there’s not a lot there.

Dean says it was asshat or chicken bone. Dean says he doesn’t know what burned they burned. Sam says he thinks there’s more to it. Dean says they can wrap it up quick and get back to looking for Amara and Cass. Sam says no case is ever easy.

Then, we see Bobby and Rufus arguing. Rufus says it’s a Baku, not a ghost. Bobby calls him dumbass. Rufus bets him it’s a Baku and Bobby insists it’s a ghost and they need to burn bones and get back to saving the world.

Now, Sam and Dean find ashes in the first coffin and Dean complains about how hard it is to dig graves. Then, Bobby commandeered a back hoe to dig. He hands Rufus a shovel and he insists he can’t help because it’s Sabbath. Bobby says the sun went down.

Rufus says good catch and hops into the grave with him and digs. He asks Bobby why was he sleeping in his car. Bobby tipples from his flask and says he’s been burning the midnight oil lately and skipping sleep finding a way to stop the apocalypse.

He says Sam and Dean are in the middle of it and he’s worried about his boys. Rufus calls him papa bear and says even if the world keeps spinning, not everyone will make the bus ride back home. He talks about sacrifice for the greater good.

Rufus says oldest hunting rule is you can’t save everyone. They find the coffin. Now, Sam and Dean find a second coffin of ashes. Dean says that means it’s not a ghost and Sam says told you but wonders what they’re hunting.

At home, Naoki is also grabbed by the creature in her house and goes down hard screaming. Now she’s in a coma too and Dean is on a phone call. Sam joins him and says it’s happened before. Sam introduces Dr Richards and says she’s retired but came in to help.

She says two FBI agents were there on that case too. She says Mary Henderson went home to get her son’s favorite toy then she went into a coma too like Will. Then, Dr Richards told Rufus and Bobby the mom and son were dying because their vitals were failing.

Now, the doc says the next day both Mary and Will woke up fine and went home. She says these two are also showing the same signs. Dean says he called the local PD and found out where the Hendersons live. They go to her house.

She freaks when they flash the badges. She asks if it’s happening again. She invites them inside. She says she woke up in the hospital and the FBI agent told her never to touch the wallpaper in the living room. She says in the coma she had a nightmare she was trapped in the house.

She says it was dark and looked faded then she saw her husband dead and then he was gone. She says she was trapped in the house then saw some spirits. Sam asks what happened when she woke up. She says she couldn’t shake the bad feelings so they put the house up for sale.

She says the market went bad and they just walked away from the mortgage. She says destroying their credit was worth it to get away from the house. They go back to the house and Sam spots the red mark on the wall. He tears down the paper.

They see the seal and Dean says they broke it redecorating and he wonders what they’re hunting. Then, we see Rufus and Bobby hitting the books while eating takeout. Now, the guys do the same. Bobby says he thinks he found it. It’s a soul eater.

Bobby says it’s an undead thing that feeds on souls and exist between this world and another. He says it moves into a house and nests and makes a place that looks outside time or place. Sam and Dean find it too. Sam says they yank the souls out and into their nest.

Sam says the nest messes with the victim’s head to make the soul vulnerable. Rufus and Bobby find out that’s why they’re dying. The soul eater closes up the nest and moves to the next nest. Bobby says the souls stay with them and keep feeding it.

Rufus says they need to kill it and Bobby says they can’t kill it but maybe can trap it. He says he’s faced one before and looks at his notebook. Now, Dean finds the same case in Bobby’s journals. Bobby says he stepped into the house and about pooped his pants.

He says his partner was there in a coma and he heard footsteps. He says he had this Celtic sigil which is an emergency thing that will trap monsters. He says it never worked before but was his only option. He says he started making it and the house got crazier.

He says he finished it and the house went back to normal. He says Harv never did wake up. Rufus says the oldest rule. Dean and Sam realize Naoki set the soul eater loose when she disturbed the sigil. Sam says it’s too bad Bobby and Rufus aren’t around to see this.

Sam says there’s another sigil made from your blood and someone else has to make it from inside the nest. Dean says not it. Sam proposes rock paper scissors. They do that and Dean is mad since he lost. Dean and Sam go to the house.

Then, we see Rufus painting the sigil on the wall and Bobby says things will get hairy. He tells Rufus to keep painting. They hear footsteps and Bobby looks upstairs. He goes up a few steps. Now, Dean goes into Kat’s room and the lights flicker out. He turns on his flashlight.

The creaking gets closer. We see Bobby in the same position then. Dean says come and get me you SOB. Bobby says stay away you SOB. The thing grabbed both Dean and Bobby. Dean wakes in the soul eater’s nest. He calls out for Sam.

He sees Sam dead on the floor. Dean closes his eyes and opens them and Sam’s body is gone. He tries to calm down. Bobby wakes in the nests and looks around. He calls out to Rufus and sees Sam and Dean lying dead and bloody on the floor. He looks again and they’re gone.

Will is there and asks if he’s real. He tells Will that he’s stuck there too and says he’s going to take care of him. He asks if he saw his mom or anyone strange. Will asks if he means the sad people and says they’re right behind you.

Bobby turns and sees a man and woman. Will says they look sick but Bobby can’t see them. Bobby says they’ll get out and his friend will help. Rufus finds Bobby unconscious upstairs. He says oldest damned rule then says sorry and runs out of the room.

Rufus runs back down and finishes painting the sigil. Now, Sam drags Dean’s body into the room with him. He finishes the sigil. Dean is painting his when Kat comes into the room and says she’s not supposed to talk to strangers. He introduces himself.

He says he’s here to get her out and asks if she’s seen her mom. She says it’s too crowded in here now but he can’t see anyone. She says he’ll see them soon and he says maybe they can get her out instead. Then, Bobby and Will go looking for his mom.

Will calls out to his mom and runs off. Now Bobby can see the others in the nest. He’s totally freaked. The soul eater touches him and then his eyes open and they are totally white. Bobby is on his feet and comes at Rufus.

The soul eater has taken over and says if you shoot me, you hurt your friend. Rufus says it’s rock salt and Bobby can handle it. The creature talks to him but Rufus says not hanks. Now, Kat tells Dean she doesn’t like this here.

Dean says his brother is making the same painting and once it’s done, they’re out of here. Kat says there’s more of them now. Dean looks around and the soul eater touches Dean. Now creepy Dean comes at Sam and says – I can’t let you finish that finger painting.

Sam and Dean fight and Dean says come with me into the nest. Sam tells Dean to fight this. Then, Bobby tells Rufus he can’t let him drop him. He goes to shoot and Bobby attacks. Now, Sam and Dean fight and Dean gets a knife. Sam tells him to stop it.

Rufus finishes the sigil back then. Dean says he can keep them safe forever and says Dean wants to go to the darkness. Rufus finishes the sigil and Bobby wakes up. The house was rumbling. Dean and Sam keep brawling and Sam hits his brother with a chair then goes to finish the sigil.

Dean gets up and comes for him but he finishes the last part of it and Dean’s body collapses and a gray smoke comes out of him as the soul eater’s possession ends. Dean stands up and Kat says they’re leaving. The other people go away. She’s there with her mom.

Dean walks around and sees the people fading. He also sees Bobby there but then Bobby fades. Then, Bobby wakes and Rufus asks what the hell just happened. Now, Sam holds Dean tight when he comes to. Then, we see Bobby hanging wallpaper over the sigil they painted.

Bobby gets a call from Rufus who is at the hospital and says everyone is awake and happy. Rufus insists it’s a Baku and he killed it while he slept. Rufus says the sigil pushed out the souls. Bobby says he doesn’t like it but Rufus says take the win.

Bobby admits he saw both of his boys dead then says he doesn’t know what the hell else it was. Rufus says forget the oldest rule. Bobby asks if he’s getting soft and Rufus hangs up on him. Now, Naoki is safe and Sam calls and tells her the kitchen needs remodeling.

Naoki says they’re going to sell. Then, Bobby left the house and waved at the suspicious neighbor. He finds a bottle from Rufus saying he won the best. Bobby goes to make notes in his notebook but then Dean called to say he got a lead on Lilith in Maine but they can’t go.

He tells Bobby to get off his ass and go. He slaps the notebook closed and drives away calling him an idjit. Now, Sam and Dean leave the house and wonder how Bobby get out of the nest then. But Dean says if the nest exists outside of space and time, maybe he and Bobby were there at the same time.

Sam says it makes his head hurt and Dean says let’s get drunk and forget about it. Sam says they need to go to the old soul eater case in Tennessee and take care of that one. Sam asks what he saw in the nest and Dean says him dead. Sam says that’s oddly comforting.