Supernatural Recap 5/4/16 Season 11 Episode 20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

Supernatural Recap 5/4/16 Season 11 Episode 20 "Don’t Call Me Shurley"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday May 4, season 11 episode 20 called “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Amara (Emily Swallows) unleashes a dark fog on a small town that causes everyone to go mad. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) realize this is a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleashed.

On the last episode, in a small town in Colorado, mysterious disappearances happen every 27 years.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Amara unleashes a dark fog on a small town that causes everyone to go mad. Dean and Sam realize this is a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleashed. They team up with the sheriff to protect the town but discover their old remedy no longer works. Meanwhile, Chuck returns with an interesting proposal.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 20 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with a dog outside a dumpster while Metatron scrounges inside for a sandwich. The dog begs for some and whines. Meta tosses the dog the meat and smiles. He goes back to scrounging and screams – I give up.

Suddenly, he and the dog are in a bar and he says they’re not on Earth anymore. He looks around and sees Carver Edlund there. He asks what this is and Carver says it’s a bar. Meta says this is one of the big man’s constructs and asks if it’s punishment.

He tells Chuck he was a prophet of the Lord then asks if the beer is real. He asks if Meta thinks he’s a hack and Metatron says he’s read a ton of books and Supernatural didn’t crack the top 10. Chuck reads off some book titles and he says no.

Meta then mocks that he put himself in the story. Chuck says he can’t believe he burned one of his books when monologuing to Castiel. He tells him to put on some glasses and visualize him. He does and it’s God! OMG – he’s got a World’s Best Dad mug and everything.

Meta bows and crosses himself then says Supernatural is underrated and due for a reboot. Chuck tells him to stop with the kneeling and don’t use the G- word. He says just call me Chuck and smiles. Meta pulls off the glasses and says he needs a stiffer drink.

At the bunker, Dean is swilling beer and ironing. Sam says Wes Cooper in Idaho did a murder-suicide and no one knows why and he just snapped. They wonder if he might have been soulless and it’s an Amara clue. Sam sniffs – Dean used the beer for steam.

Chuck tells Meta he’s been busy and started a blog but it was mostly pictures of cats. He says he started a new series of books called Revolution. He asks why God put on the Chuck suit to start with. Chuck says he likes front row seats and wanted to hide in plain sight.

Meta says it’s Oscar worthy then asks why no one knew. He mentions the amulet that burned in his presence. He says Dean and Cass had it. Chuck says he turned it off and then he turns it back on. Meta says he knows what a piece of garbage he’s been the last few years.

He asks Chuck if he came to destroy him. Chuck talks about the Bee Gees canteen and says he hopes they can tap into some of the musical magic and tap into what he started. Turns out God wrote his autobiography. Chuck says he’s stuck.

Meta asks if he wants to get the band back together. Meta asks if he can be an angel again and Chuck says that will never happen again. Meta agrees it’s a good call then looks at the manuscript and says let’s do this. The guys are in Idaho.

Dean and Sam ask the sheriff about Wes Cooper. He says it doesn’t make sense and says a witness overheard him saying strange things like his life was meaningless and no one loved him – like every negative thought he had.

The deputy says Wes’s wife really loved him and it doesn’t make sense. Sam sees marks on his arms and it looks like black tendrils on his arm. Sam says he’s seen it before. Chuck asks Meta for his opinion and he says it’s good. Chuck says you hate it.

Meta says love it but Chuck says it’s a safe place, just tell me. Meta says it’s lacking details – like all of them. Chuck thinks, in the beginning there was me, is enough of a start. Meta says he wasn’t alone – he had a sister with him.

Chuck says who cares about her and Meta says me for starters. He asks if Chuck knows she’s out and about, ready and rested. Meta asks isn’t that why you’re back. Chuck says this is not her story – it’s mine. The deputy goes home to her husband Art.

He asks if that followed her from town and they see a strange fog. She says go inside while I call this in but he says it’s just fog. She calls dispatch and says there’s a strange heavy fog heading her way. It’s on her and she starts coughing. Her arm breaks out in the black veins.

It looks like Amara’s cloud of doom. Chuck shoots pool while Meta reads. Meta pours another shot and Chuck asks if it’s that bad. Meta says there are great bones there and it’s more about balance than details. He says he gives the wrong stuff too much real estate.

He says he spent too much time explaining his time as Chuck then brings up the cat blog and says they’re super cute. He says he traveled, dated, had some girlfriends and a few boyfriends and learned to play guitar. Chuck strums a tune.

Meta says that makes him seem grounded and likable. Meta says you’re not grounded or a person. He says Chuck is eating pounds of pages that should be spent on juicier stuff people want to read. Chuck asks like what. Meta says the arch angels.

Meta says he gave them just two paragraphs and says they deserve a few more words especially his favorite Lucifer. Chuck says he was not his favorite. Meta says he helped him defeat Amara and took the mark and then rebelled.

Meta says if Amara is off limits, fine. He says every great hero is defined by their villain. Chuck says Lucifer is not a villain and was not a villain. Meta says there are two types of memoir. One is honest and the other not so much. He says truth vs fairy tale.

He asks if he wants to write Keith Richards or Brian Wilson. He says there is no revelation and that’s odd given who he is. Meta says there’s no soul and Chuck says he doesn’t have one. Meta says you invented souls and asks how it felt to make them.

Chuck says nauseous and Meta says that’s Chuck talking not G-O-D. Meta calls the script nebbish and reminds him all the great things he did and created as much as he punished. Meta says the guy he worked for was a badass who could be a dick but had stories to tell.

Meta says he also has a lot to answer for. Chuck says okay, what do I do. Meta says hold up a mirror and show us who you are, warts and all. He says write for yourself. Meta says he’ll help him either way but says pick a lane and hands back the manuscript.

Sam and Dean meet the sheriff at the deputy’s house. He says she didn’t show up for work so he came by and says Art was shot in the face point blank by Tiffany. Sam asks if her behavior is off. He says she called in last night about some heavy fog.

Dean says to let them know if they get any more fog reports. Sam asks where Harris might be and the sheriff says they can track it. Meta reads new work that Chuck is typing and says this is what he was talking about.

He says he loves Chapter 10 Why I Don’t Answer Prayers and another on why he never does divine intervention. Meta says why and Chuck asks be specific. Meta asks why he created life. Chuck says he was lonely. Meta asks about his sister.

The music cuts off and Chuck says I am being, she is nothingness and says that’s not fun. Meta says he kept creating and Chuck says he was stupid and naïve. He says he wanted to show his sister there was something more than them and better, he thought she would change.

He says he built a new world and she destroyed it. Meta says then you locked her away and then you just created. Chuck says he tried to anyway. Chuck then takes him to a national park and says nature is the best he ever did.

He says nature is smart enough to know sometimes you have to wipe the slate clean. Meta says if Amara wipes the slate, the slate is destroyed too. Chuck says they should take a walk and enjoy it before it’s all gone.

The deputy can’t get onto the computer and says Tiffany was their computer person. The dispatcher says fog is coming into town. Dean says tell everyone to get into their homes and seal the doors and windows. Dean says they’ve seen this before.

The sheriff says they need to call the CDC but Dean says no time. Dean and Sam go find Tiffany’s car and Sam clears people off the street. Tiffany says she tried to kill herself but she won’t let her and says she has a message for Dean.

He asks if Amara is here and Tiffany says no and says she told her to kill her husband. Sam says it’s an infection but Tiffany says it’s a mirror and she’s showing them the truth. She says the light was a lie. She raises her gun and the sheriff shoots her down.

Dean runs over and Tiffany says – it will be all over soon, he’s not going to save them. It’s all going away forever, but not you Dean. Sam spots more fog coming and alerts Dean. It’s all over the mountains and then a giant wave of it rolls towards them.

Chuck says nature is divine but human nature is toxic. Chuck says they blow up stuff in his name then ask his forgiveness. Chuck says no one likes a helicopter parent and he went away to let the training wheels off. Chuck says Sam should have left Demon Dean alone.

He says they let her out. He says he helped the Winchesters and rebuilt Castiel many times. He says it’s Amara’s time to shine and Meta asks why write a book no one will be around to read. Meta says Chuck is hiding. Meta says he’s hiding there from his sister.

Meta says at least when he was playing God, he may have been crappy but was never a coward. Chuck flings him out of the bar with power and Meta says that’s the guy I know and love. He says all the angels were terrified of him but his light was beyond measure.

Then he says you picked me to help you and Chuck says you’re not special, you were just the closest to the door. He says you were not special then or now. Chuck says he’s been called many thing and says he’s not hiding – he’s just done watching his experiments’ failures.

Meta says those are your failures Chuck. Then Chuck flips on the TV and says we can watch. They see reports of chaos breaking loose on earth. Sam tries to help people get off the street. He tells them to get inside and don’t get near the fog.

A couple is overrun and go down and Sam and Dean have to run too. They go into the sheriff station and the sheriff says the radio is dead. Dean asks for duck tape. Sam sees a couple outside and Dean tosses him tape to seal the windows and doors.

The people inside are scared. Dean and Sam seal the place up. Sam and Dean see they have no signal and they go check on the radio. The tape breaks loose and fog sifts in. Sam turns and tells Dean to look. Sam says d you hear that. There are shouts outside then breaking glass.

Sam locks the door. Darkness zombies bang on the doors. The close more doors then see fog is getting inside. Dean bars the doors and Sam goes down coughing from the fog. Sam’s hands begin to trace with black poison and Dean screams his name.

Dean rns to Sam and he says get back. Dean tells the others to get inside and they move to another area. There are zombies banging at the door but Dean says he can’t leave his brother. Chuck tells Meta he’s a good editor.

Meta says he was a terrible God and a lousy writer. Chuck asks why he tried to be him and he says it was a pathetic cry for attention. Chuck asks whose attention and Meta says yours. Meta says you are damnation and salvation and even if he was just the closest to the door, you picked me.

Meta said his light shined on him and says it was warm and then he left him, left all of us. Meta says the angels prayed too and so did he every day. Chuck says he knows. Meta says explain to me why you abandoned me and he’s crying.

Chuck says it was because you all disappointed me. Meta says he’s wrong about humanity and says they are better than Chuck. He says they cheat and steal and destroy but sing, dance and love too. He says above all, they never give up but Chuck did.

Chuck goes back to writing. Sam says they were never going to make it. Sam says he would choose Amara over him and over everyone. Sam says go before I hurt you but Dean refuses to leave him. The fog is everywhere and Dean notices he’s not turning.

He yells out – you stop this you dick – you hear me. Then Dean says no when silence falls. He tries to comfort Sam who goes limp. Chuck yawns and says he lied before and says he didn’t learn to play guitar and just have himself the ability.

He says honesty is really freeing. Chuck picks up the guitar and plays a song. He magics up some stage lights then sings Bob Dylan’s Dink’s Song. Dean pulls out the amulet of God and it’s shining bright. The fog is gone and people are safe.

The sheriff and others come out of the back. Meta reads the pages that Chuck wrote. Life is normal outside and Tiffany wakes healed and her husband is alive too. Dean looks at the glowing amulet in his hand. Chuck is there in the street.

Dean looks at the amulet and they stare in shock at Chuck who says – we should probably talk.