Teen Mom OG Recap 9/5/16: Season 3 Episode 4 “Animal Instincts”

Teen Mom OG Recap 9/5/16: Season 3 Episode 4 "Animal Instincts"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, September 5, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 4, “Animal Instincts,” Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney plan their wedding; Leah is hurt when Amber Portwood misses a visit with her.

On last week’s episode, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney found out she’s further along in her unexpected pregnancy than they thought, Matt took Amber Portwood to his hometown where she met one of his family members.

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG as per the MTV synopsis, “Farrah invites Simon to celebrate Easter with her family and then kicks him out due to his lack of enthusiasm.”

Teen Mom OG should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom OG recap tonight from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom OG recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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#TeenMomOG starts with Farrah getting ready for Easter. Her mom Debra is there too and she greets Sophia who isn’t feeling well. Farrah and Sophia argue because Sophia doesn’t want to get dressed. Sophia has a tantrum and Debra tries to get her dressed.

Sophia goes upstairs as Farrah chastises her. Debra comes up to help Sophia but she won’t get ready. Farrah says Sophia is too stupid to get ready and says her daughter is being ridiculous. Debra reminds her that Sophia is sick and Farrah says Debra is being irritating.

Maci and Taylor are getting started on wedding plays for a Fall wedding. She finds a place in Florida where you can rent the whole place for the weekend. She wants to go see it first and says she’s going tomorrow to try on wedding dresses. He jokes about a yoga pants dress.

Amber is sick

Matt tells his pal Jeff that Amber has been getting sick a lot lately. He’s working on their second house flip while she’s in bed too sick to see Leah. Matt picks up some supplies for Amber since she’s sick. He talks about the custody arrangement and says he told Gary she’s sick.

Catelynn tells Tyler she bought a $3000 pig. It’s a micro mini pig. Tyler isn’t happy that she spent that much on the pig when they’re paying to refurbish their house. Tyler tells Jordan he’s not happy about the tiny pig and says it’s very expensive.

Jordan laughs and says that’s not a lot of bacon for $3k. Tyler is laughing but isn’t happy about the expense of the pig that Cate has taken on without checking with him. He says it cost more than the floors in their house.

Maci’s baby bump and Farrah terrorizes her family

Maci is trying on dresses and says the bottom has to be plain even if the top is fancier. She will have already had the baby by then and will be slimmed again. Maci says she doesn’t want to pick something based on her baby bump.

Her mom says they need to choose now since it takes months to order. Her pals come out in awful bridesmaids dresses to make her laugh. Farrah has Sophia dressed and Debra asks if Simon is coming today. Farrah is snippy with her.

She goes to pick up Simon with Sophia and Debra along for the ride. Simon climbs in with them. Farrah is awful to Simon and tells him to shut the f-k up while she’s driving. She’s terrible. Debra coordinates the egg hunt and Farrah snaps at Simon to get over and be part of the party.

Farrah is off the chain

Later at home, Farrah tells Debra she’s annoyed that Simon was drinking beer and not taking pictures. She says Michael was helping the other kids. Debra says that’s their culture and not his. Simon comes in and asks if the dogs can go on the trampoline.

She snaps and says no then tells her mom that Simon needs to stop being dumb. Over at Catelynn’s, they get ready for Easter. Butch comes in dressed as the Easter Bunny and Nova just stares. They laugh because he has the pants on backwards and the bunny tail is on his crotch.

Next day, Cate goes to pick up her piggy with April, her mom. She says Tyler is going to be mad. Cate covers up the camera in the car and it sounds like she and her mom are smoking pot based on the sound. Not cool since she’s driving.

Cate gets her piggy – Gary is annoyed

They go meet the little piggy. It’s tiny and squealing. April holds the little pig while they get into the car. Cate takes a turn cuddling it. The producer tells them Tyler will kill her. Now we’re back at Amber’s and see Gary feeding the animals.

Gary and his girlfriend wonder if Amber will show up today. Gary says she’s only missed a few visitations. They talk about how time with Amber’s mom counts as part of Amber’s visitation. Gary brings Leah out to meet Amber who comes to hug her while Matt stays in the car.

They take Leah to a pet store to look at some animals for fun. They put turtles and snakes. Leah holds a giant snake. Amber wants a cat and Matt says no. Matt says no again and says they already have seven animals. Matt gives in and says get it.

Amber brings home her new kitty

They also get a cat ladder and accessories. Matt tells her she’s on the verge of becoming a crazy cat lady. Ryan is with Bentley for the weekend so Maci and Taylor go to Florida to check out the wedding venue in Tallahassee.

They check out Honey Lake Plantation Church at the location. Maci gets confirmation that her grandfather can perform the ceremony. They talk budget then go sit for Maci and Taylor to talk it over. Maci says she loves the chapel but it’s expensive.

Taylor agrees this place has it all. He says this is the place to have a dream wedding. He says this is it and Maci agrees. She says let’s go make it happen and they go to lock things down.

Farrah keeps nagging Simon

Farrah nags Simon about drinking the wine that Debra poured for him. Farrah bugs him about walking on her carpet with shoes on. She says stop walking with shoes on my rug. Farrah tells him to get outside. Simon says he doesn’t know why she’s behaving this way.

Simon says she’s nothing but rude then tells her to relax and says she’s hostile. She says she’s told him a thousand times not to walk on the carpet. He says he’ll buy new carpet for her and says to let it go. Farrah goes outside crying to the producer Heather.

She says he always does it. Sophia follows her out with a flower. Heather asks if she’s upset about the carpet or about him not paying attention to her today. Farrah calls him a third wheel because he’s not married to her.

Pigs and bratty kids

Cate drives her mom home and she lets the pig down and it runs off from her. She freaks out as it runs for the street. The tiny pig is so fast and the producers try and help and one of the guys on the crew catches the pig.

At Cate’s she brings the piggy home and opens the crate to let it out. The pig stays inside the crate and stares at her. She finally pulls it out and it’s upset. She shows it to its crate and little bed and puts it down in a blanket.

They wonder if the squealing will wake up Tyler. It doesn’t. Back at Amber’s, the new cat is up on a cabinet and is glaring. Amber drops him and the dog chases the cat. Amber says the cat hates them. Later, Leah is with them and tells her mom she never picks her up when she’s supposed to.

Dresses and drama

Leah says her mom always makes excuses. Amber says she was in the hospital and Leah says it’s an excuse and says why didn’t you call and say it. She says she called Gary and told him. She asks if he told her and Leah says I thought you forgot about me.

Maci is still on the hunt for a wedding dress. Maci tries on one with a beaded bodice and plainer skirt. She thinks she found it and asks them to film her from the waist up so Taylor can’t see the dress. It’s a strapless dress and she says this is it.

They try on a veil and the producer says she’ll look great on her wedding day if she looks this good in it now. Farrah and Simon sit down to talk. Farrah says he doesn’t pay attention to what aggravates her and he asks if this is about the carpet.

Farrah rants at Simon

Farrah says he didn’t socialize at the party and says he has piss-poor communication skills. She drops the f-bomb all over him. Simon says she gets into arguments constantly in front of her daughter and she says he’s not a parent.

She says there’s no point in him being there if he’s not going to be her boyfriend or whatever he thinks he is. He starts texting and she gets mad and says she’s putting his suitcase outside and he can go to a hotel. He tells her it’s in her car.

Farrah wheels it out into the driveway. Wow. It’s hard to understand why he comes there at all. Maybe his Teen Mom paycheck is fat. Who knows.

Gary and Amber are civil

Amber drops off Leah to Gary and sends her inside. She stays to talk to Gary and asks if she told her she was in the hospital. Gary says he told her and Amber says Leah told her she thought she forgot her. Gary says she was standing at the door in her jacket hoping.

Gary says he always tells Leah if there’s a reason she’s not there. Amber tells Matt what Gary said about Leah sitting at the door waiting on her to come because she didn’t believe her dad when he said she was in the hospital.

Amber says she doesn’t want Leah feeling that way. Matt encourages her but Amber is still upset. The pig squeals at 1:30 and then all the dogs start barking. It happens again at 4:30 and this time it wakes up Nova too.

Pig problems and more

Catelynn is crying and says she needs help and her sister took the pig for a ride. Cate says she was having anxiety and wonders if she’s crazy for getting the pig and had no idea that it was this much work. Cate says she’s not okay and Tyler told her he’s worried.

Cate says they didn’t fight but she’s not okay and feels overwhelmed and depressed. Tyler says it’s not going to go away or fix itself and says this is harder and it’s not working. Cate says she wants to go away and quit smoking pot.

She says she found a place in Arizona that specializes in anxiety and depression. She’s crying and says she feels like a freaking loser and feels bad and like she’s a burden on everyone. She says she doesn’t want to go through life this way.

Cate whispers that she feels like a bad mom. Simon leaves Farrah’s place. Maci and the kids paint Easter eggs. Leah hops like a bunny with her Easter basket. Amber stews with Matt over what Leah said. Tyler plays with Nova while Cate lies in bed crying.