The 100 Recap – Clarke Finds a Prince at Last: Season 3 Episode 2 “Wanheda: Part Two”

The 100 Recap - Clarke Finds a Prince at Last: Season 3 Episode 2 "Wanheda: Part Two"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Thursday January 28, season 3 episode 2 called “Wanheda: Part Two,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, Conclusion. Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) risk their lives in order to save Clarke.

On the last episode three months had passed since the tragedy at Mount Weather and our heroes learned that a bounty had been put on Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) head. Unbeknownst to Clarke, a team led by Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) journey deep into Grounder territory to save her. Meanwhile, Murphy (Richard Harmon) found his way to the mansion and discovered a very different Jaha (Isaiah Washington) on a very different mission.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, conclusion. Bellamy and Kane risk their lives in order to save Clarke. Meanwhile, Abby debates opening Mount Weather as a medical facility; and Murphy plots to betray his former chancellor.

Tune in tonight to catch the season 3 episode 2 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#The100 starts with Bellamy and the others in the truck wondering why the people that trapped them are waiting. Kane wants to make a run for it. Indra isn’t so sure. As they go to make a run for it, Bellamy is grabbed and the others put down their guns.

Monty hops out, so does Kane. They are tackled and knocked down. One snatches the beacon from Monty then his mom recognizes him. He’s stunned. Jaha walks with Allie and they talk about the city of light where man will be free of disease and suffering.

Jaha promises her he’ll fill the place. We see a beautiful city and a bridge that leads to it. She says they’ll save the human race. Murphy snaps him out of it. He’s not there. The boat landed on the shore and Emori says they’re going around the mine field not through it.

Murphy complains and thinks she’s being deceitful and she pushes back at him. Monty’s mom hugs him tight. The rest of farm station stands down. Pike and Kane are thrilled to see each other. Lacroix and Smith are there too.

Monty asks where’s his dad and his mom says he didn’t make it. Pike says there are 63 of them and they proudly call themselves Grounder killers. Kane says they have to find Clarke. Indra tells Pike to be proud of saving so many since the Ice Nation is a fierce enemy.

Kane introduces Indra as an ally from the Tree crew. They move the log and Kane tells Monty to give them the coordinates to Arkadia. Kane asks Pike to come with them. Monty’s mom says if the Ice Nation has Clarke, they need more help.

Roan marches Clarke along but she fights back and tries to drown him. He goes limp to fake her out then holds her under the water until she’s weak. She recognizes the mark on his face and that he’s Ice Station.

Octavia wakes in Lincoln’s arms. She tells him it was smart to take off the guard jacket. He kisses her and they start to get busy but then they hear that someone’s approaching. She says the kill order is still in effect and he needs to go into the wall.

Lincoln recognized Nyko and runs to him. He says he needs Abby. He says the Ice Nation did this. They hurry him to the doc. Jasper is with Abby who’s checking out his recent injury from the fight. She says she knows how much Maya meant to him.

He says she’s still dead and Abby says he has to face things to move on and says Finn never did and it broke him. Abby doesn’t want that fate for him. He says Clarke killed Finn too. Octavia tells Abby to come look at Nyko.

They start working on his injuries. He’s type RH null so the sky people can’t donate. Lincoln is also not a match. Jackson says Mt Weather is the only way they can save him – there are blood stores there. Abby says they can’t take a Grounder to Mt Weather.

She asks Lincoln what to do. He says Nyko is his friend and says – save him. Abby tells them to get ready to go. She tells Jasper he better be ready to face his feelings. Clarke’s recent bed buddy takes a beating from someone looking for Clarke.

Kane shoots the guy and he and Indra walk in – she identifies the guy as a bounty hunter and tells her they’re there to help. Kane tells Monty and Pike to search the perimeter. Indra says they’re hunting Wanheda. She tells them Clarke was gone when she woke up.

She says that guy is Ice Nation and says his partner took her. Monty tells them there are fresh tracks but they can only go on foot. Roan has Clarke bound and gagged. He spots Ice Nation scouts and says they need to backtrack.

She makes noise to draw them over. Roan says – their deaths are on you when the trackers come over. He shows them his mark so they see him as Ice Nation. He says he has Wanheda for the queen. They pull the bag off her head.

Roan says no trouble. The bounty hunters want to take her from him. He lets her go so she runs and one chases her and Roan dispatches the two then shoots an arrow into the back of the one pursuing Clarke. She snatches a knife as he says it didn’t have to be this way.

She goes to stab him and he threatens her life again. Abby and her crew take Nyko to Mt Weather. Jasper is not happy to be back there. Kane and his people track Clarke and her captor. Pike asks Bellamy what changed.

He says the Grounder and sky kids had a common enemy. Indra says it’s Azgeda – Ice Nation drums. They go to hide the Ice Nation bodies so they don’t think they killed them. Bellamy spots Clarke with Roan but Pike says they have to let the army pass.

Monty spots a cave and they all go running for it. Indra says she has to go warn her people that the Ice Nation is across the border. She runs off to alert the Tree people. Roan checks his map in his notebook then pulls Clarke along.

He says if she screams again, both of them will die. They take cover down in a concealed area. Otan asks Jaha if he’s really been to the city of light. Jaha tells him to walk with him. Murphy asks Emori why she’s there.

She says they were recruited by the woman who comes to them in the flying machine. Murphy says it’s a drone. She says they collect tech for her. She says they bring it to the island to him and points to the scarred face guy nearby.

Emori goes to steal something out from under the guy and says she has other buyers. Murphy says it’s a bad idea. She kneels and then the guy grabs her by the neck. Murphy tells him to stop then hits him in the head repeatedly.

The mutant guy says there is no pain in the city of light. Emory jabs him in the neck and he quickly bleeds out. Emori grabs up the tech and asks Murphy if he’s coming. They run off together away from Jaha and Otan.

Roan is bleeding from the stab wound that Clarke dealt him. He says another inch and he’d be dead then jokes maybe she’s not the Commander of Death. She asks why he’s hiding from his people and he asks why she ran from hers.

He cauterizes the wound with a fiery knife. He calls her the great Wanheda, mountain slayer. She says she’s no one. She asks why he’s taking her to the Ice Nation since he’s hiding from them. She says her people will give him more.

He says she took the coward’s way out. She says he’s just like her – in disguise and on the run. He says he was banished, she had a choice. He says she’s the way back home to his people and puts the gag back in her mouth.

Kane and Pike tell Bellamy to relax and let the army pass by then they’ll go after Clarke. Monty sits by his mom and says he wants to know what happened to his father. She says they landed in snow and his father said it absorbed some of the impact so they survived.

She says it was so beautiful and then Pike says the kids were playing in it. He says they were the first to die. He says 15 died. He says if not for his father, more would have died. Pike says they got him when he went back for the fifth.

Pike says his dad died a hero and they’ve been fighting Grounders ever since. Kane says not all Grounders are like the Ice Nation. Pike says they are to him. Emori wipes the blood off of her and says when Otan gets there, they can leave.

Murphy tries to get the tech box opens and she offers to cut him in on the deal. She kisses his cheek and thanks him for saving her life. She pries the box open with a knife. Murphy says it’s more than just tech. Otan is there and says she shouldn’t have opened it.

He closes the box and she asks why he’s not wearing his scarf. Murphy asks how he knows how to use it. Otan grabs Emori and puts a knife to her throat. Jaha walks up and Murphy says Otan ate the chip and calls Allie his imaginary friend.

Jaha says she unburdened him and now he can unburden Murphy. He goes to drop it into the water and tells Jaha to let Emori go. Otan lets her go and Murphy tells her to get into the boat. Jaha says give me the pack. Murphy throws it far away into the water.

They run for it from the shore which gives Murphy and Otan time to get away. Allie says no need to go after them. She say she hasn’t told him the best part. She says there’s not death or pain. The guy that Emori killed is there and he’s alive and not mutated at all. Jaha is stunned.

The procedure on Nyko at Mt Weather worked. He’s surprised that he’s in the mountain and Lincoln says it was the only way to save him. Nyko thanks Abby and Lincoln says they have to go as soon as they can.

Nyko says their people are wrong about places being evil – he says people are. Jackson says this place could do a lot of good for the Sky and Ground people. Lincoln agrees. Abby says okay. She tells Jackson let’s open it up.

Jasper is looking through paintings in the Mt Weather archives. He throws things around and smashes a sculpture. He goes crazy. He finds a painting and sets it up then kneels before it. Octavia comes into the room and sits beside him.

He says he’s fine then says this was her favorite. He says it represents the second circle of hell. He says he told Maya he liked it. Jasper cried and says he misses her and Octavia tells him it will get better and he asks when.

Monty tells his mom 42 of the 100 got out alive. Pike says it’s kill or be killed. Kane tells Pike they use Mt Weather for supplies but Pike says it’s a bunker they need when the Grounders break the truce. Monty curses.

Looks like Bellamy stole one of the Ice Nation uniforms and infiltrated their ranks. He walks away and into the woods the direction Clark went when no one is looking. He spots some blood – he’s near where Clarke and Roan were.

He pulls a sword and heads down into the shelter. He finds Clarke and she says look out as Roan lunges at him. Clarke begs him not to kill him and says she’ll do anything. He hurts Bellamy bad and says don’t follow then Bellamy passes out from the pain.

Bellamy crawls up out of the bunker on his injured knee. Monty and the others find him and he says he almost got her. Pike says the guy knows he’s being followed now. Kane tells Bellamy he can’t even walk and Bellamy says they can’t give up.

Monty says he could do with that leg and they have no trail. Bellamy says they can’t lose her. Monty says they will and will figure something out. He says this is not the way. Bellamy agrees and they head back.

Clarke has a bag over her head as she’s delivered by Roan. The queen is Lexa! She tells Roan that Wanheda was supposed to be brought to her unharmed. He says she wouldn’t come easy. Indra is at her side. Roan says do your part and lift my banishment.

She says his mother is marching on Polis and tells her guards to lock Prince Roan away until his mother honors the coalition. Lexa dismisses her advisors and has guards stand Clarke up. She tells her sorry and removes the gag.

She says she had to make sure Wanheda didn’t fall into the hands of the Ice Queen. Lexa says – I need you. Clarke spits in her face, calls her a bitch and says she’ll kill her. Lexa stands on her balcony. She’s at the top of a ruin of a skyscraper.