The 100 Recap – Titus Passes the Torch to Clarke: Season 3 Episode 9 “Stealing Fire”

The 100 Recap - Titus Passes the Torch to Clarke: Season 3 Episode 9 "Stealing Fire"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Thursday March 31, season 3 episode 9 called “Stealing Fire.” On tonight’s episode, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) makes a discovery; and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is forced to make a decision that could have disastrous consequences.

On the last episode Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) was searching for a peaceful way to handle things but soon realized he may be forced to resort to drastic measures. Meanwhile, Pike (guest star Michael Beach, “Sons of Anarchy”) suspected that there may be a leak within the walls of Arkadia. Lastly, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) had a plan and reaches out to Jasper (Devon Bostick) for help. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke (Eliza Taylor) discovers a shocking truth, and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby (Paige Turco) share a moment. Bob Morley, Christopher Larkin, Ricky Whittle and Richard Harmon also star.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 3 episode 9 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live!

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#The100 begins with horns blowing in the distance and Clarke tells Murphy the conclave must be starting. He mocks Grounders fighting over who gets to put an AI in their brain. Clarke is sad when she looks at the bed where she made love to Lexa before she died. Murphy says sorry.

Clarke says they need to make sure Aden wins. Titus comes in and says he has to fulfill his vow to Lexa and hands them jackets. Clarke asks how he’s still alive and Titus says he’s the only Fleimkepa. She wants to see Aden but Titus says the purification ritual has begun.

She insists and Titus brings Clarke to where Lexa’s body has been prepared. Murphy is shocked all the candidates are just children. Clarke speaks to Aden and ask if he’ll honor the promise he made to her. The candidates all bow and tell her Lexa made each of them vow it.

Aden says they loved her. People burst into the room and Ontari from the Ice Nation lunges at her but Roan says as king he says no harm comes to her. Ontari says when she is Heda, all of Skaikru will die. Lincoln tells the Grounders in the Ark jail to stay strong.

Kane tells Lincoln he inspires them. Lincoln sits and says he won’t let him give up. Pike tells the other Grounder prisoners that they are all guilty and deserve death. Pike then says Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair will be executed at dawn for leading the coup. Bellamy looks ashamed as he follows Pike.

Bellamy and Monty come to see Nate and Harper. Bellamy reveals the bug on Nate’s uniform and Monty puts it in a signal blocker. Bellamy tells them about the death sentence and want to help break them out. They play dumb but Bellamy says to tell Octavia to meet him at the dropship in an hour.

Harper calls out Monty for his mom’s actions and he walks out ashamed. Octavia shows up to the dropship. Octavia looks around, suspicious of her brother. She knocks him out and says sleep well. Murphy  and Clarke come down to talk to Titus and ask why Ontari is part of this.

He says she has the commanders’ blood and says she has the right to participate. Murphy asks Clarke why it matters who wins and Titus says he’s served four commanders and none were half as strong or pure as Lexa. He says the flame enhances what is there.

Clarke asks how they make sure Aden wins and Titus says she’ll choose him. They hear the victory horn and run to see the outcome. Roan shushes Clarke as Titus pushes into the room. Ontari is on the throne and Titus asks what is this?

She is covered in blood and shows him Aden’s head. Roan says they need to go or she’ll tale Clarke’s head too. Ontari says I win. Titus is horrified. Bellamy comes to and sees Indra and Bellamy. Indra is furious and says Octavia should be in the camp now.

Bellamy says it’s suicide and says they can save them if they work together. Octavia says he’s the reason they need saving. Bellamy says she still needs him. Octavia says not true. She walks away. Bryan comes to talk to Nate and says he’s a spy.

Bryan puts his hands over his mouth and checks for the bug. Nate asks if he put it there. He’s angry. He asks why was he so afraid and Bryan says they execute traitors now. Bryan says loves Nate and he says you can’t have me and Pike. Nate walks away.

Abby asks to see Kane before the execution the next day. They have a moment alone and she says she won’t let this happen to him. He says she can’t help him or she’ll face the death too. She says she won’t get caught. Kane says the people need her.

Abby says she can’t do this again and touches his face. She leans in closer and he takes her hands. She’s crying and Kane says don’t make this harder. He steps back from her and calls for the guard. They take him away.

Roan takes Clarke away and she says Titus won’t support Ontari. He says she’s Ice Nation so he has to support her just like killing all in Mt Weather was best for her. Roan takes them to a tunnel and says he saved her again and their debt is square.

He says next time she sees him, it won’t be as friends. Clarke glares after him and Murphy asks if they’re not leaving. She says not without the flame. Kane looks at the brand on his arm and Lincoln says it could have worked. Sinclair says they can’t break and must be brave so their death will serve as unity.

Pike and his men come for the condemned and Lincoln says stay strong and tells them not to protest. Harper shows up and gives Kane a look. He’s shoved on. Harper radios Monty that the package is on the move. Hannah is there with him and asks who that is.

Hannah radios Pike and warns him Octavia is there and cautions him not to go any further until the route is secure. Pike shoves the prisoners into a room while they check things out. He says two men on the door – shoot anyone who comes out or comes near.

Bellamy begs Indra to stop Octavia. He says Pike will see Octavia coming and Indra says good, we want him to. He begs Indra to cut him loose so he can help. He says Octavia will die and Indra says if she does she’ll earn the warrior’s death that Bellamy denied her.

Clarke and Murphy creep back into Polis. She tells him to watch while she gets it out of the pod where Titus keeps it. Titus is there and says Clarke killed her even though it was him that pulled the trigger. He says hand over the kit.

Clarke says Ontari can’t have the flame. He says Lexa’s spirit chose her and she says you don’t believe this. She tells Titus to put it in someone else. He says if someone else without the blood takes it, it kills him. She says the blood is rare.

She says Lexa has markings on her back and says Lexa told her of an eighth novitiate and asks who is that and says it’s another Natblida. Titus says yes but she fled. He says she was a coward and traitor to the blood. He says she’s unworthy.

Clarke asks if she’s more unworthy than Ontari. Murphy is kicked down some stairs and says she’s here. Titus tells Clarke to hide. Ontari walks into the room and asks why he brought Skaikru. She says let’s get this over with and Clarke listens.

Titus says she must be cleansed before she ascends and orders Murphy to take her to the Commander’s chambers and see to the ritual. He says even Luna would be better than her. She says her friend Lincoln mentioned Luna. Titus asks if he can find her.

Clarke says she can take Titus to her but he says Luna won’t allow him near her. Titus touches Clarke’s head then hands her the commander’s cloth and the flame. She promises to protect him. He says there’s a journal of the first commander and she’ll need it to do the ritual.

He tells her to choose some armor from the collection and says her duty is to the flame and calls her flamekeipa and says he’ll get Murphy out of there. Pike’s men fan out to look for Octavia. They check the hangar bay and then Pike says something is off.

They call back to the men guarding the door and get static. Pike takes off running back to that corridor. The guards are down and out and the room is empty. Pike curses. They tell him the guards were drugged but he’s furious. We see that Octavia and the prisoners were hiding under a floor panel.

She gets them out and unlocks their handcuffs. She promises to come back for the others tonight. Abby comes to check on the guards – she was part of the plan. Harper radios and says stay where you are. Hannah hears and says they’re trapped.

Hannah hides behind a wall panel. Monty says the prisoners are headed for the main gate. They run but Hannah is angry that her son betrayed them. He says he has to save his friends. Hannah rails at him and he says he’s a traitor too.

Pike shows up and Hannah says that was a false report. Pike says lock the camp down we’re going door to door. Pike grabs a radio and says maybe they can bring them to them. The lock down is initiated but Abby won’t go with them. She says they need her there. Kane kisses her.

She kisses back and they hold each other for a moment. He says may we meet again and he goes after them. Pike radios a message that there will be an execution. He says turn yourselves in or the other Grounder prisoners will die in your place.

Lincoln says he has to go back and Octavia begs him not to then says she’ll do with him. Lincoln kisses her and says he loves her. He knocks her out and hands her to Kane. Kane tells him to stay strong. He leave with Octavia in his arms.

Lincoln surrenders himself. He puts his arms out and doesn’t fight as he’s surrounded. He glares as Pike approaches. Murphy attends to Ontari who is in a bath. She asks how much longer and he says purification is a process.

She asks why he’s not scared of him. He says what she did was smart but a little crazy. She says she plans to wipe out his people and he says sucks for them. There’s a knock at the door and she gets out naked. Murphy gets an eyeful.

Titus is dragged in by Roan who says the flamekeipr says he lost the flame. Roan demands to know where Wanheda is and Murphy says he doesn’t know. Roan says she stole it and Titus says he gave it to him. Murphy says he can’t kill him because he’s the only one who can perform the ritual.

Titus calls Ontari an abomination and says she will never ascend. Roan says they need him. Titus cuts his neck open on Roan’s knife and says “for Lexa”. He drops dead bleeding and choking into Ontari’s bath. Titus is gone – he’s the only flamekeipr they know about.

Ontari says announce my ascension, no one knows I don’t have the flame. He says Murphy knows but Murphy says this guy likes his head. She tells Roan to light the flame, announce me and find Wanheda. Clarke hears the horn but she’s far away on a horse and presses on.

The flame of ascension is lit. The horns blare. Indra says heda no and Bellamy asks what it is. She says a new commander has risen. Bellamy says go running and let Octavia know you’re only loyal to your people. She says Octavia is her people. Indra says tell her sorry and leaves.

Octavia wakes on the horse calling for Lincoln. He’s marched out by Pike to be executed. Octavia sees it from the distance. Pike says he can’t free his people but can promise they’ll be cared for. Lincoln nods. He steps back and Lincoln is pushed to his knees.

Kane comes to stand by Octavia. Pike says Lincoln of Trikru has been sentenced to death. He asks for last words and Lincoln says not for you. Pike pulls his gun and Lincoln stares at the sky. Lincoln says in Grounder tongue may we meet again.

Pike shoots him in the head and Lincoln keels over. Octavia says no and then her tears stop and she glares at Pike. Ohh. It’s on.