The 100 Recap 4/28/16: Season 3 Episode 13 “Join or Die”

The 100 Recap 4/28/16: Season 3 Episode 13 "Join or Die"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Thursday April 28, season 3 episode 13 called “Join or Die.” On tonight’s episode, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) embarks on a mission that could change everything.

On the last episode Jaha (Isaiah Washington) returned to Polis, and Murphy (Richard Harmon) had a surprise encounter. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke embarks on a mission that could change everything. Meanwhile, Murphy gains information that could help ensure his survival; and Kane reaches his breaking point.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 3 episode 13 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live!

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#The100 starts with Pike being lead in chains through the market and they hear screams. There are crucified bodies. Pike says it’s what he expected. Kane wants to leave. There is literally blood in the streets and some of the crucified are crying out and still alive.

Pike tells Kane he will find no peace with the new commander. Jackson is there and tells the guard that the chains aren’t needed but the guy says he belongs to the commander. Jaha is there with Heda who tells the man dragging Pike to take the key.

He does. Kane asks Jaha what this is and Pike says it’s the chip. Pike says Jaha is crazy but he calls it unity. Pike grabs Heda ad puts a knife to her throat. Briggs takes down Pike and pulls her off him. Pike is mad that farm station betrayed him.

Jaha says there is nothing her but the city of light and offers Pike a key. Pike says no way in hell. Pike is dragged away. Alie tells Jaha they need Kane who can help them find Clarke and the other AI. Jaha hands Kane a key and he throws it.

Jaha says that was a mistake. Kane is also dragged away. Alie says they have a 3% rejetion rate. Abby tells Jaha leave Kane to me, not with the others. Jaha smiles. We see flashback to Pike talking to Abby, Kane and Jaha.

Jaha says he can’t tell anyone what he’s about to say or he’ll be floated. Jaha says he needs Pike to teach a crash course in survival to the prisoners. He asks why. Abby says they’re sending them to the ground. Pike says they’ll be dead when the door opens.

He says Earth is not survivable then asks what they found. Kane says they’ll tell him only what he needs to know. Pike says Clarke i sin the sky box but Kane says she’s in solitary so Pike won’t see her. Pike says Clarke paid attention the first time.

Pike says he tried to teach them before but they’re not receptive. Jaha says teach them again but don’t tell them they’re going. Abby says he gets to teach skills that might be used. Jaha says it’s a leap of faith and Pike says three to four months.

Jaha says they leave in two weeks. Pike says when do I start. Right now. They open the door and the kids come into the room. We see Monty, Murphy, Jasper, the usual suspects… Octavia is nervous as Pike welcomes them to earth skills.

Now, Octavia is with Clarke as they pursue Luna. Jasper says the map has no scale and says they should stop and recharge the battery. Octavia and Clarke agree they keep going. Jasper asks what will Luna say when they ask to put an AI in her head.

The road is blocked with a tree and Bellamy says backtrack but Octavia gets out. She and Clarke hear running water. The others follow. Octavia says put the guns down and they head off. Octavia and Clarke run ahead.

They spot the mountains and then an outcropping. She finds a landmark from the book and runs over. There are stacks of rocks on a little inlet. Clarke says she’s gone. Jasper asks what now. Octavia screams in frustration.

Flashback to Pike teaching Earth skills. He’s showing them how to make fire. The kids look apathetic. Pike shows them and a few are genuinely interested. Pike says that can be the difference between life and death. Murphy claps sarcastically.

Pike asks Octavia the key to surviving on Earth. She says not dying. The others laugh. Pike says they have a list of things to learn. He says they have to learn what they can eat and not. Jasper asks if they’ll learn which ones to smoke.

Pike says the key to surviving on the ground is to keep fighting against all odds. He says the minute you give up, you’re dead. Murphy smiles and says he’ll survive. Now, Murphy is chained up and Pike is dumped into the same large cell with him and others.

Briggs asks if any of them are ready to take the key. No one moves. Pike rages as he’s chained to a wall. Murphy turns to him and says he told him he’d survive. Indra is there and says Pie should have killed her on the battlefield and she won’t make the same mistake. She says she will cut Pike 300 times – one for each life he took. He says get on with it.

She makes a cut across his chest. Then another. He grimaces in pain. He’s trying not to scream. Murphy turns his back. Pike gives in and screams. The kids make a fire by the stone piles. Clarke says they need to decide what to do.

Octavia says split up and search tomorrow morning. She starts a fire and is pleased – just like Pike showed her. Bellamy agrees but Octavia snaps at him. Octavia says when she looks at him she sees Pike putting a gun to Lincoln’s head and murdering him.

Bellamy says he didn’t kill him and she says he’s dead because of you. Bellamy says she should have trusted him and took his help. Octavia won’t hear him. He walks away. Jasper throws some a plant in the fire and it flares.

Octavia pulls something out of the journal and throws it in. The fire burns green and Octavia says it’s a signal. Jasper goes to grab more of the plant to keep it burning green. Clarke looks at Bellamy’s back as he stalks away.

Back at the commander’s tower, Kane stares out the window. Abby is dragged in and dumped in the room with him. She begs him to tell her if he knows where Clarke is. Kane says he thought she knew.  She plays like she’s not on the key. She says they want Clarke.

Kane asks what but she says I don’t know. Alie tells Abby they can’t let Clarke activate the other AI and says Ontari needs help. Abby tells Kane she’s afraid and he holds her. Alie tells Abby try harder. Abby pulls back and kisses him.

Kane stares at her then kisses her back. She pushes him down and straddles him. Kane shoves her away and Alie says he knows. Kane is dragged away and Abby says put him on the cross. Kane begs her to stop but he’s taken outside.

He’s strapped to a cross while she watches. He says it’s madness and begs her to wake up. She says just tell us where Clarke is hiding. He says he can’t do it. Abby walks away with a shrug. Jaha nods and he’s nailed to the cross as he screams.

Jaha walks off with Heda. The cross is hoisted up and he screams in pain. They nailed his wrists into the wood. He looks down on them as he screams in pain. Heda, Jaha and Abby stare at him with no compassion.

Clarke approaches Bellamy at the shore. He asks if she came to fix things. He says that’s what Wanheda is then says he doesn’t need her help. Clarke stands there and he looks at Octavia and Jasper at the fire. He tells Clarke he lost his sister.

Clarke says give her time and says there’s blood on his hands, but not Lincoln’s. Clarke asks if he can forgive himself. Bellamy says he was mad at Clarke for leaving and doesn’t want to feel that anymore. Clarke says she’s trying to forgive herself too.

She says maybe someday. Then she tells him they need each other and they can only do this together. She hugs him. He hugs back and buries his face in her neck. People come out of the water and are on them before they can move.

Jasper and Octavia are surrounded as well. Bellamy and Clarke are dragged over and a man approaches her. He calls Skaikru bringers of death. She says Lincoln and says he sent them. They untie Clarke and Bellamy and the man hands her a vial.

Octavia takes it and he says safe passage. He hands one to each of the four. Octavia drinks then so does Jasper. Octavia goes down then he does too. The guy says last chance and Clarke and Bellamy drink as the men signal the boat. They go down too.

Flashback to Jaha pacing and Pike comes to him. He sighs and says he was sorry to hear about Jaha’s son’s arrest. He says he’s keeping Wells in solitary til the launch. Pike says the ark must be dying and asks if he cares if they live or die.

Pike asks him to send him with the kids and says they don’t care and have learned nothing. He says they have no reason to learn. He says let me tell them at least. Pike says they have one last class. Jaha says he’s all they’ve got and find another way to reach them.

Back in class, the kids are obnoxious as usual. Pike comes in and says take your seats now. He says this is the last time we’ll talk about Earth skills. He asks Murphy to assist him in today’s listen then punches him. Then he does it again.

Murphy sits down. Pike says he knows all about him and says his mother drank herself to death after his father was floated for stealing medicine to save him. Then Pike says his father gave him a second chance by giving his life and Murphy wasted it.

Murphy glares and Pike hits him again and says do something. Octavia says stop and then he beats on him some more. He says no one is coming to help you. He says it will take more than the kids from your station to save you.

Pike screams this is life or death and he’s finally dragged off of him. Kane and some others come in and ask Pike if he’s okay. He thought the kids attacked him. Pike says this is graduation. He tells them congratulations class dismissed.

Now, Indra keeps cutting on Pike who says you can’t break me. Murphy says they need Pike to fight their way out. He says their real enemy is out there. Indra stops. Murphy says Jaha won’t stop until they join them or die.

Another tells Indra the boy makes sense and tells her stop. Murphy asks if she wants revenge or her people to live. She says both. She stops and says she’ll get her revenge but not today. She leaves Pike. Murphy says to Pike go float yourself – everything I learned, I learned from the Ground.

Back on the ark, it’s time for the kids to be sent to the ground. They are led to the drop ship. Abby is panicking. Jasper looks around for Monty. Clarke is on a stretcher.

Abby snaps a bracelet on her daughter and touches her face. She’s taken. The kids get onto the ship and Kane tells Abby it’s time. Abby kisses her. Clarke is loaded on still unconscious. Kane tells Abby he’s sorry and she says he got his extra year. She walks off.

Now, Kane screams on the cross. Jaha paces below him. Jaha offers him a key again to stop the pain. Alie says he’s strong. Jaha says he always has been. Jaha tells Marcus they’re out of time and takes a gun. He asks where’s the resistance.

Kane says shoot me. Jaha goes instead to Abby and puts a gun to her head. Marcus says he’ll do it. Alie is pleased. Jaha hands him the key and Marcus puts it in his mouth. Jaha walks away. Kane’s face changes immediately as the pain fades away.

We see the drop ship hurtling towards the earth and the kids are screaming as it hits the atmosphere. Now, Clarke comes to and sees they’re in a metal box. The others wake as well. They are in a semi-trailer box and they realize they were disarmed.

Octavia bangs on the door and it opens. Lina walks in and Clarke steps up. Luna asks where’s Lincoln and Octavia says he’s dead. Clarke tells Luna she’s the last nightblood. Clarke says her spirit chose her and Titus gave her the tool to make it.

Luna says she won’t kill and that’s why she left the conclave Clarke says she doesn’t have to. She shows her the flame and asks if Luna will be the next commander. Luna says no and leaves it in Clarke’s hand. Luna walks away and Clarke goes after her. They see outside they are on a giant oil rig on the ocean.