The Biggest Loser Recap 1/4/16: Season 17 Episode 1 Premiere “Money Hungry”

The Biggest Loser Recap 1/4/16: Season 17 Episode 1 Premiere "Money Hungry"

Tonight on NBC The Biggest Loser returns with an all new season 17 premiere which features over weight contestants competing to lose weight to win money, on Monday, January 4 called “Money Hungry” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, sixteen contestants, including two reality-show stars, begin their weight-loss journeys in the Season 17 opener. Included: Bob Harper takes over as host, a new gym is unveiled and a new temptation theme is introduced.

The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation, season 17 of NBC’s popular weight loss series, is all about temptations and how to navigate around them in the real world. And the contestants’ willpower is put to the test right from the start when host Bob Harper welcomes the new players with a money temptation before they even set foot in the gym.

“The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation” kicks off with contestants arriving at the ranch and getting on treadmills lined up outside the gym. Once they’re all moving, Bob has the eight contestant teams of two choose wealth – or their health, offering $25,000 to any team who wants to call it quits and go home. But if they resist the temptation, they’ll be welcomed in to the gym, where trainers Dolvett Quince and Jen Widerstrom choose their own teams.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The Biggest Loser, known for its incredible weight loss makeovers, will reveal an exciting makeover of its own when the popular series returns this season with new host Bob Harper, a new “Temptation” theme, an updated state-of-the-art gym, a new logo, fun format changes and a return to the popular team vs. team competition. Dolvett Quince and Jen Widerstrom return to train eight contestant teams of two, all with compelling stories. Seven teams (spouses, parent/adult child, siblings, relatives, best friends) will know each other, but one team will be two strangers – former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant and the original “Survivor” winner.”

The Biggest Loser season 17 premiere airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

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#BiggestLoser starts now. Eight pairs of contestants will compete including a married couple, siblings, friends and more. Looks like Bob Harper is the host for season 17 replacing Alison Sweeney. He’s the first male host in the history of the show.

Richard Hatch is paired up with Erin Willett from The Voice season two. She and Richard don’t know each other beforehand. Bob talks about this season’s theme is about temptation. Bob sends them all to the treadmills in the street clothes they came in.

He says they need to make the right choice from the start and says the first temptation they face is money. He says they can quit walking now and he’ll give them $5k and slaps the cash down. No one takes it. Bob then ups it to $10k.

He also tells them to increase the tilt of their treadmills. One of them is thinking about it. The pace picks up for all of them. He lets them slow down and Toy is gasping for air. She says she doesn’t want it to defeat her but she’s crying.

Bob then raises the money to $20k. Colby says that would pay off all his bills. He says he can’t buy thin. One of the women has to step off her treadmill. Vicki is struggling and cries. She sits down and he asks if she pressed the button.

Vicki talks about how she doesn’t want Lauren to be like her – 53 and fat. Bob tells her that as long as she didn’t press the button, she didn’t quit. Bob raises the money to $25k and says that’s the last. Bob counts them down and they all slow down.

Vicki made it back on her treadmill. Bob says he’s proud of her. They all complete this part and Bob tells them it’s game on. He says the gym is divided in half. One part of the gym is for Jen’s team. The other is Dolvett. Bob says they all get a one year gym membership from Planet Fitness.

Bob says Dolvett and Jen will pick their teams now. Jen gets to pick first and she chooses Luis and Roberto, the twins from Chicago. Dolvett chooses husband and wife Steve and Jacky. Jen chooses Hope and Colby.

Dolvett takes Toy and Britney. Jen takes Rob and Sarah. Dolvett takes Richard and Erin. Jen takes Lauren and Vicki for her last team. That means Dolvett gets Felicia and Whitney.

The next morning, the teams head to the gym on day one. Dolvett and Jen usher them inside. Jen says this is new and different in the new gym. Jen says their Garmin health tracker is the best tool at their disposal.

They all check their baseline statistics then start working out. Dolvett says he has to end their complacency and says he’s all about tough love. He says they are at rock bottom and he wants to make sure they are never at that point again.

Jen takes a different approach and says conquer and don’t quit. She wants to show them how strong they are. Sarah is struggling and can’t even stand and Jen says she’s just paralyzed by fear. She says that fear is making her unable to start this.

She makes it to Jen and is crying at the end. Sarah says she always compared herself to others as not being pretty enough or thin enough. Jen coaches her on believing in herself and stop feeling ashamed.

We see Erin talking about how she lost 50 pounds by throwing up – she says she didn’t want to be the fat girl anymore and says it’s the only secret she’s had in her life. She cries and says she can’t believe she did that. Dolvett talks to her about remolding herself.

Dolvett says Felicia is making excuses and he shuts them down right away. He gets in her face and says no excuses. He yells at her and she says his training style is hard for her and says it’s not motivating. He says he has to push her and will push her to greatness.

She says she wishes she had taken the $25k and went home. Jen says day one is always crying, puking, bleeding and says the gym is not new anymore. One woman goes flat on her face and flying off the treadmill.

Bob then talks to all of the contestants and says he wants them to know it’s about more than weight loss and says it’s like a drug rehab facility. He says they will empower them. He talks about Steve and Jacky leaving their kids to come there.

Toy says she’s thinking about her son and misses him then talks about her guilt. She says she hasn’t protected her son. Bob asks more and she says your job in life is to protect your child and says she didn’t save him.

She starts crying and Bob goes to sit near her. She says she didn’t have her life together and says she was homeless and was staying with Britney’s mom. She says the backdoor was left open and he walked outside and drowned in the pool.

Bob says she has to forgive herself and says terrible things happen to good people who deserve good things and forgiveness. He thanks her for sharing and says he’s so glad she’s here and says she’s going to make something of herself.

Toy says she’s never healed from it because she’s never talked about it. She says being with others that are struggling plus Bob there to listen helps. Next day, they head to the first challenge. There are giant ladders going up the side of a building.

Bob tells them this is another temptation challenge. He shows them two armored cars. Each are filled with money. They have to put the sacks on a scale to lower their team ladder. Then one couple from each team will climb to the top.

At the top is a vault with a choice. The first couple will face two major temptations. The team’s fate rests on their heads. Dolvett’s team chooses Erin and Richard. Jen’s team chooses Roberto and Luis. Bob says he’ll see them at the top.

The challenge starts. Each team has to move a ton of money literally. The red team has two handing money bags to the others. The black team throws theirs on the ground. Erin and Richard are conserving energy for their ladder climb.

The red team gets their money bags on the scale and Richard starts the climb and Roberto does too. Bob talks to them from the roof. Richard is getting tired. Richard starts climbing again. Roberto falls off the ladder!

Richard is about 30 feet ahead of him. Roberto starts to climb again. Erin is freaking out after she saw Roberto fall and knows she’s next. Richard makes it to the top and now she starts. Bob high fives him. Erin says this is harder than she thought.

She says it’s scary to see Luis and Roberto competing against them since they work hard. Richard tells Erin to zone out the noise and go one step at a time. Roberto fell again! Luis is annoyed. The team tell him he’s okay. Roberto taps out.

He’s upset that he disappointed the team and let his brother down. Erin makes it to the top. The red team is thrilled. Richard hugs Erin. Bob tells them to open the vault and see the temptations. The rest of the team wonders what this is.

Erin says they have to worry about the team and themselves. They open it and see they can win $40k for them to share or win an eight pound advantage at the weigh-in. Richard says he needs the money. Bob tells them to tell the team.

Richard says they could take $40k for them or a weight advantage at the weigh in. He says they chose that. The team is thrilled. Jacky says when you think of Richard, you think villain but he did the right thing and they are blessed to have them.

Roberto says he let his team down but they encourage him. Roberto says he’s going to make the eight pounds up himself. The teams complete their final workouts before the weigh in. Britney is working hard and Dolvett encourages her.

They tell them all to watch their monitors and make sure they are performing at 90% or better. Sarah says she and her dad don’t want to go home. Jen says she can see their new determination. Dolvett talks to Toy some more about getting the weight off her heart. He hugs her tight.

It’s weigh in time! Bob welcomes them. Bob says there are big changes at the ranch and the weigh in room has changed too. He says they will face two scales this year. One is for team Jen and one for team Dolvett.

They will weigh side by side in pairs, one team versus the other. The team with the lowest percentage lost will have the two lowest losers up for eviction. Bob adds negative eight pounds to the red team for the advantage they won.

First up is Erin and Hope facing off. Hope was at 232 and Erin at 238. Erin’s new weight is 228. She lost 10 pounds. Hope’s came in at 222. She also lost 10 pounds. Next up is Lauren and Jacky. Lauren was at 234 and Jacky started at 304.

Lauren is down to 226. She lost 11 pounds. Jacky is down to 290. She lost 14 pounds. Jen’s team is closing the gap. Next up is Felicia and Vicki. Felicia started at 234 and Vicki at 237. Felicia weighs in at 220. She lost 14 pounds.

Vicki’s weight is now 226. She lost 11 pounds. Dolvett is now at 2.07% lost and Jen at 1.4%. Vicki says it almost killed her. Richard and Colby are up next. Richard starts at 314 and Colby at 339.

Richard is down to 301 – he lost 13 pounds. Dolvett says he expected more and Richard says he did too. Colby weighs in at 321. He lost 18 pounds. Dolvett is at 2.66% and Jen at 2.18% now thanks to Colby.

Next up is Whitney and Sarah. Whitney started at 253 and Sarah was 267. Whitney lost 10 pounds. Sarah lost 250. She lost 17 pounds. Sarah starts bawling. Team Dolvett is at 3.11% and Team Jen is at 2.92%.

Next to weigh are Rob and Stephen. Rob started at 326. Rob lost 20 pounds. Stephen started at 309 and lost 11 pounds. Dolvett is disappointed. Team Dolvett is at 3.6% and Team Jen is now at 3.8%.

The next two are Toy and Luis. Toy started at 316 and Luis at 308. Toy is now at 308 – she lost just 8 pounds. Dolvett is let down and Toy says it’s not good enough. She says it took her a minute to get her ground and she needs to do better.

Luis lost 23 pounds. Now Team Dolvett is at 3.96% and Team Jen is at 4.8%. Britney and Roberto are the last to weigh in. Roberto started at 348 and lost 24 pounds. Britney started at 253 and lost just 7 pounds. She starts crying.

Team Dolvett is at 4.28% and Team Jen is at 5.85%. Her team wins the weigh in. Britney and Toy are under the line and one will be voted out. Jen and her team leave and Dolvett says goodbye to his team.

Bob tells the red team to meet him in the elimination room to make their decision. The team comes in carrying their cloches. Bob says this is hard. Richard says it wasn’t easy and isn’t sure he’s sending home someone he hopes can do it at home. He votes to send Britney home.

Jacky says she went back and forth and couldn’t decide so she went with the lowest percentage and voted for Toy. Felicia says she voted for the one that can do it on their own and also voted for Britney.

Erin says she doesn’t want to send anyone home and isn’t sure she made the right choice. She voted for Britney also. It’s 3 to 1 for Britney going home. Stephen says they both deserve to be here but he thought one needs to stay and so he voted to send home Britney.

Britney says she’s sorry and thanks them all – she says she understands. Bob says it’s time to say goodbye. Britney says she won’t let fear drive her life and is looking forward to a brand new her. She says when they see her next, she will be strong and confident.

We see that she’s down to 229 and lost even more. She’s eating better and working out. She also has a new boyfriend who is losing weight with her. She says the gym membership she got was great and she feels great since she’s lost 24 pounds.