The Fosters Finale Recap 3/28/16: Season 3 Episode 20 “Kingdom Come”

The Fosters Finale Recap 3/28/16: Season 3 Episode 20 "Kingdom Come"

Tonight on ABC Family their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all new Monday March 28, season 3 finale called “Kingdom Come,” we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, In the Season 3 finale, a tragic loss leads Callie (Maia Mitchell) to make a shocking discovery, putting her in a moral dilemma; and a gift from Nick (Louis Hunter) causes Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) to feel more guilty about her and Mat. (Jordan Rodrigues)

On the last episode, opening night of Brandon’s “Romeo and Juliet” musical forced Mariana and Mat to confront their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, the play hit home for the family in light of recent events; and a domestic-violence call lead Stef to a tragic discovery. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “in the Season 3 finale, a tragic loss leads Callie to make a shocking discovery, putting her in a moral dilemma; and a gift from Nick causes Mariana to feel more guilty about her and Mat. Meanwhile, Brandon reveals to his moms that Cortney has a child.”

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The family and their friends gathered together to remember Jack on tonight’s all new episode of “The Fosters”. Unfortunately, Jack didn’t have much in the way of family, but those that knew him had wanted to remember the hopeful young man who had held onto the belief, that despite everything he had gone through, he was going to find a home one day. And be happy.

However, Jack had never gotten that chance. The broken foster system in place had put Jack in the custody of a man named Pearson. Who had a long history of abusing his former foster children yet was still considered to be a better alternative than a group home. So those like Justina and Callie want to finally speak up for the victims of foster care and they want to introduce a new bill that’s supposed to make the system better.

Only Callie didn’t exactly feel like going to a lunch for the launching of the new Fost & Found app when she was still grieving. In fact, she found the idea of a party to be insensitive and she had wanted to get out of that particular work engagement. But Justina had somehow talked her out of it. She said that lunch was going to be about more than just the app and that if privatization was going to take off then they had to get the word out there.

So Callie agreed to the lunch though her friend Daphne did appear to be on edge about something. Almost as if she thought Callie was pushing herself when she really should have sat out on the lunch. Yet, Daphne hadn’t said a single thing to Callie in the lead up and she ignored every chance to warn her friend about the impending scam that was privatization.

Elsewhere, though, Lena had attended a meeting with the school board about Monte and the repercussions for not reporting Sally when the student first tried to kiss her principle. Only the meeting hadn’t gone as planned. Monte had admitted where she had messed up, but Sally and more importantly Sally’s mother had contrived to come up with a story that somehow made Sally’s actions Monte’s fault. For Monte had been portrayed as the aggressor that would have given Sally a much needed recommendation to Brown University if Sally would do “certain” things for her.

Yet that story was far from what Sally had told Lena. So Lena had tried to speak up at the meeting and that made Sally’s mother accuse Lena of putting ideas in her daughter’s head. Supposedly because she had wanted to further a lesbian agenda as well as wanting to protect her lover Monte. And therefore Lena eventually had to distance herself from what was happening because there was a chance it could end up costing her a job.

And as for Callie, Stef had later told her about Jack’s case and how the new privatization rules in foster care would allow shareholders to demand profit thereby placing more and more children in sometimes abusive situation yet the system would also hold no one accountable for what actually happened to the kids involved. Say if they were injured by their new foster families. Thus Pearson was the only person that was going to be charged for what happened to Jack and that’s because he had been found by the cops with the actual gun in his hand.

But Daphne did have a change of heart in the end about what she was willing to do in order to get her daughter back and thankfully fraud wasn’t one of them. So during the lunch that was supposed to be their platform for privatization, Daphne gave Callie just enough evidence to finally break away. She had shown Callie the many checks Justina was receiving from the Arbiter Group which had been the company that was directly responsible for what happened to Jack. And from there Callie had gone on to publicly accuse Justina of caring more about profit than people.

Justina naturally wanted to deny everything though by then it was going be hard to deny anything. Especially as Callie had been smart enough to have taken pictures of the checks and so Justina wasn’t going to be able to deny a single thing afterwards. Much less try to harass Callie for breaking her word.

However, Brandon’s eighteenth birthday didn’t really improve from there and he was ultimately dragged into more than one mess that wasn’t of his making. First his girlfriend Cortney had gotten kicked out of her apartment because her landlord and her still legal husband had gotten upset by the fact she was now sleeping Brandon. So Eddie’s spitefulness also led to him emptying their joint bank accounts. And basically leaving the mother of his child destitute.

Although Cortney’s problems turned out to be the least of his troubles. For there was also what was going on between Mariana and Mat and how that was affecting their play. That was only supposed to count as their senior’s project, but that recently had begun to feel like a possible business venture. That is if Mariana and Mat hadn’t ruined everything.

Mariana and Mat had told each other last week that they do still love each other so at least they were finally being honest, but their situation was without a doubt messy. Mariana was dating Nick who was allowing her brother and Mat to run the play in his father’s warehouse. And Mat was dating Zoe who was in the play itself.

So Brandon had taken time to talk with the both of them and he had advised them that they shouldn’t be selfish. Mariana and Mat had had their chance at something else and it hadn’t worked out. Yet, to try again now would only hurt the people that both claim to care about. And so Mat and Mariana had realized that maybe they shouldn’t start up again.

Though it had all been too late. Nick had caught Mariana and Mat’s goodbye kiss and he had thought they were getting back together. So he flipped out and later brought a gun to school.

And so the seasonal finale ended with a teenager with a gun as well as the truth finally coming about Brandon and Callie. Apparently Justina had published the restraining order against him on Fost & Found and therefore she was using Callie’s own app to turn the media against the young woman. And Brandon was just part of the fall-out.

But speaking of fall-out, Jesus had told Gabe’s probation officer that Gabe had been building sets for a school play because he thought that would help Gabe. When instead Gabe could get thrown back into jail for something like that and Lena could lose her job for allowing it. So it seems that Jesus still has more things to learn about repercussions.