The Good Wife Recap – Peter’s Results – Season 7 Episode 11 Winter Premiere ‘Iowa’

The Good Wife Recap - Peter's Results - Season 7 Episode 11 Winter Premiere 'Iowa'

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday January 10 season 7 winter premiere called, “Iowa” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Tensions run high as the entire Florrick family is crammed into Peter’s campaign bus with Eli (Alan Cumming) and Ruth (Margo Martindale) on their way to the Iowa caucuses.

On the last episode, Alicia and Lucca defended a well-respected surgeon accused of plotting to commit a crime. Also, Ruth schemed to remove Jason from Alicia’s life by trying to persuade Courtney Paige (Vanessa Williams)to hire him for business in another state. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “tensions run high as the entire Florrick family is crammed into Peter’s campaign bus with Eli and Ruth on their way to the Iowa caucuses. Once there, Peter attempts a high-risk political stunt to gain votes for his presidential bid.”

Tonight’s season 7 episode 11 looks like it is going to be great and we’ll be updating it for you beginning 9:00 PM EST. In the meantime, sound off your comments and below and tell us how much you are enjoying this seventh season.

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Tonight’s episode of The Good Wife kicks off with a flashback from the last episode. Ely confessed to Alicia that she got a voicemail from Will Gardiner right before he died – saying that he loved her and would give up everything to be with her – and Ely erased it, because he didn’t want it to mess up Peter’s campaign. Alicia freaks out on Ely and screams at him to get out of her house, then she starts throwing dishes at him and smashing them on the floor. Ely panics and runs out of the house.

After Ely leaves, Alicia heads in her room and begins calmly packing a bag. Then she has a meltdown and throws her clothes on the floor and begins sobbing. Her house looks like it was struck by a tornado. Eventually she gets up, and begins packing her suitcase again. There’s a knock at the door – it’s Jason. Jason says he forgot to tell her before he left town that he looked in to Howard and her mother-in-law’s prenuptial agreement. Apparently, Howard has $2.2 Million hidden away in Relic Holdings. Jason can tell something is up with Alicia. She reassures him that she is fine, she’s just trying to pack to leave for the caucus in Iowa.

Peter’s campaign team is en route to Iowa – and arguing on the bus. Ruth and Ely can’t seem to get on the same page. Meanwhile, Alicia is blocking them all out and reading a book. Grace can tell that something is up with her. Meanwhile, Alicia’s son Zach is whining about how bored he is, he obviously isn’t thrilled about the campaign trip. Ruth and Ely asks for Peter’s opinions – they are arguing over what city to travel to first.

Alicia receives a phone call from Luca – she is on her way in to deal with the prenuptial agreement with Jackie and Howard. David Lee is representing Howard and Lucca is representing Jackie. Lucca marches in and says that before Jackie signs anything they need to talk about Relic Holdings. Howard insists that he doesn’t know anything about the $2.2 Million.

David Lee calls for a recess – he rushes in to Diane’s office to talk to her and Cary. Diane interrupts Howard and introduces him to a woman named Mrs. Creech – she’s from the Illinois employment department and is investigating their law firm for discriminating hiring practices. David Lee says they have another problem – out in the hallway he explains that he hid the $2.2 Million from the DePietro case in a shell corporation in Howard’s name so that Alicia couldn’t get her hands on it when she was leaving the firm. Cary and Diane are not impressed that David committed fraud – Diane tells him to take care of it ASAP.

Meanwhile in Iowa, Peter and his campaign bus arrive at their first stop – and there is only one man waiting for them…apparently he is a Florrick fanatic. He introduces himself as Neil Howard Sloan-Jacob. Even though there is no one there to greet Peter, a reporter interviews Peter while his own campaign team stands behind him and waves their own signs to make it look like he has a lot of supporters.

Diane and Cary pay Monica a visit – she confesses that she filed the claim against them, but she withdrew it after they hired her. She says it’s no big deal – she’ll just tell them that they changed their minds and hired her. It’s not that simple though, the Feds are involved now and its not just going to go away.

In the conference room – David Lee is trying to convince Howard that the $2.2 Million is a “clerical error.” He tells Howard to just “play along” and pretend the money is his for Lucca and they will “make it worth his while.” Howard agrees, but he wants half of the money. David Lee can’t believe he is playing hard ball – Howard reminds him that the money is in his name and technically he could keep all of it.

Peter’s campaign bus arrives at the next stop – and there is a HUGE crowd in Plymouth County. But, when they get off the bus they are shocked to see that the crowd is all booing them. Ruth is confused about what happened. She learns that a video was leaked of Alicia on the tour bus saying that “Iowa is a nightmare and the last place on Earth that she wanted to be.” Ruth makes Alicia do some clean-up and lie and say the reason she said Iowa was a nightmare was because her daughter Grace was sick – and she wanted to get home and take care of her, not ride on a tour bus.

David Lee and Howard head in to renegotiate with Jackie and Lucca. Jackie doesn’t care about the money – but she thinks that Howard is senile because he forgot about $2.2 Million. She wants to have power of attorney over him in case something happens because she doesn’t think he is of sound mind. Howard tries to explain that it is all a sham and he is covering up the money to get them a piece of the pie – now Jackie thinks that Howard is delusional too.

Alicia and her kids arrive at the caucous, and there is bad news – Peter has NO supporters. If he doesn’t get at least 30 supporters in 30 minutes – then he is out of the running for President. Alicia, Grace, and Zach get to work campaigning and basically begging the people of Iowa to go stand in Peter’s corner. The buzzer goes off and there is only 29 people in Peter’s corner. Zach and Grace come through in the clutch and convince a girl their age to abandon her corner and come stand in Peter’s corner.

Cary and Diane sit down with Mrs. Creech – Cary announces that they have demoted Howard (since he was the one that made racist comments to Monica). Cary tells her that Howard is no longer allowed to vote at the firm – she says that will be enough to satisfy FEPA and she leaves. Diane is not happy with Cary though, she can’t believe that he threw Howard under the bus like that.

At the caucous, there is another problem. One of their voters seems to have disappeared. The man counting the votes agrees to give them five minutes to locate the missing voter – who happens to be a youth minister. It’s strange that she disappeared right while they were tallying the votes. Apparently, she joined the Hillary supporters at the last minute. Luckily, Peter’s diehard fan Mr. Jacob-Sloane arrives at the last minute and can be counted as a voter. And, he manages to convince llike a dozen more people to join Peter Florrick’s corner. It looks like the caucous was a success – and Peter actually received 123 votes.

On the bus on the way home they celebrate the caucous – the news comes on they announce that Peter only won 4 out of the 99 counties in Iowa. Apparently, all those votes at the caucous didn’t help his overall campaign much. He is now in 4th place in the run for President.

Lucca fids Jackie watching the news about Peter in the conference room and crying. Lucca talked to Jason and learned that David Lee is the one that set up the account – she fills Jackie in on the news, and she is thrilled to hear that Howard isn’t senile. She heads to Howard’s office and wakes him up and apologizes for doubting him about the hidden money. Jackie says she wants to forget about the “silly prenup.” Jackie tells Howard that Peter won’t care about the prenup any more because he lost the presidency.

Ruth is on the campaign bus getting drunk and Ely confronts her – he blames her for losing the Presidency. Ruth scoffs that she did the exact same thing that Ely would have done. Ely isn’t buying it – he says that she missed the number one thing about Peter, and that’s that Alicia is number one…not Peter. Meanwhile on the other end of the bus, Alicia is comforting a devastated Peter over his loss.