The Good Wife Recap 4/24/16: Season 7 Episode 20 “Party”

The Good Wife Recap 4/24/16: Season 7 Episode 20 "Party"

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday April 24 season 7 episode 20 called, “Party” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies)  night goes from bad to worse when she throws a party to celebrate Howard (Mary Beth Peil) and Jackie’s (Mary Beth Peil) upcoming wedding.

On the last episode, Alicia and Lucca flew to Toronto to represent an NSA agent who was detained by customs officers when he attempted to re-enter the U.S. Meanwhile, Diane became concerned when her husband decided to retire and sell his business to a rival; and Peter contemplated an uncertain future when he faced possible arrest. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Alicia’s night goes from bad to worse when she throws a party to celebrate Howard and Jackie’s upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Eli asks Jason to investigate Peter in preparation for his trial.”

Tonight’s season 7 episode 20 looks like it is going to be great and we’ll be updating it for you beginning 9:00 PM EST. In the meantime, sound off your comments and below and tell us how much you are enjoying this seventh season.

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Tonight’s episode of The Good Wife kicks off Alicia and Jason – she reassures him that she is not divorcing Peter because of him. Jason tells Alicia that would be a bad idea to leave her husband for him, because they haven’t really talked about their relationship status.

Grace interrupts their talk – she needs Alicia’s help with flowers. They ordered flowers for Grandma and Howard’s pre-wedding bash, but they sent funeral flowers instead. The Before Jason leaves, he hands Alicia a gift box, he got her a present – he bought her 500 acres of land on Mars for her (it was meant to be a joke, but Alicia isn’t laughing).

Jason meets up with Eli, Eli tells Jason that Peter wants him off the case. But, Eli is going behind Peter’s back and hiring Jason any way. Eli needs Jason to prove that Peter is guilty, and figure out what kind of evidence there is out there against him before they accept a plea deal. Jason gets to work, he pays the DA a visit to get info on the Richard Locke murder case. The DA is adamant that Peter got a mistrial on purpose, the case should have been a slam dunk and Richard Locke was clearly guilty of murdering his girlfriend.

Alicia and Grace are getting ready for Howard and Jackie’s party – Grace finds the deed to her new land in Mars. They joke about how ridiculous it is. Alicia’s son Zach arrives for the party, it’s the first time he has been home from college in months. He tells Alicia that he has a surprise for her – but he can’t tell her what it is yet – she’s obviously concerned. Alicia and Zach have a glass of wine together, and Howard and Jackie arrive.

Jackie is thrilled with the funeral flowers, she doesn’t mind that they are clearly meant for a funeral.
The guests start rolling in, and Alicia has a new dilemma. Apparently they sent her the cake for a funeral too and there was a mix-up at the bakery too. Zach’s surprise arrives at the door – he has a new girlfriend named Hanna and she is intense, and like 5 years older than Zach.

Peter arrives with Eli and his daughter Marissa. Peter brought Alicia a gift to thank her for throwing the party. Peter takes Alicia aside, he wants to talk about the divorce. He thinks they should use one lawyer between the two of them, Neil, since their split is amicable, Alicia agrees. There’s a knock at the door – Grace tells Alicia she better come back to the party ASAP, Alicia walks out as everyone is toasting to Zach and Hanna’s engagement.

And, the hits keep coming. Zach sits down with Alicia and Peter and tells them that he is dropping out of college. His girlfriend Hanna is moving to France next year, she got a job there, and he is going with her. Zach says that he is taking a memoir class and he is going to write a book while he is in Europe. Alicia bursts out laughing at how ridiculous Zach sounds – he gets angry and storms out.

Meanwhile, Jason is blowing up Alicia’s phone and she is ignoring his calls. Jason heads to the police station to talk to Crowell – he was the detective on the Richard Locke case. Crowell says that Peter is the “best state’s attorney they have had in 20 years” then he confesses that Peter did micromanage the case, and he handled all of the lab results.

Next, Jason heads to the lab to talk to the tech that handled all of the blood evidence. The woman that worked the Locke case says that Peter threw out the test results she gave him and never submitted them in to evidence – and that there is stuff missing from the evidence log on that case.

At the party, Alicia fills Lucca in on her relationship woes with Jason. She told him that she wanted to be with her, and then he gave her a deed to Mars. Lucca thinks that Alicia is jumping the gun, she needs to sit down and talk to Peter and clear the air before she makes any drastic decisions.

All hell is breaking loose at the party, while Diane and Alicia are celebrating their all-female firm (which David Lee is totally cool with now), Alicia’s drunk Mom spills the beans and tells Alicia’s kids and Jackie about the divorce. Alicia takes Zach ad Grace in to her bedroom, she confirms that she and Peter are getting a divorce, they just wanted to keep it a secret until after the trial.

Grace accuses Alicia of sleeping with Jason, she thinks that is why she and Peter are getting a divorce. Zach freaks out – his parents have no right to tell him when he can or cant get married, because they can’t even stay together.

Peter crashes the party, he says that he actually came to talk to Eli. Alicia sends Eli out in the hallway to talk to Jason, and promises Jason that she will talk to him later. Jason tells Eli that Peter micromanaged the case, he popped up at the crime scene, and he even vetoed blood splatter that would have gotten Richard Locke convicted of murder. It gets worse – the bullets were stolen form the evidence room, and Peter was the last one to sign in to the evidence room.

Jason convinces Alicia to leave the party and go for a walk with him so that they can talk. He apologizes and says that he didn’t handle their talk well earlier. Jason insists that the Mars deed was just supposed to be a fun gift, he secretly is a space nerd. Jason confesses that he had a tough time talking about commitment with her because he hates staying in one place for a long time. But, in the future if he leaves, he wants Alicia to be able to leave with him. Alicia laughs out how absurd he sounds, she says she will think about what he had to say and get back to him.

Peter’s lawyer Mike calls Eli while he is at the party – he reveals that his dog is deathly sick, so he won’t be in court tomorrow. Now, Peter doesn’t have a lawyer! Obviously, Eli is freaking out. Eli storms in to the other room and confronts Peter. He demands to know what he was doing at the crime scene and why he vetoed evidence.

Peter has a bunch of excuses, he insists that the lab tech was a total screw-up, and he vetoes evidence because it was botched. Peter insists he didn’t steal the bullets – he hired a private lab tech named Kurt to analyze them, that’s where they are.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Zach’s fiancé Hanna have a heart to heart about getting married. Hanna laughs that it is not that serious – her parents are divorced, and his parents are about to be – if they wind up getting divorced, then it’s no big deal.

Eli tells Jason everything that Peter had to say about the evidence, then he fires Jason because he thinks that he is bias. Jason heads back to the lab to talk to the lab tech, he did his homework and he knows that she is lying. Apparently, this is just one of many mistakes she has made recently. Peter accuses the lab tech of setting Peter up and warns her that if she lies in court, he will have her for perjury.

Jackie and Howard’s party is wrapping up – Alicia sees all of the guests out. Peter stays, he is on the phone arguing about his plea bargain. Alicia tells Peter that he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Zach, then she tells him that Zach and Hanna are going to France and she gave them her blessing. Peter and Alicia have a drink together and toast to their divorce.