The Last Ship Recap – Vampire Pirates Drain Mike: Season 3 Episode 3 “Shanzhai”

The Last Ship Recap - Vampire Pirates Drain Mike: Season 3 Episode 3 "Shanzhai"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with an all-new Sunday, June 26, season 3 episode 3 called “Shanghai,” and we’ve got your The Last Ship recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler (Eric Dane)  scrambles to find answers in an Asian Dodge.

On the last episode, Chandler was sent to Asia to probe a possible mutation of the Red Flu in the Season 3 opener.  Did you watch the last The Last Ship episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “Chandler scrambles to find answers in an Asian Dodge City. Meanwhile, Slattery seeks the truth about his predicament.”

Tonight’s The Last Ship recap is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for The Last Ship recap to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#LastShip starts with the captive sailors in a small boat on a river. There are bags over their heads. Slattery’s bag is taken off and he looks around. The guy up front slaps him. The others have their bags taken off and are hustled off the boat.

Sasha looks through the pirates’ stuff and says they had a particular coin they use and says it’s used in South China in Shanzhai. Alicia says that’s the direction the boats were head to and Tom says get POTUS on the radio and set a course there.

Andrea and Jeter wonder where they are and they talk about how they can figure it out. They are taken to a small village where everyone glares at them. The captives are in grey clothes and carry bed rolls. Vicious guard dogs bark at them as they pass.

The leader tells them they can rest and Jeter asks where their captain. The pirates took Mike elsewhere. They are shut into a metal shack. Mike is dragged to another building and introduced to the boss. He says he knows who Mike is and then he’s dragged inside.

Mike faces danger alone

There’s a cot with straps on it and medical equipment that’s bloody. Mike fights them. He tries to get away but is beaten and held down. Tom updates Michener and says Burk and Green escaped but little Burk was shot. He says they have no leads.

Tom says Peng is behind this but the pirates made the attack in Vietnam. Michener wants to send the ships to China but Tom says leave them in Japan so they can avoid attention. Michener wants him back in St Louis.

Tom says he can’t leave the James. Tom says POTUS sent him here for a reason and says he needs to figure out the bigger play – he says this is about more than just his crew. Allison listens in as does Alex. Tom insists on staying to investigate and Michener caves.

Mike is strapped down and asks what they hell they’re doing. The boss tells them to begin and they tap into the vein in his arm. His blood starts trickling into a bag. They’re draining him of blood! Mike tells the boss that he will kill him.

Jamie’s got one foot out the door

Back on the James, older Burk comes to see Tom who thanks him for loaning him a uniform. Burk says his brother will pull through and says he’s tough. Tom tells him that while he’s in command, Granderson will be acting XO even though he has seniority.

He says he needs Burk running combat. Tom says he knows it was a difficult decision about not contacting command when they were in Vietnam. Tom says he was out of position for a rescue and it forced Tom to fire on the boat. He says Burk is too hot.

Tom says he can’t have an XO making emotional decisions but needs him in CIC. Burk says he’ll be there. Jessie and Wolf talk about their flying experience and Jessie says she’s leaving as soon as the chopper is prepared. Sasha is shocked.

Sasha tells Jessie they need her but she refuses. Sasha says she’ll be killed since her cover is blown. Jessie says she just won’t go back to China. Sasha says these people are the ones strong enough to take on Peng but Jessie insists it’s not her fight.

Sasha pulls a face and walks away. Wolf steps up and drops the hammer. He won’t help her make the repairs now he knows she’s leaving. Tom goes to the bridge and greets Gator. Alicia is there too and he says Mike is the captain so just call attention on deck.

Tom bickers with Sasha on the bridge

Alicia says she’ll never sit in Garnett’s chair. He asks about the helo and she says under repairs. He says they need to get Jessie to stay and Alicia says she’ll handle it. Gator gives Tom an update on the route to Shanzhai. Tom gives orders.

He says he’ll go with Green and Taylor and they’ll commandeer a local boat. Sasha tells Tom that he can’t go because his face is recognizable the whole world over. She says if he dies, his crew will have lost another CO. He takes her to talk in private.

They go outside. Tom says challenging him in front of his crew is not the way to go. She says she doesn’t need him and he’ll compromise the mission. She says he has to control everything. He says that’s how he made it this far.

He reminds Sasha she’s on his ship and he gives the orders there. She’s mad. Burk rants to his brother about how unfair that Tom is being to him. Burk says that Granderson knows how Tom thinks and they work better together.

Mike finds out what happened to him

Back in China, Mike comes to but is groggy. He looks around and his vision is blurry. He looks and sees the wound on his arm from the line that drained his blood. He sees them taking bags of his blood and hanging it up. He sees that someone is being used to treat the boss Takehaya.

Mike curses and calls him a g-d vampire. The guy laughs. Michener holds a press conference and is grilled on infrastructure. He gives honest answers and says they’re doing the best they can. One reporter asks about Tom’s progress in China.

The guy says they have reports of border confrontations and they ask if Chandler is there to avoid a war in Asia. Michener says he’s there to spread the cure and that’s it. Burk isn’t happy to have to answer to Alicia on the bridge as the teams are out on the mission.

Tom and Sasha in Shanzhai

Tom looks around and says it’s Dodge City and Sasha says it’s not hell but you can see it from here. Jessie rants to herself and then Alicia comes to see her. Alicia says they need her helo but Jessie says she’s getting back to her life.

Alicia says she knows she risked her life to get the cure out and that makes them allies. Alicia says they can help her too and says stop feeling sorry for yourself. She says the crew will help with the repair then walks off.

Jeter has made a shadow clock to figure out local noon to try and estimate their location. Rios looks out the window and he tells Andrea there’s a hut across the way with extra security. Mike is thrown into the room and he’s limp.

Mike tells them they tied him down and took his blood – a lot of it. Another of the captives is dragged out by the pirates. Sasha chats to some people at a café and they head inside. Some locals eye them with suspicion.

Sasha hands over her pirate coin and orders a shot of liquor. She drains it and flips the glass. The bartender gives her a nod and she and Tom walk around the bar into a back area.

They head up a flight of stairs and past an armed guard. They are lead into a counting room and Sasha greets Wu Ming warmly. He asks what kind of trouble she’s in. Sasha says she has someone for him to meet.

Top Gun wins the day

Wu Ming goes off and says Tom is bad for business. He says everyone heard about the kidnapping but he isn’t involved and knows nothing about it. Neither believe him. Tom opens a bag of Navy weapons in exchange for info they want.

Wu Ming checks out his watch – a watch for Miramar pilots. Wu Ming says Top Gun. He likes it and nods. He says a man named Kenji came in bragging about the kidnapping and with a lot of money. Wu Ming says he threw him out.

He says Luilichang – a flea market. Tom says if you told me the truth, you’ll never see me again. If you lied or try and harm me, my ship will drop six Tomahwaks on his village. Sasha translates you lie, you die. Wu Ming nods and Tom gives him his watch.

Dinner is served

Mike and the others are walked in the woods and they talk about Jeter being taken. He says they’re giving they’re blood to the pirates. They wonder why take our blood when there is a cure. Takehaya greets them and insists Mike sit with him.

They are served a meal rich in protein and iron. Mike and the boss eat off china and crystal. The crew gets wooden plates. Mike says he must have been military and the boss admits that he was Japanese navy. Mike asks if they met at RIMPAC.

Mike calls him a pirate and Takehaya says time changed and he adapted. Mike says he kidnapped innocent people to drain their blood and the boss mocks his use of innocent. He tells Mike to eat and regain his strength.

Jeter is thrown back in their shed and Rios says he’s dehydrated. They give him water. Miller calls Mike over and says he thinks he found a way out. He shows them the latrine in the shed. He says they can slither out, check things out and report back.

They stole a piece of meat to distract the dogs and Miller says they won’t kill them, even if they find them, because they need their blood. Jessie has lunch delivered to her compliments of Alicia. Burk tells Alicia that Jessie is mocking them.

Questions in St Louis

Jacob Barnes, a journo greets Kara in St Louis and he asks her to get a drink. Kara says no and tells him she’s married and to make an appointment with her office. Jacob asks if they’re going to war with China and she asks why he jumped to that conclusion.

Kara says this is working. Jacob talks about silence from the top while they were out on the James and all of them were struggling. He says maybe she should remember that and says it’s hard for them to have faith.

Alicia asks Burk what he would do and he says keep her there. Burk checks in with the ex-fil team. Sasha asks around for Kenji and says no one knows anyone by the name. They see a guy marketing cure and Tom sees someone wearing Mike’s shirt and nametag.

He rips the shirt off the guy and demands to know where he got it. He says a man from Vietnam sold him the shirt. Wolf tells him MSS is there and they have to go. Tom wants the guy brought along since he has to know something about Mike since he had his shirt.

Danny gets them to hide while MSS runs up on them. Tom warns the rally team. They move to Plan B. They take the guy who had Mike’s shirt with them. Miller eases down into the latrine – it’s gross. He goes under their hut and the other guy follows.

On the run from the MSS

Danny watches out for MSS and says they’re surrounded. Sasha says through the bar and Wolf throws out a smoke grenade. They run as MSS opens fire on locals. Locals fire back. The guards figure out there has been an escape in the camp.

MSS busts out and one attacks Wolf and they fight brutally. It turns in a kung fu battle. The other guy pulls a knife but Wolf gets it from him. Danny fires a shot and the guy escapes. The man Tom took begs them please, no pirates.

Miller makes it to a cliff and sees the direction is East. He runs back. They are both caught. The other team on Tom’s mission is under fire from the MSS and one is shot. Alicia sees Jessie is about to leave – they need the helo to get their people out.

Alicia tells Jessie she can’t leave her people out here. Jessie says that’s why she was prepping to leave. She says get me a gunner now so she can go save them. Tom is pinned down and the man says Takehaya told him to burn the uniform.

He’s terrified and runs out into the line of fire to be killed so Takehaya can’t get him. Jessie pulls up in the helo and the door gunner mows down the MSS. Jessie calls for exfil on the beach. Alicia paces and then Jessie radios she has the package and is heading back.

Hostage video of Mike and crew

Back at the shed, Miller tells them about the beach and small boats. The other guy went into another direction and tells them about the radio tower he saw. Sasha asks if Tom is sure he heard the name Takehaya.

She says he’s a pirate and is a legend – she says that name means Japanese God of Sea and Storms. She says he’s a ghost and she heard he was dead. Tom says Kenji died before getting into the guy’s hands. Tom asks why he wants them.

The men chant Takehaya’s name as the sailors are all brought out in the middle of the crowd. One guy points a gun at the other kid who escaped. He points a gun at each of them and Mike says looks them in the eye.

Alex runs in and tells Michener to watch. He shows them a video of Mike who says they are prisoners of war. Alex says their secret is out. They see their people are being held at gunpoint and Mike says it’s him and five of his sailors held there.