The Originals Recap 4/15/16: Season 3 Episode 18 “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs”

The Originals Recap 4/15/16: Season 3 Episode 18 "The Devil Comes Here and Sighs"

On the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday April 15, season 3 episode 18 called “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, as the city celebrates its annual Jazz Fest, an unlikely team of Mikaelson foes joins forces to take Klaus (Joseph Morgan) hostage.

On the last episode, Freya was kidnapped and is in the hands of a dangerous new threat, which caused Elijah and Finn to visit Mystic Falls where they ran into deputy Matt Donovan who didn’t take well to new vampires being in town. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley tried to uncover the motive behind one of Lucien’s secret agendas; and Davina worried about her future with Kol after a troubling shift in his behavior.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “as the city celebrates its annual Jazz Fest, an unlikely team of Mikaelson foes joins forces to take Klaus hostage. Leading the charge to get their brother back, Elijah and Freya face off against a powerful force like none they’ve ever seen before, while Hayley and Cami set their own risky plan in motion to rescue Klaus. Meanwhile, when Kol’s erratic behavior worsens, Davina turns to Marcel and Vincent for help.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with Lucien and Aurora drinking up people and reminiscing about Paris. He says in a few centuries they’ll look back on this as the beginning of our chapter. He promises her power and vengeance and she says men are good talkers.

He promises to heap punishment on Klaus but he says he’s different now and shows her the vial of Originals potion. He says he’s something new now with power unlike any the world has seen. He says just ask poor Finn then says he killed him so she can’t.

Aurora is stunned and he says he has an offer for her. He drops to one knee and says join me, drink this and become what I am so they can be together the rest of their immortal lives. He says she’ll have his undying love and all the revenge she wants.

Aurora says she can’t enjoy her revenge while her brother suffers. Lucien promises to give Tristan back by the end of the day or he’ll relieve his suffering by killing Elijah. She smiles and takes the vial. Freya draws runes while Klaus lurks.

Elijah shows up with an update on Vincent, Kol and Davina. Klaus snaps and says the time for talking is done. He walks out. Kol is at the Saint James with Davina but she says step inside and he instantly feels better since there’s no magic.

He chuckles and says he owes her. He says she must be tired of saving his ass and she says she can fix this. He sees Vincent nearby. Klaus goes to see Cami and says he can’t enter. She says her neighbor has the lease and she compelled her to forget.

He says he just came to see that she was safe. She says she’s sorry about Finn and says she knows the pain of losing a sibling. She worries about Aurora coming for him but Klaus says he only cares about Cami but she made her feelings for him clear.

Klaus notices Lucien stalking him. He goes off after him. Lucien hits him hard and sends him reeling. Cami hears the scuffle with her vamp hearing. Lucien knocks him down and Klaus calls him a stable boy. He says Klaus will help him get Elijah and finish the prophecy.

Klaus says he won’t let him hurt his brother but he says he has no choice. Lucien turns the cursed bone dagger and puts it into Klaus who groans. Cami sees and is horrified and terrified. Vincent tells Kol to try and remember anything the ancestors said.

He asks if he heard chants or a voice. He says the ancestors hate him and Davina asks what he’s after. Vincent says the ancestors made a deal with the Lucien and he needs to know why. He says the dead were once the living and they want to protect their own.

Vincent think he can figure this out if he knows what they want. He says since vamps took over the city, the ancestors have been restless and may see Lucien as a weapon to get the Mikaelsons out. He says they need to convince the ancestors there’s a better way.

Vincent says it’s not about helping Kol but Davina and says he owes her. Freya sketches and says the sigil is complicated. Elijah says they’re out of time. She says this is crucial. There’s a pounding on the door. It’s Cami. She says Lucien has him and Freya invites her inside.

Hayley is there too. Cami says Lucien knocked him down like he was a puppet and took him to the penthouse. Elijah’s phone chimes and says Lucien wants him to meet him now or Klaus dies. Lucien has Klaus chained up and he’s screaming.

Lucien says nothing supernatural can escape from those and says he’s been stockpiling items like that while he planned this moment for centuries. Lucien pulls the knife out of his chest and Klaus says he’s as crazy as Aurora now.

She says he’s beaten but not broken yet. She says all she has to do is take this and she’ll be his better too. She says then she can punish him for what he did to her and her brother. Aurora says she will take exquisite joy in killing him herself.

Lucien says he has business and will leave them to it. Lucien checks himself in the mirror and tells Aurora to have fun but leave Nik alive so he can see him die. He goes. Klaus and Aurora stare at each other. Hayley tries to stop Elijah from leaving.

She says Lucien can kill him. She says be careful and he nods then goes. Vincent goes to commune with the ancestors at the cemetery. He says he can’t lead the covens while they jerk him around. He asks them to talk to him.

Van Nguyen is there and says they won’t answer him. He says his mom is one of the ancestors now even though Davina killed him. Van says no wonder the ancestors want you out and Vincent asks why they trust Lucien and Van says at least he killed an Original.

Van throws him aside and says they need new leadership and says he’s the regent. He knocks Vincent back with magic. Aurora asks about him bricking her up and he says he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. He says it’s like why Tristan hid her away and had hope for them.

Aurora comes closer and says tell me if I kissed you would you feel a stirring. Klaus stares at her as she says she would feel nothing. He says are you certain and says they burn brighter together. She steps back and he says he would forgive everything if she forgave him.

Aurora laughs and says he’s quite desperate. She says it’s quite pathetic trying a failed seduction. He says she would entertain Lucien’s advances and says she could never love that imbecile. She says he’s just a means to an end.

She says she’ll let him save her brother and accept his gifts. She shows him the vial and says she can become a creature of power and can kill even him. Klaus says no matter what’s between them and says she can’t spend eternity without him.

Aurora says he’s wrong and says she will take joy in ending him. She drinks down the bloody potion. Elijah shows to meet Lucien who lurks above him then leaps down. Elijah says give me my brother but Lucien say Aurora wants Tristan back or Elijah dead to relieve his suffering.

He says tells me how to find him or I have to kill you. Aurora asks Klaus if he’d like to see her burn then rise from her ashes. She says if he kills her, he will bring her back as Lucien’s equal. He says becoming like him will only make her more miserable.

He says none of the men in her life could save her from her own madness. She calls him wicked and he says more threats and says tear me apart if you want. He says she will live forever unloved and pathetic with soul crushing despair and unable to end it.

Aurora says all this talk and says he should suffer too. She tortures him while he writhes. Cami and Hayley head for Lucien’s penthouse and Cami worries she’ll be a liability. Hayley says turn fear into anger or leave at the door and says control your emotions.

She says that puts her ahead of Aurora already. There’s a pharmacy ahead and Cami says she has an idea. Elijah says Lucien is an abomination who has become an errand boy for a lunatic. Lucien says he can make his death quick and Elijah say she has no idea where Tristan is.

He says he doesn’t think Lucien really cares about Tristan at all. Lucien agrees he never liked him and says he can tell Aurora he tried. He hits Elijah hard and sends him flying. Davina tells Kol they’ll be okay once they deal with the ancestors. They kiss.

He hears heartbeats of the people around him and starts to vamp out. He even wants to drink Davina and struggles against his urges. Magic hits and she says the ancestors are breaking through. Marcel is there and snaps his neck to stop him and tells her to go help Vincent.

Elijah gets up and says give me my brother. Lucien says know when you’re beaten. Lucien is trapped in the sigil that Freya created. She says it will bind and weaken him and says she can’t kill him but can make him wish he was dead.

Aurora stabs Klaus in the throat and says it’s time to finish this. She’s ready to stake herself and be reborn. Then she says she’s going to kill Klaus for good. She’s ready and then hears the elevator. She stops and says they have company.

She goes to the door and opens it and Cami is there. Aurora says this day just keeps getting better and smiles at her insanely. Klaus is worried. Aurora asks how she likes being a vampire. Cami says she enjoys it and came to thank her then pulls a knife.

Klaus tells Cami to go and Aurora tells him to shut up and let her kill her. Cami steps back and Hayley attacks her. Klaus says stop she drank the serum. Aurora laughs and snaps Hayley’s neck and then kicks Cami across the room.

Kol wakes to Marcel who has a pile of blood bags. Davina goes to the cemetery to check on Vincent. She goes to touch a match book and he says Van made that spell and are coming for them all including Kol. Davina says they can channel and they take hands.

They chant and he shakes his hand. Kol tells Marcel he needs to go but he says he can’t go. Marcel says he can’t go near Davina like this. Kol comes at him and grabs his neck. Marcel tells him to chill out. Davina and Vincent fight off the ancestors.

Marcel tells him he needs to get out of this city so the ancestors can’t use him to hurt Davina. The chanting works and Kol backs down. Davina is panting. Kol says he would never hurt Davina. Marcel says do the right thing if that’s true and says go and don’t come back.

Lucien screams under the power of Freya’s sigil. He stands and then says whoo that’s a valiant effort. She hits him with more magic and he says the aneurysm spell is nice. She brings in the Strix who surround him. Elijah is ready to bury him under a parking lot.

Lucien remarks on his hubris and Lucien says he can kill anything – the Strix and Elijah. He says ancestors are helping and he steps through the sigil and says he’s the champion of the ancestors. The Strix come at him and he smiles.

Aurora asks Klaus who she should kill first – Hayley or Cami. Aurora comes at her and goes to shove her through the threshold barrier. She screams in pain. Elijah watches Lucien fight the Strix and asks if its’ the best they’ve got.

Freya hits him with magic. Klaus tells her to let Cami go as Cami’s eyes bleed. The ancestors help Lucien fight her magic. Freya throws him then she and Elijah are gone when he turns around. He screams in rage. Cami screams in pain.

Aurora says she almost feels sorry for Cami blinded by love. Cami has a syringe ready and Hayley knocks her back while Cami knocks her out with a drug. Hayley says good night sunshine. Klaus is horrified but offers Cami a small smile.

Davina finds Marcel and checks on him. She asks where’s Kol and Marcel says he’s gone. She asks why. Marcel says until Davina finds a permanent solution, Kol left to keep her safe. Marcel says he’s known Kol for 200 years and this is the first time he’s done the right thing.

Davina cries. Kol drives out of NOLA and rages because he’s only got one blood bag left. He hits the city limits and the blood craving stops but then his hand starts to desiccate. He has to choose whether to stay across the lie or not.

Lucien comes back to his place and spots the syringe and signs of carnage plus the empty vial and no Aurora or Klaus. He pulls out a video camera he left hidden behind the mirror and watches the footage of Aurora saying he’s just a means to an end.

Klaus is happy that Freya finally got him out of the chains. Hayley says Aurora is out cold and Freya says they can use her blood to figure out how to destroy Aurora and Lucien. Hayley tells Klaus that Cami went through a lot to save his ass and she still cares about him.

Elijah listens to this and then looks at Hayley. Lucien is at Cami’s place and says she was quite the hero. She says he can’t come in and he says the lease would be in someone else’s name but wants them close by like a neighbor.

Lucien steps closer and then says Stephanie down the hall is already dead. He says he can come in and walks over the threshold then comes at her. He bites her arm and she screams in agony. That should kill her unless they can figure it out.