The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Premiere Recap 12/6/16: Season 7 Episode 1

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Recap 12/6/16: Season 7 Episode 1

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs with an all new Tuesday, December 6, season 7 episode 1 called “Stronger Than Ever” and we have your RHOBH recap below. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 episode 1 premiere as per the Bravo synopsis, “Lisa Vanderpump introduces her friend Dorit Kemsley, whose permanent houseguest is music star Boy George.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap between 8PM – 9PM ET!  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our RHOBH news, spoilers, recaps and more, right here!

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The ladies of Beverly Hills are back for another season of fun, secrets and throwing shade as season seven of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off tonight. This week on the season premiere Kyle is on the phone with Lisa V preparing to meet up with her and Ken. She is excited because she will get to see Boy George at their house. Erika and Tom are talking. Tom tells her “I wanted to give you your birthday present right now.” He tells her “You have

Erika and Tom are talking. Tom tells her “I wanted to give you your birthday present right now.” He tells her “You have alot of things to put on your fingers and your ears. I decided to give you something to put on your eyes.” Then he presents her with an expensive painting. He also presents her with a drawing of a panther and tells her “This piece of jewelry is on order at Cartier.” Erika is very pleased. She says “I have been hunting this piece of jewelry down.” She thanks her husband profusely.

Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken are having lunch with their friends PK and Dorit. Kyle shows up to meet them. Dorit says “My husband is Boy George’s manager. He is more like a gay husband.” Kyle’s husband asks Dorit about her background and Dorit reveals that she and PK have been together for five years and married for a year. Kyle and Dorit hit it off immediately and Kyle invites her to a party. PK reveals that he has known Lisa V longer than Lisa has known Dorit and Kyle tells Lisa “Sorry I stole your friend.” Lisa V says “It’s ok. I have Faye Resnick.” Everyone laughs.

Harry has bought Lisa R a brand new car. Lisa is so excited. She says “I feel like it is all about having a good time now. The last year was so negative. I don’t have time to worry about what happened last year with Vanderpump. I should get a free pass for everything right now. I have a full-time job doing everything I do and raising two teenage girls. That’s why I don’t have time for the foolishness.”

Eileen and Erika meet up to have dinner. Erika asks her “How do you feel?” Eileen tells her “I feel ok. I just didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want it to color things.” While they are talking Kyle joins them. They ask Erika about Yolanda. Erika tells them “Yolanda is doing well, but she is taking some time for herself.” The ladies move on to talk about the situation between the two Lisa’s. Kyle says “I think Vanderpump will be more likely to forgive Rinna sooner because she is easier to manipulate.”

Dorit is going over her schedule. She tells her assistant “I really want a large block of time to be able to spend with the kids.” While she is meeting with her assistant Boy George, who is her daughter’s Godfather comes in the house. Erika is preparing for her 45th birthday party. She is having a Studio 54 themed birthday party. Money seems to be no object. She says “It’s my party I’ll do whatever I want.”

Erika is preparing for her 45th birthday party. She is having a Studio 54 themed birthday party. Money seems to be no object. She says “It’s my party I’ll do whatever I want.”

Lisa V arrives at PK and Dorit’s house to pick them up for the party. Eileen and Lisa R are heading to the party together. Kyle and Mauricio arrive at PK and Dorit’s house and everyone is talking about their days at Studio 54 before they head out to the party.

The party begins as the guests arrive. Everyone looks really glamorous. The champagne is flowing and Erika is excited to celebrate her birthday. Eileen gives Erika a really special gift. She presents her with a contract for a role on The Young And The Restless. Erika is both excited and nervous. She worries and says “What if they fire Eileen because I mess up?”

Eileen and Lisa R are talking. Eileen says “They are worried about how Lisa V is going to take you.” Lisa R says “I don’t care. I can’t control anyone else.” Meanwhile Dorit seems to be fitting in quite nicely with the Beverly Hills ladies despite her nervousness that she wouldn’t fit in. She says “I was worried that this environment would be too much for me, but I fit right in and I like the people.” Meanwhile there is still major tension between Eileen, and the two Lisas. Lisa V says “Lisa RInna and I used to have a lot of fun, but she changed that dynamic. It is going to take a lot for us to be able to get back to that.”

Everyone is continuing to mingle and have a good time at the party. Kyle is having a blast dancing on the bar. Erika and Lisa R head over to the bar. Erika asks her “How did it go with Lisa V?” Lisa R says “It went fine.” Erika says “I’m sure there are things to talk about.” Ken asks Lisa V “Do you want a drink?” Lisa V says “No. I’m actually kind of hungry. I was wondering when the dinner was.” Ken complains that he is hungry too.

Tom wanders over to Erika and tells her “I have another present for you.” Then her mom comes out. Erika is very excited and she introduces her to everyone. Her grandmother is there as well. This seems to make Erika’s night.

Meanwhile, Eileen is introducing herself to Dorit and Lisa V does not like it. She has been giving Eileen the cold shoulder all night long and seeing her talk to Dorit is making Lisa V’s blood boil. Eileen invites Dorit to her birthday party on Sunday. Dorit happily accepts. She says “I know that Lisa has had issues with Eileen, but I don’t know why. She seems perfectly lovely and sweet.”

The cake comes out and everyone gathers around to sing happy birthday to Erika. Lisa V says “Finally we see the cake. It’s not my idea of dinner, but let them eat cake I guess.” The party is a huge success.