The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Recap 12/20/16: Season 7 Episode 3

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Recap 12/20/16: Season 7 Episode 3

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs with an all new Tuesday, December 13, season 7 episode 3 called “Going Commando” and we have your RHOBH recap below. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 episode 3 as per the Bravo synopsis, “Kyle and Lisa Rinna happen upon one another in New York City while traveling with their daughters. In Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump surprises Ken with a big-bucks birthday gift; Eileen Davidson struggles with a loss; and Erika Girardi’s short dress creates quite a stir.

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On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna is preparing to fly to New York with her daughter Amelia to meet with Amelia’s agents about furthering her modeling career.
Sophia and Kyle are in New York in a penthouse just hanging out. They are out shopping for the day. Sophia says “I am scared of everything.” While the two are out shopping they take a selfie to remember the day.

Lisa Vanderpump is hanging out with Dorit and PK to try and find a birthday present for Ken’s birthday. Dorit says “We are going to find something fabulous for Ken’s birthday and it won’t have four legs.”
Erika is preparing for her next tour and her video shoot. She is very excited. She is watching the dancers that she has chosen with her choreographer. They are trying to schedule all of the consultations including hair, nails, and costumes. Erika says “Erika Jayne is a persona and when she is not on stage she is put to bed.”

Dorit and Lisa V are out shopping for Ken’s birthday present. They find a beautiful watch. Lisa says “If I bought that there wouldn’t be any money left for shoes.” They keep looking and find another watch that all of them like and it only costs twenty-five thousand dollars. Lisa decides to go with that. Dorit says “I love hanging out with Lisa. The more time I spend with her the better friends we become.” Lisa shares the same sentiment about Dorit. She says “It’s nice to hang out with someone who gets my sense of humor and isn’t as easily offended as the other girls are by the things I say.”

Back in New York Kyle is working on her new store in New York city. She is doing renovations to the store. Lisa Rinna shows up to check out the store. Lisa R is impressed by Kyle’s ambition. Lisa tells her “Nice to see you and congratulations.” Kyle then asks her what was happening. Lisa R tells her “I have had light conversations with Lisa V and she says that she wants to move on.” Kyle tells her “The fact that she says she wants to move on is a good thing.”

Dorit is taking her son Jagger to the park with her nanny. She wants to take her daughter as well, but is worried that the baby is too little. She gets Jagger ready and then asks him “Jagger do you want to drive to the park?” Jagger says “Yep.” Dorit tries to get him into the car by promising that he can drive when they get to the park, but the little boy is not having it. She says “Sometimes it would be easier to try and get Boy George to date women honestly.”

Eileen and her husband go back to her mom’s house for the first time since she passed away. Eileen is absolutely overwhelmed by her emotions as she looks around at all of her moms possessions. Eileen says “Her house is sold and there is a certain finality of being there. I don’t think the kids want to be here. There is a certain sadness to being here, but she is here and she will always be here.”

Lisa is taking her daughter to meet with her modeling agents. She says “There is a part of me that would love to reach out to Yolanda, but I messed that up.” During the meeting Lisa R talks to them about Delilah’s birth and Delilah is super embarrassed. When they are done talking to her the agents take some pictures of her and Lisa is hoping that they will sign her.

Lisa V is home from her shopping trip with Dorit. She tells Ken “I have a gift for you.” Ken tells her “I told you no gifts.” When he opens the gift he absolutely loves the watch. Lisa V says “I have given my husband many gifts over the years, but the greatest gift I have given him is our children.”

Kyle, Lisa. and their two daughters are out on the town having dinner in New York. Kyle asks how the meeting with the agency went. Delilah tells her “The meeting went really well. They took some pictures of me and seemed really impressed.” Lisa then tells Kyle “I am leaving for DC and leaving them here alone in New York for two days. I’m very nervous.” Kyle asks Delilah “What are you going to do alone in New York for two days.” Delilah says “Well I am going to get a tattoo, and just have some fun.” Lisa and Kyle laugh. Kyle says “I had a lot more freedom at my daughters age than my kids do.”

Delilah is really excited about this new dating app. Lisa is a little nervous and appalled about it. She says “Don’t you think it’s a little sketchy that it’s only nine dollars a month?” Lisa is still nervous about leaving the girls in New York. Kyle chimes in and says “I know I’m not your mom or your dad, but no dating apps.” Lisa says “Thank you Kyle.”

Eileen is struggling with all of recent losses. She goes to see a therapist about why she is feeling so overwhelmed and embarrassed about all of the deaths that are happening to her. She tells the therapist “I used to feel embarrassed when my parents didn’t get along.” The therapist tells her “You feel bad when you make others uncomfortable, but sharing your discomfort makes you real.” Eileen seems to feel better to get a better understanding of where her sadness and stress is coming from.

The ladies are preparing for the white party. Kyle is worried because her underwear are showing through her dress. She calls Lisa V and asks her “Do you have any nude colored underwear I can borrow in your purse?” Lisa tells her “They’d be way to small for you darling.” Everyone arrives for the party and Kyle announces that she will have Alicia Silverstone on her show based around her life in the 70’s.

Everyone is having a good time and suddenly Lisa V tells Erika “I need a pair of underwear.” Erika tells her “I don’t have any.” Everyone is absolutely shocked by her response, especially Lisa V. PK looks absolutely stunned by Erika’s response. He tells her “Erika you are the most outspoken person I have ever met.” Erika tells him “Don’t put your hand up my skirt unless you want to know what’s up there!” PK looks even more amused.

The day after the party Dorit and PK are talking about the party. PK says “I didn’t know what to do, so I didn’t say anything.” Dorit asks him “Tell me something. Were you turned on?” PK says “I didn’t know what to do. Maybe Erika’s bits are available to the world.”