The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/11/16: Season 8 Episode 4 “An Eternity of Misery”

The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/11/16: Season 8 Episode 4 "An Eternity of Misery"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley premieres with an all new Friday, November 11 season 8 episode 4 called “An Eternity of Misery,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Matt (Zach Roerig) returns to the fray after his past and present collide in an unexpected way.

Did you watch the Vampire Diaries season 8 episode 3 where as Enzo (Michael Malarkey) continued to fight the control over him, Bonnie (Kat Graham) finds herself at the center of a deadly game and forced to make a heart-wrenching decision involving two of the most important people in her life? If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Vampire Diaries recap, right here!

On tonight’s The Vampire Diaries episode as per the CW synopsis, “Tasked with finding a mysterious artifact, Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) latest mission takes him to Texas where a violent run-in with Peter Maxwell (guest star Joel Gretsch) leads to a surprising revelation. Meanwhile, after gaining the upper hand in their fight to save Damon and Enzo (Michael Malarkey), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Alaric (Matt Davis) team up and uncover the origins of the mysterious force they’re up against.”

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The Vampire Diaries begins with 750 BC, when a little girl is asking her sister to tell her a story. She tells her the story of the village that was one built on the very spot they lay. In this village was a man named Arcadius, known as Cade to his many friends. He was a gentle, loving and respected man. Cade could do things no one else could, he could read people’s minds. The very first psychic, which gave him much empathy towards others; but it was his powers that cost him his life.

Cade was trying to convince a man of power that his urges of pedophilia were impure and if he gave Cade a chance, he may be able to help him stop them. He over-stepped, and the village, including his friends stoned him and then burned him to death. It was that moment he realized that even he couldn’t cure true evil. The little girl says she asked for a happy story, and her older sister explained that it was a happy because Cade got his revenge and so will they.

The episode then returns to present day, where Stefan (Paul Wesley) is woken up by his phone ringing, it is Caroline Forbes (Candice King). Caroline tells him that just because she stayed with Bonnie (Kat Graham) doesn’t mean he couldn’t have slept at home; he tells her he stayed at the Armory to give them some space. They talk about Bonnie getting Enzo (Michael Malarkey) to turn his humanity switch back on, and Stefan reassures her that if anyone can do it, Bonnie can.

Alaric (Matthew Davis) and Stefan plan to begin their “project” with Sybil (Nathalie Kelley), when Alaric’s internGeorgie (Allison Scagliotti) walks in demanding to help them with the woman they have tied up in the basement, she says she was only joking but Alaric tells Stefan he can only deal with one temptress at a time. Stefan admits he hasn’t heard from his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in a while and it worries him.

Damon shows up at an auto shop looking for a man named Pete. Damon says Sybil is the one looking for him. Lou starts to feel leery about Damon when he admits he would kill for Sybil. Lou tries to walk away saying Pete should be back soon, but Damon compels him and asks him what is the worst thing he has ever done; Lou admits he murdered one of his five wives. Damon pours gasoline all over Lou, and then tells him to go back to work, he sets himself on fire and Damon leaves.

Stefan and Alaric bring the tuning fork down to Sybil, so they can get answers about how to save Damon. Sybil is a little upset that they are not interested in her story, but she tells them anyway. She tells a similar story to the one at the beginning of the show where in a small Mediterranean village a young girl who came of age had a psychic ability, a trait that has always been forbidden.

Her fate was to be put on a raft that left her on a small desert island, but she wasn’t alone. She met the girl of the island, and exiled together, they became sisters and eventually became known as the Sirens. She says she understands Stefan’s desire to save his brother because her sister will do anything for her as well. It’s at that moment Stefan and Alaric realize there is two of them.

Alaric wants to know more, but she tells them all the myths say SirenS, meaning more than one and they should be smarter than that. Stefan asks who she is, Sybil promises they will know soon enough. Meanwhile, Georgie breaks into Alaric’s house, but before she can do anything nanny, Seline (Kristen Gutoskie) tells her if she moves she is calling the police. They argue as Georgie holds the old journal with the symbols in it. Seline says she is going to call Alaric “Ric”, and Georgie warns her not to do it.

When Peter Maxwell returns to his autobody shop, he is greeted by Damon. Damon stops him from using his phone and tells him he can’t kill him…. Yet. He asks Pete if he knows who Sybil is, when he says he doesn’t know who she is, Damon says he is going to help him find the Maxwell family heirloom that Sybil needs. He says the only family he has is his son but his grandmother left him a box he never opened, but his son was looking for it. Damon orders him to bring his son to the shop.

Alaric gets a call from Seline and has to leave, Stefan stays behind to talk more to Sybil. She tells them about how the girls used to call boats in to save them, Sybil said the girl who was already living there knew what would happen. The ships would crash into the rocks, but their provisions would wash up on the shore, and they would survive with that.

As Sybil cried for the sailors who died, but the older sister told her those were men from their village who intended to kill them anyways. Sybil swore she would never do it again, but the sister always did it. She tells Stefan that their families are the same, their stories are the same, just which girl is Stefan?

Damon and Pete continue to look for the heirloom Sybil is looking for, and when Damon asks Pete to toss over the watch he is wearing it burns Damon’s hand because there is Verbana on it. Damon stabs Pete telling him that he should know what happens to liars. Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) shoots Damon and calls Pete “dad”.

Matt tells his dad he will explain later and orders him to drink Damon’s blood. He asks his dad why Damon was there, when Pete asks him how he knows Damon, Matt tells him to trust him and go to the truck because he doesn’t want him to see what is going to happen next. Pete walks out of the shop.

Seline calls Alaric to tell him that Georgie stole the old journal from the house. He asks if the girls and her are okay, she says yes and tells her things are fine. He sees someone walk by in the Armory, grabs a knife and calls out for Georgie. She manages to lock Alaric in the vault.

Sybil goes on to tell the story about how the sisters would eat the men to stay alive. She asks again, which girl Stefan is. Stefan says that Damon is his brother and all is forgiven between them. Sybil says clearly he has over estimated his brother and she has underestimated her sister. Stefan gets stabbed in his spine by Georgie.

The next you see Stefan, he is on an island, and Sybil calls him a sailor. She says they are sharing minds and his fork is no longer ringing. She says to come walk with her and her boss would like to see him because he believes Stefan is worthy of hearing the whole story.

Sybil said when she was younger that she had no idea she was eating sailors. Stefan figures out that she is the village girl and not the island girl. She admits that she tried very hard to be the good one. Stefan says he has no sympathy for her. She again asks him, which siren is his spirit animal?

Damon wakes up and he is still in the shop with Matt. He taunts Matt saying that they both know he isn’t capable of killing him. Matt says that its worked for Damon, so maybe he should really give it a shot. Damon tells him he turned his humanity off, Matt says he doesn’t care about his drama and stabs him with a wooden stake. Matt says he wants to know why Damon is trying to kill his father.

Damon tells Matt if he doesn’t play along, his father will die. Matt tells him that if he were to do that Elena (Nina Dobrev) would never forgive him. Damon informs him that he is no longer with Elena, and is actually seeing someone new. Damon continues to tell Matt that he ripped into Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) throat last night, and left him to die in the trunk of a car at the border. Matt says if he killed Tyler, he will kill him and leaves.

Alaric starts to record his “final words” to the ones he loved, and he begins by telling them that he believes Georgie is the second siren, and that it’s ironic that Georgie is the one who taught him how to travel through the mysterious tunnels. He stabs a knife in his ears to make himself deaf.

Sybil continues to tell Stefan the story of her life on the island, and her sister arrives. It’s not Georgie, it is actually Seline, the twins’ nanny!! Georgie calls Seline and tells her that Alaric is trapped and wants to know why she made her do that. Seline tells her to pull over and when she gets there she will explain everything. The girls ask for a bedtime story and Seline tells them they cannot tell their parents about it, and she begins to tell them of the story of Arcadius.

Damon slides his chair across the shop and manages to find the relic he was looking for, and says Sybil will be happy to see it. Meanwhile Stefan begs Sybil to get out of his head so he can warn Alaric. He wakes up and can’t remember what she told him. She taunts him that it’s frustrating. He asks her why she stayed, she says she wants to know if he is an island girl or a village girl. He begins to walk away… She begs him to answer and it is important, is he the victim who tried not to feed on human blood for years, only for a selfish brother to rip into town and ruin it all, or is he the monster who forced his brother to turn into a vampire, and doomed him to an eternity of misery because he didn’t want to be alone?

Stefan says that is old history, and she tells him he would be surprised how fresh that is in Damon’s mind. Stefan answers her by saying he is both. She then says she was wrong about him, that he is ready to hear the truth.

She tells him that once she knew what her sister had done, she had thrown herself off the cliff hoping to die and have forgiveness, but God never answered her; only Arcadius (Cade) did. Seline said Cade was supposed to be dead, he told her that he was. When Seline asks for him to save Sybil, he says it will cost her. She made the deal… They received immortality, beauty and youth if only they served him by feeding on the flesh of others to keep them beautiful and he gets to collect the souls of the wicked in hell.

Stefan asks her who and what Cade is, and Sybil tells him he is the answer to all his problems. That if he wants to save his brother, he needs to kill the devil. Stefan doesn’t believe her, be insists none of it exists (Hell or the devil). Sybil asks him if he believed in vampires before he fell in love with one and became one himself.

These are facts, whether he wants to believe in them or not. She assures him there is a man named Cade, and when people he loved damned him, he finally saw them for monsters they really were and damned them to one place and it doesn’t matter if you call it “hell” or not. Cade is there and feeds on the souls of the damned, and he is there waiting for Stefan.

Stefan tells her to stop making this about him, he is trying to find his brother. Sybil says it is about him, a fate befitting the famous ripper of Monteray. Stefan shakes his head and said that was one hundred years ago. Sybil says it’s a stain that stays on his soul and it will stay that way. Stefan then says that it’s not Damon’s fault, he made him who he is, so if it is Stefan’s fault, damn him.

Sybil tells him that Damon already sealed his fate, and vowed to serve Cade for eternity than experience another second in that kind of torment; and Stefan is set for the same fate because he is just as doomed as Damon is.

Alaric finds his way out of the tunnels, but has no idea where he is. Matt is driving his father around and explaining all about Mystic Falls, and Matt explains how he was keeping his father safe with the watch. His dad than tells him something his great grandmother used to say about drinking a glass of verbena every day to keep vampires away.

Pete apologizes for leaving Matt behind in Mystic Falls, and Matt tells him they all should have left that town when they had their chance. They arrive at the car where Damon said he left Tyler, and he finds him dead in the trunk of the care. Matt breaks down, and his dad holds him.

Seline meets Georgie at the side of the road, and after humming, she asks Georgie where her sister, Sybil is. Georgie tells her that Sybil told her to piss off and she doesn’t need her help. Seline tells her she tried but she is sorry that she needs to kill the messenger. She then tells her that the girl she killed in the car accident a few years ago was a deal breaker and to send Kate her regards; snapping her neck and killing her. The episode ends with Georgie watching Seline eat her body, and then is sucked into the sky, asking what is happening?