The Vampire Diaries Recap – One Big Bad Dies, Another Rises! Season 7 Episode 12 “Postcards From the Edge”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - One Big Bad Dies, Another Rises! Season 7 Episode 12 "Postcards From the Edge"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday February 12, season 7 episode 12 called “Postcards From the Edge,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Damon, (Ian Somerhalder) under the reckless influence of Julian, (Todd Lasance) spirals out of control.

On the last episode, Stefan tried to help Damon regain his grip on reality, while secretly struggling with his own experience in the Phoenix stone. Meanwhile, Julian and had men take over Mystic Falls, which caused Matt to spiral out of control; Tyler returned to town for Alaric’s baby shower; and Caroline made an upsetting discovery involving Alaric and his future plan for the babies. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon, under the reckless influence of Julian, spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Caroline experiences some dangerous side effects due to her supernatural pregnancy and is forced to turn to Valerie for help. Meanwhile, Bonnie, Nora and Mary Louise try to track down a ruthless vampire hunter named Rayna, after they suspect she has reemerged.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 12 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries begins with Damon lying in the road. A car honks its horn them slams on the brake and the driver gets out to check on him. Damon asks for a hand and he helps him up. Damon says he thought it would make him feel better.

The guy offers to call someone and Damon asks if he’s ever done anything that makes him ill to see his own reflection. Damon compels him and he says he ran over his GF’s cat. Damon says he burned the love of his life to death.

Damon says he needs a ride and then tells the guy as they go that he thought Elena changed him but it was inevitable that he destroyed her. Damon tells him he’s going to kill him since he’s food and Damon is hungry.

Damon says he can’t imagine ever caring about anyone again. He attacks the guy, drains him then throws his body out of the car and drives away. Caroline writes in her Elena diary about her pregnancy and how much the miss her plus Phoenix Stone drama.

Stefan comes in and says he had no luck finding Damon but has French fries for Caroline. She gets cramps and then collapses. Stefan is scared. The lady cop checks out all of Matt’s vampire killing gear and he tries to tell her he took it from extreme survivalists.

Matt asks Ares if there’s anything else and she hands back his wallet, keys and phone and says his dating profile is blowing up. Penny Ares tells him she didn’t officially book him and then says her friend that used to live in Mystic Falls just got a call saying he could come back home.

Julian is welcoming back the humans to town and then Valerie is there and he asks how she has the nerve to show her face. She says something was delivered to her by mistake and hands him the card with the red X. He freaks.

Bonnie chants with Nora as they work a spell. The locator spell says Ohio and Nora says the Huntress is on the way to get them. Mary Lou shows up and says Rayna likes to torment her victims and that’s why she sent the card. She got a card too.

Bonnie tells Mary Lou she’s coming with them and says she can’t let a ruthless killing machine take down her friends. Nora says Bonnie cares about others while Mary Lou only cares about Julian. Bonnie calls shotgun.

Valerie tells Julian he seems afraid. Damon is there and decides to decapitate one of his vampires. Julian asks him what he threatened and Damon says he told him he’d feed his entrails to Stefan and Damon smiles wickedly.

The doctor checks on Caroline and tells Stefan that she’s okay but her heart is a little weak and the babies are fine. The doctor says pregnant women’s blood pressure can sometimes dropped. He says he’ll contact the babies’ father and says he’s in Dallas for a job interview.

Caroline and Stefan notice her hand is desiccating. Julian asks Damon for his last words and he asks about the X marks the spot postcard and who he’s running from. Damon asks if it’s from a sword wielding vixen who sent his ass to hell.

Damon asks if she’s hot and laughs. Julian says he gets it – you’re in self-destruct mode from the Stone. Damon says you think. Julian says Lily tethered him to his sanity and when she died, things go off the rails. Julian asks who he died and says is it the chick in the box.

Damon says Elena – then he admits he burned her alive. Julian puts his arm around Damon and says they should have some fun. He tells him he has a good outlet for his pain. Bonnie asks how Rayna still lives after all this and they tell her shamans built her for this.

They made her immortal and gave her the sword. Bonnie and Nora are buddy buddy and it annoys Mary Lou. Valerie comes to check on Caroline and she does a healing spell over her stomach and her hand recovers but then Valerie says the babies are siphons.

She says they made be taking the vampire magic out of her body. Bonnie and the others find that Rayna is at a mental hospital. Nora compels her to let them see Rayna Cruz. She says room 658. They head up. Bonnie asks if there is a plan.

Mary Lou says you watch while we kill her. They look in the window of the room and she seems catatonic. Bonnie mocks them for being scared of the woman strapped to the bed and out of it. Julian takes Damon to a fight club where he has humans brawling.

Damon watches the fight and Julian says the only true remedy for mental anguish is physical brutality. They watch as the one combatant rips out the heart of the other. Damon looks around in disgust. Matt goes to check out the house of Penny’s friend.

Matt finds the guy dead, bled out from a neck wound. Penny is there too and he asks why she’s there. She says she followed him and Matt tells her to leave. A vampire is behind Mat and she shoots it and it doesn’t go down. Matt takes it out and says wooden bullets.

He says that’s what you need to wear a cop uniform in Mystic Falls. Valerie gives Caroline a talisman charged up with magic to feed the babies so they don’t siphon her. Caroline thanks her and Valerie promises to keep her safe.

Stefan talks to Valerie and she says she thinks the babies are siphoning slowly then asks if he’s talked to Damon. She says he’s with Julian. Damon is in the ring fighting as Julian watches. Damon rips out his heart and squeezes it when he comes at him.

Julian asks if he’s feeling better yet and Damon asks – what else you got. The three witches talk to Rayna and she says she doesn’t recognize them. Mary Lou calls her a murderous vampire hunting bitch and shows her the card.

Rayna says she doesn’t know what they mean and asks for a cookie. Bonnie says that can’t be her. Nora says Bonnie is right and they wonder if she’s there under another name. Mary Lou is annoyed and goes to look around.

Bonnie says Nora is trying to use her to make Mary Lou jealous and says stop it. Damon faces off against Sampson who has never lost a fight. He backhands Damon hard the kicks him down. Damon gets the drop and slams him down.

Sampson has him by the neck and the crowd cheers. Damon stakes him and Julian screams no weapons. Julian says we’re done. Damon staggers to his feet and says again. Julian says he’s bored and Damon yells who’s next.

Julian says he is. Stefan shows up and tries to shut it down. Damon refuses and steps up to brawl with Julian. Valerie brings Caroline some magazines and food. Caroline asks where Stefan is and she says he went to bail out Damon who’s with Julian.

Caroline asks Valerie to kill Julian and says she can’t let Stefan go there alone. Caroline says she’s fine and tells Valerie to go make sure Stefan is safe. She leaves. Damon drinks a shot and Stefan says Julian is too old and strong for him.

Damon says he deserves this. Stefan asks why. Damon tells him to back off or he’ll destroy him too. Stefan demands to know what he’s done. Julian has several vamps drag Stefan away as he begs Damon not to do this.

Bonnie comes back with an oatmeal cookie for Rayna who tells her she’s a nice girl and asks why she’s with two deviant vampires. Rayna says she was a Huntress and now is an old woman waiting to die. She says she got screwy in her old age and staked a supermarket check-out girl.

She asks Bonnie to help her with the cookie and she gets closer and she grabs her. Bonnie’s magic won’t work on her and then Enzo shows up to save her. He throws a knife into Rayna and Bonnie asks why he’s there. He says it’s complicated but he’s her guardian angel today.

Damon and Julian face off in the ring. Julian hits him hard then says he never had any siblings. Damon hits him hard and calls him a lonely little tadpole and that’s why he surrounds himself with lowlife degenerate blood suckers like these.

Julian says at least he has friends and that Damon has driven everyone away. Damon fights him off but Julian chokes him. Julian asks what Stefan would do if he found out what he did to Elena. Damon says go ahead, rip my heart out.

Julian says he’d love to then asks if Damon is sure. The crowd cheers and Julian goes to do it but is knocked back by magic and then Stefan punches him hard. Valerie is there with him. Stefan says if Julian kills him, he’ll kill Julian and everyone there will kill Stefan.

He asks doesn’t that matter and Damon finally clasps his hand and Stefan pulls him to stand. Julian is still down with pain. Valerie lets go the magic and walks out with them. Julian shouts out – if they come back, kill them.

Bonnie asks Enzo where he’s been and he asks if she missed him. He says Matt called in a shadowy organization to hunt him down and kill him. Nora and Mary Lou show up and she asks if they knew she was immune to magic.

When they get back to the room to cloak Rayna’s body and take her out, Bonnie sees that Enzo stole her and ran off. Damon thanks Stefan for the intervention and Stefan asks if he’s going to flip his switch. Damon says know, he wants to feel all the pain.

Stefan asks what he did and Damon says he killed Elena. Stefan is stunned and asks what he means. He says Henry told him to free his true self so he forced Tyler to take him to her coffin and then he burned her to ashes.

Damon says go ahead and tell me you’ll stand by me. Stefan beats him brutally and then walks away in disgust. Stefan gets into his car and freaks out beating the steering wheel then starts crying. Valerie gets into the car and he says they should get back to the hospital.

Valerie says he doesn’t seem fine. Stefan says Julian killed their child, hurt her, destroyed Damon, took his home and his town. He says he let him live but Valerie says he’s strong. Stefan says he wants him dead no matter what.

Penny and Matt sit drinking and she says she’s processing and to give her a minute. She says vampires are a thing and Mystic Falls has been overrun with them even though they always had some. She says his weapons are for fighting vampires then asks why he’s still there.

He says his sister is dead, his parents took off, and Mystic Falls is all he has so he’s taking a stand. She laughs and says he’s 100% not who she thought he was. She says she thought he was cute and damaged but not insanely brave.

Mary Lou finds Nora in a bar and she asks why Mary Lou isn’t back in Mystic Falls. Mary Lou says they make a good team. Nora sips her beer and then Mary Lou asks if Nora likes Bonnie and Nora rattles off a list of her good qualities.

Mary Lou says she’s sorry she chose Julian and says she loves Nora and hopes she can forgive her one day. Nora says they do still make a good team. She offers Mary Lou a beer and she comes back. Caroline rubs her tummy and tells the babies she knows they’re both awake.

She says she’s bored too and knows her magic blood tastes really good and says they need to show some self-control for a while longer. Caroline groans in pain and sees her leg and hand are desiccating. The magic babies are sucking her dry.

Stefan shows up to see Julian who is smug and says his brother is too far gone to be fixed. Stefan says he’s probably right then says it’s all his fault for sending him to hell. Stefan stabs a knife into his hand and Julian gets sassy.

Stefan says they can’t see him. Valerie has him cloaked so Stefan could torment him unnoticed. Stefan says maybe this is cheating but I don’t care. He goes to stake him and Julian tries to fight him off but his hand is weak and his throat has been cut.

Stefan pushes the stake into his chest and Julian goes limp and Stefan watches him desiccate. Valerie watches as he finishes off the man who killed their child. The chick who tossed Damon the stake in the Sampson fight approaches him and offers some tequila.

She grabs him and kisses him and he shoves her back then he stares at her and then grabs her hard and kisses her roughly. Enzo has Rayna – turns out he sent the postcards to lure the heretics to lead him to her. He immolates her body down to ash.

Then out of the dust, a young woman appears and pounds on the glass. She’s a phoenix like the stone in the sword she wields. Three years from now, Matt meets Stefan at the TV station. He attacks him and takes him down.

Matt says he’s out now I never want to see you again. The woman says – thank you – have a nice life. It’s Rayna and she has Damon tied up inside the TV station.