The Vampire Diaries Recap 4/22/16 Season 7 Episode 19 “Somebody That I Used to Know”

The Vampire Diaries Recap 4/22/16 Season 7 Episode 19 "Somebody That I Used to Know"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday April 22 season 7 episode 19 called “Somebody That I Used to Know,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) efforts to protect Bonnie (Kat Graham) put her life in jeopardy and it’s learned that Rayna (Leslie Anne-Huff) may hold the key to Bonnie’s survival.

On the last episode, Damon headed to Memphis with Alaric to capture an escaped vampire who may be the key to getting Stefan back safely, but Alaric was reluctant to step back into his former vampire-hunting ways and revealed the truth about the past three Damon-less years of his life. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Enzo’s efforts to protect Bonnie put her life in jeopardy and it’s learned that Rayna may hold the key to Bonnie’s survival. Meanwhile, Stefan travels to Dallas where he and Alaric are forced to confront the fallout from Stefan’s absence in Caroline’s life. Finally, Enzo learns the Armory’s true motives behind its search for Bonnie.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 19 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries starts three years ago with Bonnie seeing the envelope from Damon. She threw it in a box of stuff as she packed her dorm room. She hears a door creak and then runs to hide as people with guns come up the stairs.

Enzo grabs her and hides her away and gestures to be silent. Men with guns creep into the room guns drawn. They look where Enzo and Bonnie were and he says Alex wants her brought to the Armory. He knocks her out with drugs and says she’ll thank him later.

Now, in Asheville, NC Enzo asks if she can travel and she says she can. They kiss and he says it’s a series of unfortunate events that will lead to her ultimate salvation. Damon knocks and Enzo says they can use his help even though Bonnie doesn’t want it.

Bonnie tells Damon to shut up and that he lost the right to speak to her. In Dallas, Stefan knocks on the door and Ric says he can’t do another escapade. Stefan thanks him for his help and he says he had no choice. Stefan asks to talk to Caroline.

Alaric says she’s not there and he asks to wait. Ric sighs but invites him inside. Enzo tells Bonnie that they can’t get through this without letting Damon speak. She says she wasn’t mad because she had moved on and now he’s back at her door with flowers she doesn’t even like.

Enzo laughs and she says she’s flooded with anger once again. Damon pulls up at a house in the woods and Enzo says they’ll be safe there a few hours. Damon blathers and Bonnie says he can go back to his musty old mansion.

Damon asks where Rayna is and Enzo says storm cellar and they head out. Bonnie thinks back to waking after Enzo knocked her out three years ago. There’s a fire burning and she’s at that very cabin. Enzo comes in the door and she swings a poker at him.

They struggle and then she tries magic on him. He says she’s not a prisoner and he’s just trying to keep her safe. He says he’s hiding her from the Armory and says they want her and he doesn’t know why. He says his allegiance is to himself, not them.

Enzo says they need to figure out why Alex wants he and he has a pile of research for her to go through. He leaves her a pile of pills to hide her from the locator spells and says he has to go and pretend things are okay.

She asks why he’s okay and he says common decency and she sighs. She says if she takes him up on the offer of protection she sets the rules. Enzo agrees immediately. Now, Bonnie looks at the envelope Damon left her.

Damon and Enzo watch Rayna feverishly sketching things and Enzo says she’s loony because she can hear all the vamp voices. Rayna says she can’t help Bonnie but Damon presses her and says what if we took out the vampires haunting you.

Damon says they can clear off her bucket list if she will die. She says no thanks. Enzo says she’s on her last mortal life and they want to give it to Bonnie to heal her. He says Bonnie thinks it will work. Damon says he can kill her anyway but she can be a Good Samaritan the other way.

Enzo says he’s the good cop and tells her she spent her whole eight lives chasing vampires and now Phoenix Stone prisoners are loose and she has to spend all her days chasing them and will probably die chasing them.

Damon says they can kill them off for her and she can die in peace. Rayna says prove you can do this and kill some that are plaguing me worst and I’ll consider the deal. She hands over a stack of papers. Damon asks if she has a Google map.

Rayna says with no pills, the Armory will come for Bonnie in two days so they better get started. Two and a half years ago, Bonnie shows Enzo a pic of Ric’s twins. She smiles and then shows him some blueprints of the deep bowels of the Armory.

He says he thought that was closed off but she thinks important things are down there and that’s where they kept Rayna and wanted to stash Elena. He holds up the envelope and asks why she hasn’t burned it. She says she means to every day. Enzo talks about being in side by side cells with Damon and then him leaving him to burn.

Enzo says it’s just who Damon is and says don’t’ try to figure out if you did something. Enzo says she has fire, passion and loyalty and she deserves better than him. She smiles. Stefan sees a justice of the peace appointment on Ric’s calendar.

Ric shuts his calendar and Stefan leaves to go pick them up something to drink. Rayna and Damon talk on the phone. She says think of where the hellstone was destroyed as the epicenter of a blast. She says the first is in Richmond in a bright clean room.

She says she’ll give them more when she has it. Damon says she’s so cooperative and says she hated them before. Rayna says she’s tired and has never had one day off in hundreds of years. She says she just wants one vampire-free day to eat a cheeseburger, see the ocean and go to sleep.

Rayna says she’s seeing a lot of teeth. We see a vamp eating a dentist in Richmond, VA. Damon is there and says people hate the dentist. He grapples with the giant vampire then Enzo punches on him. Bonnie shoots him and they grab him. One down and a bunch more to go.

18 months ago, at the cabin, Enzo pours Bonnie some wine and says it’s New Year’s Eve. He says get dressed in something better than sweats and let’s do dinner. She goes to put on a dress and Enzo decorates the cabin to the nines with tons of lights.

Bonnie is impressed. She says she thought about his cousin Alex who won’t discuss her siblings and says her sister’s journal talks about her a lot and seems to hate the whole family. Bonnie asks why he cares about a family that abandoned him.

He says she had two parents and he had none so curiosity keeps him from hating them for leaving him. Bonnie says she’s finally starting to understand him. Enzo holds out his hand for a dance and she rolls her eyes. He smiles and she gives in.

Enzo pulls her into his arms and they dance to the old school music. She starts to talk about the journal and he says no more research talk tonight. She calls this old people dancing and he dips her up and back. They are face to face and he touches her hand softly.

He says he has to get going and she says it’s not midnight. He says Alex will wonder where he is. She says being a double agent is a full time job. He leans close and whispers Happy New year in her ear. She stands stock still as he walks out slowly with a look back.

Now, Stefan and Ric are at the bar and Stefan ignores Damon’s call. He says he and Damon are on a time out and hits ignore when he calls back. Ric asks what happened. He says three years ago, he told Caroline they’d be together when things were safe then he never showed up.

Ric asks why he did this. Stefan says that’s not the whole story. Ric says she has a new life and they’re about to get married. Stefan says Caroline deserves to know why he made the choice he did. Ric says that’s nice but she deserved to know it back then.

Damon won’t stop calling and Ric says answer the damned thing. Damon asks where he is and Stefan says he’s trying to put his life back together. Damon says they need a vampire killing arsenal and he’s trying to save someone who hates him.

Stefan says lots of people hate him and Damon says it’s Bonnie and Stefan caves and says he’s with Ric then asks what Damon needs. In Oklahoma City, a vamp is feeding on people on a golf course. Stefan rips his heart out and smacks it with a gold cart.

In Charlotte, Wichita, and Atlanta, they take out more. Damon says he likes the Bonnie and Clyde routine and says Bonnie’s aim is getting better. She says she pictures his face when she shoots. Alex shows up looking for Enzo and says he’s left a trail of vampire bodies.

He says he’s alone – Bonnie and Stefan are hiding. Alex says he can’t keep hiding Bonnie from her then says she knows Bonnie was at the psych ward and says Virginia is prone to violent episodes and says she killed Lucy Bennett four years ago.

She says Virginia made Lucy seal a vault with her sister Yvette inside it. Enzo says her sister is dead by now unless there was a kitchen. Alex says something in there has kept her alive and she can hear her calling for her to let her out.

She says she needs Bonnie to perform a simple spell to save her sister. She promises to do all she can to help save Bonnie’s life. Bonnie and Damon are in the car – they left so she’s not at risk. Damon says Enzo will be fine and Bonnie says stop trying so hard.

Enzo calls and says Alex wants the vault open and he thinks she’s being sincere. Damon says he thought Bonnie’s new BF was smarter than he thought. He says he’ll meet her and get back to the list. Damon notices an open sore on Bonnie’s hand.

They tell Enzo and he says that means she has a week, maybe less.

A year ago, Enzo shows up to the cabin and has coffee in hand. He hears Bonnie playing guitar and smiles. He heads inside and she smiles. He says he only heard two dogs howling today. She says he’s been gone a while and he says lots of travel for work.

He asks if her other projects have had more results than her guitar. She says Virginia knew her cousin Lucy and shows him a bill for a mental hospital in Asheville and says maybe she knows something that can help them.

Enzo coaches Bonnie on her guitar playing. Enzo kisses her and Bonnie puts the guitar aside and pounces on him. She pulls off his shirt and they start to make love. Damon sees Enzo and Bonnie cuddling and calls Stefan to distract him.

Stefan asks how Bonnie is and he says she’s pretending. Ric is circling vampires and Stefan says Ric hates him. Enzo moves in on a vampire slurping up bodies. It’s Beau the heretic. Bonnie stops Damon from killing him and says he saved Caroline.

Damon isn’t happy and Bonnie says no. Damon says take a walk while I take out Old Yeller. Damon kills him and says he won’t ask permission for what needs to be done and throws down the heart on the table. Damon calls Bonnie a bleeding heart.

Enzo says what are you talking about and Damon chews him out for giving Bonnie the poison witch pills. Damon says he made a mistake with the coffin and Enzo says he made a choice. Damon says he will kill him if Bonnie dies.

Bonnie calls him off and Enzo walks away. Damon tells Bonnie this is all his fault then admits he made a mistake three years ago by running away. She says you did and I got over it. She says Enzo has been protecting her for years.

Damon says he poisoned her and Bonnie says he’ll save her and if she doesn’t she’ll die. Ric bitches to Stefan then says Caroline used to say she was going to book club but would go sit in her car and cry. Then he says she started to get over it and he and the girls became her life.

Ric says now Caroline doesn’t want to see Stefan. Stefan asks who sleeps in the second bedroom. He asks if she’ll start sleeping in his bed after city hall. Ric says it’s none of his business then punches Stefan when he calls their love a lie.

Ric says their life is not a lie and he works to be worthy of Caroline which is more than Stefan ever did. Enzo hands Bonnie her guitar but she says her hands feel awful. Enzo plays guitar for her and Bonnie giggles over him.

Damon is annoyed at their affection and says he’s going to go get the next name off the job jar. Stefan tells Ric this didn’t ho how he wanted. Caroline is there and Stefan is stunned. Caroline tells Ric they just got back and he hears the girls.

Ric offers to put them to bed but she says she’s got it and kisses his cheek then goes upstairs. Ric shuts the door in Stefan’s face. Ric gets a call then Stefan takes a call from Damon. Damon says Rayna added more names to the list. The room is papers with scrawled names.