The Vampire Diaries Recap – Bonnie the Vampire Hunting Badass Wakes – Season 7 Episode 21 “Requiem for a Dream”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Bonnie the Vampire Hunting Badass Wakes - Season 7 Episode 21 "Requiem for a Dream"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday May 6 season 7 episode 21 called “Requiem for a Dream,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) risky attempt to save Bonnie (Kat Graham) takes an unexpected turn and the consequences force everyone to band together to help her pull through.

On the last episode, Damon and Enzo lead the charge to save Bonnie before her condition worsened; Stefan reluctantly teamed up with Matt for Bonnie’s sake and uncovered the truth behind Matt’s anger towards him. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon’s risky attempt to save Bonnie takes an unexpected turn and the consequences force everyone to band together to help her pull through. Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline face the fallout from their relationship; and Matt takes matters into his own hands to save one of his closest friends.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 21 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries starts with Bonnie waking to Enzo’s concerned voice. She looks around and Caroline comes to check on her. Alaric is there. Bonnie says she feels different and Enzo says that’s good. Bonnie says she’s hungry and thirsty.

Alaric and Caroline go to get her stuff. Bonnie asks Enzo for a bourbon and he say he loves her. He pours a drink and then she smiles and says let’s drink to new beginnings. She attacks and snaps his neck. She starts a fire and then Bonnie chops Caroline’s head off.

Damon comes in and asks what’s happening. Enzo says Bonnie won’t wake up. Looks like all that was happening in Bonnie’s head while she’s still out. Damon tells them about Rayna’s curse and says Bonnie will be Rayna 2.0.

Damon says he doesn’t know why Bonnie isn’t waking and wonders if she wants to murder them. Enzo says maybe she’s not waking up because she doesn’t want to have to kill them. Caroline moves Bonnie into another bedroom and Ric wants to chain Bonnie up.

Caroline says no and then Ric says he’s not leaving. Caroline says please go home to the kids but he says Bonnie won’t kill him since he’s human. He tells Caroline to get on the plane in his place. Caroline says the girls need you and I’ll be home soon.

He hugs her and Caroline says they’ll get through this. Matt sits going through reports and looks at Penny’s case file. A deputy knocks and says there’s activity at the Salvatore house. He asks if Matt wants him to take care of it but he says he will.

Stefan gets a call from Damon who says he left him nine voice mails. Stefan says he had to tell Matt that he killed Penny and Damon says play hero. Stefan says he wants Bonnie to wake up but doesn’t want to run from another hunter.

Damon says this is depressing. Stefan shows up and tells Enzo that Rayna didn’t want to kill him but couldn’t stop it. They wonder if they can convince Bonnie’s brain that there are good and bad vampires. Caroline says she should be the one to do it.

Caroline sits with her and Stefan asks if she needs help. Caroline says do what you do and just run away. She touches Bonnie’s head and goes into her brain. We see Bonnie in Ric’s class and he’s talking about vampires being real or myth.

Bonnie says myth and Ric says they are as common as mosquitoes. He says some of your best friends might be vamps. Bonnie sees vamps all over the classroom attacking. Ric asks her if she’ll fight back and says show me how you kill a vampire.

She says this isn’t real. She runs out of the class and tries to lock herself away. The vamps follow and beat down the door. Caroline is there and Bonnie says get away from me. Caroline says she’s in her head and her body is safe in Damon’s bedroom.

Caroline says I’m your friend, focus on me. Bonnie goes to her and hugs her. She says something is messing with my head. Caroline says her brain is rewiring to make her into the hunter. Caroline says focus on who I am, not what I am.

She talks about the girls and says fight the voices in your head. Bonnie asks if her kids know she’s a vampire. Caroline says no they haven’t had that talk yet. Bonnie says do you admire their necks when you brush their hair.

Carolina says this is your lizard brain talking. Blood leaks under the door and Bonnie says she sees Caroline losing control and hurting those girls. Bonnie says those are not your kids. She grabs a piece of wood and stake Caroline.

She goes to see and has the hunter mark on her because Bonnie stabbed her in the dream. Stefan says if Bonnie wakes, she’ll come for her first. He looks terrified for her.

Stefan tells Caroline she has to get away from Bonnie now. He says he carried a mark like that for three years. Caroline says he was out partying while she was desperate and called Klaus for help. She says don’t explain things to me but know I won’t run.

Stefan knocks her out. Matt shows up to the house with a shotgun and heads inside. Enzo is there and he says Bonnie is comatose inside and says his rules mean nothing to him. Enzo says Bonnie is hanging on by a thread and Matt says this is your fault and Damon’s.

Matt says this is an endless cycle and Enzo says barge in there guns blazing playing cowboy or just table your feelings until Bonnie is awake. He walks away from Matt. Damon tells Bonnie he needs this to work. He talks about her and Enzo and says if Enzo can’t get through, we’re screwed.

Enzo sits down by Bonnie to try his hand at helping her. He takes her hand and she’s in a cheerleading uniform at school. Some stoners checked her out then one comes to bite her. She takes out two Buffy the Vampire Slayer style then the third even though he pleads for help.

Enzo says public schools have gone to rot. She runs to him and hugs him. Enzo explains he’s in her subconscious. She asks why in my high school. He says he just joined her there. She says maybe she’s looking for a time when vampires weren’t part of her life.

She says the spell is overwriting who she is. Enzo says maybe she’s looking in the wrong place. He opens a classroom door and there’s a piano there. They are in a music room and he says remember us instead. He reminds her of them writing music together.

He says she fell in love with a vampire. He asks her to play the song so she has something to hold onto. She takes the guitar and strums it. Bonnie says she always wanted to be loved by someone the way he loved me. She says she would rather have those memories than a future where she destroys them.

Enzo says you have no choice. Bonnie says she’d rather die than take Rayna’s life. He says no and then she kisses him. Bonnie tells him she loves him and says this is my choice. She says she already made it. She says get out of here and let me go.

Enzo says he can’t leave her and she hits him with the guitar then stabs him. He wakes in the real world and also has the mark. Damon says their relationship is officially on the rocks. Enzo says Bonnie is rejecting Rayna’s life because she doesn’t want to hunt them.

Caroline wakes at a hotel and Stefan says we have to go now and shows her tickets to Hong Kong. She says there is no “we” and she’s not going anywhere with him. She says respect my choice and he says this is life and death.

Caroline walks out angry. Stefan calls Damon and says he got Caroline out of town but had to vervain her. Damon decides to try it and jumps into Bonnie’s brain. Damon says he’s there to thank her for fighting the good fight and dying so he can have Elena back.

He says it will make him very happy so he decides to dive in and say goodbye. Bonnie says he never does and he hands her the letter he left and says just read it and we can each go our own way. She takes it and tears it up and says it’s not good enough.

He memorized and reads it off. He says she got her life intertwined with Elena so they have a lifetime without the person they miss most. He points and says that’s the place Elena and I first kissed and where she told me she loved me and where he watched her take the cure.

Then he says Bonnie screwed it up and now they’re here and she can give up the ghost and he can have Elena back. Bonnie calls him a monster. She rips his heart out and he says he had to get her to wake up. She gasps awake and he says catch me if you can then zips away.

Stefan finds Caroline still around and she says he’s right – it’s not safe and she’s not safe because of this mark and she can’t risk her girls getting caught up in the hunt. He says he’s been there and Caroline says she knows what he dealt with three years ago.

He says he saw her, Ric and the kids and they were happy. He says he convinced himself he was doing right by her then says sorry. Stefan says he loves her and says he hates the thought of her getting hurt and he can’t let it happen.

Caroline reminds him that he hurt her. She says she loved him and he left her. Stefan says he’s sorry and hopes she can forgive him one day. Caroline says she can’t do this. She gets a call from Bonnie who says she can see he and feel her.

She says she’s marked and she knows where she is. Bonnie says she’s not in control and is going to come for you. She says please don’t let it come to that. She ends the call. Caroline tells Stefan they have to run and they get into the car and go.

Damon talks to Bonnie on the phone and she says she hates him. She pulls out a knife and he says everything he said was a ploy to get her to wake up. She says she can see him and sense what he’s feeling and she knows part of him meant what he said to her.

He says he saved her life. She’s carving a stake. She says he only saved her because Elena would hate him if he didn’t. He says Elena will hate you if you hurt me. Bonnie says she won’t ever have to explain herself to Elena. She ends the call.

Matt is there and takes a turn talking sense to her. She says help me hunt. He says no. Then she says help me fight this and says she’ll try if he will. He agrees and says get in the truck and I’ll drive you somewhere safe. She says she has to kill Damon first.

She says Damon has brought nothing but pain and suffering to them and killed Matt’s sister because he was bored. Matt says he’s still in and they get into the car.

Damon is in the woods drinking from his flask when Bonnie shows up and he asks if she raided a cosplay convention. She says Matt geared her up and he’s setting up a perimeter. She throws knives at her. He says she won’t kill him.

She says she’s going to dismember him then set him on fire and then carve out his hateful heart. She says when she looks at him she sees a smug parasite where her friend Elena should be. She stabs him and he runs off.

Caroline cries in the car as she talks to the girls. They ask when she’s coming home and call her mommy. Caroline says she loves them and says she has to talk to daddy about it. Ric is there and tells the girls to go back to bed.

He tells Caroline to come home and says they can run together. She says stop being supportive and says it’s all her fault. She says she should have left with him when she had the chance. He asks where they’re going then says don’t tell me.

He says keep moving then tells her he loves her. She promises to call soon and ends the call. Bonnie creeps through the woods. She takes shots at Damon then shoots him and bashes him with a gun. She beats him down.

Damon gets away and pulls the stake out of his arm. He says she’s walking into his carefully laid trap. They’re near her headstone and he says she’s a survivor and will get through this. She comes at him and pounces on him.

He says he brought her there and says if he had to die he wanted to die here in honor of you. He says the Bonnie he knew may never come back and says I still care about you crazy bitch Bonnie. He says stop. She flips him over and he says look at the stump.

He says she died, they mourned her and she came back. He says she’s been so many things. Human, witch, ghost, corpse, anchor. He says every time she comes back stronger and says he envies her so much. She says stop talking.

Damon says if it’s his last moment – he needs her to hear him. He says he admires, believes in her and loves her the same way Elena loved her. He says if you kill me now, it’s not your fault. He says he did this to them. Damon says please forgive me.

He says before you do what you have to do, forgive me. The stake gets closer to his heart. Bonnie struggles and cries. She goes to stake him and then Matt shoots her hand with tranquilizer darts. She passes out on top of Damon.

Damon and Matt load Bonnie into the back of his truck and he says he’s going to get Bonnie as far away from them as he can while she’s still knocked out. Damon says Bonnie would never forgive herself for killing him and never would he.

Matt says it’s his fault Penny died and says you figure out a way to fix Bonnie while I take responsibility for her. Stefan and Caroline are heading for Maine. Caroline says they can go to Nova Scotia from there when he presses her for a decision about the future.

He asks if she loves Alaric. Caroline says she doesn’t know and says can you love someone and leave them behind right when you need each other the most. She says just don’t. She says ask me anything but that. She says don’t ask me to make a choice about my family.

They drive down the road in the rain. Matt drives and sees Bonnie still out. He then sees she’s gone. She wakes and chokes him and the car loses control. Matt says he’s trying to help her. She knocks him out and u-turns the car.

Enzo shows up to Damon’s house and says he’d be dead if Matt didn’t save him. Enzo says Matt had a lead on the shaman and he may have a lead on how to help her. He says Bonnie is linked to the Final Everlasting.

He says if they can sever the link, they can sever the curse. The Everlasting is in a coffin in the Armory and Enzo says Bonnie sealed it shut. We see the people in the Armory and most are dead and the living are insane. Enzo reminds him there’s evil there and Bonnie sealed it.

Damon says they have to open it up and find the Everlasting and save her.