The X-Files Recap – Man Is The Real Animal – Season 10 Episode 3 “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-monster”

The X-Files Recap - Man Is The Real Animal - Season 10 Episode 3 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-monster"

Tonight on FOX The X-Files returns with an all new Monday February 1 season 10 episode 3 called, “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-monster,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate a dead body in the woods, and try to determine whether it was the work of a serial killer, an animal or a mysterious creature seen by eyewitnesses.

On the last episode, when a scientist suddenly committed suicide, Mulder and Scully investigated what unseen force may have driven him to it. What they uncovered was a laboratory where extreme genetic experimentation had been going on for decades, breeding subjects who possessed unexpected and dangerous powers – and who harbor deep resentments. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Mulder and Scully investigate a dead body in the woods, and try to determine whether it was the work of a serial killer, an animal or a mysterious creature seen by eyewitnesses. Meanwhile, a disillusioned Mulder confronts some of his own demons.”

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#XFiles starts in Shawna, Oregon with a high couple in the woods. The woman looks at the moon and says life is amazing. He says the moon makes him wish he was a werewolf. She asks what he would do and he says get high.

They hear growling and a man screaming and the guy looks like the monster from the black lagoon. He comes at them then runs past. They run to the guy the creature attacked. There’s another guy nearby that’s dead with his throat ripped out.

Mulder sits bored in the office when Scully comes in and he says the unexplained has been explained and reads off some mysterious cases that were solved. He says going through the archives with wiser eyes to see what’s ridiculous.

He says much of it is fraternity pranks and practical jokes. Scully asks if he’s off his meds. He tells her Charles Fort spent his whole life exposing anomalies and then Fort decided at the end of his life it was all a waste.

Mulder says maybe it’s time to put away Sasquatch and jackalopes. Scully says they have a new case with a monster. She reads through the file as they’re in the woods where the monster attack took place. She shows him pics of the huffers that spotted it.

Mulder thinks it’s a mountain lion attack but Scully says there were three more victims. Mulder says it could be wolves and she shows him pics of mutilations and says one wasn’t wearing any clothes. He says maybe the guy was a hiking nudist.

Scully says the wounds imply a human was the attacker. Mulder scoffs and she says people were killed and they need to stop the killing whether it’s a human, animal or monster creature. Mulder says it’s going to have two eyes.

We see the creature skulking near a truck stop where it comes at a hooker. Later, Scully and Mulder talk to her and she says it had horns like a lizard. She says the thing she saw had two eyes and was in tighty whities.

She says it’s the same kind she wore before she transitioned. She says it slithered off in the woods but the cops thought she was on crack. Mulder asks if she is on crack and she says she is. The animal control guy is played by guest star Kumail Nanjiani (he’s amazing).

Mulder and Scully hear a growl and Mulder snaps pics with his phone app and they spot a body with its throat ripped out. The monster sneaks up on Mulder and the guy.

He snaps a pic of it then Scully runs over. Mulder has blood on him and the animal control guy says he quits. Mulder says he got a picture. The creature runs by growling and Mulder and Scully give chase. It runs into the porta potty.

They open the door and find a British guy in there who asks for privacy. He’s the creature back in human form. After they walk away, we see little horns sinking into his head. Scully does an autopsy on one of the victims while Mulder lurks and annoys her.

He shows her pics of the thing and has a close up of the lizardy looking skin. She says maybe it’s a mangy Sasquatch. He shows her video of himself screaming and says it shot blood at him from out of its eyeballs.

Scully thinks it’s residue from another attack. She says animals don’t shoot blood out of its eyeballs and he says this horned lizard man did. Scully says the bite marks on the body are human. He says it’s a man sized horned lizard with human teeth.

He asks if she’s enjoying herself and she says she forgot how fun these cases are. She tells him to go get some sleep and don’t dream about monsters. Mulder hears someone screaming about monsters. He goes to the office.

The managers says it was an unruly guest calling him a monster over a past due bill. He’s drinking isopropyl alcohol which is poison. Mulder finds a hotel room disturbed and the mirror broken. He looks around.

He finds a secret door where a fake jackalope head was hanging and goes into a creepy corridor. He finds he can take the back off a fox head and peek into Scully’s room where she’s sleeping. The bear starts to move and Mulder is in the office.

The manager says that’s private and Mulder flashes his FBI badge. The guy says it’s a security feature and Mulder says you expect a peeping Tom at a place like this. The manager says he saw something and we see a flashback to him peeping at Mulder in his red undies.

Then we see him looking at the British guy who ranted at the mirror and then the alarm clock. The guy says please don’t let it happen again. Then he morphs into the lizard creature and the guy screams.

He pulls off the animal head that the manager was peeping through and growls at him. Mulder shows him the sketch and he says it is. He shows him the pic of the guy in the porta potty and the manager IDs it. Mulder excitedly goes and tells her it’s a transforming monster.

He rants on and Scully just stares. She says this is how she likes him and says he’s batcrap crazy. He says the toilet guy is wearing the clothes of one of the victims. Mulder shows her the pill bottle he took from the guy’s room but says they have to check out of the hotel first.

FYI – the weremonster lizard guy is hilarious British comedian Rhys Darby. Both he and Nanjiani (the animal control guy) are regulars on Comedy Central’s late night faux game show @Midnight hosted by Chris Hardwick. And all are X-Files mega fans.

Mulder and Scully talk to the British guy’s doctor about the man-eating lizard monster. He says a gypsy told them it must be stabbed in the appendix by green glass. He says the monster must always be destroyed by penetration in the legends.

The guy says the real monsters are in our heads and hearts. He tells Mulder he prescribed anti-psychotics to “Guy Mann” and says he told him to take a nice walk in the local cemetery if he felt like he was turning to ponder our own mortality.

He then writes Mulder an anti-psychotic prescription and says he’s just as crazy for believing in the monster. Scully calls and says she found the lizard man at the phone store by the hotel. She says she thinks he works there.

She also says the lab work on the blood had some discrepancies but he’s already hung up. She goes inside the phone shop to talk to the guy. Mulder shows up and finds the stores disrupted. She says he rampaged through the shop then ran out the back door.

She points and says he went down the alley. Mulder runs out before she can tell him about the blood work. We see Mr Mann boozing at the local cemetery. Mulder pulls up and grabs some flowers so he can pretend to be someone visiting a grave.

He sets them on a nearby grave and Mr Mann offers him some of his hooch. He says until a few days ago, I didn’t know we could die. He says no matter what you do, you end up in a place like this. Mulder agrees it makes no sense.

Mann rants and says nothing makes sense. Mulder asks if he has something to get off his chest. He says life is nonsense and he wants the madness to end. Then he tells Mulder he’s going to kill him and attacks then tries to get Mulder to stab him with the green glass bottle he breaks.

Mulder says he doesn’t want to kill him – he wants to help him. Mann says killing him is the only way and asks him to put him out of his misery. Mulder agrees to kill him if he tells him what happened. Mann pulls out another bottle and says it’s a shocker.

We see the lizard guy in the woods and then two fighting guys staggered into him. He says one of them bit him and he ran off. He says he tried to scare off the predator and says he didn’t even get the chance to spit blood out of his eyeballs.

Mulder shows him the sketch and he says that’s him but with only two eyes. He says then he woke the next morning and heard a voice in his head and it was himself. He says he realized he was naked. Then he saw dead bodies and took some clothes.

He says he had never worn clothes before but put them on and then says he lost control and had to go hunt down a job. He says he found the cell phone shop job right away. He says by the end of the day, they made him a manager.

He says he can BS his way through anything. Mulder asks if this is BS and he says maybe – I don’t understand half the things I’m telling you. He says he was so tired that he murdered a cow – we see him ordering takeout at the drive thru and being told he needs a car.

He says he’s usually an insectivore when he’s a lizard man. He says he checked into a hotel with his dead cow and watched porn. He says that night, a change occurred. We see his hand turn fuzzy sith claw. He’s excited to get back to his usual self.

He strips down to his tighty whities and jumps on the bed excited to be himself. Then he woke to the alarm clock still in his undies and transformed back to human. Then he goes looking for coffee. He’s upset to be human and eats some coffee.

He says he went back to work and all he could think about was how much he hated it. So he wanted to quit but was then overcome with human fears about a mortgage and retirement savings. He rants about not writing his novel.

He says he went to see a witch doctor – a psychiatrist – and the medicine clouded his thoughts. He says then he got a puppy and names him Daggoo. He says he realized the only way to be happy as a human is to be in the company of non-humans. Then he says his dog was gone.

He says he thinks the maid let him out. He says he searched all night for Daggoo then says it’s hopeless and so is life. He asks why bother and we see him collapse. Then he says he saw him – the man who bit him and turned him human.

He says that filled him with the human need for revenge and stalked him. Then he says he saw the guy attack someone else and says it was hopelessly brutal. It’s the animal control guy. He says he didn’t want any part of human nature so he took off his clothes and ran.

That’s when the hooker hit him and he says she hits like a man. Mulder says she’s transgender and Mann says you can’t change sex then says maybe he can get the operation to stop transforming. Mulder says they cut off your genitals and he says that’s too far.

He says some people chased him and a guy took a pic of him in the porta potty. Mulder says that’s him. He says he thought he recognized him. Mulder asks how he transformed back and he says he doesn’t know.

He says then a jackalope screamed at him and he’s been freaked out because a friend of his – George – was gored by one. Mulder says they’re not real and he says tell it to my dead friend George.

Then he says he woke up human and went to work and says Scully came in asking for pictures of his junk and then had sex with him. Mulder says that didn’t happen and he made it up. Mann says fine, that he can’t help but lie about his sex life since he became human.

He asks Mulder to please kill him now. Mulder says he wanted to believe him but it’s too fantastic. Mann says it’s tragic. Mulder says it’s silly. He says he wants to believe in strange things.

Mann says if there’s nothing else in life to know, it’s all just regret and loneliness. He begs Mulder to put him out of his misery so he doesn’t have to wake up and go to work. He finds Mulder’s badge and he says he’s investigating the murders.

Mann says he wanted to arrest him for things he didn’t do and says that’s such a human rat fink thing to do. He says Mulder is the monster. He yells to other mourners to run for their lives and calls Mulder a monster.

Mulder takes a drink of the hooch. Mulder hears his phone – his ring tone is the X-Files theme. He’s drunk at the cemetery. She’s with Daggoo the dog. He says he fell off the wagon and she asks if he found the were-lizard.

He says it’s a lizard who turns into a man not vice-versa. He says he was a fool and then he deletes the pics he took of the incident. The little dog bit her and then we see the animal control guy there.

He gets a dog loop and snaps it around Scully’s neck. Mulder calls for backup and takes off running while he calls. He gets to the animal shelter and finds her okay and cuffing the animal control guy.

She says the autopsy showed that it was strangulation that killed them – he used the loop. The animal control guy says it’s a compulsion from childhood. They don’t want to hear it but he insists he has a speech prepared. He’s hauled away.

Mulder asks why she confronted another possibly dangerous suspect. Scully takes Daggoo with her. Mulder goes to find Guy Mann. He’s in the woods taking off his clothes. Mulder says they caught the killer.

Mulder says he knows he was telling the truth. Mann says he sounds unsure and Mulder says it’s absurd – Mann says it’s a lot absurd and points to his tie and asks why put a strangling piece of cloth around your neck.

He says it’s time for his kind to go into hibernation and when Mulder calls him a reptile he says that’s recent. He says the hibernation is about 10,000 years. Mulder says it’s not possible. He says he hopes he’ll sleep off the human transformation thing.

Mann says he can tell he doesn’t believe him and Mulder says he wants to believe. Mann says he’s glad to have met him and holds out his hand to shake. Mulder shakes it and then Mann is the lizard guy. He runs off into the woods. Mulder is stunned.