This Is Us Fall Finale Recap 12/6/16: Season 1 Episode 10 “Last Christmas”

This Is Us Fall Finale Recap 12/6/16: Season 1 Episode 10 "Last Christmas"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 6, 2016, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 10 Fall Finale, as per the NBC synopsis, “The Pearsons discover Dr. K alone at the hospital on Christmas Eve after Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) afflicted with appendicitis. In the present, Kevin (Justin Hartley) celebrates Hanukkah with Sloane; Kate pursues her big surgery and someone from William’s (Ron Cephas Jones) past resurfaces.”

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This is Us begins tonight with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) preparing for Christmas when the kids were young. Rebecca says the house looks like a toy factory and isn’t sure what kind of message that sends. Jack says that they have three kids and he works really hard.

The boys are running around, and Rebecca is lecturing Kate for eating the cookies that were meant for Santa. Jack tells the boys to settle down and they argue over money, Rebecca then asks them if they realize that Christmas is more than just money and getting presents.

Jack asks the kids to tell their mother what Christmas is about, Kevin tells her its about Jesus stuff. Rebecca says that they need to go to church, and they will go carolling after that. Jack checks Kate’s forehead and says she is really burning up. Kate is taken to the hospital, where her mother reassures her that having an appendix removed happens every day there and she will be okay.

Rebecca gives Kate a branch off a fir tree and gives it to Kate, telling her its a magic branch and tells her to repeat over and over that nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve. She promises to hold onto the branch, and when she wakes up it will be Christmas. Kevin doesn’t want to get off the bed, and travels with her as far as he can, Jack gets him and Rebecca comforts Randall.

Rebecca goes to get some snacks and she hears the voice of Dr. Nathan Katowsky (Gerald McRaney). He is in a hospital bed himself, but remembers Rebecca delivering the kids 9 years earlier. He is in the hospital after a car accident. He assures Rebecca that Kate will be fine, but he is alone and he tells her his family won’t make it in time to say goodbye. He explains that he is dying, there is a slow hemorrhage between his heart and lung. He says they could operate but he is old and there is not a very good chance he will survive.

Rebecca tells Jack about it, and tells him and the kids they are going to be his family tonight. Jack visits Dr. K and tells him this is not a coincidence as it was their doctor’s whose appendix burst that caused him to be the doctor to deliver their babies, and its Kate’s appendix that brought them together tonight. Jack tells Dr. K he is going to be fine; Dr. K sarcastically tells him he is glad Jack became a doctor in the years since they talked but he doesn’t need to say that.

Rebecca asks him if he is scared; Dr. K says he has had a great deal of morphine, but no he isn’t scared, he is more curious. As they entertain each other, Randall goes to the hospital gift shop and buys a snow globe. Kevin also takes a moment to look at the Nativity scene, the Menorah candles, and the Virgin Mary. He asks the nurse if he wants to pray, which one works the best. She says in the end, they all get the job done just fine.

Randall comes to the room, and says thank you to the doctor for being the reason Rebecca and Jack adopted him, and he hands him the snow globe. He explains to Randall that it wasn’t him, he only nudged a man in the way he already wanted to go. He asks Randall to share the love and kindness his family showed him to someone else one day.

Now back to present day, Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sloane Sandburg (Milana Vayntrub) are leaving the building after learning the play has been canceled, and it’s Christmas Eve. Sloane blames Kevin for their lead actress, Olivia Maine (Janet Montgomery) vanishing after the argument at the cabin a month earlier. She says he ruined everything by sleeping with Olivia, he retorts that he slept with her too.

Sloane is upset that now she has to go home and spend Hanukkah with her parents, and perfect sister. She says she is going to have a lot of grief from her family for her failed play.

She tells Kevin he owes her, and he is coming with her to her parents’ place. Kevin asks why he should go with her, she says because she told her mom she is dating the “Manny”. Kevin agrees to pretend they are dating to get her mother to leave her alone. Sloane says that doesn’t make her feel any better. Her parents are fascinated with Kevin and tell him they loved the Manny; Sloane says she always thought they were too busy to watch TV; before they can argue anymore, Kevin thanks them for watching it.

Sloane then angrily questions why they had the time to watch TV, but didn’t have the time to come see her play that was right down the street; then her sister and mother argue over Sloane’s play because the mean mother was named after her own mother. The kids ask to be excused, but the brother-in-law gets the candles and Sloane is told to tell the story, her sister bickers that she can tell it better, but Sloane does it. Kevin thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kevin is inspired by the story and tells Sloane that they should screw the producers and put on the play themselves. Kevin apologizes for revealing that to her family, but he says they can do it and she can play the main character.

Her mom says that Sloane is a great actress, and after she explains how much work it will take, he says he will put up his own money to do it; that he believes in them! Sloane agrees and hugs him, he tells Sloane to be careful because the same thing happened in the Manny and they were engaged by season 2.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) and her mother meet with the surgeon who explains what will happen when she has the gastric by-pass surgery. She warns about all the bad things that can happen if Kate doesn’t follow a strict protocol. Rebecca keeps interrupting the doctor and Kate is getting upset that her mom won’t be quiet. Rebecca says that she thought the surgery was the worst part about it, but the doctor says it is scary, but she believes its a positive choice for people.

When asked a few questions to finish her paperwork for the surgery, Rebecca finds out that Kate was on Prozac for depression, and isn’t pleased she didn’t know. Rebecca realizes there isn’t much she knows about her grown daughter. Kate decides that she doesn’t want to go to Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) house. Rebecca blames herself for Kate’s weight problem, and asks Kate if she is the one who did this to her. Kate isn’t sure.

Kate tells her mom that she only wants one person to tell her she is doing the right thing. Rebecca reminds her of how scared she was when Kate had to have her appendix out. Kate asked her what she said to her then. She tells her that nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve; Kate says she was sure she liked that. Just at that moment Miguel (Jon Huertas) lights up the house with Christmas lights.

William (Ron Cephas Jones) is at a meeting sharing a story of when he was homeless and the moment he chose to quit using drugs. He said it was that choice that allowed him to answer the door when a man arrived at his door. William admits that it was hard because he had to learn to feel everything again, including joy.

He admits that holidays are hard times, but tonight he will be able to return to his son’s house and family and actually feel Christmas Eve turn into Christmas Day one last time. He says its these meetings that gave him that, and he is grateful for that.

There is a new person at the meetings, who turns out to be a friend of William’s, and although he doesn’t mention his name, he calls him an animal for allowing him to fall off the wagon when he just vanished from his life, and Jesse had no idea if her were alive or dead. Jesse admits that he needs to learn forgiveness, but he isn’t very good at that.

William calls Randall and tells him that he is going to be late and had to take care of something first. William says he is glad to see Jesse is well. Jesse asks how ill William is and he admits it is spreading. William says he came tonight because he knew Jesse would be there. He apologizes and says he shoudl have at least said goodbye, that he owed them at least that much.

Jesse asks William if he is dying tonight or tomorrow, William says some time after that. Jesse then says he is going to keep it straight. He tells him that he loved him and he left him, now he would like to spend whatever time William has left together.

When Randall hears the message, he is at a work party. Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) comes out and asks him about what she overheard some women saying in the bathroom; that Randall had bought a boat. She confronts him, saying he only buys things when he is depressed. He insists that he isn’t. She says that he had a lot to cope with lately, with his father dying and his mother’s lies. He tells her he forgave them. She tells him that maybe the adult in him has, but no the little boy!

Randall says to Beth that he wants to go back to the way it was before… that he wished he never stirred things up. Beth looks at him, and he tells her he will unbuy the boat. As Randall leaves to tell Andy that he is not buying the boat, his boss decides to throw all their bonuses in the air. Beth is shocked.

The next minute you see Andy on the roof, removing his watch and his wedding band, placing it over an envelope, but before he could do anything, Randall finds him on the roof. He tells Randall he is on the roof to have a cigarette, Randall asks where his smokes are, he says he forgot them inside. Randall realizes that Andy is about to commit suicide, and is trying to talk him down.

Andy admits that he has been cheating on his wife, even though life was good. He says that his wife went from a partner to a teammate, and you don’t have sex with your teammate. Andy says his wife and kid are gone and she filed for divorce. He admits he lost a lot of money, and not only his. Randall continues to talk to him.

Andy says he isn’t upset, he is clear as a bell. He said jumping from the roof is fitting, so he can see all the floors as he goes down. That while he was busy there, his wife was building a life and family for him at home. Andy says that Randall doesn’t know what his life is like, that Randall’s life is perfect. Randall tells him how his father left him in front of a fire station as a newborn and took off. He tells him that this year he found him, and forgave him. He says his mother did some things too, but she is still in his life facing it because things could always get better.

Randall asks him about his daughter. Randall tells him that if he loves his daughter, Chloe hard, she will love him back, she will forgive him; but if he splats himself all over 2nd Avenue, she will never forgive him. Before Randall can finish, Beth comes on the roof. Randall turns back and thinks Andy jumped, but a few seconds later, he sees him walking through the party. Beth asks if he try to give him back the boat and Randall says no.

Beth asks him why he came out there then, he says because nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve. He puts his glasses back on and hugs Beth, telling her they should go get their girls. They arrive at home and Beth asks him if he is okay. He says it has been a big night, and all he wants is the four of them for Christmas. As they stand in front of their tree, Beth asks if they over did it on presents. Randall says, “Always!” They are interrupted by a knock at the door.

Its Kevin and Sloane. Beth asks who Sloane is, and he explains who she is; Sloane feels embarrassed but Beth says wine will fix that. There is another knock, it is Miguel, Kate and his mother, Rebecca. Randall hugs Kate, and offers to take his mom’s coat, she hugs her grand-daughters. Kevin hugs Kate and Kate greets Sloane, who says her and Kevin are not a thing.

The girls swear they see Santa outside and run to the front door. It turns out to be Toby (Chris Sullivan), he asks Randall if it was okay he showed up. He admits he took a 6-hour flight to be there with Kate. He tells her they are good together, and he will go on the diet for both of them. He says the one thing he cannot live without is Kate. They kiss under the mistletoe.

Kevin tries to tell the story of the Nativity to Sloane, pointing out 3 wise men and then a cousin? He says that the donkey talks, but he might have gotten that mixed up with a movie. Sloane tells him he is going off script.

William returns home wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, he brings Jesse with him. Randall welcomes him. William is playing piano while Jesse rubs his back. Randall asks Beth if William ever mentioned Jesse, and his daughter tells him that she thinks its like the friend at school who has two dads. Randall looks confused, but she says that grandpa is either gay or at least bi. Randall smiles.

Kate and Toby come downstairs after having sex, and Beth catches them, telling Toby his shirt is buttoned wrong. The family are all smiling and laughing, dancing and playing games. Randall and his mom recall all of the reindeer. Rebecca has a flashback to when Kate had her surgery and when they carted Dr. K off for surgery.

Everyone is relaxing, Randall puts the kids to bed, Miguel is sleeping and when Toby gets up to help put things away, he falls over onto the table. Beth yells for Randall and to call 911. Kate is terrified.
Rebecca and Jack are sitting with the boys in Dr. K’s room when he awakens. We flashback to the present, and Toby dies on his hospital bed.