American Horror Story Cult Premiere Recap 9/19/17: Season 7 Episode 3 “Neighbors from Hell”

American Horror Story Cult Premiere Recap 9/19/17: Season 7 Episode 3 "Neighbors from Hell"

Tonight on FX their award-winning anthology American Horror Story airs with an all-new Tuesday, September 19, 2017, episode and we have your American Horror Story Cult recap below!  On tonight’s AHS season 7 episode 3 as per the FX synopsis, “Episode 3 of “American Horror Story: Cult.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another spooky one and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of FX’s American Horror Story Cult tonight at 10 PM – 11 PM ET! While you wait for our American Horror Story Cult recap make sure to check out our AHS recaps, spoilers, news & more!

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American Horror Story (AHS): Cult begins tonight with Rosie sharing that the fear is always the same, she lays down on her bed and Mark leans over her. She looks into his eyes and feels safe and when he kisses her, the whole world goes black. She is trapped, screaming as loud as she can but no one can hear her. This time, something changed and she is in a field, having sex with Mark.

She tells Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) that she is cured of her phobia. He is proud and tells her to call her phobia by its name, not giving it any powers. Dr Vincent and Mark talk about the things she has gotten over, as she squirms over the memories. They return home after what she feels is a great session; Mark goes to get her a gift but there are thuds and she calls out his name.

She opens the doors and finds two coffins inside. A man in a mask with the pentagram on it grabs her from behind as several clowns put him in one of the coffins. She screams in sheer terror as they put her in the other one and drill the lid shut; both are shouting for help as the clowns vanish leaving only the smiley face on the wall.

Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) watches as EMS remove the body from her front yard. She cries and Detective Samuels (Colton Haynes) comes in as she says she is in so much trouble. He tells her she isn’t, that she saw a dark figure come into her house and she felt threatened and she had every right to defend herself.

Ivy (Alison Pill) joins them in the kitchen, announcing she was finally able to get their son, Ozzy (Cooper Dodson) to sleep; Ivy says she is not to blame for what happened, that this is a terrorist attack and the power is still down. Ally says its also clowns, that she saw them everywhere and Ozzy will confirm it. The detective says Mr. Morales was a person of interest and seemed like the kind of man who would target a woman alone at home with a young boy. They all jump as the power is restored to the house and the detective says he will bring the case to the DA who will decide whether to press charges and he leaves.

Ally tells Ivy that Oz saw everything and wonders how all the counseling in the world, will help him. Ivy asks her if she can live with what she has done and the next day takes blame saying she shouldn’t have left her in the blackout. As they drive through town, there are protesters outside their restaurant, claiming Ally is a murderer calling her a lesbian George Zimmerman. Ally wants to leave but Ivy says she has a business and employees, she tells Ally to go home and she will call her later.

Ally is about to drive off when Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) tells her how courageous she is, she was protecting her property and family and she should never apologize for that. He promises to take care of the “mob” for her and tells her to keep living her truth and to have a nice day!

At home, Ally immediately grabs a drink but there is a knock at her front door, it is their neighbors Meadow (Leslie Grossman) and her husband, Harrison (Billy Eichner) who want to know what it was like for her to exercise her right as a white woman killing a person of color. He is furious that he gave her a gun to protect her and she used it to commit murder; they taunt her that she saw a brown face and immediately thought “intruder”. Meadow yells that they want racists out of their neighborhood.

Ally tells Ivy it was a threat and she doesn’t feel safe. The news say Ally was simply defending herself and then they show that the bodies were discovered in a home, sealed in caskets, and they show the disturbing symbol; a clown face. Detective Samuels says he cannot comment on the symbol being found in the Chan’s house as the news ponders if there is a serial killer in their midst. Ivy and Ally are distracted by a mysterious tanker, with green lights slowly drives by.

The following morning, Ivy comes down to the kitchen and calls out for Ally. She finds Ally outside the house, staring at something. When she comes outside, they find dead birds all over their front lawn. Ivy calls the authorities and the township says they didn’t sanction any chemical trucks last night but they will look into it.

Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) comes into the house and Ivy admits she called her. Ally is furious at her for abandoning her; she apologizes for freaking out. Ivy says it was terrible but it wasn’t Winter’s fault; Ivy reminds Ally she is there for their son and she learns she isn’t fired. Winter says she thought the guy outside was her replacement and hopes they aren’t mad she let him in. Ivy and Ally find a naked man masturbating in their house, according to their ad. He demands they fulfill their end of the ad, but Ivy grabs a candle stick and tells him if he doesn’t get out she will kill him. They read the ad and Ally says they know exactly who did this.

Ally calls Dr. Vincent, revealing they keep taking the ad down but they keep putting it back up with slightly different wording. She says her neighbors are mentally messed up and he is willing to acknowledge the trauma she is going through. He offers to help her, tells her to file a police report. He finds out its because they think she is a racist; he cuts her off saying they are out of time and will schedule an emergency session the following day.

He is concerned and says her phobias are partly responsible for her part in the shooting. He suggests she goes into a secure facility to keep the people around her safe. She refuses and says she needs to talk to the protesters and let them hear her side. He tells her to be careful as these people will be projecting their anxiety onto her.

She arrives and says she is one of them, and tells them to move, honking her horn. Kai suddenly appears and everyone instantly leaves at his word. He reminds her that he promised to take care of her, and he did. Once again he tells her to have a nice day.

Ally and Ivy come home that night and see Winter has given Ozzy a guinea pig. They say its a nice gesture but she should have asked first. Ally is allergic to dander but Winter says it was Meadow that brought it over, saying its a peace offering. Ally orders Ozzy to put him back in the cage and say goodbye to him. Ozzy says he wishes he could say his goodbyes to her. Ally is heartbroken and Ivy says he didn’t mean it. Ally takes Ivy’s phone and calls the neighbors herself.

Meadow, Harrison and Detective Samuels are watching TV when the phone buzzes. Harrison tells Ally their son needs a man in his life and some diversity because he is drowning in white privilege and estrogen. Meadow calls her a horrible racist and hangs up on her; as ally looks outside, the same dark truck with the green lights, drives by spraying again. Ivy rushes out to Ally, telling her to breath. Ally says those asses were going to run her over.

Meadow sits with Kai, and they connect with their pinkies. He tells her to tell him what she is afraid of; when she jokes about someone on TV having a drinking problem, he slaps her asking if she is going to waste his valuable time? He says this is a revolution, she gets back up, apologizes and says she hides behind her humor.

He tells her to know her pain, they join fingers again and he asks her several questions about her fear and agrees that the man she loves is turning against her because she is so irritating. He piles on her fears and he demands that she stops saying sorry for anything and everything is someone else’s fault from now on. He says if she wants to matter, she need to make the world wrong!

Ivy and Ally are talking about her blood work as she worries about the spray she swallowed. Ivy gives her some ice cream and tells her to try leaving the worries outside the door as tonight is about their family; they are thoroughly enjoying their time with Ozzy at the restaurant. Ozzy apologizes for what he said and asks if they can just find the guinea pig a good home; Ally informs him that he may keep him; he jumps up and hugs her.

Once they get home, Ozzy rushes inside to be with his guinea pig but before he gets inside he calls out to his moms and they see the smiley face spray painted on their door, but are unable to stop him before he rushes in. They arrive just in time to see the guinea pig explode in the microwave. Ally marches over to the Wilton’s house with Ivy and Ozzy in tow.

Ally pounds on the door and then walks right in. Ivy says she is scaring Oz but Ally walks into the backyard and starts beating up Harrison, when Meadow tries to interfere she asks if she wants some too. Ally accepts anything they have done to her but what kind of sick people would do that to a sweet little boy.

Meadow says she has some nerve claiming they are terrorizing her when she should have Ally arrested; Meadow is shocked about the smiley face on the door as Harrison says they have been marked by the killer. Ally thinks they did it after seeing it on the news and approaches Meadow if they come near her door or family again she will kill them both.

Ivy feels Ally has lost her mind and hitting him could have cost them everything. She says the person she is right now, is not the woman she married and she will not tolerate the person she is becoming. Ozzy calls them over and there is also a smiley face on the Wilton’s house. Ivy thinks they should tell them but Ally says, “Screw them!” Ivy leaves to bring Ozzy inside and Ally sees the truck stop in front of her house, demanding to know what they are spraying on her lawn and wants to see their face, wanting to know who they are. He takes off his mask to reveal a clown face and Ally collapses in fear and they leave again.

Kai now sits with Harrison and they do the pinkie truth thing too; his biggest regret is that he married his fag-hag. He doesn’t wish Meadow to die but doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with her. Kai taunts him and he finally admits he wishes she were dead.

Ally tells Detective Samuels that everything is connected and its the neighbors from hell. Samuels asks Ivy about Ally’s mental state and she flips out saying she isn’t crazy and she will prove it. She brings out a bag from the freezer, showing him what remains of the guinea pig. He confirms that the symbol is authentic and he is concerned they have been marked. He wants to set up surveillance as a precaution. They run out when Ozzy cries out.

They ground Ozzy for using the computer, he says they cannot shut it off; when they open the computer, Ivy sees Ally in the bathtub with Winter fingering her in the tub. Ivy slaps her and Ally swears this is a setup and the neighbors are doing this. Ivy says it is Ally, she is the one who cheated and betrayed their family. Samuels asks if there is a problem, Ally says its none of his business and when Ivy says she is okay he goes back down the stairs. Ivy says she is taking Oz and leaving too; Ally begs her not to leave her alone and Ivy says she can call Winter and if the symbol is what the cops said, she will have plenty of company.

Oz comes down the stairs as Ivy explains Ally needs to stay home and do some thinking. She promises to see Oz very soon but as she hugs Oz the police sirens go by and they see Harrison screaming at the police that he doesn’t know what happened, he was asleep and when he rolled over he was covered in blood. He points at Ally and calls her a crazy bitch and a killer. He demands to know where Meadow is and what did she do to her?

Ally and Ivy realize Oz is gone and find him standing in the neighbor’s house, where there is blood everywhere and a massive smiley face on the wall.